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Adventure P ORS CHE PA R A D E E UR O P E 2 0 1 6 IN SL OVE NI A A ND C R OAT IA

Parade of Stories by MatevĹž Hribar photography Matej PovĹĄe

T he n umb e r 2 00 was e xce e de d f o r t h e first time in t h e h ist o ry of th is b ia n n ua l E urop e a n me e t in g. Th e ot h e r first in th e 30 ye a r h ist ory of th e e ve n t was t h at two club s from two coun trie s orga n ise d it.

If one knows the (political) relations between two former brotherly Yugoslav republics, Croatia and Slovenia, one understands that joining forces in organising the Porsche Parade Europe was an interesting, perhaps even a brave, decision. Not that it matters much to the participants, though: the most important thing for them is to visit some of the most

stunning sights in both countries during an extended weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, please relive fast games without frontiers, composed from numerous individual stories. Lakes are pretty. So are islands. Now then, imagine an emerald lake with an island in the middle and a church on top, surrounded by deep green forests and alpine peaks. Yep, Bled might have come straight from a fairy tale. Well, there is one thing that might be missing‌A castle perhaps?

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20