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Imaging Detroit is made possible through the generous backing of a Research on the City Grant from the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, along with additional support from the University of Michigan. We have been touched and humbled by the help and encouragement that we have received and by the collective energy that we have encountered. The following is a brief and incomplete list of thanks.

The Greening of Detroit National Public Radio Mark’s Carts John Langs Chris Brown Hostel Detroit Mercedes V Mejia Pete Murray Melinda Anderson Jaquelin Kirouac Joe Geiger City of Detroit

Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning Office of the Vice President of Research, U of M Dean Monica Ponce de Leon Research on the City Tom Bray Digital Tools Lab Devin Mudd Digital Planet Parks and Recreation Department, City of Detroit Detroit Mayor’s Office Detroit Public Schools, Office of Real Estate Detroit Design Festival

We are indebted to the energy and intelligence of our DJ’s (both disc and discourse) who have made time to participate and share their expertise, and to all of the artists, filmmakers, designers, and writers who have submitted or authorized the content of our program. The MODCaR Team: Missy Ablin, Lauren Bebry, Virginia Black, Gorham Bird, James Chesnut, Anais Farges, Brittany Gacsy, Allen Gillers, Jennifer Komorowski, Erika Lindsay, Will Martin, Didi Masse, Danielle McDonough, Anthony Pins, Christopher Reznich Project consultants: Jayna Zweiman, Lada Adamic, Steven Christensen

Directed by: Anya Sirota, Mireille Roddier & Jean Louis Farges. 76

Imaging Detroit Program  
Imaging Detroit Program  

The IMAGING DETROIT program guide/ project catalogue. Between September 21st and 22nd, 2012 the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultur...