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valves per cylinder, since you asked. We began preparing for the trip months in advance, but almost all of us kept tinkering with our bikes, as is usually the case, including on the last night before departure. I was positive before we took off that we would have to do some major roadside repairs as well. It would be an impressive achievement indeed if we all made it to Biarritz, was the thought that ran through my head as we sputtered off.

Wide Open

So, how to get to Biarritz? Before taking off, we stop at the Catalunya Grand Prix in Barcelona,

which, incidentally, is where some of us work. We start the first leg, as befits the general idea, in front of the racetrack in Montmelo and reach the Pyrenees and the pocket principality of Andorra, where we stop for the first night. We continue through and over the Pyrenees, navigating hills, valleys and passes until we reach the town of Pau. There is a race on as well. The famous street race is the stuff of nightmares for Formula 3 drivers. We then cross the stunning Formigal ski resort, alongside the top of which runs the border between Spain and France, before descending to Pamplona, which, however, did not host its bull run on that day. One of course

has to stop at Bilbao’s Guggenheim, but at that point we are already in San Sebastian, so our goal isn’t that much further. Time was also a limiting factor. One week. We therefore planned our route so as to see as much of the picturesque nature as possible, eat as much tasty local food as we could, drink just enough to tantalise the taste buds and, most importantly, enjoy the kilometres that passed beneath our old pattering bikes. Clutch, first gear, and open throttle. Wind in the face and a summer atmosphere for a real motorbike adventure. A scarf tied around the neck and a coffee

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20