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“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures”



t’s the New Year again. That time of how much could have changed since the the year to eat, drink, shop, party and last time I tried writing this editorial. in the midst of it all make a resolution. And that’s when I decided that I would One more resolution that you will vow to explore more deeply, not a NY minute abide by, even though your track record but rather an Indian month.This change for the previous years has not been the can be for the good and for the bad, but best. any change for the good has had two In fact I for myself don’t even remem- common ingredients. ber my previous year’s resolution. Be it Saurav Ganguly’s triumph over So why do we do it? the test of time or Ratan Tata’s juggerIs it mere habit? naut. Be it Vikram Pandit’s rise to the Maybe we should accept for a fact that top or Aamir Khan’s cinematic revoluwe will never stick to our resolutions tion.The ingredients are always the and that some things never same – all it takes is one resoluchange. Why not save ourselves tion and a small stroke of luck. the guilt trip and not make a resThe two however do not come as olution at all?I started writing a package, we cannot expect to get lucky by just making a resoluthis editorial some time in Notion, what really makes the difvember, with the thought in mind ference is sticking to it . And that for once; I would be prewhen we do, even fate does not pared well in advance for the issue of The SPIRIT of which I am Sameer phadke have it in her heart to deny us to be the chief editor. Unfortu- T.Y.B.Pharma our destiny.And that is precisely why we do it, why we connately after a few minutes of tinue to make a resolution deliberation, procrastination year after year, even if it is overpowered enthusiasm and I chose to immerse myself in the se- only out of habit. It’s because the New rious act of passing time (read watching Year carries with it the hope of a fresh start, a clean slate and somewhere deep TV). It has been a month since then and I down inside we believe that this might have decided (or rather it was high time) just be our year as it takes just one resolution to change it all.So the next time to pick up from where I left off. Ever heard the song, ‘New York you think twice about celebrating the New Year, and wonder if it has lost its minute’ by The Eagles? “In a New York minute, everything can meaning, get The Spirit of the New Year in you.Go ahead and make a resolution. change Who knows, you might just stick to In a New York minute, things can get pretty strange”It got me thinking about this one.


This is a picture of a beautiful flower planted just outside the new hostel...ever noticed the splendor?

Just like the unseen magnificence of the flower.... An issue to salute the achievements of our alumni who have excelled in other fields.

by akshat rathi

EXIF Data for Beyond Chemistry! Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125), Aperture: f/2.7, Focal Length: 6 mm (Super Macro)

The team of The SPIRIT

Patron: Prof JB Joshi (Director) Editor for this issue: Sameer Phadke Design Editor: T Vinod Sarma, Anuj Verma

Editorial Board:

Suchitra Pisal,

Sameer Phadke, Akshat Rathi, Priyanka Dhar, Rahul Patil, Rohan Chaukulkar, Divya Dias, Ankita Pai, Sneha Kartikeyan

Correspondents: Rohit Deora Cartoonist: Manisha Jha


December 2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! IF I WERE……. If I were an architect: I would build a solid foundation and every time I go to college I would add another floor of wisdom and knowledge. If I were a sculptor: I would have shaped my morals and philosophies according to the clay of right and wrong. If I were a painter: With each new idea, I would express and paint a new shade in the world’s multitude of colors If I were an astronaut: I would be constantly exploring and broadening my space and horizons of knowledge. If I were a lawyer: I would not be afraid to stand up for the inevitable and basic rights for myself and others. If I were a banker: Others would share their trust and values with me and never lose interest. If I were a mountaineer: slowly and steadily I would climb through the snow of studies and reach the peak of knowledge If I were an athlete: I would be always full of energy ready to take the challenge and overcome all hurdles in life. But what the hell why am I dreaming about all this I am happy being a chemical engineer… Err… Three Fourth Chemical Engineer Actually HAIL ICT !!

Akshay Chaubal -TYCE

Advisory Board: Prof VG Gaikar

(Vice President, TA), Dr. VD Mundale, Prof S.S.Bhagwat, Dr. AK Sahu, Prof. SD Samant (Dean- Academic programs), Prof SR Shukla (Editor Bombay Technologist), Mr. Amogh Lokhande (Librarian)

Acknowledgements: Suvid Joshi


December 2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

“Pray that success will not come any faster than you are able to endure it.”



Ask anyone in UD who is Prof. MM Sharma or Dr. Mashelkar or Mukesh Ambani, and the prompt reply would be “They are our distinguished alumni”. These great people have surely made their mark in the Chemical Industry; but besides them, we also have alumni who have made it big in other fields as well. We would like to introduce to everybody, these other distinguished alumni who have crossed the realms of chemical technology and gone on to excel in other fields.


fter obtaining his M.Sc.Tech ing educational patterns to make it degree in Oils and Fats, he equally efficient. This is mainly edwent on to University of Illinois, Ur- ucation through development work bana for his doctorate in Food Tech- giving paid services to the communology. After returning to India, he nity and using this as a means of edjoined the Central Food Technologi- ucation that imparts hands-on cal Research Institute (CFTRI) at training in all skills relevant to rural Mysore. Later he joined Hindustan areas. The Ashram also embodies the basic tenet that Liver Limited to become Dr. and Mrs. Kalbag the head of Engineering follow in their perDivision. sonal lives - high "I benefited from the thinking and simple way I learned things – by living. It developed actually doing them. This several innovative was not something I technologies and suclearned in school. Later cessfully commercialon, when I looked back at my childhood, I real- Late Dr. S.S. Kalbag ized them by training ized how incongruous our education school dropouts. Vigyan Ashram ensystem was, and I felt I must pass on courages rural school drop outs to to others my way of hands-on educa- become entrepreneurs in their own tion,” Dr. Kalbag used to say. With village, and many have become sucthis view, he started the Vigyan cessful. In spite of this feat, the humble Dr. Ashram, a rural development educaKalbag said “These are not my suction system. Vigyan Ashram develops a com- cess stories, they are their own. My plete program for giving training to success story will be when the systhe youth in rural and urban areas. tem runs without me”. Their aim is to identify the core of the system and graft it into our exist-

CONDOLENCES It is deeply saddening to hear the news about the sudden death of , M.Pharm. Tragically, she fell into a 125-foot deep ravine while trekking with a group of friends at Dakhoba point near Asangaon in Thane district. She was known for her zest for life and love for trekking and nature. Our thoughts are with her family and close friends during this difficult time. We are all united in our desire to pay our respects to her spirited soul. May her soul rest in peace.


tul drifted from a ‘respectable’ career path as a chemical engineer, to do a photography course at the Brooks Institute. He dropped out of UICT after his 1st year in Chemical Engineering. His handy manner with darkroom chemicals helped him develop new techniques and processes for creating images. When he started his career as a commercial photographer in Mumbai (Bombay), he was faced with entrenched competitors, established schools of photography and star photographers with god-like authority over media and advertising clients. Within a short time, Atul’s style of imagery began to excite designers, art directors and audiences around the world. Models, actors, celebrities have walked through Atul’s studio by Atul Kasbekar the dozen. Also, Atul has been a founder member of the erstwhile All India Photographers Association (AIPA) which transformed itself into the PGI. Atul has served as the president of the PGI, and helped to bring in a number of policies and regulations that protect the rights of photographers in India.

“I sincerely believe that spreading nature awareness is the most important aspect of conservation and have decided to dedicate my life to this cause.”


Ms. Shanti Shenoy


was this visionary who initiated Sparsh”

e had a Ph.D. in Chemistry and joined the line-transect exercise in Nawas engaged in rescuing reptiles garhole, led by wildlife biologist, K. and wild animals that strayed into Ullas Karanth, who was experimentMumbai's suburbs, while simultane- ing with a new technique to determine the predator-prey ratio as ously trying to use his edAnish Andheria an indicator of the health ucation for the benefit of of the forest. Now, he is the a multinational company Director, Natural History and to come up with micro-emulScience with Sanctuary magasification of fuel and water zine. He is also co-founder of and help reduce drag in vehiKids for Tigers programme cles. In December 2001 Bittu and addresses various workSehgal invited him to join the shops on wild life and nature. Sanctuary magazine, where He has over 20,000 images dehe could work away at his picting both the common and passion of writing and wild rare wildlife and its habitats, life photography. He also many of which are used for edjoined the Narmada Bachao ucational purpose. He is also Andolan during this time. All this before acquiring a degree in interested in carrying out and supwildlife biology. After much persever- porting nature activities in UICT. It ance, he finally achieved a master’s de- was this visionary who initiated gree in wildlife biology and Sparsh – The Nature Group in this colconservation at the National Centre lege and it has been functioning excelfor Biological Sciences, Bangalore. He lently since then.


“Change is inevitable-except from a vending machine”.

From the Crow’s Nest. . .



December 2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

ap, tap, tap…The beady black eyes peered at me through the poked, pecked and pushed aside. They like to congregate in the window, as the visitor’s head cocked from side to side. I middle of the footpath, road or field and caw for hours on end, shouldn’t have been surprised to see a crow sitting on the win- and then simultaneously, as if by some mutual agreement fly dowsill with such an expectant gaze, after all he was a regular, off in different directions. Intelligence is one of the greatest atbut the tapping was a novelty. Never before had I seen this level tributes of these feathered friends. From lifting off the lid of a of politeness from a crow! vessel filled with milk, and then putting the lid back Ever since I was a kid, we have been visited by crows once finished, to stealing fish from baskets kept on top during mealtimes. Somehow they know the exact inof moving taxis in the middle of this concrete jungle. stant that my mother is making me an omelette for At sunset, the air is filled with the cries of so many breakfast, be it 6 am or 9 am, and happily perch thembirds, but the sheer volume of the crows makes sure selves on the windowsill near the stove, as if the that they are heard above all the others, only to be siomelette was being prepared specially for them. They lenced by nightfall. know when the milk is being boiled, when lunch is "If man had wings and bore black feathers, few would Simran Kaur being served and sometimes their optimism getting be clever enough to be crows." - Henry Ward Beecher the better of them they come swooping down just Indeed, crows are regarded for their cleverness, their FYBTech when you’re washing your plate (the sink being near timing and adaptability. They have carved a niche for the window). themselves in this urban jungle and are so common that we It’s hard to ignore their presence in the world especially with scarcely give them a second thought. It seems to me though that all that cawing…but there are a few small details which I have they hold many secrets waiting to be discovered, just like any always found quite fascinating. For one, wherever they perch other bird, animal or plant in the world that we so often take themselves, be it on a branch, a motorcycle or a lampshade they for granted. Till that day comes, we can only watch and wonder always try and find the highest point. While battling for pieces and I am glad to have such a great view, as if from the crow’s of bread, they always give way to ravens, while pigeons are nest!


Reaching Out...

Manisha Jha

he Social Service Cell was established in our college about 3 months ago. So far, our association has been with the Don Bosco Shelter. Our volunteers have conducted many workshops for the shelter boys right from career guidance to craft which has helped them a lot. More than the skills, we believe it is the feeling of belonging that our visits bring to them which means a lot. For the future plans for the Social Service Cell we want to adopt schools in and around Mumbai and help underprivileged students in every way we can and organize workshops to create awareness about many social issues not only in our college but in the whole of Mumbai. Most of the volunteers of the Social Service Cell have expressed their desire to go back to the shelter and spend more time with the boys and I am sure that as more and more people realize there is something so great we can all learn from so close to our college, more and more people will be ready to volunteer. So the next time you see a kid by the side of the road crying cause of hunger spare a moment to maybe buy him food because there is nothing he has done to deserve the situation he is in. A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to come back -- but they are gone. We are it. It is up to us. It is up to you.

UD Speaks With most premier technical institutes in the country like the IITs, COEP, VJTI, BHUs and BITS opting for the Grade Point Average system of evaluation it’s time we set our wheels of thought turning. Should we too join the bandwagon or should we continue with our existing system of percentages? Let us know what our students and faculty have to say.

Prof. S.S. Bhagwat: Yes we should have this system. If not for

anything else, at least to be on par with other universities all over the world. Since our university also governs BSc, B. A. etc, we will have to follow the percentage system. But once we are out of its hold we can start the GPA system. Difference of 1 mark between two students is ridiculous. But bracketing them into grades is a much better idea. The teacher is given total flexibility.

Dr. Radha V. Jayaram: Definitely GPA system must be imple-

mented. It gives a relative evaluation with respect to the difficulty of the paper. One cannot quantify well in the existing system of absolute percentages. People from different batches cannot be compared. Helps in nationwide comparison.

Hersh Kenkare (S. Y. Chem. Engg): I think the current system

in which you get your absolute scores is fine because you get ‘your’ scores, not a relative score. This helps you to know how you could do better. Even absolute scores help you to know how you are doing relative to others.

Siddharth (T.Y. Bpharm): For a student today, college has be-

come simply working for marks. The current system is not on par with foreign universities. GPA system brings out the all round abilities in a student. Gives an idea about a student’s personality. I feel GPA system should be implemented in ICT.


December 2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”.


Talk show

lobal Warming is currently one of the biggest threats before us. Even as awareness about this is spreading, the concepts remain hazy. More over the Chemical Industry is unfairly seen in bad light. ICT is a pioneer in Chemical Technology and with great power, comes great responsibility. Hence, as students of ICT, we took up the initiative of clearing the air of misconceptions about the industry. After putting in a lot of thought about how we could do it, we came up with the idea of a Talk Show. So what exactly is the TALK SHOW and why is there so much hype surrounding it? The Talk Show would answer questions like ‘What is Global Warming? How is it affecting the globe?’ and how the Chemical Industry is being blatantly accused of causing pollution and adding to it. It is an ideal platform for the industry to clear the mist and show that contrary to popular belief,it strives for a greener tomorrow and a sounder economy, it being the back-

bone of all other industries. Also, it would highlight the steps the industry is taking to curb these evils. With stalwarts of the industry, eminent scientists and environmentalists and policy makers gracing the occasion, this Talk Show promises to add an all new perspective to the Chemical Industry. As we would love to spread this knowledge to people in other domains as well, the Tak Show is being held as a part of Manzar, ICT’s cultural festival, which hosts students from all fields of education. With many activities being done today against Global Warming, from the Batti-Band program to practicing individual discipline or even just spreading awareness about the issue, we are sure to gather huge numbers of concerned people, who would like to know more and hence do more for the Earth. Surely, this Talk Show would drastically change the face of the Chemical Industry, only for the better.



Genie and the Girl

magine a Genie comes up to you one holy day and asks for a wish,” I inquired playfully. “I shall wish Moksha,” she whispered, maintaining forbearance over materialism. “But the credulous Geanie doesn’t know what that connotes. Please elucidate your craving, dear,” I tickled. “Oh! Moksha: I mean I wish to be one with the Almighty,” came back the lady voice. “The Genie is still perplexed. Who is this Almighty? One with him! This goes above his monstrous head,” I intervened, still casual. “Each one of us, in our purest form, is that Almighty. The soul, the goodness locked somewhere within us (which comes out as rarely as the sun does during periods of cloud roofed sky), that is the All knowing, I refer to,” she expounded confidently, “Does your dumb Genie understand it now or do I need to be more elementary?” Astounded by the counter, I- more serious and interested nowcame up with the next obvious dart, “The uninformed Genie would like to know the path, the way to get one with the God; the technology to purify the soul so that the elusive sun of righteous-by Aviral Jain ness is never concealed by the sinister clouds of….” She- realizing that the discussion which started casually has turned profound- chose the easier course, “I shall take leave now, will talk to you later. Take care.” “Hey dear, listen. I shall tell you the way, the only way to your aspiration. And then we shall stop for now,” I interjected haphazardly. (Laughing within) She stopped to heed the mantra, “Ok, preach, but be concise, Not much time, you know,” Considering the joyous prospect of having the last say, I discoursed, “Right belief, Right knowledge and Right conduct- the unison of these three jewels is the only path to Him, to Oneself, to salvation.” I stopped, talking few deep breadths to show the preciousness of the talisman, “That’s all in the most lucid attempt, dear.” Now laughing loudly, as if she was waiting for her chance of a rare glory “Beta, but what is RIGHT? Who decides the right and the wrong? The corrupt lawmakers, the fraudulent gurus (Pakhandis) or we debauched multitudes. See you later. Take care and don’t over-contemplate.” With this coup de grace, she left, leaving a big question mark on my puzzled countenance.

Get Spiritual


Friendshi p

t is my belief that life, with its diverse spectrum, is paradoxical enough to be funny, if not perplexing. In today's world, we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers. We have more medicine but weaker health. We've learnt to make a living yet not a life. And in this labyrinth called life, we've managed to Mrudul bhide add years to life but who will add life to those S.Y.B.Tech years? This last question made me ponder, and I realized that life would be insipid without the people who give a bit of sanity to an insane world (or maybe it's the other way around!) – Friends. What is it about friendship that can break all barriers? Because as far as I know, when it comes to friendship – all differences be damned! Whether its age, race, sex, caste, creed, money, distance – these mere differences are but obstacles of the mind, circumvented within the blink of an eye. However eclectic it may seem, friendship is universal. Perhaps it is a joke that connects us; perhaps it is just a glance. Or perhaps it is something else, that beyond which we can discern. But I do know that without friendship, even a bright day would be dull. And without that kind of sunshine, where would we be?? Laughter, happiness, clarity, secrets – you may call them byproducts of friendship. I would call them synonyms. All the sappy clichés ever used – from the shoulder to cry on, to the mind with all the answers; from a good dose of reality, to conversation with a cup of coffee all are essentially true. Friendship is unique to each individual, because of the special memories created – both large and small. So all those cherished moments – from sleepovers to birthday parties; from shouting in the middle of class to helplessly laughing till 3 am; from cursing all the professors to have ever walked the planet to photocopying notes hours before an exam – all are a testament to the fact that friendship is priceless. In this lifetime, as in any other, acquaintances will be countless, friends few and true friends even fewer. That just makes true friendship and the friends who built it all the more precious. So this is my tribute to friendship, both old and new, for all those who add a special meaning to life, transcending us from who we are, to what we can be.


[ Sports Center ]

“Pro football is like nuclear warfare, there are no winners, only survivors.”



depleted batting line-up owing to the departure of six batsmen from the last year’s team, a young team comprising of players with little or no experience, playing as a team for the first time under a new captain, but what they lacked in experience they made up in courage and the sheer will to win. And boy did they deliver!! With such a young team the responsibility of grooming the youngsters and more importantly teaching them ground ethics fell on the shoulders of the team c a p t a i n Sandeep Lanjewar and other senior players. It started off with a match against Saboo Siddhik. With a poor start at 34 for 5 it was left to Utkarsh Shah and Raj Tanna to steady the ship. The bowlers then wrapped it up with Utkarsh leading the way with 4 wickets. Next-up was Ruia. With a poor start yet again it was time for the captain to show the team how its done. An all round performance by Lanjewar and very important contributions from Ankit Mehta, Sandeep Rajput, Raj Tanna and

Utkarsh helped ICT defeat Ruia. By now, team was growing in confidence. A target of 180 against K.J. Somaiyya was no cake walk but Apoorv Jain, Sandeep Lanjewar and Pravin Date made sure we got through to a place in the quarter finals. Apoorv with a half century and Utkarsh with 6 proved to be K.J. Somaiyya’s nemesis. The quarterfinals proved to be the team’s Waterloo and the dream run was ruthlessly ended by Poddar, showing us that the presence of 6 M u m b a i Team players in a side does make a great difference. Team ICT may have lost the battle but they sure won our hearts and a place in ICT sporting history. Even their opponents were surprised that how such an inexperienced side without professional coaching played with such discipline. ICT is no stranger to talent, but this team it not just a team of stars, it’s a STAR team. With such a great start expectations from this team have certainly soared. So here’s cheering our team on…….way to go guys!!



-by the sport secretaries


December 2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


ow do you glamorize the beautiful game….simple, just play in a smaller field and throw in lights, music and live commentary. The result, one of the most exciting tournaments ICT has seen in a long time….JOGA6. The recently concluded six-on-six football tournament or the JOGA6 had many firsts. It was the first time football was being held under lights, it marked the official start of FUTSAL in the ICT football culture and it was the first time music and commentary were incorporated in a football match. We also had a team from VJTI participating in the tournament. What made it even better was the participation of three girls’ team. It was great to see the ladies so enthusiastic about football and they sure did give the boys a run for their money. Penalties, back heel, through balls, step-overs, 1-2 passes, fakes……you name it and Joga6 had it all. Plenty of goals, fiery tempers, witty commentary and great music made sure there was never a dull moment. The girls’ event was won by the team called the while the boys crown went to . The finals in the boys event between “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Some Team” was truly a footballing spectacle and that only goes to show the level of football in ICT. Earlier in the semis we had an emotion charged encounter between “Belo Jogo” and “Some Team” made more exciting for the audiences by some hilarious commentating. In the other semi-final a 5 man VJTI team gave a tough fight to “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. JOGA6 marks the start of exciting sports in ICT and it has surely set the stage for future such exciting events including SPORTSAGA-08… as they say in Portuguese,






icture this- a large open space in this vibrant source of recreation we are leaving ourselves with. Also with but a tad bit over crowded city of ours hav- this large number of malls comes mall culture, where every ing the potential of being developed into any- kid wants to spend his Sunday in the mall, busy burning a hole thing that the human mind can think of. What in his parents' pocket. Though this might be a victory for the however does the human mind choose to do with retail sector and music to every shopaholic's ears, it is being this precious piece of earth in this city that is overdone. Moreover in my opinion it is being immensely short faced with a chronic dearth of land? Why, build sighted. Have we actually managed to convince ourselves that Salomi Naik a mall of course! Already there are 15 malls in having a mall culture at every corner is actually good for us? SYBPharm Mumbai with 25 more in the pipeline. In a city Soon will come the day when visitors coming to our city will be w h i c h taken sightseeing to these But is building malls the only way? I think not malls, not because they seems to be bursting at its seams, filling every open are worth visiting but bespace with a mall is hardly a solution. A couple of malls never cause that will be all we have to offer. How about building hosdid a city any harm. But having a mall at every corner! pitals, museums, libraries instead? I get that we live in a city One might argue that on the upside, this mall is a sure shot where the price of land is preposterously high. But is building means of earning revenue and will also generate a large num- malls the only way? I think not. What matters though is how ber of employment opportunities. However the disadvantages many people share my views. quite easily outweigh the advantages. Firstly that is the only



December 2007

Identify the Professor


Aries (March 21- April 19):

Good news, Aries, your song of the week is Oops I did it again. Memorize it and sing it whenever you can, and if you don't take yourself less seriously after that, your friends and colleagues certainly will.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

You’re feeling a little disturbed, with Uranus in an uncomfortable position . . .

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Ik heb nog nooit gezien een grotere idioot dan u te prob eren en proberen te begrijpen wat uw horoscoop zegt. Het Nederlands voor goden na am!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Unquotable Quotes

Early next month you will hit the jackpot when an unfortunate slip on a wet floor in McDonalds provides you with a broken leg and free burgers for a year. Luck seems to be on your side Cancer, that is untill the fatty hamburgers leave you extreamely fat, overweight, unattractive, and unwanted for the rest of your life

“We should have a pro night, but no one shouldknow about it.” -said an overenthusiastic Manzar organiser.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22):

“Teen glass paani laao aur teen glass bhi laao”-said a very thirsty student.

It’s a conspiracy, Leo, as it seems life everybody is against you. Early in the month you will discover startling information on the net and for the rest of the month you will have to deal with the government performing memory blocks while you sleep.

We hope you take this column in the right spirit. No offense is meant to anyone whatsoever.

It seems like November has left you with a depressed feeling, this feeling wont go away. According to Orion, this feeling is caused by the overall crapiness in your life.

WACKY POEM SECTION neend se mein abhi jaaga nahi tha Aisharwaya Rai ki bahoon se bhaga nahi tha ki hamari Sushmita ji ne hame jagaya apni pyar ki nishani ke liye.. RED LABEL chaap chai pilaya.. maine kaha shrimati sushmita darling aapko humpe itna pyaar kaise aaya hai aapke baccho ko kapde aur aapko saadi kal hi to dilaya hai boli swami yeh to mera farz hai... jab cheetah hi MOUNTAIN DEW peeta hai..... to gadhe ko chai pilane mein kya harz hai.... -By a frustrated student

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22):

ACROSS 2. A study carried out by the ________ Institute of Technology had placed UICT first among the top chem engg schools in India. (7) 3. ________ and Pravin are the guys who work at Student Xerox Centre (7) 6. ______.uict is the intranet server in college (6) 7. Yogesh _______ is the organising secretary of the Young Researchers Conference 2008 10. The back entrance of ICT is located on _______ road. (6) 11. The dyestuff technology dept was established in Nineteen ______ _____ (5,4)


1. The first female sports secretary in colege is ______ (7) 4. ______ _______ eye hospital is very close to ICT (6,4) 5. Which degree does Ram already hold? _____ (4) 8. Name of the student who ranked first in T.Y.B.Pharm (6) 9. How many departments does our college have? (6)

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22): You will spend the rest of the day translating into English the horoscope of every Gemini that you meet. The horoscope for Gemini says – “I have never seen a bigger idiot than you to try and attempt to understand what your horoscope says. It’s Greek for gods sake!”

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21): There is an old saying that "loose lips sink ships". What does this have to do with you? - Nothing! Do you have to be the center of the universe all of the time?

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21):

According to the stars, your card shuffling skills are heightened today. Challenge someone to a game this afternoon, just to show off your newfound ability.

Capricorn (Dec22 – Jan 19): Something about flossing makes you excited today. Brushing, however, will be just as boring as ever.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18):

Hey, don't get depressed! Not yet anyway. There's stacks, packs and vast quantities of awful news in store for you, but the good news is I haven't told you yet so go enjoy the festive season while you have the chance.

Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20):

Something seems fishy about you today. -








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