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Anniversary, 25 years

Igor, your heart very much beats for bikes, while yours, Uroš, is more partial to cars. Would you say that is true?

IA: Yes, I’m more of a bike guy. UR: More or less a car guy here. Not because I wasn’t tempted by bikes. I simply never had a chance to do much with them. But I always followed the bike races. I’ve been watching MotoGP since God knows when, from the time I dreamt about a moped as a kid. And when I got one, I first replaced the exhaust and put slicks on it and then checked tire wear after every ride (smiles). Once you hit the point, when a decision has to be made, what are the feelings?

UR: (a hearty, long laugh) IA: (also laughing) Well… it can be an issue, because a person in the end does sometimes make decisions through emotions. But I would say that as the company grew, we kept leaning a bit more towards reason. When we were a smaller team, I could be quite irrational. I still am, but they sometimes manage to

2008 Material testing laboratory


First introduced to off-road racing bikes, the Akrapovič chamber innovation was transferred to its aftermarket exhausts systems – the patented chamber improves performance and sound.


The company sets new standards in opening its own

stop me. Now one must have a look at what something brings and takes away. It is true that development today costs a lot more than it did in the past. Five times more. It’s frightfully expensive.

IA: Who also made speakers in his younger days! UR: Who created his own sports car concept in his youth. So we have two interesting profiles. What

You are on an interesting time arc, one 57

about economics, the stuff we constantly

and the other 38 years old. Does that unite

see on the TV?

or separate you, is it just right?

UR: I never even thought of that. IA: I think that it’s just about right. I must play the role of an owner and Uroš the role of the CEO. The owner must look further into the future and have longer-term goals and ideas. The management then tries to fulfil those visions and improve them through their proposals. The owner must also manage and supervise what’s going on in the company as well as in the outside world. The CEO is a mechanical engineer with an eye for design. The boss is an electrician with a distinct interest in high quality music and excellent sound reproduction.

IA: This is something that comes along, something you learn and acquire. But I believe that the most important economics is that of sound mind and logic. Sometimes more so than the overly optimistic business plans that I occasionally get to see and am always surprised at just how unrealistic they often are. Growth also results in experience, usually gained on quite expensive mistakes. I’ve always said that if you want to move forward and if you’re at least 90 % sure, then do it. If you wait for everything to be at 100 %, you won’t advance quickly enough and the competition can overtake you. This naturally means that some of the decisions might be wrong and not the most productive. That happens and you soak it up. You

2009 Foundry

material testing laboratory, specialising in metallurgical and metallographic analysis of titanium alloys. The lab is focused on broadening the company’s knowledge in the area of special titanium alloys.


A major year for Akrapovič as the company opens its own titanium foundry for precision

2010 Wireless Kit

casting. The foundry recycles waste titanium produced in exhaust manufacture and is mainly used for producing extremely complex parts, opening up new possibilities for the research & development engineers.


Akrapovič introduces its wireless control system

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20