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Volume 1  Issue 19 Special Edition

Dan “Lt. Dan” McGarry currently serves as a game management intern under the guidance of Assistant Athletic Director Eddie Cantler. McGarry, a 2010 graduate of the U of M, assists Dr. Cantler in all facets of game management for men’s and women’s

soccer, men’s basketball and baseball. Lt. Dan’s primary responsibilities include welcoming and hosting umpires and officials, dealing with ticket operations and as Mr. Cantler likes to say “other duties as assigned.” The York, Pa. native plans to serve as a graduate assistant under Mr. Cantler in the fall.


SQUEEZE PLAY Q: Where did the nickname “Lt. Dan” come from? A: Eddie (Cantler) started out calling me “Dan the Man Levitan” which is from a Robin Williams movie, and then Al (Woods) started calling me Lt. Dan. It stuck and it works for me. Q: What is your favorite baseball saying? A: “Can of corn, bucket of grits”-Eddie Cantler Q: In your opinion, what U of M baseball player is most entertaining to watch? A: Chad Zurcher is obviously a great hitter, but I would have to say that my favorite is Phillip Chapman. He is a great catcher and he seems to be an unsung hero of this team. He is very dynamic and charismatic.

Q: Who inspired you to begin working in athletics? A: My dad. He used to coach me on a youth basketball team and I ended up quitting on him. I have always felt bad about that and that has motivated me to choose athletics as a career. I want to be able to take him to big events and be there for him like he has always been there for me.

Q: What was it like studying sports management here at the U of M? A: It was great. Some people graduate from the program and don’t get as much as they can out of it. But if you work hard and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, you can really do some great things. Dr. Nathan Martin has pushed me so much and that has made me a much better student and person. Q: How would you describe broadcaster Jeff Brightwell? A: He is the man. The things he does in the booth are amazing and he is a great guy. Q: What did it mean to you to throw out the first pitch at yesterday’s ball game? A: It meant a lot. Hearing Ray (Mullins) and coach Schoenrock thank me for all that I do here, made me feel great. The experience really made all of the hard work worth it. Q: Genuinely, what has Eddie Cantler meant to you? A: He means everything that a mentor can mean to a protégé. He treats me like a son and I am so grateful for him. He has put his full trust in me and I just work hard to make him proud.


PAYOFF PITCH  I have had 33 former players drafted in pro baseball  as coach, I had 20 winning seasons out of 21 years coached  my uniform is on the right field wall at FedExPark I have won more athletic games (653) than any other coach in allTigers sports history




Name: Dan McGarry Nickname: “Lieutenant Dan” Hometown: York, Pa. High School: York Suburban College: University of Memphis, 2010

Major: Sports Management Favorite MLB team: Baltimore Orioles Favorite Quotes: “Get your head out of your butt and elevate your mind.” or “That is a stupid question, you work in athletics.” - Both courtesy of Eddie Cantler Favorite Memphis Attraction: Central BBQ Currently playing on his iPOD: “Final Countdown” by Europe

Tiger Tales Vol. 1 Issue 19 Special Edition--Lt. Dan  

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