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So..... You want to be RICH do you? Yes? No? Do you know what it takes to make it? Or do you simply THINK you know what it takes? Becoming an entrepreneur, no doubt about it, is perhaps the toughest challenge you will ever face, because I can guarantee that you will start out life full of enthusiasm and you will face FAR MORE SETBACKS than you will successes - guaranteed.. period! ok? Entrepreneurialism. It can hit anybody at any time. I remember hearing about a lady who was never very good at school and failed most of her exams. She started out one day being given a piece of old furniture by a family relative. She decided to restore this furniture item, and soon went on and sold it for a profit. Years later she became the boss of her own company which is one of the must successful furniture businesses today which deals in restored items. All it takes is an idea...... that spark... one day it just hits you... it's that defining moment when everything is going crazy inside your head, you are frantically talking to yourself, pacing up and down, eyes darting all over the place. You realise that the idea you just had has the potential to hit the big time. It just FEELS right for you. Everything about it says GO GO GO!! From that day on, you will constantly work towards your dream. You will try many different things many of which will fail. One day... something works...... Entrepreneurialism is something inside of you which cannot be taken away. Remember Murphy's Law and PLEASE don't let your dreams be stolen. Murphy's law states that when you decide to become your own boss you will have to enter the jungle. The jungle is the hardest most inhospitable place known to man. Murphy's Law will do all it can to get you out of the Jungle and return to the safe green fields with the cows and sheep. When you enter the Jungle the sheep will bleat at you " It's dangerous in the Jungle.. don't go in

there!" The cows will bow their heads in disgust and shake their heads in disgrace because of how silly you have been. As you proceed through the jungle, Murphy will start shooting arrows at you in the form of your friends and family telling you to get out. They will say "Come back to the lovely safe green fields where there are pensions and secure jobs" They want you to leave the jungle never to return. Many people do leave the jungle. Later on Murphy's law will send in swamps, alligators and snakes in the guise of creditors, repossessions, bosses, spouses etc all threatening awful things will happen if you don't return right away to the green fields. Most of the people will have left the jungle by now, never to return. They've gone back to the "safe" green fields where all the sheep are stood round cheering them as they return. They shout "See! I told you it wasn't safe in the jungle... what DID I tell you!" But you ignore them all and persevere on.... Weeks go by, and the jungle fires more arrows, tropical storms, swamps and alligators at you, determined to get you out of the jungle. Murphy is doing his best to have YOU ejected! You are weak, almost ready to give up. You have to drag yourself across a murky swamp, and through some trees. However... Just on the other side of the trees is a clearing.... and an unbelievable sight... a huge black stretch limousine is waiting, with a chauffeur greeting you, beckoning you to come over. You rub your eyes and walk over. This is for you he says as he hands you a glass of the finest champagne known to man. You step inside the luxuriously leather-clad vehicle and your carriage drives off. Travelling down the road, through some fields you suddenly see all of the sheep and cows who had told you not to enter the jungle. The look on their face as you drive by and wave is one you will never ever forget. You even notice one of your old friends who entered the jungle before you but left a few months later. You drive on, up a long hill, along a sweeping private roadway to the top of a hill where you enter the grounds of a multi-million dollar building. Pulling up outside the large pillar-bound doorway of this magnificent bright white building, a beautiful woman (or man) greets you with a hug and another glass of champane. This person is your ideal partner, stunning in every way imaginable. Inside, you gaze out of the wall-to-wall glass window over the valley below you where all the sheep and cows are. You know that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

You check your bank balance which is well into the millions and you break out in a warm smile. You have to believe it is possible. It CAN be achieved... by ANYBODY.. Most of the wealthy people are not over-clever at anything in particular. Rather they are just ordinary men and women who one day had a spark inside them. Never give up.. your life can change beyond your wildest dreams if you have the courage to keep going when it seems like there is no way forward. Good luck.... nobody said it would be easy, but it sure is worth it.

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==== ==== Click below to learn how to become internet millionnaire : ==== ====

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