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NGOs Role in Bridging Social Justice - A Universal Right

In his message for World Day of Social Justice, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of UN, said: "With exclusion and inequality on the rise, we must step up efforts to ensure that all people, without discrimination, are able to access opportunities to improve their lives and those of others."After the UN adopted the declaration in 2007, the world has been coming together annually to recognise and celebrate World Day of Social Justice on February 20. The day supports gender equality, rights of indigenous peoples and migrants, and peaceful coexistence. We, at Akshaya Patra – an NGO in India, believe social justice is a universal right and every person should be given equal opportunity and a fair chance. Here are three aspects we would like to observe on this important day. Social Equity

Social injustices negatively impact humanitarian efforts of spreading peace, upholding of rights, equality, and others. In the times of Information Age, where every economy is an active participant of nation building, it becomes an important decision for each one of us to ensure fairness prevails. What does that mean? Remove casteism treatment and support every individual – be it in the field of education or employment, consider their ability and skills and not their background. If not, empower them as they deserve a fair chance.

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Gender Equality

Until a few decades ago, women belonged to an isolated community. The concept of gender equality sprang as people began to discuss the oppression faced by women and why women were the victims of basic rights. Today, in most countries, men and women have achieved their dream and continue to empower the disadvantaged class. Akshaya Patra supports gender equality and believes in constructing a society where both the gender groups are given the same rights and opportunities. Sustainable Prosperity It means sustainable development of earthy beings – not just humans but environment as well. With basic needs, knowledge and abilities, we are responsible for ensuring our surrounding is protected. And all of this starts with teaching children about sustainability. To safe guard the environment from obstruction, we must take action now and spread awareness.

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Mid-Day Meal Programme by Akshaya Patra brings children together – for better health, for education and for equal opportunities. Keeping out discrimination, the programme also promotes socialization as children sit together for lunch. Playing the role of an NGO, thus, helps the economy in nation-building; an inclusive goal India is heading for. Akshaya Patra accepts charity donations and these donations are tax exempted in India. You can support Food for Education by sponsoring a child’s meals!

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Ngos role in bridging social justice  

World Day of Social Justice is about equal opportunities. This year, as we come together to recognise the importance of social equity, pledg...

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