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Friday, September 21 06:00 PM Bilal’s Stand, Sultan Sharrief, 2010 (85min) 07:25 PM Lean, Mean & Green, Carrie LeZotte & John Gallagher, 2012 (12min) 07:37 PM King Band Interviews, Iain Maitland, 2012 (7min) 07:44 PM Street Fighting Man, Andrew James, 2013 (16min trailer + excerpt) 08:00 PM I Have Always Been A Dreamer, Sabine Gruffat, 2012 (78min) 09:18 PM Theatre Bizarre: Documentary, Gary Bredow & Per Franchell, 2012 (5min trailer) 09:23 PM Motor City Pride, 4exit4 production, 2011 (8min) 09:31 PM Detroit: Making It Better for You, Kyong Park, 2000 (10min) 09:41 PM People Mover, 4exit4 production, 2011 (18min) 10:00 PM High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music, Gary Bredow, 2006 (64min) 11:04 PM either half(way) or 6 mile, Ellen Donnelly, 2009 (3min) 11:07 PM Redefining Dreamland, Brad Osantoski, 2011(74mins) Saturday, September 22 12:21 AM Urban Roots, Marc MacInnis, 2011 (90min) 01:51 AM Detroit: Murder City, Al Profit, 2008 (83min) 03:14 AM The Detroit Journal: True Stories about Real People, The Detroit Journal, 2012 (16min) [Pending permission]

03:30 AM Detroit Beautification Project: Chapter 1, The Seventh Letter Production, 2012 (10min) [Pending permission]

03:40 AM Reinventing Detroit, J. Michael Vargas, 2012 (8min) [Pending permission] 03:48 AM Detroit Rising (episodes 01: How Detroit is Rising & 02: Detroit’s Creative Potential), the Atlantic Cities production, 2012 (7min) [Pending permission]


Imaging Detroit Program  
Imaging Detroit Program  

The IMAGING DETROIT program guide/ project catalogue. Between September 21st and 22nd, 2012 the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultur...