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IMAGING DETROIT September 21, 2012, 6PM -- September 22, 2012, midnight Perrien Park, Detroit

The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation (MODCaR) is pleased to present Imaging Detroit. Equal parts international film festival and pop-up agora, Imaging Detroit is an open assessment and contemporary anthology of Detroit’s national and international image. Both curated and untamed, it features a broad spectrum of film and print media casting Detroit as an urban protagonist. In and on Detroit, screenings and exhibitions are combined with conversations between urban analysts, filmmakers, Detroiters, economists, policy makers, activists, and other expert DJ’s (Discourse Jockeys). Imaging Detroit aims to spark a conversation about the many ways Detroit has been portrayed over the last decade. It stages public debate and open speculation on how the power of image making may be projected toward the production of a new urban imaginary. In assembling a varied collection of works and guests, Imaging Detroit reveals the possibility of an ephemeral urbanization. The pop-up agora offers the city a 30-hour assembly and debate, turning Perrien Park into a vibrant civic space, complete with screenings, conversations, exhibit, food and leisure.

About MODCaR: The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultural and Representation is a research organization interested in the representation of urban conditions and analyzing the role of visual media in its effects on cities’ form, identity and culture. Their charge is to explore the complex relationship between experience, the constructed image, meaning and the public. 3

Imaging Detroit Program  
Imaging Detroit Program  

The IMAGING DETROIT program guide/ project catalogue. Between September 21st and 22nd, 2012 the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultur...