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To heaven and back Early this month we made a trip to Lohgad in the rains, and we are still savouring it Our blow by blow report 3




Makings of the Spirit

t all began on a Thursday night, when students in our hostel asked the ostensible question: can we get a platform for expression? That had been the raison d’etre of this newsletter. This periodical, a monthly, will give space to our friends of every kind of opinion and every hue. We are most thankful to our teachers for having been partners in this endeavour. Needless to add that we welcome any of you who want to contribute to this newsletter, in the Spirit of ICT.

It will be a sincere effort of all the people involved with the production of this newsletter to involve as many fellow students as possible in their contribution towards the newsletter. The newsletter also aims at developing a healthy and direct relationship between the students on campus and the alumni.


Technological Association’s in-house non-technical monthly newsletter

The world is our stage

By the ICT Students Council

f the beginning of life had been a fortuitous mixing of chemicals, today we see the full splendour of chemicals in our daily lives as nothing else does. The field we have chosen has a great legacy and an incredible future. Being a chemical technologist for all of us is a dream come true. All of us have strove hard, we nurse big ambitions and would by all means end up serving mankind. And it goes without saying that in the process we also would make a great career in chemical technology, we would be brushing shoulders with the most highly regarded minds in the world, and in the end, most importantly, make our parents happy and proud of us. The industrial growth of this country is booming, as we

read in the newspapers everyday. Newer industries are being set up at an unprecedented pace. As most of us want to be firstgeneration entrepreneurs the spurt in the economy will ostensibly help us achieve our goals

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”

- Dr. APJ Kalam, President

in less time and with lesser effort. Outsourcing by global chemical players, direct investments in India from the developed world only mean our future is secure. There is immense growth potential to be tapped. Our illustrious alumni which include some of the best known chemical industry leaders in the

world have only kindled this spark. But would we want to be amongst the also-ran in the chemical industry, or do we want to be first among equals? It was when we were discussing these issues recently, that many felt that we need to improve our networking if we have to achieve all that we set out to do. And evidently, we need to do to something about it. Now. This newsletter for students and alumni is only the beginning of a movement. We have big plans in store. The idea is to bring our institute ICT on the world stage. We should leave no stone unturned in the attempt to position ICT deservedly as the premier chemical technology institute in India, and amongst the best in the world. All this would essentially mean that we will bring out the inherent talent in our fellow students to its full glory. We are the world.

Celebrate Life! It’s entirely your choice

By Akshat Rathi

WHY AM I IN ICT today? If you think it is fate, you are wrong. It is about what I wanted to be, and where I chose to be. My JEE results in 2004, that is after my XII, were disappointing. All that was left on my parents’ mind then was that I should take a drop and study in Kota. But deep inside I knew there was a silver lining to the bad result, and I could not find it then. I went along with their decision, landed up at Kota, its rigorous life. It was just a matter of time before I received a telegram from UICT. The world opened up. I packed my bags, even though my parents were still circumspect. Today, my impulsive decision could not have been any better for me. All of us sometimes in our life face a question -- what is the purpose of my life? Why live this life? This happens because we reach a place where we are not so content with the way we live our life. Most people do not realise this state and go on living their lives as usual, some may even die discontented. But this is not how we are to live our life, life is a journey to explore, a journey full of joy and energy abound. All our lives we may be following someone else’s rules, someone else’s beliefs. Aren’t we defeating the very purpose of our life? Shouldn’t we venture to find ourselves? Shouldn’t we take the risk of becoming ourselves? The search is not far away, all the truths are buried deep inside us. Search for them, look deeper and try to find things that give you joy. It is undoubtedly a difficult task. The writer is student of TYBTech and journal secretary. The picture of the boat It takes real courage to change, to acon the lake in his native town Nashik has cept the changes around and to start doing things that you had inhibibeen taken by him on a Sony DC200. For Private Circulation Only

tions about. But the solution to all woes is opening up to yourself, believing in your ideals, your mandates, your dreams. Most of us will not take the trouble to do this, we opt for the easy way out. We mask our own identity from our self. In doing so, we give a lot of pain to our soul and no matter what, we bear it. Its like taking an analgesic and pretending that the cause of pain has been eradicated where as its only the senses that you have made numb. We then live a life of prevarication. Take up the challenge to leap across your shallow thoughts to the realm of reality. Now we are in a position where we have no chance but to follow the path in front of us. We may slow down by the fear of letting go of the old things that had been a part of us for long. We start dreading the very thing that we are to experience. Go on, take small steps, and ready yourself to make the run. On the way, let not your energy levels attenuate. You may not feel the vigour and joy attached to these activities initially. Allow yourself to experience the reality fully. Let the truth fit into its place. As it does, you feel elated. You enjoy the happiness that follows. You feel balanced. You become what you are here to be. The things that you have left behind no longer trouble your soul. You have now mastered the cause of pain and thus, need no analgesic. Truth, to you, is no longer relative; it is now absolute. This is nirvana. Moko kahan tu dhoonde re bande/ Main to tere paas mein. Na main deval na main mazjid/ Na kabe kailas mein. -- Sant Kabir My interpretation of these words is similar to what Robert Frost said: ‘‘Man’s best things are nearest to him, lying close to his feet’‘. The very question of life has its answer inside you. Only you can discover your own truth. No one outside you has the answer you seek. Need I say more.



By Sukant Goel



Lohgad is situated near Lonavla. It is amongst the forts of Satwaahan period, which takes us to 2,000 to 2,500 years back. Bhaje and Bedse caves where used by Buddhist monks. These caves are situated in Visapur mountain. Sage Lomesh had been meditating on Lohgad, and this is why the fort is called so. It had been built for keeping a watch on Nane Maval, Korbaarse Maval and Andhra Maval. After Bahmani kingdom’s downfall, the fort was captured by Nizamshahi in 1489 till 1630. In 1630, the fort was controlled by Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj captured it in 1648, two years after he captured Torna. Netaji Palkar was appointed to look after the fort and the surrounding region.

we reached the base. For those who have seen clippings of an Amarnath Yatra, the site could have been reminiscent of the magnanimity when a crowd of 250 people set foot to begin the onward journey. What followed, was a confused yet intriguing blend of events of which, every soul on the journey, was a part. There was laughter, there was music, there was nature, there was admiration, there was the sight of fatigued faces, there was enthusiasm, there was injury, there was aid, there was sunshine, there were shadows, there was silence, there were echoes…..everything was on the move, except, maybe, the reticent buffaloes, that lay calm and indifferent, enjoying their bath in the stagnant pools of water on an off day. What I had expected was,

like an emperor’s cloak embedded with shining pools of water distributed in an enigmatic fashion. For once, the Queen’s Necklace was a second thought, as was the food. But then how long can food remain a second thought? Soon the place was abuzz with students gobbling up their reserves and that of others. And then it was time for the retreat for you can’t have Heaven to yourself for long, there is a long queue. And with heavy hearts we set off. The return journey was quick, with brief intervals at the small jhonpdis for nimbu pani and filled with remarks like, “mast tha yar….kya sahi weather tha”, and the likes. The bus journey seemed short too. We had tired legs but I do not remember how long back I had felt so rejuvenated men-

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Does development always help?

By Praveen Kumar

‘DEVELOPMENT’ DOES IT mean the poignant industrialization or the construction of the jumbo skyscrapers? Does it mean the evolution of the supersonic planes or the so called progress? If this is what development means, then my friends there is a sad plight glued with all of them, i.e. they all demolish or defile environment. The expeditious global industrialization although has created luxurious articles, but at the same time has made the Mother Nature valetudinarian. This consequence of development has contributed in various ways in general deterioration of the environment. Direct threats human health, flora and fauna is the most obvious aspect of environmental fragmentation. The industrial effluents have made the river murky and killed marine life. The United States has been much applauded for its invention of Jean, the supersonic helicopter. But the supersonic booms of 150 dB not only make people neurotic but also interfered in the nitrogen fixation process. This highly robust mechanical wave created, dissipates in the atmosphere causing redundant injury to animals and to the child in the womb as well. France did some of its nuclear tests in the Pacific which severely butchered the marine life, while researchers in California are even intending to mass produce human clones as a source of resource material. In my view these are the ‘created’ trying to demystify the creator and I wonder what price we may have to pay for all it. Let us reconcile that CFC from refrigerators and perfumes deplete ozone layer and hence there is a rapid increase in skin diseases. This rate of development is ultimately inducing our downfall by creating a breach between us and the environment. Above all in conclusion I want to say that the existing appraise of development evokes environmental warsellasion. I would like to remind the words of William Wordsworth in his poem “Lines written in Early Spring” that what man has made of man.


aving lived a major part of my life amidst the mighty Himalayas, having been enchanted by the beauty it has enclosed within its limitless boundaries, and having seen only that, I had developed, somewhere in my subconscious, a notion that if there lies genuine natural beauty in a mountain range in India, it is only in the Himalayas. This notion took the form of a belief after my brief visits to Matheran and Fort Karnala. But if empires can come down, what is the belief of a little man. It took the Allies to bring down Hitler’s empire, I did not need that much; Lohgad was enough. Speaking from the point of view of the Students’ Council, what the trek intrinsically meant to us members, was that we had a task on hand, which was to manage a huge group of people through a day and make sure all of them enjoy themselves, along with the management of the buses, the food, the time, you name it. The biggest handicap that we were suffering from, was the Enjoying heaven: (L to R) Kunal Shah (Sparsh Secretary), Prof AK Sahu absence of a few facand Shashank Jain at the foot the mountain. ulty members which that once I reach the top, I tally. I do not know if it was always keeps the crowd in am going to drop down and my last trip to Lohgad but it check. But of course, the presence of Dr. Sahu gave us relax for a bit and hog on my was my first to Heaven. food but what happened was And William Wordsworth some respite. could not have been more that instead of dropping So here comes Lohgad. down, I dropped dead at the felicitous when he wrote, “a Somehow, the buses were thing of beauty is a joy forloaded to full capacity (must site that lay in front of me. ever.” I add overfull) besides all the The greenery was almost Before I end, let me just hullabaloo of “Oye main us exaggerated as if God say that it was the idea of bus mein jaun kya….yaar Himself, had sent His humein us bus mein jana painter to paint all the green one man, and a treat for 250. Thank you Kunal. hai” by the students and in the world. “How many people in this The clouds teasingly bus…saara khana agaya kissed our bodies but eluded {Sukant Goel (TYCE)is cultural kya?” by the council and the us when we tried to get a secretary, a prolific writer with an bus leaders. handful. energetic persona) The trek began soon after The vast land seemed

(Praveen Kumar is in TYTech, and editorial secretary for Bombay Technologist. He regularly writes for various periodicals.)


Plans for FUNTECH

Breaking the barrier this year, Funtech will have a few inter-college events viz.: Debates, Quiz, Street Play, Musical Competitions to name just a few. Also introducing a brand new event, the Racer’s Rush: a Go-Karting Contest. Apart from these we have a few other surprises totally out of the league...get your imagination running. Special Thanks to Prof Gaikar and other faculty members for being so supportive all the time. Lastly, with the events and the response that we’ve witnessed this year and the enthusiasm among the students, I can guarantee that there is something grand in store for everyone. - Raunak Munot, GS

This newsletter is brought out by the Technological Association, ICT, Mumbai. We welcome letters from our readers. Letters can be sent to Letters will be edited for clarity and space. For Private Circulation Only




Manthan becomes the Indian melting pot

- Madhuvanti Kale

MANTHAN, AS MOST of you know, is a cultural group in ICT. The aim of Manthan is to let students showcase their talents. Manthan conducts programmes which are organized and performed by students. Manthan’s first programme this year changed course to be more inclusive as a truly multi-lingual culltural group. The evening was abuzz with melodious music and vibrant dances NEERAJA from various states of India. Classical and folk songs and dances from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, and Gujarat were featured in a single “mehfil” marking a unique intermingling of cultures. A Sanskrit song was also performed, paying due respect to the Mother of all languages. It was, in the true sense, a celebration of India. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was thus a conflu- MADHUVANTI ence of the myriad cultural interests of India and a proud expression of Indianness. Even as they sat in the classroom that was used as the program venue, the people in the audience were taken on a journey across India, by the photographs on display from the various states as the performances went on. Students from all classes and disciplines showed great enthusiasm evidenced by the encouraging audience and overwhelming participation. The program enabled the participants from various disciplines in ICT to exhibit their talent and further programs will continue to do the same. The program was also met with warm enthusiasm from faculty members, thus boosting the students’ confidence. {Article was written by Madhuvanti Kale (TYBTech) an active member of Manthan, Neeraja Dashaputre (TYBTech) is Manthan secretary and a connoisseur of art}

Dream chemistry, thought experiment


Sitting on the edge of the lab desk I ask, ‘Have I changed here?’ Yes I have learnt to dream and change the future far and near All of us come here with an unclear but definite objective of being an engineer But only here do we understand the meaning of being one, “dreaming without fear” When I came in I read slogans “ever seen a god? Come to ICT”



- Aarti Patil he programme was held in H-101, and was attended by over a 100 students. Our honourable Director, Prof JB Joshi graced the occasion, along with Prof VG Gaikar, Prof VC Malshe and Prof VD Mundale. The programme started with Panditji giving a detailed description of the flute. He enlightened the audience about the various types of flutes, how variations can be made for obtaining different sounds, and the numerous techniques of playing the instrument. As the flutes were played it filled the air with melodious vibrations. VITHAL

Dear friends, I am delighted to give you this newsletter, only for the reason that it represents us, and our aspiration as students who want to make it big in life. ICT is the premier institute in India which has a verdant campus in the heart of the city, top-notch faculty, excellent industry connections, cutting edge research and most brilliant technologists in the world. I should thank all my colleagues in ICT who are involved in the making of this newsletter. Besides this, there are several new intiatives by the technological association, viz: the UD Premier League, revamping the website, ‘Campus Connect’ which is an alliance with Hutch for sending direct information to students cell phones. We are also planning to have a musical night some time in December which would be a perfomance by students from our institute as well as from others.








The performance, was simply enthralling. The sweet evening ragas were blended with lovely folk compositions and the dhamak of the tabla. It indeed, was a treat for the audience, as was apparent from the visages of those present. The next SPIC MACAY concert is scheduled to be held during our college festival. This time, we are planning to have it on a bigger scale, with classical dancers and vocalists from all over the country. (Vithal Bajaj and Aarti Patil, secretaries for SPIC MACAY, wrote this piece exclusively for the Spirit)

The first SPIC MACAY programme of this academic year was held on 25th September,2006.This year, we had two prominent figures from the world of Indian Classical music perform in our college; Pandit Raghunath Seth on the flute, and Pandit Balkrishna Iyer on the Tabla. They were accompanied by two of Panditji's students; Shri.Sunilkant Gupta (also on the flute), and Shrimati Yamini Pathwardhan, playing the Tanpura.

And I always used to muse what the meaning of this could be? Then in a lecture I learnt “god is a chemical engineer” Somewhat the meanings haze became clear Three years later in the same lab I believe in dreams and making them reality All of us here hold the key to make the world better to improve life’s quality We hold the power to create and bring in change profound Because this is where we learnt to dream, to let imaginations fly unbound. (Suvid Joshi is in TYCE, holding debate secretary’s post, who is a prolific poet)



October 2006 PREMIER ISSUE

Book Review

- Alok Patil


ByGregory David Roberts 920 Pages Rs. 400

Shantaram is a narrative of the author’s real life adventure yet in all senses it’s not an autobiography; it is a novel, a well told story! The narrator is a fugitive from Australia who calls himself ‘Lin’. He lives the City of Bombay in all its true sense; dwelling in slums, learning Hindi and Marathi, gaining for himself a local name, working for the mafia…everything! Even with all its grandiose, possible exaggerations and formidable length, it’s a remarkable tale of a “hard-tobelieve” life. However the most fascinating part for me, as a bambaiyya, is the very impartial account of the city and its people through the eyes of a gora, a feature which makes it a ‘must read’ for every Mumbaikar! In short, “Shantaram is a remarkable story of a man, who, even in a life of violence, genuinely loves those, who are in his life, and the city that became his home, Bombay.” Totally recommended!

GAME-X Lord of The Rings : Battle for Middle Earth II” review

- Manu Bhartiya

Electronic Arts has created yet another installment in it’s plethora of Lord of The Rings movie based games. The game named Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II (BFME II)is not very different from it’s predecessor, except that it incorporates the sequences not shown in the movie trilogy. The game, quite heavy on the system resources, is a strategy based game which can be played in a campaign, skirmish or a turn based battle mode. It involves a blend of elves, dwarves, goblins and humans in a long drawn battle for the ultimate ring of power. The graphics look decent and lot of work has been done the create magnificent sound. All in all it is a good game to play but not own if one owns BFME I. For Private Circulation Only


We, the Rockers!

By Shivang Doshi ock music has been labeled as destructive, noisy and violent by the people who have not even tried to know much about the genre. And people who did try to know a little about it halted their journey at Linkin Park!! I have listened to rock music all my life and have been a conscious witness to the impact of it so, I feel we need to do some justice to this creative, not so simple form of music. In my attempt to promote rock music, I would like to share a bit about it with everyone. Rock ‘N’ Roll originated in America in the 50’s with elements of various forms of music like R&B, jazz, blues, boogie woogie (not the dance show), predominantly played by the African Americans as also the traditional forms of music gave birth to Rock ‘N’ Roll that we know today. Mainstream acceptance came in the late 1950’s when the Caucasians like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and many others signed to major labels and started covering their material. This led to a movement in the U.K., which gave birth to some of the most influential bands to make it big in the U.S. like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds. Over the years, rock ‘n’ roll style has given rise to various sub-genres like Psychedelic Rock (Pink Floyd) and Progressive Rock (King Crimson) in the 60’s, Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin),

Arena Rock (Queen), Country Rock (The Eagles) and Heavy Metal (Black Sabbath) in the 70’s, Hard Rock (Van Halen), Glam Rock (Guns N’ Roses) and Instrumental Rock (Joe Satriani) in the 80’s followed by Grunge (Nirvana), Industrial Rock (Marilyn Manson) and various styles of heavy metal like Black metal, Death metal, Doom metal, etc. Alternative bands like Muse and Audioslave have given a classical touch to their modern rock songs. The elements that differentiate these forms of music are lyrical content, rhythm and tempo, as also the instruments used. Today, most rock bands and artists use instruments like electric guitars, drums, bass guitars and keyboard instruments like organ, piano and synthesizers to accompany the vocals. However, many bands in the past have experimented with unconventional instruments like flute (Jethro Tull), Sitar (Beatles), Saxophone (Pink Floyd, INXS) and also orchestral arrangements (Metallica). Rock music in India has its origins in 1960's and 70's when international stars such as The Beatles visited India and brought their music with them. These artists' collaboration with Indian musicians such as Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain has led to the development of Raga Rock (Two words I never thought would go side by side!). However, Indian

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking - Deepak Karthikeyan Barrels

‘Predictable Stupidity’ Just for the record, this movie was released in 1998 and did not release in India courtesy the ‘ever so thoughtful’ censor board.2 hours, Popcorn, Company and obviously (No! not eyes) an active funny bone is what you need to watch this movie. Strictly restricted to lateral thought, this movie gives you a feeling that you have not been wasting your life all this while(you have waited so long to watch it!!) and ‘Do we have a director in Guy Ritchie’ is probably just another understatement. Now, if you are not English, you are going to have a major problem keeping up with the really fast British accent, so make sure you have your hands on the rewind button all the time. LS and 2SB is probably ‘The Whole Thing’..(with the extra chimneys here and there).It all starts when four guys Eddie (The guy who starts it all), Tom, Soap and Bacon decide to bet against a crime lord Harry ‘The Hatchet’ Londsale and like the saying goes ‘Good things finally come to an end’, the group loses the bet. But everything is still well between them except


Rock bands like Rock Machine began to gain prominence only much later, around the late 1980's. Rock music got recognition in India when bands like Europe, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Deep Purple began touring in India in the early 90’s, followed by Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani and INXS more recently. Indian bands like Parikrama, Zero and Sceptre along with others have gained popularity in mainstream English rock while bands like Euphoria, Indian Ocean have experimented by incorporating Indian styles and languages in

Beenthere. Donethat?

rock music. The influence of rock and roll is far-reaching, and has had significant impact worldwide on fashion, films, and attitudes towards sex and sexuality and use of drugs and alcohol. This impact is broad enough that "rock and roll" may also be considered a life style in addition to a form of music. I hope people start looking at Rock from another angle, the angle I have been looking from all my life! For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

(Shivang Doshi, TYBTech, is music secretary, a guitarist of reckoning and a strong proponent of Rock )

for one little problem ‘They can’t pay Harry back’. Now all they have left is each one of them and a week to return the wretched money back .What is yet to come, is a set of another two gangs, Roy Breaker’s one with all the black heavies (It’s a Gangster movie for heaven sake), Dog’s Gang, Two beautiful set of antique guns, Big Chris(Vinnie Jones ,Yup the former British football payer who plays Harry’s debt-collector),a special appearance by old timer ‘Sting’ as Eddie’s father and a hell of a lot of money and drugs, all patched up into one awesome heist film. You will still be pondering over how in god’s name is the director going to mash them all up and this is where you get ready to say ‘Oh My God’ 31 times(It’s a monthly newsletter right??). With ultimatums and deadlines going all around the place, it all ends with the good guys getting the whole cake to themselves and when you least expect it, they play the fool in the end too. Well that’s pretty much a sad ending to put on celluloid, but the best thing you can do, is watch the movie when you have loads of journal work and assignments pending(Its just so worth it!!).

{Deepak (TYBTech) is a complete movie buff, a guitarist completely in love with music.}



October 2006 PREMIER ISSUE


starting UD Premier League (UDPL) for the first time in ICT. The generosity shown by Dr.Ravi Adiverkar towards fulfilling our need for sport deserves tremendous appreciation. This year he has gone a step forward. Due to bad cricketing conditions he has granted ICT the option of hiring pitches where practise can be done professionally. The selections for this year’s cricket team were carried out at Shivaji Park.His enthusiasm is not limited to cricket, he would be finalising the draft for Basket Ball court by this week. Undoubtedly, UDPL is at present the most exciting sporting event going on at ICT. It is a football league wherein all the players get e, the ICTians, are recognised throu an equal chance to hone their skills under gh out because of our rich chemical the watchful eye of our captain Adarsh culture but there is something other Pakala(BChemEngg). than chemistry which thrives 24/7 in the There were, initially, 5 equal teams with thoughts and actions of us students and that the names UD Man U, UD Madrid, UD something, I am proud to say, is SPORT. Chelsea, UD Arsenal, UD Barcelona. After Abhinaba Gupta (B.Tech-Dyes) and the conclusion of first round of matches it Karan Kabra (B.Tech-Foods), our former was unanimously sports secretaries, had decided to dissolve laid the foundation of UD Premier League Points Table UD Barcelona and a healthy sporting culsplit their players ture in ICT. They were Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points equally among other the architects of the teams. 6 4 1 1 13 mammoth task of Chelsea After the concluorganising the most sion of first round Madrid 6 2 3 1 9 popular and the only along with a few inter collegiate sports matches of the second 6 1 3 2 6 tournament in ICT, Barcelona round, the statistics of SPORTSAGA ’06. U D P L Man U 6 1 3 2 6 Ishan Rao(TYCE) a r e and Sandeep Lanjewar given in the table on the left. (TYCE), our present sports secretaries, have done a wonderful job of taking the bench {Gurpreet (SYBTech) is a sports mark set by our previous sports secretaries enthusiast and a hard worker) to a higher level. They took the initiative of








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Sports has been my first love all my life. When I came to ICT, I found something missing in the sports scene: Professionalism. We represented our ISHAN institute in a couple of inter-college tournaments. There I found that the missing factor was also the cause of mediocre performances by our football team. The team, though has the potential to be the best in Mumbai, lacks the professionalism required. It made our sports enthusiasts think. People were still undervalued the honour of wearing the name of the institute on our sleeves. We wanted to change that, we wanted our players to be the most dedicated players on the field. The reason for such performances was lack of match practice, co-ordination among players, team spirit and deteriorating levels of fitness. Finding the above wasn’t the end of the issue, determined people thought of ideas to eliminate affecting factors. The best idea among them, which was feasible to all and would be in rhythm with our college schedule, was starting a football league wherein all the players would get equal chance to hone their skills under the watchful eye of our captain, Adarsh Pakala (BChemEngg). The league would develop the players in such a way that all the factors that negated our performance would be eliminated. We stand today at the end of the second round of UDPL and now we are confident that our performance at the inter-college level would be much better than it was. {Ishan Rao (TYCE) is sports secretary and an all-round sportsman)








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October 2006 PREMIER ISSUE


# Professor G.D. Yadav, Head, Chemical Engineering Department, has been elected to the Fellowship of the Indian National Science Academy. This honour has come to UICT after a long time. Professor Yadav has contributed significantly to the area of catalysis. # Dr. Ashish Lele has been selected for prestigeous S.S. Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences this year. The award is given to the scientists below the age of 45 years for his work done in India. Dr. Lele's contribution in polymer engineering is significant. # Dr. N Sekar from the Dyes dept. recieved the fellowship of Society of Dyes and Colourists, London. He is one of the three people in the history of the institute to receive this honour. The other two are Prof K Venkatraman and Prof BD Tilak. # Sneha K.(FYBTech) and Mrudul Bhide(FYBTech) represented our college at SIES College of Commerce for an inter college debate competition and stood second.Sneha was also awarded the best speaker of the competition. # Chemergence ‘06 held at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College saw most of its events being dominated by students of ICT. We congratulate all those who have made the institute proud. # Rangotsav ‘06, a national level paper and poster presentation symposium, organised by the department of surface coating technology was held on Oct 7, 2006. We congratulate all the winners and hope that they had a wondeful experience at the institute. # We welcome Prof Bhavik Bakshi from the Ohio State Univertsity. Hope you have a pleasant stay.

“Unquotable Quotes” This column is an attempt to break away from the other profound articles in the Spirit by adding some light humour. No offence is intended towards anyone.

“Wait the minute”, a student getting impatient.

Bhilar Waterfall

On the road from Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar, falls a small town named Bhilar. A mind blowing waterfall, nearly 1500 height captures the viewers attention. If you want to have a look at the waterfall, the preferred months are July to October. The picture was captured by Anand Atre on a canon A700 Powershot. {This is a photo feature, you can contribute to it. Please send in your best photos and may be yours would be the one next}

The Black Out

- Adwait Soni thought, army intelligence of major nations believe that it Electro-Magnetic Pulse, could be the next big thing in abbreviated as EMP, is a revo- the warfare forum. The most lutionary concept originally comprehensive invention was perceived by the US Army seen in august 2004 when a 7.6 which boasts of a potential MW EMP was furnished in the more than any paramount labs of the University of destruction warfare spanning California which has the potenfrom nuclear to biological war- tial to cause a total blackout in fare. Imagine if electricity the New York for 46 seconds. It which is indisputably a neces- was also observed that the elecsity in our age is lost for a tricity replenishment were not minute or two during peak of the same voltage specificahours of warfare… tions as they were earlier, causThe EMP can break elecing more problems leading to tricity in an area of thousands more time loss invariably. For of acres for a minute thereby all u Hollywood buffs, the EMP practically reverting back the saw it’s Hollywood debut in the place to the Stone Age leaving movie Oceans’ Eleven in which the adversary at the mercy of the time needed for the robbery technological expertise of the at the casino is done using a attacking country. Originally EMP which causes a blackout designed at the University of in the whole city of Las Vegas California, the EMP produces for 30 seconds. So, about 10 electromagnetic waves passing years from now, if the electricihigh frequency current ty is out in your locality, it through millions of carbon might not be load shedding but nano-tubes. These waves are so might be due to the EMP of powerful that electron transfer any country or a terrorist for is obstructed through the best that matter… of conductors. Though it’s {Adwait Soni (SYCE) is an active practical application is still participant in literary ac tivit} under heavy scrutiny and

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“If you don’t feel comfortable in pants then wear one-fourths”, the same student again points out exhibiting an overdose of ftv. “Lunar eclipse is when earth comes between moon and moon”, our same friend out of control. “We are waiting under the hostel”, a hostelite in an attempt to find bearings “Oh... the literacy secretary…”, the same lad referring to Nandita V, our literary secretary. “Oye Phir Hera Pheri ‘part 2’ has been lifted from that movie”, exclaims a student to flaunt his ken on plagiarism. “I can tackle you funny bone..” a junior, trying to make an impression.

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Volume 1 - Issue 1 To heaven & back

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