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29.5 – 20.6.2014


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Festival Message This year the Auckland Festival of Photography is very proud to be celebrating its 11th edition. After our successful 10th anniversary year which saw an increase in attendance to over 55,000 at exhibitions and events across Auckland region, we have again grown in content and quality this year and have increased our international partners through the Asia Pacific Photoforum. At the heart of the Festival programme, we are delighted to support emerging local talent Tanu Gago with this year’s Annual Commission by Sacred Hill. We are very excited about the a unique vision which explores Pacific identities and spaces within an urban context and he constructs images that are unquestionably This is the first year the Festival has curated a suite of exhibitions under a theme – the 2014 theme is Memory. Photography’s relationship with memory is multi-faceted and complex. Our Memory exhibitions and events explore the idea of photographs not only as holders of memory but also as constructers of

Community & Cultural Grants Melbourne, New York, Tokyo and China will feature here. This year’s Talking Culture Symposium looks at Cultural Memory through the photography of indigenous cultures. We are delighted to welcome USA’s Chris Rainier, National Geographic Fellow and director of

the Last Technology Mile project, Australia’s Professor Wayne Quilliam, an Aboriginal Artist of The Year, plus NZ’s iconic Ans Westra along with emerging Maori photojournalist Qiane MatataSipu to present this contemporary forum on For the first time we are working with international partners from Tokyo, Japan, to bring you the exclusive Festival presentation of Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 Award winners exhibition. This exhibition showcases the awards selection of international photography from a massive 100,000 entries. Other international highlights include Sydney’s Head On Portrait Prize, plus work from USA, China, Australia and New Zealand’s next generation photography students in Future Projections. Our very popular hallmark event Nikon Auckland Photo Day is back on 7 June. This is a 24 hour event, community focussed people’s competition which celebrates the diverse daily life within the Auckland region. Get ready to shoot! Thanks to Nikon, whose commitment to “the heart of the image” is evident in the quality of their gear, 1st prize - Nikon D5300 “shoot and share wi-fi”, 2nd prize - Nikon 1AW-1, 3rd prize Nikon Coolpix P340. So much to do and see as well as over 60 photography exhibitions for and by you across the entire Auckland region in our Fringe programme. We are proud to present, in late May June 2014, the 11th annual Auckland Festival of Photography.

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Cover images by: Tatsumi Orimoto, Ian Macdonald, Christine Webster, Boyd Webb, Christine All images are reproduced courtesy of the copyright owners.

Thanks to: Terry Baxter, Annika Bennett, Jocelyn Carlin, Véronique -

Photography NZ Internet Services, Linda Tyler at Gus Fisher Gallery, Geoff Short at PhotoforumNZ, Zoe Zhang (Future Projections China), Jeff Moorfoot (Ballarat International Foto Biennale), Cristina Chavarria Flores

BVO, John Rutherford and Valerie Gill at Xpress Accounting, Frith Walker, Waterfront Auckland Ltd. Exhibition, Event Volunteers and our Festival Tuesday drivers!

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Tanu Gago

Tatsumi Orimoto

Ayala Gazit

29 May – 17 June

29 May – 17 June

Was It A Dream 29 May – 17 June

The Auckland Festival of Photography 2014 features the fourth Annual Commission, this

the urban social issues related to the modern re-

Auckland-based photographer is commissioned to create a new body of work for exhibition during the Festival. The commission provides an opportunity to support and promote an Auckland photographer as well as create a cultural and artistic asset for present and future Auckland audiences to enjoy. This year’s commissioned artist is Tanu Gago. Tanu Gago’s holds a Bachelors degree in Performing and Screen Arts and his practice as a photographer, heavily informed by traditional

and space and what these elements may look like and potentially mean to NZ and the rest of the world. Other shortlisted artists this year were Qiane Matata-Sipu and Raymond Sagapolutele.

collaborative aspects to design and articulate his own visual vocabulary. The result is a marriage of narrative structure and commercial aesthetics, delivered within a conceptual framework that looks at his own world and the people that inhabit it. As an Image-maker, Tanu engages directly with

— Silo Park, Wynyard Qtr — Opens 6pm on Tues 3 June (join us for Sacred — — —

Art-Mama + Son

“Art is not only white space gallery, it is also public places, railways stations and restaurants. It is a very important thing”. So says Japanese performance artist and photographer Tatsumi Orimoto who, in caring for his elderly dependent mother with Alzheimer’s, has made this daily routine a whimsical art experience gradually forgets, Orimoto has remembered her steadfast support for his art from an early age, despite the sometimes cruel discouragement of his father, and includes her in his performances as collaborator and muse. Orimoto has made his caregiver’s life with Mama a playful, creative, sometimes macabre and disturbing experience and his performances make visible not only his boundless love for her but also that which is usually hidden from view. Auckland Festival of Photography presents a series of posters and performance video by artist Tatsumi Orimoto. 1 - Beethoven-Mama: Japan (DVD, 16 minutes) 2 - Mozart-Mama. Dinner: Performance 2013, Kawasaki City. ley Changing Diapers: Performance 2013, KaSome content may offend. — Silo 6, Wynyard Qtr — — —


Portrait of the Unknown


Peter and William by Tanu Gago

Annual Commission by Sacred Hill

At age 12, Ayala Gazit learned she had an oldmeet him would end in tragedy as ultimately he committed suicide. Eventually Ayala did travel to Australia to connect with her brother’s family and his enduring memory, “following the traces and echoes of one’s existence after his passing”. Through family snapshots, letters and quotes from conversations interspersed with her own dreamlike images evoking isolation, fragmentation and loss, Ayala Gazit creates a portrait of the memory of the brother she never met. Born in Israel, at 18 years old, Gazit was drafted into the Israeli Army, where she served for two years as a military photographer in a in 2005, to complete a BFA in photography at The School of Visual Arts. Gazit graduated with dent chosen for the Tierney Fellowship. Thanks to the Fellowship's support Gazit managed to begin the project she has been wishing to embark on for over a decade - Was it A Dream. The exhibition was presented at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale in 2013. — Silo 6, Wynyard Qtr — — —


Memory Bronek Kozka

Ans Westra


Suicide Forest 4 June – 17 June

Auschwitz Revisited 4 June – 21 June

Our Future 31 May – 15 June

Photoforum: History in The Taking; 40 years 6 June – 28 June

For over half a century, thousands of life-weary Japanese have made one-way trips to Aokigahara Jukai, a sprawling woodland near the foot of Mount Fuji. It is a dark place long associated with demons in Japanese mythology — and one that has earned itself the unfortunate appellation of “Suicide Forest.” Tokyo based, award winning British photographer and writer Rob Gilhooly’s haunting, contemplative photographs depict the evidence left behind of these one-way pilgrimages to Suicide Forest - just one of the many places where over 30,000 people in Japan

An exhibition of photography by Bronek Kozka featuring several landscapes taken at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. "Standing in the bitter cold looking to a foggy horizon and seeing what looked like columns, but they were chimneystacks for as far as I could see. One chimney, one hut...the magnitude of the horror dawned on me at this moment. I didn’t want to take any -

Ans Westra is exhibiting colour _ prints from her latest book ‘Our Future Nga Tau ki Muri’ plus a selection of vintage black and white images. The exhibition is presented in association with {Suite} Gallery, Wellington.

A forty-year history of the PhotoForum organisation, with an accompanying book.

Courtesy of the artist

Clive Stone, Pat Fowler, Campbell's Bay, 1973

Rob Gilhooly

the memory of those who have died and confront the viewer with the stark indignity and brutality of suicide, which for centuries has been regarded as an honourable way to die in Japan. “Gruesome as they are, such inglorious images were at the heart of my reason d'etre for starting a photo project about the forest. Like the Great War poets who ridiculed the notion of dying for one's country as being sweet and – no shoes, boots, watches or other remnants of lives now discarded like newspaper wrappers in a chip

and my location or maybe it’s just how I see best, I’m not sure. It was here that the most frightening close my family was to all could have ended here."

— NorthArt Norman King Square (Opposite the Library), Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre — Opens 5.30pm on Fri 30 May — — —

7 June, 1pm: Sister Speak, Ane Tonga with Nina Tonga in conversation. 2pm: Mary Macpherson discusses the Wellington branch of Photoforum. 14 June, 1pm: Nina Seja in conversation with Ron Brownson, land Art Gallery 21 June, 1pm: Athol McCredie, Photography Curator, Te Papa, discussed the collection. 28 June, 1pm: Rhondda Bosworth discusses her photographic work.

— Elam George Fraser Gallery, Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, 25a Princes Street — Opens 5.30pm on Tues 3 June — — —

— Gus Fisher Gallery 74 Shortland Street — Opens 5.30pm on Fri 6 June — 12pm – 4pm Sat — —

exhibition is not suitable for children. The shoes of what appear to be a woman, man and two children lie at the base of a tree. — — Opens 6pm on Tues 3 June — Sat – Sun — —



Memory Yang Jianchuan

Chloe Riddell

11 June – 21 June

Melody of Kunqu Opera 29 May – 17 June

Memories Enclosed … Handle with Care 28 May – 7 June

Unruly Memoirs: Nature Fights Back is a series of geopolitical montages from Christchurch-based photographer Jane Zusters. “In Zusters’ most recent work the barriers that once divided one space from another have disintegrated due to the Christchurch earthquakes of September 4, 2010 and February 22, 2011. The framework literally disappears in the digital photographs, capturing a sense of displacement and impermanence. There is a tangible sense of despair, but also a circularity and remembrance that things pass and will return again…At a fundamental level Zusters is an artist of change, and a proponent of great

With a history of more than 600 years, Kunqu Opera is known as the “mother of Chinese dramas”, and considered an “orchid” in this

plays Memories Enclosed… with the notion of family photography and memory as the primary means in which a family

as elegant, neat, and clean; together with plum

utopian notions of family life perpetuated by social ideals and conventions presented to us through family traditions and media industries. It explores the inadequacies of conventional family photography to describe the reality of family life. In contemplating my own childhood family photographs I realize that my memory was deeply altered by the family stories and photographs presented to me. This production of family narrative to produce domestic truth, for me, is problematic in that it disguises family ideals as family reality. This project is rooted in my desire to reclaim my own personal memories and attempt to capture family truth.

Emil McAvoy's study at Elam coincided with his mother Susan Sayer's diagnosis of dementia. People with dementia are often given increased exposure to family photographs to aid their declining memory. McAvoy's 'Dr Lily Pond' (2013), drawn from Susan’s photographs, features an enlarged studio portrait in her doctoral university garb. Susan playfully referred to herself using this pseudonym; with her associated entanglement

presents a selection of reprinted photographs from Susan's archive: a loving portrait, a selfportrait of sorts, a meditation on photography and forgetting.



represent Chinese people’s interpretation on the traditional “culture of elegancy”. In 2012, Yang Jianchuan's “Nature of Landscape” won the award for landscape photography in the Pingyao International Photography Festival. This exhibition is presented as part Photoforum.

— — ELAM Projectspace Gallery, Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, 20 Whitaker Place — Opens 5.30pm on Tues 10 June — — —

Courtesy of the artist

Jane Zusters Unruly Memoirs: Nature Fights Back 12 June – 28 June

Courtesy of the artist

Emil McAvoy

— Opens 5.30pm on Wed 11 June — 10am – 3pm Sat — —

— Silo 6 Wynyard Qtr — — —

— ELAM Projectspace Gallery, Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, 20 Whitaker Place — Opens 5.30pm on Tues 27 May — — —


Talking Culture Symposium

Talking Culture Sunday Series

Qiane Matata-Sipu, Ans Westra, Wayne Quilliam, Chris Rainier

1, 8, 15 June

Memory exists as an individual psychological faculty that creates the narrative of our lives and also as a collective culturally constructed phenomenom. Collective cultural memory and knowledge are incorporated into the body and passed on through speech, gesture, action, dance and ritual. Memory is also passed on through inscribed practice which, like photography, is “something that traps and holds information, long after the human organism has stopped performing.”1. Through photography, the speakers at this year’s Symposium are inscribing aspects of the cultural memory of indigenous cultures as well as incorporating technology to represent and share their living memory and knowledge. 11.15am: Ihumatao Pa in Mangere, the the longest continual settlement of Maori in Auckland, can trace its roots back more than 800 years. maunga quarried, waterways polluted. Further developments at Auckland International Airport, Watercare's Waste Water treatment plant and the continued industrial sprawl show 'Pa life' is still under threat. Auckland writer and photographer Qiane Matata- Sipu speaks about the importance of storytelling through documentary photography and shares the stories of Ihumatao Pa. 12.15pm: been involved with the documentation of NZ’s indigenous people. No true appraisal of Maori 1. Paul Connerton, How Societies Remember,


from an outside perspective was happening at the time and Maori culture seemed to Ans to be on the verge of extinction. Although in later years Maori have questioned her authority and understanding as an outsider, they gave her a the cause of several controversies, which carry on to the present day “though now I am more involved with the documentation and preservation of this beautiful landscape and I come to that with the love Maori have for their land, their turangawaewae.“ 1.45pm: The rise of online and social media participation has created a new form of Tribalism, primordial sentiment a dreaming narrative. No

hoarded away in dusty ethnographic libraries. The global phenomenon of image sharing has opened our eyes and minds towards the richness of culture and all it embodies but has also had a ing and stereotyping. On this and other issues, Wayne Quilliam will share his knowledge and experiences as one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal photographers working on the international stage.

Joseph Michael Ka Mauka Whakatipu

Simon Devitt

Laura by Wayne Quilliam

Ihumatao Pa by Qiane Matata-Sipu

Cultural Memory 31 May

porate traditional knowledge with cutting edge

show us clear examples of traditional communities using photography to revitalize and maintain their way of life and ancient knowledge. — Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium Cnr Kitchener and Wellesley Streets — FREE —

Sunday 8th June, 1pm: Rob Harley hosts a screening of the documentary "Who killed Trent Keegan?" which investigates what really happened to one of this country's bravest and most imaginative photographers. To be followed by a Q + A. Sunday 8th June, 3pm: Simon Devitt will talk about his recent, self published photo book, 'Porphotographer of architecture, people and place.

Sunday 1st June, 1pm: Geoffrey Batchen: Remembering Photography Looking at both nineteenth century and more contemporary examples, this lecture will examine photography as a mode of remembering--that is, an active, creative and ongoing experience, not simply the static recall of images from the past. It will suggest that photography is as much driven by our own fear of being forgotten as by our need to remember.

Sunday 15th June, 1pm: dark cloud / white light Artist Joseph Michael shares a few works from his recent multi-media art installation dark cloud / white light. Michael will give insight into the creation of the exhibition which combines time-lapse photography, landscape art and sound to create an intimate experience of awe and wonder. The talk will be concluded by an audience question and answer session.

Sunday 1st June, 3pm: Auckland based artist Fiona Amundsen discusses the development of her recent photographic and moving-image project The Imperial Body, which focuses on Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine and the ancestry

Talking Culture is curated by the Festival and

2.45pm: Chris Rainier is a National Geographic Society Fellow and photographer who has documented cultures around the globe for 30 years.

— Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium Cnr Kitchener and Wellesley Streets — — —

modern technology to both preserve their quickly disappearing ancient traditions as well as incor-


Talking Culture

Future Projections 2 & 14 June

Chris Rainier

In association with the Auckland Festival of Photography join us at Auckland Museum and hear from international photographers Chris Rainer and Professor Wayne Quilliam about their work with indigenous cultures through the photographic lens. 1pm: Talk by Professor Wayne Quilliam. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Wayne Quilliam is regarded as one of Australia's most respected photographers for his work in Indigenous and International Affairs. Quilliam has been the Rights Award, Walkely Award and nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic. 3pm: American Chris Rainier specializes in the documentation of indigenous cultures, and is considered one of the leading documentary photographers working today. Chris has won numerous awards for his photography, including the Lowell Thomas Award given by the Explorers Club for his work with endangered cultures. Chris was recently elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in London. — Auckland Museum, Auckland Domain — — — 306 7048 or


Future Projections 29 May – 17 June

Monday 2nd June, 10.30am – 2.30pm: Share Your Photographic Portfolio – Book in with photographer Chris Rainier and other experts to have your portfolio of work appraised. We invite professional photographers and the general public to bring in their work for the experts to see and provide feedback. Or come and view these drop-in sessions in action. FREE — Auckland Museum Auckland Domain, Parnell — — Saturday 14 June: Marie Shannon, Photographer, Megan Jenkinson, Assoc Professor, Elam and Allan McDonald, Photographer plus others. The 2014 reviews will be in 20 minute one-to-one blocks. FREE. Bookings essential. — NorthArt, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre — — —

DreamColor Z24x Professional Display, stunning image accuracy and unbelievable image quality, this prize will be an essential addition to any photographers toolkit. Everyone who has their portfolio

Alejandro Medina

2 June

Artists & Curators Talks

Cibachrome print. Collection of the Wallace Arts Trust.

Portfolio Reviews

Marie Shannon reviews work

Meet the Photographers

Friday 30 May, 12.30pm, Aotea Centre: Chris Rainier lead judge of the 34th Nikon Photo Contest talks about the award winners exhibition. Saturday 31 May, 2pm: Depotartspace - Ann Elias, Associate Professor, Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney in conversation with photographer Peter Peryer. Tuesday 3 June, 6pm, Allpress Gallery: Guy Needham will be talking at about his experiences

A projection of images created by photography students in Auckland, China, Guatemala and the USA. Participating institutions include AUT,

Saturday 7 June, 1pm, Gus Fisher Gallery: Sister Speak, Ane Tonga with Nina Tonga in conversation. 2pm: Mary Macpherson discusses the Wellington branch of Photoforum. Saturday 7 June, 3pm, nkb Gallery: Becky Nunes – artist talk. Saturday 14 June, 1pm, Gus Fisher Gallery:

— Silo 6 Wynyard Qtr — — —

of Fine Arts and Zhongyuan University of Technology in China, La Fototeca in Guatemala and Columbia College, Parsons - The New School and Washington State University in the USA

with Ron Brownson, Senior Curator (New Zealand + Photography

Saturday 14 June, 3pm: Murray Noble - Mt Eden Village Centre artist talk. Friday 20 June, 130pm: Glenn Jowitt –Wallace Arts Trust – Artist talk. Saturday 21 June, 1pm, Gus Fisher Gallery: Athol McCredie, Photography Curator, Te Papa, discussed the collection. Saturday 28 June, 1pm, Gus Fisher Gallery: Rhondda Bosworth discusses her photographic work. Thursday 10 July, 6pm, Lopdell House Gallery: Voicing Dissent, The importance of hikoi for voicing issues such as deep sea oil drilling– panel discussion"


Signature Nikon Photo Contest 2012- 2013 Award Winners 29 May – 20 June

Angkor Photo Festival

Angkor, Cambodia

Auckland Festival of Photography

Auckland, New Zealand

Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Ballarat, Australia

Chiang Mai Festival of Photography

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chobi Mela Festival of Photography

Chobi Mela, Bangladesh

Brisbane, Australia

With more than 1 million photographs shared via the Internet every day, the world of photography is undergoing tremendous change. And so, for it's 34th anniversary, the worldwide Nikon Photo Contest exhibition is coming to Auckland in June 2014. This is a meaningful and celebratory achievement for us as hosts at the Auckland Festival of Photography of this Nikon Photo Contest award-winners exhibition. The Nikon Photo Contest goal is to foster a growing, global community of photographers creating images that stand apart through their creativity, their ability to move people and their capacity for communication. The Nikon Photo Contest is a forum that brings together people with a passion for photography and an active commitment to bet-

For more details, please visit our website —

acknowledge each other, be stimulated by diverse points of view and thrive through competition. Since

Bogota, Columbia Guatephoto

Guatemala City, Guatamala Head On Photo Festival

Sydney, Australia

Pingyao International Photography Festival

Pingyao, China

Queensland Festival of Photography

photographers from around the world have participated and shown their support for the contest. To date, more than 370,000 photographers have submitted over 1,460,000 photographic works in the contest, making it a truly international event. A total of 22,752 photographers from 153 countries and



contest. This year marked a new record for the largest number of entries in the history of the Contest. Auckland Festival of Photography and Nikon believe in the power of the image to tell stories that can't be told any other way. The Nikon Photo Contest is a celebration of that belief and we are delighted to be providing this prestigious international exhibition to the people of Auckland, and wider region. Lead judge Chris Rainier will be attending the exhibition in Auckland and giving a talk about the award winners. Not be to be missed. FREE. 1230pm Friday 30th May. — Aotea Gallery Level 4, Aotea Center, Aotea Square, Queen St — — —


Signature Boyd Webb

Shigeyuki Kihara

Christine Webster

Images From The Cusp 6 June – 12 July

Dance of the Seven Veils 23 May – 22 June

Therapies 9 May – 3 June

McNamara Gallery Photography Exhibition

The enigmatic wit and ambiguity of Webb’s

‘Dance of the seven veils’ brings together recent photographs and video works centered on the

Using carefully choreographed photographs, Webster brings private personae into the public eye, querying the layers of identities we assume.

Ian Macdonald Whirinaki

Flora Photographica Aotearoa 24 May – 12 June

and authenticity of the photographic medium, and the rudimentary wrestle with illusion and reality. Boyd’s new images mine a very human desire for simulacra - copies that depict things that either have no reality to begin with, or that no longer have an original. Born in New Zealand, Webb studied art at Canterbury University followed by postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art, London.

has been performing since 2002. ‘Salome’ is inspired by a photograph entitled ‘Samoan

Anne Noble, Richard Orjis, Fiona Pardington, Peter Thomas Andrew; and references a play written by Oscar Wilde. Kihara employs the Samoan dance of taualuga as a medium and mode of artistic enquiry into the postcolonial present.

fantasy, eroticism and violence, subtexts not normally on view. ‘Flowers, in art, are usually less innocent and more complicated than might be imagined…’

Saturday 31 May, 1pm: Dr Sandy Callister in conversation with Christine Webster.

Triennial; Auckland Triennial and the Sakahàn -

solo shows, amongst others, at Whitechapel

the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

ton DC; Centre Pompidou Paris; and Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki.

Image Credit:

— Two Rooms 16 Putiki Street, Newton — Opens 6pm on Thurs 5 June — — —


Artists: Laurence Aberhart, Greta Anderson, Wayne Barrar, Janet Bayly, Andrew Beck, Gary Blackman, Rhondda Bosworth, Joyce Campbell, Ben Cauchi,

Annual Wallace Art Awards Courtesy of Shigeyuki Kihara Studio, Milford Galleries Dunedin and the James Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland — Corban Estate Arts Centre

— Gus Fisher Gallery 74 Shortland Street — Opens 5.30pm on Fri 30 May — 12pm – 4pm Sat — —

— Opens 6pm on Thurs 22 May — — —

Please join us at 2pm on Saturday the 31st of May sor, Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney. She will also be in conversation with photographer Peter Peryer, formerly a long term Devonport resident. — Depot Artspace Main Gallery, 28 Clarence St, Devonport — Opens 1 – 3pm on Sat 24 May — Tues – Sat, 11am – 3pm Sun — — /


Signature Glenn Jowitt

Joe Sheehan

Jos Wheeler

10 June – 3 August

Screenshots 3 June – 28 June

Voicing Dissent 16 May – 11 July

Glenn Jowitt achieved international prominence hair, feathers, and ivory visually expressed social standing and thus were reserved for elite. In this exhibition, Grills, the gold plating of teeth (nifo koula) is related to raising social status. Changing motivations situate nifo koula within the materiality of body adornment in the of identity for Tongan’s living in diaspora. Friday 30 May, 5.30: Opening Performance by Sesilia Pusiaki, P.O.T. Productions Saturday 7 June, 1pm: Sister Speak, Ane Tonga discusses her project to document Grills, the Tongan art of gold plating teeth, with her

– a book

The James Wallace Arts Trust has recently acquired the original suite of Ektacolor prints which made up the Auckland and Paris exhibitions of Images . This classic suite of iconic images is featured alongside more recent images by the artist, who continues to document the changing

As with all photography Sheehan's works are about catching light. The images’ source materials - carved jade slides - have been worked by hand to create visual effects that simultaneously read as vast immersive landscape and deft computer manipulation. Traditionally images of greenstone have been bound to either commercial, political or cultural values. In Sheehan’s new imaginative space these limitations are removed; his photographs explore new ways by which ‘greenstone as an image’ can operate as artistic expression. Rather than being photographs of carved stones these works are images of projected light.

Image Credit: Glenn Jowitt, Dancer from Rapa — Gus Fisher Gallery 74 Shortland Street — Opens 5.30pm on Fri 30 May — 12pm – 4pm Sat — —

— TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre,

— Tim Melville Gallery 11 McColl St, Newmarket, Auckland (entrance on Roxburgh Street) — Opens 6pm on Tues 27 May — 11am – 3pm Sat — —

— — 10am – 5pm Sat – Sun, closed Mondays — —


Jos Wheeler’s photographs challenge the images employed by the mainstream media. Because events and how we remember them, it’s important to understand which side of the story these images represent. Approaching his subjects with sensitivity, Wheeler works with a close empathy and appreciation for local communities, landscapes and political often marginalised or distorted in their campaigning on issues regarding land and sea use, social issues and New Zealand’s heritage as a bicultural nation. Wheeler is highly regarded as a Director of

has a stills camera close at hand.

ARTIST TALK: Friday 20 June, 1:30pm. Te Papa.

Jos Wheeler

Ane Tonga, Grills

Nigel Gardiner and Joe Sheehan

Ane Tonga Grills 7 June – 28 June

Thursday 10 July, 6pm: The importance of hikoi for voicing issues such as deep sea oil drilling– panel discussion — 5 Totara Ave, New Lynn — Opens 6pm on Fri 13 June — — —


Signature NZIPP Awards winners Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards Exhibition 29 May – 30 June

Suzanne Tamaki, Sarah Hudson, Rachael Rakena Mata Waka 23 May – 15 June

Eva - Carmen Bird

Head On Portrait Prize 2014 3 June – 18 June

cultural exchange between partner Festivals in

This touring exhibition showcases the highest scoring awarded photographs (gold, silver and bronze) from the 2013 New Zealand Institute Professional Photography Iris Awards.

largest and most respected photographic portraiture events and a pivotal part of the an-

leading professional photographers, students and assistants, judged across 7 different categories.

Auckland Festival of Photography presents this exhibition, direct from Sydney, in partner-

photography festival. It was established in 2004 with the aim of providing more opportunities to view and exhibit high quality photographic work. Judges look for images of high technical quality which also encapsulate the personality of the sitter inviting an emotional response from the viewer. Images are anonymous during the selection process yielding unpredictable and diverse shows and provide all photographers with an equal opportunity throughout the process. 40 images are exhibited and of these, three are awarded prizes. Another 100 images are selected for an accompanying slideshow. 2014 judges were Sam Barzilay,


Creative Director United Photo Industries (New York), Anne-Marie Van de Ven, Principal Curator Powerhouse Museum (Sydney) and Moshe

— NorthArt Norman King Square (Opposite the Library), Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre — Opens 4.30pm on Mon 2 June — — —

— Vero Centre 48 Shortland St, CBD — 354 4538 — —

Rakena present images that 'eyeball' the viewer. Challenging generations of stereotypes the subjects impress with their integrity, singularity of vision and leadership qualities as expressed by the artists. political framework within the parameters of their own practice of photographic media the artists explore aspects of indigenous portraiture. —

— Opens 6pm on Thurs 22 May — 1pm – 4pm Sat – Sun — —


Signature White Studios

Becky Nunes

Group exhibition

Matakana 2014 31 May – 20 June

It’s Personal 30 May – 8 June

Co-orbital 4 June – 24 June

Streets we have known 4 June – 28 June

Steve Boniface

Becky Nunes: Bellona

Group Exhibition

Savidan, Maria Krajcirovic, Andrew Martin, Charles Wrigglesworth, Karen Williamson, Sue In a continuing collaboration of Matakana photographers, this exhibition presents another strong collection of work from an independent group of artists with divergent backgrounds and very contrasting points of view. archival, social and personal, these varied images showcase the individual. Curated by Barbara Cope — Mezzanine Gallery, Art Matakana Matakana Country Park, 1151 Leigh Rd, Matakana — Opens 5pm on Fri 30 May — —

Exhibition of personal works by NZ's leading advertising photographers. 50% of exhibition sales go to charity. — White Studios, 30 Burleigh St, Grafton — — 5pm, Sat 7 – Sun 8 June 10.30am – 5pm — —

Becky Nunes: Co-orbital The subject that both proposes and supports this body of work is the bounded area that divides the south from the north of the city, and is itself cut through with roads and other infrastructure. This area is Grafton Gully, a transitional landscape that has registered our varying preoccupations with nature, death and the movement of people and things. As I have walked and thought my way through this site, objects and observances

Allan McDonald, Edith Amituanai, Lucien Rizos, Photoman777777, Solomon Mortimer. — Anna Miles Gallery side Tatty’s to the lift and lift to 4th Floor) — Opens 6pm on Tues 3 June — 11am – 4pm Sat — —

reveals our various preoccupations and shifting

Artist (Becky Nunes) talk and glass of wine at 3pm on Saturday 7th June at nkb Gallery, Mt Eden. Exhibition Opens Festival Tuesday. — nkb Gallery 455 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden — Opens 6pm on Tues 3 June — — — —

Anna Miles Gallery



Signature The Suburban Floral Association and Janet Lilo

Photography at Kitchener

Kevin Capon

Kate Woods

28 May – 21 June

A perfect day 4 – 15 June

6 June – 12 July

Kevin Capon, The dead man's sock

9 June – 19 July

Kevin Capon is an artist that uses photography Preview: Tuesday 27 May 5 – 7pm Local: provincial, domestic, home. The Suburban Floral Association is the collaborative enterprise of two artists, Monique Redmond and Tanya Eccleston. They are joined for The Floral Show: Local Exotic by Janet Lilo. Using photography, video and installation creating a sense of place, identity and home. Whether representing love, loss or beauty, lives. Flowers and gardens are symbolic of our most intimate moments and their cultivation can be read as an artistic practice in their celebration of colour, form and composition. Curated by Ariane Craig-Smith. Image Credit: Suburban Floral Association, Hibis-

Laurence Aberhart: 11 – 21 June Preview: Tuesday 10 June 5 – 7pm

— Gow Langsford Gallery corner Kitchener and Wellesley Streets — 10am – 4pm Sat — —

toward an enigmatic archive that describes human anxieties and the fading glory of modernity. become examples to illustrate noteworthy familial and societal phenomena. These themes are explored with a deadpan studio aesthetic that falls in the spectrum between commercial product and highly composed snapshot. — Sanderson Contemporary Art Newmarket, Osborne Lane, 2-4 Kent Street Newmarket — Opens 5.30pm on Tues 3 June — Sat – Sun — —

focus is on the Xiamen Dada Group’s happenings While in Beijing, on a residency, Woods researched how the beginnings of contemporary art evolved there and became fascinated by the group, who were an important part of the avantgarde 85' Wave Movement in China. graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland in 2003. Kate has exhibited in artist run spaces, dealer and public galleries including XYZ Collective, Tokyo and City Gallery Wellington. In 2012 she was the recipient of an Asia: NZ foundation residency at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. — Two Rooms 16 Putiki Street, Newton — Opens 6pm on Thurs 5 June — — —

— Fresh Gallery Otara Shop 5/46 Fairmall, Otara Town Centre — Opens 6pm on Thurs 5 June — — —


Working from an interest in the documentary photography of transient artwork of the past the resulting constructed photographs recreate and


Groo Lee - We Need To Talk - 1st prize 2013 Peter Chuah - No Fish Today - 2nd prize 2013 Kimber Brown - Miles Away - 3rd prize 2013 Hyugo Vale - Invisible to the World - People's Choice Winner 2013


Auckland Photo Day 2014 24 hours – 7 June – Auckland Region


Public Competition – Open to all


Nikon Auckland Photo Day is an open access public competition run over a period of 24 hours. For one day only, 24/7, photographers in Auckland are asked to capture an image

Lightweight, full-featured DX-format D-SLR with 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, 39-point, and feature a built-in Wi-Fi®, so you can instantly transfer your photos*.. Crystal-clear 3.2-inch LCD vari-angle monitor lets you shoot at any angle.

good enough to show your friends and family - your built-in audience - it might be good enough to win 1st Prize in Nikon Auckland Photo Day. Groups, individuals, families, children - anyone with access to a camera - is encouraged to submit the scenes, people Nikon Auckland Photo Day is conversational. It allows anyone, anywhere in Auckland to share their perspectives of our region. It creates democratic visual conversations about the place we live, work and play. We want to see the fascination in the everyday, what is suprisingly different and what is comfortingly familiar. This event celebrates the many individual pockets of culture and identity present in New Zealand's biggest city by building cultural currency. Whilst celebrated in a spirit of documenting our life right here and now in the world we live in … a day in the life of Auckland. Photographs are kept in an archive for future exhibition and to provide a visual resource for the region. People's Choice is selected online after the announcement of the Top 30 Prize Winners and is by popular vote. Full terms and conditions, prize details available on photo-day/terms.cfm



NIKON 1 AW1 + 1 NIKKOR AW 1127.5MM Lens


lens camera. Waterproof to 15m, Shockproof to 2m, and operates at -10c ! The 14.2 megapixel Nikon 1 AW1 uses an advanced hybrid AF system and Expeed 3A image processor to give 15 frames per second performance in any environment.

Small in stature and high in performance, the NIKON COOLPIX P340 features 12.2 megapixels, an f/1.8 lens and large ISO sensitivity range for clarity in all conditions. With Wi-Fi and full creative control this pocket rocket provides full functionality on the move.

PEOPLES CHOICE PRIZE NIKON COOLPIX S9700 With its powerful 30x optical zoom, the S9700 offers extreme telephoto shooting in a compact camera. Dynamic Fine Zoom extends your range to 60x to get even closer to the action. With built-in GPS and Wi-Fi®, it’s the compact camera that elevates your photographic experience.

— —





R E I E H S T O se

s lf ie


Festival Tuesday 3rd June / 6 – 9 pm

Visit 13 photography venues in just one night walk, bus, drive or catch one of our vans. FREE Circuit 1

— Silos: Ak Festival shows: Festival Hub, pg 4

Wynyard Quarter to High St

— Kura Gallery, PWC Tower, Albert St (see our website) — Media Design School, Albert St: pg 35 — Anna Miles, High St: pg 23

Circuit 2

— Anna Miles, High St: pg 23

Parnell to K Rd

— Pearce Gallery, St Georges Bay Rd: pg 34 — Hum, Grafton Rd: pgs 6 & 34 — Thievery Studio, K’Rd: pg 39

Circuit 3

— Thievery Studio, K’Rd: pg 39

K’Rd to Ponsonby

— Artstation, Ponsonby Rd: pg 39 — Silverspace, Ponsonby: pg 39 — Toi Ora, Newton/Ponsonby: pg 39

Circuit 4

— Toi Ora, Newton/Ponsonby: pg 39

Newton/Ponsonby to Mt Eden

— Lot23, Eden Terrace: pg 41 — NKB, Mt Eden Rd: pg 23 — Mt Eden Village Centre, Mt Eden Rd: pg 43

Image Credit: Rob Gilhooly, A watch that has stopped at 16:50 lies among other items found in Aokigahara Jukai.

art / culture / exhibitions / participation / events / talks / projections

Fringe / Central

Fringe / Central

Sampler 4 – 8 Jun

CPF New Zealand Landscapes

An annual showcase of work by third year photography students from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

5 Jun – 9 Jun Featuring one of Auckland’s most acclaimed photographers

Pearce Gallery, Whitecliffe College, 130 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell / Opens 5pm on

We are Changing 17 – 21 Jun

The Auckland Weekly News 29 May – 20 Jun

Nathuran address issues where photography faces a departure from traditional modes of thinking. St. Paul Gallery Three, 40 St Paul St /

Atrium, Level 2, Auckland Central Library,

Fri 10am – 5pm, 12pm – 4pm Sat /

Captivating South America 19 – 22 Jun

Hum 29 May – 20 Jun

Indigenous Fashion Unearthed

Analogue explorations

30 May – 21 Jun

4 June – 13 Jun

A visual feast of fashion and creative photography by Aboriginal Wayne Quilliam

Students showcase various techniques and manipulations within digital photography.

Waikare on Q, 536 Queen St Bank Building Level 3 / Opens 6pm Fri 30 May /

Street / Opens 5pm Tues 3 June /

The Overlooked 4 – 20 Jun

Simon Devitt Prize for Photography

The Visual One World - Cloud & Sea

Scene Twice 29 May – 20 Jun

Stacey Simpkin, portrait series of mechanics in garages. Sonja Gardien explores nature’s symbolism in usually unobserved lifecycles of plants.

28 May – 6 Jun

9 – 22 Jun

Bruce Ross - Ida Valley Central Otago: 2

2014 marks the 5th year for the award.

Chinese photographer Datong Pang - The harmony of the light and colour.

two cameras.

The University of Auckland, Building 423, 22 Symonds St / Opens 5pm Tue 27 May /

Air NZ Foyer (Level 5), Aotea Centre, Aotea Square, Auckland / Opens 5pm 8 Jun /

Jason Books, 16 O’Connell Street /

Ronald Winstone exhibition that shows landscapes that abound in South America.

altered by our inner state.

7pm / 021 837 120 /

Tues – Fri, Sat – Sun 10am – 7pm / 027 243 6146 /



Fringe / Central



9 – 23 Jun

30 May – 9 Jun

Journeys across the world – Julia Durkin, Bev Goodwin, Elaine Smith.

Britomart Transport Centre, Level B1 /

A collection of images of boxers and kick-boxers who are about to step into the ring for their first public fight Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island / Opens 6pm


Snapped 1 – 21 Jun

Wild West - Auckland’s west coast

Snapped is a collection of snapshots

31 May – 15 Jun Thomas Stehlik Photography.

Waikare on Waikare, 23 Waikare Rd, Oneroa, Waiheke Island / Opens 2pm Sun

28 MAR – 20 JUL

Te Wero Island Container, Te Wero Island, 027 550 0833 /

021 160 2373

Adults $10 weekdays / $15 weekends Kids 12 and under free

A Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Touring Exhibition

The Huli 3 – 14 Jun This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory

Image: Christian Thompson, Bidjarra/Kunja people, Black Gum 2 (from ‘Australian Graffiti’ series) (detail) 2008, Purchased 2008, Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant Collection: Queensland Art Gallery.

Guy Needham - about his experiences with

Allpress Gallery, 8 Drake St, Freemans

Remembering... 7 – 20 Jun June Stevenson – A personal perspective of memories. 83 Shelly Beach Road, St Mary's Bay /

3.30pm Mon – Fri; 8.30am – 2.30pm Sat /


Fringe / Central

Beyond Dust 11 – 22 Jun

Still 4 – 27 Jun

invite viewers to look beyond physical form.

Exploring the theme of mindfulness in photography. Toi Ora provides opportunities for artistic expression and well-being.

Therapies 8

Jafa Cafe, 551 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn / Opens 6pm on Tues 10 June /

9 MAY – 3 JUNE 2014

Toi Ora Gallery, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn /

Ane Tonga Ane Tonga: Seta


30 MAY – 28 JUNE 2014

Great South Road 13 May – 7 Jun

Rhythm of Light

Tangent Collective invite 12 photographers to respond to this provocation.

15 May – 5 Jun

Artstation Toi Tu, 1 Ponsonby Road /

Artstation, Gallery 3, 1 Ponsonby Rd /

A collective exhibition

History in the Taking

Boy, Huapai

40 years of PhotoForum

6 – 28 JUNE 2014

THE GUS FISHER GALLERY Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm / Saturday 12 – 4pm The Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland Street, Auckland Phone 64 9 923 6646 Email

Sourced 3 – 8 Jun


The Sequel is a collection of new works by group of artists: Mareea Vegas, Leon Rose, Ian Mcrae, Laura Forest, Gary Baildon, Keryn Sweeney.

Garth Badger - seeks to recapture the beauty of the livings’ remains through the exploration of how objects of death are connected to the passage of life.

Silver projectspace, 12 Crummer Rd,

Thievery Studio, La Gonda Building Level 2

– 8pm Tues, 10am – 6pm Wed – Fri, 10am –



Fringe / Central

40 years of PhotoForum & Pecha Kucha AKL’s 40th event

Wed 4 June 2014 Q Theatre 305 Queen St Auckland Doors open 6.45pm Start 7.30pm $10 cash door sales only

Hey Hey My My 1 – 29 Jun

Turoa 1 – 30 Jun

Sarah Ellis – Rock and Roll - a collection of live gig and promotional shots of predominantly local bands

Jocelyn Carlin – Photographic diptych. Millers Coffee and Roastery, 31 Cross St,

7am – 6pm Mon – Tues, 7am – 10pm Wed – Fri, 8am – 7:30pm Sat, 8am – 4:30pm Sun / 021 123 0601

Artscapes and Gorgeous Creatures 29 May – 20 Jun

Contemporary Photography Foundation 31 May – 18 Ju

Gorgeous Creatures at St Benedicts Gall. St Benedicts Gallery, 23 St Benedicts St,

Apix Photographic Supplies, 130 New North Road, Eden Terrace / Opens 6:30pm


The Bridge Gathers 29 May – 20 Jun LOT23 3rd June 6pm LOT23, 23 Minnie Street, Eden Terrace /

The Locals 2 – 29 Jun Photographer - Melanie Tollemache. This is an exploration of a local community. Frasers Cafe, 434 Mt. Eden Road, Mt. Eden


Thursday 29th May- Friday 27th of June The Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street Auckland City

More about Eden 4 – 15 Jun

Whispered Stories 31 May – 23 Jun

Murray Noble. Artist talk in gallery: Saturday 14 June at 3pm

Eden Roskill Camera Club - A Collective Exhibition of Recent Works.

Mt Eden Village Centre, cnr Mt Eden Rd and Ngauruhoe St / Opens 5pm on Tue 3 June /

Auckland Camera Centre, 646 New North

Life and Light on Maungakiekie

Rebel with a cause

29 May – 20 Jun

26 May – 20 Jun motorbike and Vespa scene.

Cornwall Park Information Centre, Michael

Salvation Kitchen Cafe, 1843 Great North daily / 021 455 671 /

Witness the 2014 NZIPP Iris Awards print judging from 31st of July to 2nd August Rotorua Energy Events Centre Queens Drive, Rotorua (open to public)

Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards Exhibition

Gold Award Harry Janssen Gold Award Mike Hollman Gold Distinction Award Danelle Bohane

- setting the highest standards for professional photography in New Zealand!

Fringe / Central

Horrible History & Heroes

bruises and beauty

29 May – 20 Jun

29 May – 20 Jun

Auckland Libraries showcase of works by young people (11-14 years) across the city.

Grit Becker-Fainu. This work is an extension of last year’s series ‘unsterblich’ (‘immortal’).

For participating Libraries go to:

Onehunga Community Centre, 83 Church Fri, 10am – 4pm Sat – Sun / 021 217 2425


Fringe / North Shore

People & Places 24 May – 12 Jun Three exhibitions that focus on people and place. Jonny Davis: Up the Coast, Brendan Kitto: Night

14 Jun – 3 July

Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport / Opens 1pm Sat 24 May /

Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport / Opens 2pm Sat 14 June /

Hope Emerges 30 Jun – 3 July

....Before in Eye of the Beholder

A celebration of life after breast cancer. Lara Boddington showcases the beautiful female form after breast cancer.

Emerging artist Christopher Fidoe

20 May – 1 Jun

Museum of the Vernacular, 16 Kerr Street, Thomas Drive, Barrys Point Reserve, /

Through Dragon Eyes

The Korean Photography Assoc.

5 – 29 Jun

8 May – 7 Jun

Photographic works Chinese immigrants in N.Z.

25 members (KPANZ) showcase their talents Free Entry Mairangi Bay / Opens 6pm Wed 7 May /


Fringe / Waitakere

APH2014 30 May – 7 Jun The personal journey each student has made in their exploration of the photographic image. From still life to the abstract. Foyer Gallery, Long Bay College, Ashley

The way we see it 7 – 15 Jun Photographic work from senior students of West Auckland Schools. Diverse approaches, innovative ideas and technical prowess. Projectspace at Corban Estate Arts Centre,

Fringe / Waitakere

Phoneography! 23 May – 15 Jun

La Rosa Gardens Reserve Project

'In the moment' photography taken with mobile devices by the community and members of the Titirangi Community Arts Council.

Brian Marsom captures the community involvement

418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi / Opens 6pm

29 May – 20 Jun

J.T. Diamond Room, Level 2 Waitakere Central 5pm Tues, Wed, Fri; 10am-4pm Sat-Sun

e-CLICK-tic 7 – 8 Jun

Intangible Form 6 – 20 Jun

An eclectic compilation of printed images from the inspire, encourage and share our passion.

Diane D. Costello, "International Collaboration". N.Z. artist/photographer, Deb Young presents the innovative vision of American artist/photographer Francisco Diaz.

Old St Michael's Church, CEAC, 2 Mt

Location: Refer to websites for information /


GET A WORLD-CLASS DEGREE IN DIGITAL. Study where it’s all happening, with degrees and 1-year post degree qualifications in: 3D Animation and VFX Game Art and Programming Design and Interactive

Open Shutter 7 Jun – 6 July

Two Degrees of Separation

West Auckland photographers use their imagination and creativity to delight, surprise and inspire.

30 May – 22 Jun In this light-hearted exhibition Rachel Alford

West Coast Gallery, Seaview Rd, 4:30pm Sat – Sun, or by appointment /

Fringe / Rodney

Through Young eyes

Lenz to Landscape

5 Jun – 6 July

5 Jun – 6 July

5 outstanding young photographers from around the Auckland Region.

A diverse range of landscape studies.

Reflections 7 – 29 Jun

Focal Point 6 – 28 Jun

A vast spectrum of work from the highly acclaimed to the visually impaired. Feature artist is Fred Mans. 'Make a Movie in a Day' workshop runs during the exhibition.

An exhibition of various photographers’ work, both amateur and professional.

11 – 3 Sat/Sun,10 - 2 Mon and Fri, 2 - 4.30 Tue,

Kumeu Arts Centre Inc, 300 Main Road,


Fringe / South

Five Classic Towns of South Island

Whitest Tama in the Roopu

31 May – 8 Jun

29 May – 28 Jun

Jiongxin Peng’s landscape and scenery.

Al Ronberg - the re-defining of an identity within the changing face of New Zealand.

Asia Library Trust, 308 Ti Rakau Dr,

Uxbridge Creative Centre Cafe, 35

'Little Poland' in Pahiatua

New collaborative work 10 May – 14 Jun

1 – 20 Jun

A pseudo scientific exhibition of mixed media works and photographs made in collaboration by Renee Bevan and Caryline Boreham.

70th anniversary of the arrival of the Polish 'Children of Pahiatua'.

The New Zealand Steel Gallery, Franklin Arts Centre 12 Massey Avenue Pukekohe

A Sense of Place 12 May – 21 Jun

I Don't Know Who You Are

L. Aberhart, M. Beattie, R. Ellis, A. Jacobson, J. Leatinu'u, R.. Morrison, S. Tanuvasa , M. Tubberty,

31 May – 18 Jun

Papakura Art Gallery 10 Averill Street Papakura / Opens 10:30am Sat 10 May /

Franklin Art Gallery / Opens 5pm Fri 30 May


Auckland Region Venues & Location MAP




43 Jason Books




Memory: 1

Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium

10, 11


George Fraser Gallery



Gus Fisher Gallery






Sanderson Contemporary Art




47 49



Signature: 10 Aotea Gallery - Aotea Centre


11 Artstation Gallery


12 Auckland War Memorial Museum


13 Corban Estate Arts Centre


14 Depotartspace


15 Fresh Gallery


16 Gow Langsford Gallery



Gus Fisher Gallery

17 Matakana Art Gallery

17, 18 22

20 Nkb Gallery



12, 20


76 Sanderson Contemporary Art




Silo 6 Wynyard Quarter

23 TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre


24 Two Rooms

16, 25

25 Vero Centre


26 White Studios



47 Long Bay College


48 Lot23 studio


50 Media Design School


51 Millers Coffee and Roastery


52 Mt Eden Village Centre


53 Museum of the Vernacular


54 New Zealand Steel Gallery


55 Old St. Michael's Church, CEAC


56 Onehunga Community Centre


57 Papakura Art Gallery


58 Pearce Gallery, Whitecliffe College


55 Project Space CEAC


60 Revel CafĂŠ


61 Salvation Kitchen Cafe


45 33



28 61

18 74





64 St Paul St Gallery Three


65 Te Wero Island Container



22 76 39

59 70 HOWICK



69 55













63 St Benedicts Gallery





14 The Depot Artspace Project Space


68 The University of Auckland


70 Uxbridge Creative Centre Cafe


71 Waikare on Q


72 Waikare on Waikare


73 Waitakere Central Library


75 83 Shelly Beach Road





27 Allpress Gallery


10 Aotea Center Upper Level


28 Apix Photographic Supplies


30 Auckland Camera Center


31 Auckland Central Library


32 Auckland Libraries across region

43 37

35 Cornwall Park Information Centre




4 9




58 3 68

1 Disabled access all venues except:

34 Britomart Transport Centre





10 11

2 64





71 51

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38 Franklin Art Gallery




67 24

63 48




5 12




Auckland Festival of Photography 2014 Programme  
Auckland Festival of Photography 2014 Programme