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By: Mohammed Abeid, Mohammad Mojaddidi, Abdullahi Mohammed, Amina Adan

1. EXT. Wembley Establishing shot of Wembley stadium INT.VCR room – Fade in effect Long shot of the VCR room with panning towards the corner (Fade in medium long shot) Boss dials phone: It’s time to Set up the meeting, please contact my colleagues. INT. Boss hangs up the phone and grins – Snatch Soundtrack beings to play (scene ends) EXT. Wembley staircase – Fade in effect following a medium close up of assassins’ legs. (Snatch soundtrack continues) Close up of assassin – Freeze frame shot following a long shot and a fade out effect. (Scene ends) EXT. Alleyway – Close up of the feet down Medium close up of Criminal: I’m sorry, please don’t kill me! *Starts to cry and moan* Medium long shot Assassins: You screwed us over for the fifth time, sorry but I don’t like being screwed up the ass like this… Close up of gun (non-diegetic gunshot sound and scene ends) INT.

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