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NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Peter Orešič says that stainless steel was practically the only material the company used until 1997. And then came titanium, which was a real challenge, where they learned from their mistakes. But other challenges awaited them too. Slavko Trstenjak: “Honda was the first to ask for standards and demanded we work in a different way. Up until then we did all our work ‘live’ on the bikes. Our task was to produce a Formula 1 exhaust in 2003 and it was a giant leap, because it was all so new to us: Inconel, manner of production, documentation. Honda wanted to know all the data: who handled the pipe, who sawed it off, everything. We learnt together with Honda.” Peter Orešič: “By 2004 we had already mastered titanium. Porsche got excited about it, because this was to be the material that the exhaust for the GT2 was to be made from. They contacted us and we manufactured the first prototype. However, we hit an obstacle, namely we lacked the ISO standard, a precondition for cooperation. Our company was inspected in full and based on that we did some reorganising. We were using SAP already in 2004, also to establish standards in production. The Porsche story thus began to unfold and the idea for creating aftermarket car exhausts was born.” The company employed some 500 people in the middle of our century’s first decade and that number has grown to over 900 today, in the year when Akrapovič celebrates its 25th anniversary. Many are young. Slavko Trstenjak: “We see the young from the viewpoint of the old guard. I believe that many of them are sincerely dedicated, devoted, they love to work and the Otočec event really was something special. Almost all employees and

their families showed up. I know of many celebrations, organised by different companies, where not everybody does. This too shows the level of employee dedication. The atmosphere on Otočec was amazing, we have shown that we are a homogenous company. There is still a passion present in the company, although of a slightly different bent from when there were just the ten of us. Many young guys ride bikes and they like working here, just as we did.” And when you ask the final question, where does the cause of the company’s success lie, Igor Majdič smiles and answers: “Heh, where… Very simple: Igor Akrapovič is the only possible answer!”

Alojz “Slavko” Trstenjak

Peter Čeh

Igor Majdič


Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20