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Austin Moore’s Senior Val Project

My hope is by the end of reading this portfolio, the reader can pick up an accurate image of me through the shared events and interests that filled these last four years. It is without a doubt that my time spent at Fishers High School will help me pursue goals and future endeavors. Enjoy.


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“We talkin’ bout’ practice. Not a game, practice.” Allen Iverson Looking back through my high school years, I realize how little my peers and I have accomplished in the grand scheme of things. That isn’t to downplay any of the good things we’ve done, but when you think about it, the Class of 2013 has done little as a group and as individuals to help bring change on a broad scale. You have an excuse as a high school student because the resources aren’t really there to go out and innovate something extraordinary that will change the world. But now we have that opportunity. Over a decade ago, Allen Iverson went on one of the most famous rants of all time. It had to do with, as you may know, practice. He went on to tell reporters that he shouldn’t be criticized over his practicing habits but for his play in an actual game, the part of basketball that counts. This can relate to the world outside of the basketball court. The four years I have spent in high school have been preparing me for what the real world will bring. After June 8th, any thing related to high school won’t matter anymore. Those four years will be my launching pad, just as the hours of practicing Allen Iverson referred to. I will finally have entered and accepted the responsibility of the game of life.

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Austin Moore’s Portfolio

What is the Meaning of Life?

Throughout sixteen years on this planet, I don’t think I could answer this question. To me, life was about going with the flow and just following a routine. All of that changed on the morning of August 2nd, 2011 when I learned that Jake Brown, a close family friend, died from an accidental drug overdose. It was the first time in my life that someone close to me, someone who was like an older sibling, had passed away. Two days following Jake’s passing, hundreds of his closest friends, family, and acquaintances joined in a memorial service in honor of him. For nearly three hours, people talked about the times spent with Jake and how much he made people laugh. They talked about his smile and how contagious it was. It was after this service that I found the meaning of life. Jake showed me along with everyone else that the time spent on earth should be spent by impacting others and bringing smiles their faces. There isn’t a better feeling than helping somebody else or knowing that you’re the reason behind their happiness. I think the reason God gave us Jake was to teach us this. We get so caught up in our own lives that we forget that we’re living. It’s only in the times we affect others where we really understand our purpose. (193)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Personal Relflection: People Described as a friend Every now and then, I wonder how good of a friend I am to my friends. I’d like to believe that I’m a great person to the people I hold so dearly. Considering how much my friends laugh around me, an advantage of befriending me would be my sense of humor. Any subject imaginable can be turned into buffoonery around me. Caring is also what I tend to be known for. I can make people laugh anytime of day but when a serious situation comes up, I’m typically the first person my friends go to for advice. That’s something I view as unique about myself because you don’t often see people embrace the roll of being there for someone when times get rough. As awesome as I may sound, there are a few disadvantages that comes along with my friendship. The limited time I have between school work, working out, and sports may take away from hangout time. Also, competitiveness is something that runs in my blood so if my friends and I ever play something like a pick up game of basketball together, I might make it much more seriously than I should. (210)

Brothers Growing up in a household with three brothers is an experience you can’t really describe in words. It’s an experience you must actually live through to understand. Justin, my oldest brother, was the one that usually beat me up simply because he could. He was about fifty pounds heavier and four inches taller than me throughout my child hood. There didn’t need to be justification behind the beat downs, he would just do it. My two younger brothers, Tyler and Ryan, were the ones I would usually get along with. Tyler typically kept to himself while Ryan held the title of the family clown. As I enter this stage of my life, I realize how much the experiences I had with my brothers throughout my childhood have shaped me into the person I am today. I don’t think I’d have any type of edge or sense of humor without them. I look forward to the years I get to spend with them and the experiences that lie ahead. (206)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Top 10 NBA Players of All Time 10 - Isaiah Thomas The greatest “small guard” ever and there isn’t a close second. Once scored 28 points in one quarter on a broken leg in the Finals.

9 - Kobe Bryant Best Shooting guard in the post-Jordan era by a landslide. Had opportunities to surpass Jordan but didn’t seize them.

8 - Tim Duncan Duncan has quietly dominated the league for the past decade. His jumper is just as good as his inside game and he is a monster defender.

7 - Oscar Robertson

Averaged a triple double one year. Dominated the paint in an era where some of the greats played

6 - Larry Bird Best pure shooter of all time. One of the great clutch players to play basketball as well.

5 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar He holds the NBA scoring record and had a sky hook that was unstoppable for 20 years.

4- Wilt Chamberlin The best talent to walk this planet. He lacked the intangibles to become the greatest of all time, but he still scored 100 points in a game...

3- Bill Russell The Jackie Robinson of basketball. The man was the anchor of a team that won 11 championships in 13 years. Enough said.

2- Magic Johnson Best point guard ever. Would’ve had Russell like numbers if he didn’t play in one of the toughest eras the game has seen. There won’t be another Magic

1- Michael Jordan Jordan single handedly conquered basketball for a decade. He impacted the game like no one else had. Everyone wants to be like Mike, but no one ever

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Personal Relflection: Achievements Sectionals Against HSE One of my most noteworthy high school experiences took place one the algid autumn evening of October 26th, 2012. Our football team was going up against Hamilton Southeastern in the sectional semi-final. This game was considered to us seniors as the most substantial game of our high school football career. It meant either advancing to the sectional title, or going home at the hand of our most hated adversary. We had a terrific week of preparation leading up to the match up and the team was confident that we would make up for the egregious performance back in week two of the regular season. That memorable Friday night had finally arrived. The three buses carrying our team pulled into the east parking lot of Hamilton Southeastern High School. Tailgating HSE students yelled profanity in our direction and banged on the windows. We entered the locker room all too familiar with the images of disappointment and anger from past visits. The game finally got underway at 7 P.M. Southeastern couldn’t stop our offense and our defense was playing lights out. The game was over before the end of the first half with us up 21-0 and in control of all the momentum. As the punter, I saw the field once with about a minute left in the fourth quarter. This was a huge win considering the fact it was one of the only things this football program had never done in its seven year history. We hung a state championship banner in the gym before we ever beat Southeastern on their turf. To me that’s incredible and is why taking down the cross district rival was one of the greatest highlights in my four years at Fishers High School. (299)

Play for Trent I knew something was wrong after seeing Robbie Peck in total breakdown mode on my way to get a chocolate milk from the milk machine near the athletic office after fifth period. It was alarming to see the toughest kid I knew talking on the bawling on the phone. Not knowing what was going on, I made my way to sixth period marketing class. There, Cody Moore told me the news. Matt Van Hoosen’s father, Trent, had passed away from a heart attack no more than two hours earlier. I immediately lost all focus on school and the Sectional Championship we were to play later that night. I was completely distraught and confused as were all of my other teammates and peers who gradually learned the news. Before I knew it, 7:00 pm came around. A usually rowdy and energetic locker room was reduced to a few sobs amongst silence. We were about to take the field for the biggest game of our lives yet we were all lost. It showed on the field after we entered the locker room down 6-3 at halftime against a team we should be dominating. The coaches tried all they could, but we still felt unfocused, shocked, confused, and empty. But all this changed midway through the third quarter when Matt ran onto the field from the locker room. The roar from the crowd was the loudest I had ever heard in my four years at Fishers. Minutes later, Matt entered the game and everything immediately changed. The focus and energy we played with all year long finally came back to us. We went on and won by a commanding 31-6 score. That night, we didn’t win that Sectional Championship for us as individuals, we won it for Matt, Joe, and Trent. (295)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Personal Relflection: Memories My Legacy at Fishers High School People who know me may consider my legacy at Fishers High School consisting of what did on a football field. Even though that has been a big part of my life the last couple of years, I would rather be recognized by the way I treated others and how I preformed academically. Punting is a discipline that requires patients, hard work, and consistency. These characteristics are portrayed in dealing with others as well as making sure you’re keeping up with school work. I have always viewed myself as a friend and student first and an athlete second. My friends and even absolute strangers at this school have been able to come to me for advice when they are in need. To me, that is more rewarding than any big time punt I may have in a game. If I am ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be the starting punter for Indiana University in the coming years, I want my former classmates and fellow Fishers High School alumni to see me on a television and remember me for how respectable and open I was during my time there. (201)

My Earliest Memory Going to Disney World in first grade was easily my fondest memory of my childhood. It was the first time I had been to the most magical place on earth and I was beyond geeked. My family and I went in October of 2001 so the park was nearly empty due to scares after 9/11. We stayed in the Beach Club which is nearly a vacation in itself. The resort had a pool with a sand floor and had pirate themed water slides. The service was amazing and the cuisine was terrific at the Beach Club. In the seven days we were there, most of it was spent in the confines of Magic Kingdom, my favorite park. My dad and I would circuit between Thunder, Splash, and Space Mountain for hours on end and not get a bit bored. Whoever was behind building these attractions did an incredible job. The Haunted Mansion was another repeated visit. I was really into getting autographs from my favorite Disney characters that roamed the park and collecting pins from curb side vendors to put on a lanyard. Disney World never gets old, but my first time was by far the best time. (209)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Personal Relflection: Pop Culture Django Unchained - A Masterpiece Like millions of others last Winter, I found myself in a movie theater seeing the season’s blockbuster, Django Unchained. I knew going in to the movie that it was going to be superb because of the fact it was a Tarantino film. After it ended, I was far beyond blown away. It was the first time in my life that a three hour long movie kept me laughing, paying attention, and connecting the dots throughout the whole movie. Since I’m an action guy, my favorite scene was towards the end when Django, played to perfection by Jamie Foxx, went on a one man slaughterfest in order to escape the plantation at which he was caught at. But it wasn’t my favorite scene by a large margin due to the fact there are so many memorable moments in the film. I personally thought it edged Argo, another 2012 blockbuster put together by the brilliant Ben Affleck. Either way, Quinten Tarantino out did himself in Django Unchained, which is usually a norm when it comes to one of the greatest of all time. (192)

The Return of Lupe Fiasco If you have listened to the hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, you’d agree that he’s one of if not the greatest lyricists to ever spit in the game. After his third album disappointed many fans in 2011, Lupe released Food & Liquor II The Great American Rap Album. In the album, Fiasco gets back to rapping about real and relevant events that have substance and meaning behind them unlike the other 95% of rappers. The album, in a nutshell, is a history lesson wrapped in mind blowing metaphors and sprinkled with double, triple, and even quadruple entendre. Many of the songs inform listeners about the treatment of Native Americans, lessons about Malcom X and MLK, and the injustice and black-lining in American politics. All that may seem boring until you hear the addicting beats and word play Fiasco is known for. Because of its “non mainstream content”, Food & Liquor II The Great American Rap Album never got the air time and recognition it deserved. It was nominated for a Grammy in the best rap/R&B album category amongst other awards in the music industry. (153)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Personal Relflection: World Events Newcastle/Moore Tornado Originally, I had Supestorm Sandy in this part of the portfolio. But I was intrigued to restart and talk about the mile wide wedge tornado that rammed through New Castle and Moore, Oklahoma not more than 24 hours ago. This event really hit home for me as I watched helplessly on TV. Most of my dad’s side lived in Moore for decades up until two years ago when they started moving elsewhere. As helicopters panned over the unthinkable devastation, I immediately could pick up where this tornado from Hell went through. The only thing that was left of AMF Moore Lanes, a bowling alley I bowled at multiple times on visits, were the tattered lanes and foundations. The Century theatre where my cousins and I would see movies on Saturday nights was torn apart. My cousins’ old elementary schools were non existent. Neighborhoods where I once spent holidays at disappeared. My cousin, Bryan Smith, and his family are the only ones who still live in Oklahoma. Luckily, none of them were injured in the EF-5 but their house received extensive damage. He works for the National Weather Service Headquarters in Norman, a few miles away from the destruction. You can only imagine the images he has seen from this devastation. When all is set in done, this could go down as the most expensive and deadliest tornado in American history. (221)

Tragedy in Connecticut On the morning of December 14th, 2012, America witnessed the second worse mass shooting in the history of this nation. But this time, the carnage took place at the unthinkable, an elementary school.. Around 9:35am, Adam Lanza stormed through the front entrance of Sandy Hook Elementary School and cut down front office faculty with a carbine assault rifle. Lanza preceded to murder 20 first graders during his bloody rampage. Bone chilling details emerged from the scene of Sandy Hook. According to the medical examiner, each victim was shot more than once including a six year old boy who was shot 11times. Many faculty members tried to save the lives of students but were unsuccessful. I vividly remember watching the special reports on various news stations. I remember thinking to myself how someone could just walk into a school and shoot children who didn’t even have an understanding of what was going on. Anger and disbelief filled me along with every other American on that gruesome day in December. (186)

Austin Moore’s Portfolio

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Time Capsule 1: iPhone

As lame and non-sentimental as it sounds, my iPhone is literally everything compacted into one device. All my contacts, pictures, etc. are held on it and I’m one touch away from anything the internet has to offer.

2: A Football

Since I started playing football sophomore year, the path of my life has changed completely. Not only did football lead to my decision to go to I, but it taught me discipline and built character that I wouldn't have picked up anywhere else.

3: Food & Liquor

Hands down the greatest album of all time. Lupe Fiasco created a masterpiece out of his debut album. The songs on F&L contain some of the most clever word play ever written in rap.

4: Notebook and Pen

5: A Monkey

I always find myself writing things down whether it’s some idea or scenario. I like to plan a ton of things out before I go through with them on paper so I’d be lost with out it.

This one is kind of random. I’ve never actually been around a monkey but they see awesome. I feel like having a pet monkey, minus some aspects, would be the coolest thing ever

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