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25 HOURS, 15 MINUTES, 45 SECONDS Detroit is in the limelight. Nationally. Internationally. Few cities fuel a more remarkable abundance of conflicting and evocative representations. And few cities harness the paradoxical contemporary fascination with tactical opportunism and inexorable ruination with more noticeable panache.

In the face of Detroit’s diffused celebrity, MODCaR has collected an extraordinary inventory of documentary films and videos featuring the city of Detroit as protagonist. Imaging Detroit’s SCREENING ROOM program features a combination of invited and submitted works which aim, through magnitude and range, to produce a pluralistic, collective, nuanced, timely, and ultimately transformative portrayal of a heterogeneous city.

Imaging Detroit Program  
Imaging Detroit Program  

The IMAGING DETROIT program guide/ project catalogue. Between September 21st and 22nd, 2012 the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultur...