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Illustrations: Mitja Bokun


ABOUT SOUND Sound and emotions. My first youthful attempt at engine tuning by changing the original to a racing exhaust on my moped was a fantastic experience of power and sound for me, even if my neighbours were not so enthusiastic. But it was the lion’s roar of an MV Agusta ridden by unsurpassed legend Giacomo Agostini on the old and extremely dangerous Preluka road circuit that dramatically altered the course of my life forever. From that moment my only goal, my mission, was to become a MotoGP rider. And 1979 started tremendously. In February of that year my then still girlfriend Slavojka and I attended the most incredible and for me still unsurpassed rock concert. It was Queen and, of course, Freddie Mercury. The enormous stack of loudspeakers was extremely impressive, and then there were the first chords that hit my chest with the power of a pneumatic hammer. Yes, another revelation, rock music has ever since been my main passion apart from motorcycles – and fortunately both still are. And in June of that year my childhood dream came true. I participated in my first Grand Prix, a 250 class race on the Grobnik racetrack. Just being in the paddock with all the stars of that era, like Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts, was a privilege, and our 250 class was won by none other than Graziano Rossi. Unfortunately that race ended quite abruptly for me, with the so very familiar infinitesimally short squeaky sound of a seized engine, followed by a high speed crash. In the following years, until 1989, I was active in different categories of motorcycle rac-

ing and learnt a lot about engines. As a result, I was asked to prepare motorcycles for other teams and eventually, in 1991, I started my own company. During years of experience I found that engine, exhaust and sound are so incredibly correlated that sometimes working on a dynamometer you can evaluate performance before actually reading the results, just by sound. Yes, I was fortunate enough to live through an extremely emotional era, but my concern is that we are currently setting a course for future generation towards a different world of soundless racing. The results of these new guidelines, together with overregulated and complicated rules can be seen in today’s F1. On the other hand, MotoGP with the sound and epic, almost unrestricted fights, has become unprecedentedly popular. I personally think that we still have a choice between restrictions and reasonable limitations. It is very clear that sound and all the other senses can give us a maximum experience only if they are in perfect correlation.


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laws regulating the use of aftermarket exhaust parts and systems, especially as those parts and systems modify, remove, or replace original equipment catalysts. Please consult the appropriate laws in your area before installing any aftermarket part or system on your vehicle to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Neither Akrapovič d.d. nor any of their subsidiaries or the sellers of the parts or systems make any representation that any of their parts or systems comply with any such laws.

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Various U.S. states and the U.S. federal government have individual

California laws prohibit the use of any aftermarket exhaust part or sys-

tem that modifies, removes or replaces original equipment catalysts unless the California Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order regarding such part or system or unless the part or system is exempted by being used only on racing vehicles on closed courses. Neither Akrapovič d.d. nor any of their subsidiaries make any representation that any of their parts or systems has received such an Executive Order or that any of their parts or systems conform with the racing vehicles exemption. The purchasers are entirely responsible for informing themselves of applicable California laws and to comply with those laws.

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20