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The Glitz and Glamour of Indian Wedding Dresses The





ranging from north to south and west to east have from time immemorial coveted for and used ostentatious and highly embellished garbs for marriage. Starting




period of the country’s history of the Indus Valley Civilization to the post modern era of the twenty first century Indians have



outfits for the day of extreme merriment. Weddings




occasion of unity and joviality. Indian women love to adorn themselves with exquisite dresses that would enhance their charm. The variegated wedding dresses for Indians are sarees and lehenga cholis .

Sarees: The Indian national dress occupies a position of paramount importance for a bride. The apple of your eye, your daughter, will be illuminated by the shine of this form of Indian wedding dress that she will be wearing. The fabrics vary from Banarasi, cotton, silk and chiffon in a range of hues are popular choices among Indian brides.

Lehenga choli: The expanded skirt and the top with its dupatta is a favorite jora in many north Indian families. The plush decoration on the elegant dresses brings to our mind the images of the Rajputana queens who carried their grandiose self with dignity and finesse.

The new age woman and her accessories: The twenty first century bride does not always restrict herself to the traditional get up. Her doe eyes have darted towards the ever changing norms and style of wedding gowns. Your princess waits for her Mr. Right to come and lift her up in his arms and that in fact is quite a majestic act.

Added to the glitz and glamour of the wedding dresses are the accessories and jewelry which are a woman’s weakness and she is a diehard fan of these. New shoes, new cosmetics are her welcoming emissary to the neo world of wedding.

May be you are not much into ethnic wears in your everyday life, but your wedding is a special day for you, so bring down your inhibitions from the shelf of self restraint and wash it away with the chutzpah of a new age girl. Indian wedding dresses are a riot of colors and designs, not only for the bride and bridegroom but also for their near and dear ones. Wedding dresses are an assortment for all the days related to the auspicious day of your life. You are an angel, so don’t be jittery apprehending the D-Day, don the elite adornment specially meant for you and brace yourself for a new life.

The glitz and glamour of indian wedding dresses  

The Indian bride readies herself for a new life by putting on the wedding costume.