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MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

Application booklet MC 2012/2013 in AIESEC in Spain Break your limits – Apply for MC in Spain

Deadline of the application: 5th January 2012, 23:59 GMT+1

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

MC structure







NST Alumni

You can apply for the following full time positions: Member Committee Vice President Outgoing Global Programs Member Committee Vice President Incoming GCDP Member Committee Vice President Incoming GIP Member Committee Vice President Talent Management Member Committee Vice President Finance and Legal Member Committee Vice President Business Development Member Committee Vice President Organizational Development



NST Coaching

NST Coaching



MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

Timeline of the selection process Selection process procedure 1. Application package a. Application questionnaire i. Answer all general questions in the questionnaire and all the functional questions related to the position you are applying for ii. You can apply for maximum 3 positions, you have to answer the functional questions for the first 2 preferences iii. Application consist of maximum 15 pages iv. Answer in the language you are asked in b. Signed release i. A letter stating that you agree with your documents being made available on and used for the purpose of selections ii. It has to be signed by you c. 2-4 endorsement letters i. Can be in English or Spanish, signed and with contact of the author ii. At least 2 should be from LCP and higher d. Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages) e. Video i. Video where you have a chance to introduce yourself to us. It is all up to you. The only limitation is that it cannot exceed 3 minutes. ii. The video has to be uploaded to and the link included in the email together with application package. iii. No one else except for candidate can appear in the video

f. Eurotalent tests

i. You can chose language of the tests ii. You need to send back two filled in tests (filled, scanned) – one of EDA and one Diversigrama

2. Vote of confidence a. You have to be given vote of confidence from LCs in AIESEC in Spain in voting 3. Interview a. Date and time of the interview will be specified after the deadline of the application 4. Final results

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

Timeline 2nd December 2011 5th January 2012 8th – 14th January 2012 16th January 2012 16th – 22nd January 2012 25th January 2012

Open MCVP applications of AIESEC in Spain Deadline MCVP applications Space to answer questions for Vote of confidence (form will be specified after deadline of application) Vote of confidence results MC VP Interviews Final results announcement

Application package (.zip, .rar) has to be sent with all documents to and until 5th January 2012, 23:59 GMT+1. During January 6th you will receive email confirming if you have passed all the requirements. Name the folder: You will be given more information about the selection process after deadline of the application.

You can use your creativity and change the design of the application according to what you consider the best. This application is divided into 3 components:

 Basic information  General questions o Personal o Professional  Functional questions

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

Questionnare Basic information 1. General information : Name and surname: Nickname: Country of origin Country of living now Date of birth: University and Faculty: Fields of studies: Year of studies: Complete address: Phone on which you are reachable: E-mail address you use: Skype 2. Languages you speak and level both written and spoken. If you have done some English proficiency test mention it together with result. Please write the levels according to Language



N-Native Language;



Listening understanding


Reading understanding


3. Your AIESEC Experience (max 1 page)

Year (from-to)



Key Results achieved Key learning’s (max 2 for each)

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

4. Your non-AIESEC Experience (up to 3 most important and relevant positions)


Company or org.


Job description

Key learning’s

5. List AIESEC international, regional and national conference you attended: Year

Conference & location


Max 2 learning points?

6. List hard skills you know in fields of IT (programs you can work with, programing, website administration, etc.) and communication (design, poster creation, editing, videos making etc.) Skill

What can you do?

General questions Personal 1. What is your motivation to stand for AIESEC in Spain Member Committee Vice President? What will be your biggest contribution and what do you expect to learn from this experience?

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

2. What aspects of your personality/working style would contribute the most to the MC team 12/13? Which are, instead, the aspects of yourself that could mostly challenge the team and the experience? 3. “Leadership is action, not position.” – State your opinion and relate yourself to this quote in maximum 200 words. 4. Describe a situation in which you were facing strong pressure to achieve results. How did you behave and what were the outcomes of this situation?

Professional questions 1. Analyze current situation of AIESEC in Spain (you can use SWOT, start-stop-continue or other tool). Be as concrete as possible. 2. What positions are you applying for? (You can apply for maximum 3 positions; answer the following questions for first two priorities). 3. Describe in maximum three sentences vision you have for your area? 4. What goals would you like to achieve in your functional area in your MoS? 5. List 3 main strategies which are going to make difference between achieving and not achieving the goals in your area? 6. How will you in your position contribute to the financial sustainability of the MC? 7. What is your experience in selling? Describe at least two situations in which you have sold something successfully? (can be life or work example) 8. This is a one page space in which we give you all free space of one page to challenge the question “What needs to happen in AIESEC in Spain in order to achieve the vision 2015? Consider external and internal situation and anything else you consider relevant.

Functional questions MC VP Outgoing Global Programs 1. What is your experience with settling LC2LC partnerships and how will you use it in AiS? 2. How can you adapt the value proposition of the 2 exchange programs to the Spanish reality?

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

3. What marketing strategies did you use in the past related to the different AIESEC programs? List the three most effective marketing tools you want to use to support OGP results?

4. What other ways do you know to push results? What experiences have you got that resulted in a high increase in results on local level? – be as concrete as possible 5. What is your technical level of knowledge of a. Financial analysis (health of projects, ROI, fix-variable cost calculation, …) b. Excel (pivot tables and graphs, filters, linking different files together, combining google spreadsheets with excel files, …) c. Online spreadsheets and forms (publishing online spreadsheets, working with online form providers, …) d. Basic Photoshop e. Basic website building (general computer knowledge), basic html or others Advanced – have applied experience and knowledge Medium – have little experience and knowledge Basic – have knowledge None – without knowledge and experience 6. What’s your experience in evaluating CVs and applicants at interviews? How would you improve the selection process of EPs in AiS?

MC VP GCDP ICX 1. What is the best issue to create a project in order to have results and relevance in the Spanish community? Why? 2. How do you want to work with the VPs GCDP ICX in your daily life? Please, describe all the channels of communication, tracking, education etc. What tools do you want to use to manage the area? 3. We have 2 months till the end of the 2nd quarter and we are missing 20 GCDP TNs. What approach will you take in order to achieve it? Plan your action steps for the next 2 months. 4. How can we ensure financial sustainability in our projects without support of other areas? Describe strategies you are going to use to achieve it? 5. Presenta AIESEC al gobierno español en máximo 30 palabras.

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

MC VP GIP ICX 1. How can you ensure the sustainable growth in GIP ICX on national and local level? 2. How do you want to work with the VPs GIP ICX in your daily life? Please, describe all the channels of communication, tracking, education etc. What tools do you want to use to manage the area? 3. We have 2 months till the end of the 2nd quarter and we are missing 20 GIP TNs. What approach will you take in order to achieve it? Plan your action steps for the next 2 months. 4. What are the 3 biggest problems in order to grow in GIP ICX in Spain? How are you going to deal with them? 5. Presenta AIESEC a compañía en máximo 30 palabras.

MC VP Finance and Legal 1. Cual es el rol que tiene el MCVPFz&L dentro del equipo MC (crosfuncionalidad, responsabilidades, etc.) 2. Based on the knowledge you have about the financial situation of AIESEC in Spain describe: a) The two main challenges we will face during the term 2012-2013 and why: i. At National Level ii. At Local Level b) Three strategies to overcome those challenges: i. At National Level ii. At Local Level 3. ¿Cuáles son tus conocimientos financieros y cómo vas a ponerlos en práctica como MCVP F&L?¿Qué conocimientos crees que te faltan y cómo vas a obtenerlos? 4. Define the main priorities for this year as responsible of legality of AIESEC in Spain. How will you work with the areas involved? 5. Case study: Debido al recorte de las subvenciones, el MC depende de la financiación propia, y segúnmlos cálculos, se deben ingresar COMO MÍNIMO 8.000 € cada mes para soportar los gastos e inversiones. Tu equipo es consciente de ello, y al comienzo del periodo basasteis vuestra planificación y presupuesto en conseguir esos ingresos

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

mínimos. Es 10 de octubre de 2012,y tras un análisis financiero este es el presupuesto previsto y realizado de ingresos en Q3 de 2012. Define un plan de acción para Q4.

MC VP Business Development 1. ESERP fue partner de AIESEC en España hace varios años; contrataron patrocinio nacional. No hay mucha información en el CRM sobre cómo fue la relación pero quieres recuperar el acuerdo con ellos. ¿Qué pasos sigues? ¿Qué crees que les puede interesar de AIESEC? 2. Te llega un email de invitación al evento "Reinventing Higher Education" en las instalaciones del Instituto de Empresa (partner de AIESEC en España) y organizado por esta empresa. Irán personas importantes y con experiencia a hablar de la educación universitaria. ¿Irás al evento? ¿Por qué? En caso de ir al evento, ¿qué haces antes, durante y después del evento para sacar el mayor provecho del mismo? 3. Kraft would like to access University students through AIESEC. You consider LCs are the best way for them to have direct contact, but you cannot ensure all LCs will give them the best treatment at local level or do activities at University. Create a short proposal for Kraft, with pricing and explain how MC, LCs and the company will interact to make the most of this partnership. 4. What does a person need to be a good salesman? Give 5 recommendations to your MC team members that have never been selling on how to make a good partnership. How will you ensure all MC members make money for AIESEC in Spain? 5. Explica como puede AIESEC capitalizar el uso de la siguientes herramientas. ¿Qué acciones concretas o qué uso harías de cada uno de ellas y con qué objetivo? a. Facebook b. Twitter c. LinkedIn d. Blog

6. Caso de studio: Tras la vuelta de una conferencia, queda un mes exacto para la siguiente, pero en realidad solo tienes 13 días hábiles de trabajo en la oficina, debido a días festivos, eventos... En ese tiempo tienes como tareas generales, las siguientes: a. Contestar el mail de contacto nacional (15 diarios)

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i.

Subir un post al blog diario Una sesión de coaching semanal con el LCP coachee Realizar la memoria annual Actualizar partners actuals en la página web Impartir dos sesiones virtuales planificadas en tu plan de educación Atender un evento potencial para contactos de medias Tener un meeting individual con un miembro de tu NST porque él está demotivado Tienes preparar una propuesta por partner nacional del año pasado

Define tu plan tratando de priorizar y sacrifica al menos 4 de los puntos

MC VP Organizational development 1. What do you think is the role of OD in achieving the national goals? 2. Analyze AIESEC in Spain internally from the OD point of view. Choose 3 topics from the following which you consider the most important for your area: financial sustainability, organizational change, country goals and direction, number of LCs, capacity of LCs in Spain, national and global timelines, country culture and the 2015 context. 3. What do you think should be the focus of OD next term? State 3 priorities/strategies that you would like to implement and the results you would like to achieve. 4. What LCD/OD GCPs from the network do you think could be implemented in AiS? Why? 5. Explain 3 initiatives that you would take in order to improve internal communication that could support: a. LC growth b. LC2LC cooperation c. MC2LC communication 6. Case Study: After doing SONA and Cluster analysis, you realize that 80% of the LCs are in the low performing cluster, barely surviving and not meeting membership criteria. In general, these LCs have between 0-1 exchange per semester, incomplete EBs, very small membership and very low knowledge in each functional area. What would your approach be in order to improve the performance of all of the LCs in the low performance cluster?

MC VP Talent Development

MC VP application booklet AIESEC in Spain 2012/2013

1. With multidisciplinary roles of MCs the role of NST is going to have a big importance. How do you see their role, common activities, involvement and benefits? Consider role of Core NST and NST. 2. You are responsible for TMP and TLP program. How will you support capacity of LCs in these two different programs so that LCs can grow in other programs? Give 3 concrete strategies for each program? 3. How do you want to work to increase number of people in TLP program and deliver high quality and sustainability in pipeline? Develop a plan for your term. 4. You are going to be responsible for the whole process of recruitment from promotion, selection, allocation to induction. How do you want the recruitment of new members to look like and how will you ensure the process in the LCs? 5. You are going to be responsible for very potential product – out talent. How will you ensure that you have capacity to sell the products? 6.

How big part of your JD do you want to invest into (divide 100 points among them): a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.

Functional coaching Selling TM products LC coaching Conferences Development of programs Recruitment Education Other TM processes (transition, Performance Assessment, mentoring, talent marketing..)

Break your limit. Good luck with your application.

MCVP application 12/13 AiS  

MCVP application 12/13 AiS

MCVP application 12/13 AiS  

MCVP application 12/13 AiS