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About Me: Akosua Adasi The short tales of late night rituals

WHO IS AKOSUA ADASI? A fifteen year old girl who aspires to be a writer and live in New York City. She does not enjoy romantic dinners and long walks on the beach. She is pro at Tumblr but not so much at talking to people. She’s lived in five different countries, and over the years, she’s learnt not to trust people so much. She now realizes that she hates all computers that aren’t Macintosh and that Windows has really deteriorated over the years.

This is a Google representation of her blog, WHAT DOES AKOSUA DO? Akosua is a student at Strathcona Composite High School who spends a lot of her time on Tumblr, reading random things, and listening to Vampire Weekend. Her favourite vampire weekend song is “Finger Back�. Or it is at this moment.

HOW IS AKOSUA INFLUENCED? Akosua is influenced by great artists and creative beings such as Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Lena Dunham and Daniel Clowes. She’s also influenced by aesthetics that surround her, such as the gray light of an underground train station or the feeling of eating Cheerios in the bath.

The New Yorker WHAT DOES AKOSUA READ? This girl is not a big fan when it comes to non-fiction, but she likes to read pieces in The New Yorker, random novels, and several blogs belonging to teens and cute queer fashion plates. Her favourite novels include, The Bell Jar, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Anna and the French Kiss, and the perfect Sarah Dessen novel, Along for the Ride. This summer she read the script of Daniel Clowes’s film, Art School Confidential. It was super.

FIN (see what I did there?)

Who Is Akosua Adasi  
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