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Anniversary 31 MAY—22 JUNE 2018 | FREE







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Control Not long after the invention of photography, photographs are used as evidences in court. The inherent nature of photography to capture what is before the camera has without doubt instilled a sense of definite hard truth, and yet ambiguities besiege the realities behind these images. Fast forward into the 21st century with the technology advancement of the internet and its social media platforms, the rampant presence of photography has invaded both the private and public domains, leaving behind more questions than ever. In response, the works of 5 photographers navigates the festival theme Control. As a military service man on guard duty at the sea, Chen Yan Cheng’s Days at Sea reminds us of the fundamentals of seeing. The eyes naturally control, compensate and adjust, to conjure images in the mind’s eyes. Yan’s proses further shapes the conjured images that are shrouded in darkness, which gives away little information at first glance. The desire to control seems like an inherent nature in man as observed by Woong Soak Teng’s Ways to Tie Trees. Singapore’s green efforts to maintain the garden-cityscape has led to the planting of thousands of young trees tied in various ways. A dialectic exploration continues in Hou I-Ting’s

Embroiderers of the Past, where she reads into historical images of a girl’s school ran by the Japanese during occupation of Taiwan. The teaching of embroidery was as essential education to control and assimilate women into the ideal role, as deemed correct by the Japanese colonisers. From medium of messages, the utilitarian function of photography takes on the form of surveillance, raising questions on security, privacy and freedom, as shown by Jacob Burge’s Face Off and Esther Hovers’ False Positives. The unceasing presence of surveillance, aided by digitalization and satellites, propel questions about power underlying all forms of control, which often belies the fact that control starts with one in power to administrate action on others. Gwen Lee, 2018 Singapore

Festival Team 2018 Public Participation Director: Julia Durkin Silo Curator: Gwen Lee Annual Commission/Festival Projects: Elaine Smith Festival Programme/Satellite Co-ordinator: Bev Goodwin Photo Map: Rainer Weston Media Liaison: Victor van Wetering Graphic Design: Rachael Clark Festival Trust 2018: Jim He, MNZM, Terry Baxter, Julia Durkin, Phil Edmondes-Rowe, Rachel Qi. Festival Ambassador: Rick Lin. Trust Administrator: Malcolm Calder Thanks to: Cllr Richard Hills, John Watson, Cathy Casey, Auckland Council, Nathan Calladine, CEO, Steve Woodman, Andrew Graham, Nikon NZ, + Ken Newell,

Leica, Lacklands Ltd. Kriselle Baker, Baker Douglas Publishing, Glenn Harris, Mazda, Carl Villaluz, Digital Marketing, Huawei. Our sincere gratitude to Gwen Lee, SIPF. Arigato gozaimasu Y. Simonne LeMasurier, Auckland Libraries, Barbara Holloway, City Activation, Auckland Council, Leesa Tilley, Ellen Melville Center, Kim O’Loughlin, Auckland Art Gallery, Peter Masefield & team at NZ Internet Services. Robert Stoddard, BVO, John Rutherford & Valerie Gill, XA. All our exhibitors, artists, Festival volunteers. Cover Images: Talya Ben-Ari, Jocelyn Carlin, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Marcin Glabus, Ann Shelton, Maggie Steber, Brooke Waterson and Tammy Williams. Media Partners


Annual Commission by Baker Douglas


Alex Plumb

31 May – 19 June

Silo 6, Silo Park, Wynyard Qtr. Opens 6pm on Thurs 31 May. Hrs 10.30 – 4.30 daily 09 3077055 |

The Auckland Festival of Photography 2018 features the 8th Annual Commission, presented by Baker Douglas. Each year, an Auckland-based artist is commissioned to create a new body of work for exhibition during the Festival. This year’s commissioned artist is Alex Plumb. Alex’s multi-channel video practice attempts to amplify questions about the psychological interplay between the subject, the viewer, and the site of performance. By working in the space between the real and the imagined; the familiar and the unknown, an ambiguous other emerges. It’s this sense of otherness that the works hinge on – continuously forming and collapsing

in space. This ongoing motion allows Alex to convey a rich and heightened everyday world that is continuously shifting between the real and the imaginary depths of our subconscious mind and the desires that shape us. Alex Plumb graduated with a Master of Art & Design in 2014 from AUT University. His work is held in collections including The James Wallace Arts Trust.




Silos – Curated by Gwen Lee 31 May – 19 June

Silo 6, Silo Park, Wynyard Qtr. Opens 6pm on Thurs 31 May. Including artist performance by Hou, I-Ting at 7pm. Daily Hrs 10.30 – 4.30 09 3077055 |

Jacob Burge Face Off

Facial recognition dates back to the 1960s. A project labelled Man Machine would attempt to recognise and identify a person by extracting the coordinates of features such as the centre of pupils, the inside corner of eyes, the outside corner of eyes, point of widow’s peak, and so on. We now have systems in place that are recording and storing our facial image without the need of a cooperating test subject. Systems installed in public places can identify individuals in a crowd without their knowledge. This rapid advance in technology and surveillance has caused many to question our right to privacy and the methods of obtaining information without our consent. The photos connected to this project are Burge’s way of representing the current image and surveillance society, a place where our identity is being digitized on a daily basis.

Face Off #1

Born and raised in the British countryside, Jacob Burge (b. 1981, United Kingdom) moved to Manchester for several years, went back home, picked up a camera, and studied at Hereford College of Arts. He now lives and works in Japan.

Woong Soak Teng

Ways To Tie Trees (2015-2016) Tree-staking, like our innate human instinct to control, is ubiquitous yet goes largely unnoticed. Featuring a diversity of sometimes unorthodox approaches to the art of tree-tying, this work presents an intimate encounter with the trees and their much-overlooked structures in the man-made garden city of Singapore. Similar to many cities around the world, trees are uprooted and relocated to conform to a controlled cityscape determined by urban-planning. In an attempt to construct a productive and aesthetic living environment for ourselves, nature has long since been subjected to manipulation at the mercy of human hands.

In front of Former Indian National Army Monument, along Connaught Drive, Singapore. 2016


Woong Soak Teng (b. 1994, Singapore) graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging at the Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media. Her explorations are primarily concerned with the intrinsic human need for control against natural processes and the relationship between man-made and natural elements existing in urban social phenomena. Her works have been showcased internationally in Tokyo, Shanghai, Dali, Auckland and Singapore.

Esther Hovers False Positives

“My work deals with the themes of control and power. Within these themes there are two different elements that fascinate me. On the one hand, my work deals with the ways in which control is exerted within public space. When does architecture constitute an expression of power? How do urban planning and architecture determine our movements? On the other hand, my work aims to discuss ‘control’ in a political sense. What is the position of the individual within a predetermined system?”

‘False Positives, Overview K, 2015-2016’

Esther Hovers (b.1991, the Netherlands) graduated with a BA in Photography from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Her work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, including Circulation(s) Festival in Paris, C/O Berlin Foundation and Foam, Amsterdam, and in publications the Washington Post and M, Magazine du Monde. In her practice, Esther Hovers investigates how power, politics and control are exercised through urban planning and the use of public space. In 2018 Esther Hovers will be an artist-in-residence at the ISCP in Brooklyn, NY.

Hou, I-Ting

Sewing Fields – Li̍k-sú tsiam-tsílâng (2015–2017) Hou’s main medium is the combination of embroidery with digital images and video. Her works express the possibilities of image through variable mediums. She has profoundly explored female labour conditions under social and economic systems from the past to today. Her works often feature the human body and through her practice, she tries to expand the discussion of the body in a broader way. In public society the body indicates and proves itself to be a field of history.

Sewing Fields – Lik-sú tsiam-tsílâng No.4

Hou, I-Ting (b.1979, Taiwan) currently lives and works in Taipei.

Chen Yan Cheng

Days at the Sea (2016) Days at Sea reproduces the sea-watching experience during Chen’s enlistment period. It raises discussions of the developments of doubt, opposing, and banishment of oneself by two types of memories, text and photos, these represent the splitting of the self into two entities to adapt to system differences of the environment, culture, and values of conscript life and normal daily life. Chen Yan Cheng (b.1988, Taiwan) based in Taichung, and is currently a freelance photographer. Meet the artist: Hou, I-Ting and Chen Yan Cheng, walk and talk in Silo 6. Sun 3 June 10.30am ‘Days at the sea - Day 10, year: 2016’



Herlinde Koelbl Targets 31 May – 22 June

Mali (c) Herlinde Koelbl – Target series

Presented by the Auckland Festival of Photography in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut as part of the 2018 Control theme. Herlinde Koelbl is one of the major political photographers in Germany. Her photographs are engaging and thoughtful confrontations with political and social issues, where Koelbl combines a journalistic documentary approach with high artistic standards in a unique way. For years, Herlinde Koelbl travelled around the world and took photographs of military targets used in the training of soldiers in a total of thirty countries.


Using different targets with which the various armies of the world learn the craft of war, everyone considers themselves to be on the right side. However in the reality of war, the soldiers are always ultimately the target. Thus, for Koelbl it is obvious to exhibit the mechanical targets next to the portraits of the soldiers – since they are the living targets. Silo 7 + Gantry walkway, Wynyard Qtr. Hrs 8–6 Daily | 09 3077055 |

Tiger Murdoch The Insider 4 June – 30 June

Developing from their exhibition in Ōtepoti in 2017, The Insider uses public space; street and gallery, as a site for response to inequality, allowing for the propagandalike campaign to act as the catalyst for conversation and directly questions the hierarchies that govern culture and critical thinking. Malcolm Smith Gallery, UXBRIDGE ARTS AND CULTURE, 35 Uxbridge Road Howick. Opens Saturday 2 June Hrs 10–4 daily | 09 535 6467 |

The Insider


The Visibility Paradigm 25 May – 13 June Artists: William Bardebes, Emma Smith, Caryline Boreham, Sheryl Campbell, Solomon Mortimer, Yvonne Shaw, Hayley Theyers, Chris Young and Carly van Winkel. Curated by Allan McDonald. Foucault’s idea of the relationship between visibility and power is summed up most starkly when he wrote “Visibility is a trap.” Foucault’s observation can link back to Fox Talbot’s wife describing his cameras as ‘mouse traps’ and intuits the way many people feel the power imbalance in the presence of a photographer and how the photograph can diminish them. This exhibition housed inside a building that once functioned as a panopticon does not limit its scope to an examination of institutional power but also takes on more subtle interplays between visibility and control such as might exist in a look between two people.

Dayroom by Caryline Boreham

Panel Discussion: Dr Leon Tan, William Bardebes, Allan McDonald, Dr Nina Seja, Dr Scott Wilson, Sat 9 June, 1 – 2pm

Gallery One, Unitec Bldg One, Gateway One, Carrington Road, Mt Albert. Opens 5pm Thurs 24 May Hrs 9.30–4 Mon–Fri | 022 0127612


Control projections Sarah Blesener

Ahmer Khan

Sarah Blesener/Alexia Foundation

Ahmer Khan

Alexia Foundation grantee Sarah Blesener’s long term documentary project explores patriotism and the rise of nationalism in Russia and the United States. On a Thursday afternoon, six teenage boys gathered in an abandoned warehouse in the town of Diveevo, Russia. Their instructor began to divide the boys into teams, and immediately the drills began. The group, called ‘The Survivalists’, meets weekly to practice tactical skills and defense strategies. Artyom, an older teenager of the group, was helping another student, Daniel, eleven-years old, to hide and prepare for a surprise attack with his plastic weapon in the corner room of the warehouse. Their instructor calmly tells me that their group is not looking for war but they are preparing young patriots to be ready for the future. Over 200,000 youth in Russia are currently enrolled in patriotic clubs, with 10,000 in Moscow alone. Each club functions independently with their own structures and philosophies. In 2015, a proposed program from the Russian government entitled the ‘Patriotic Education of Russian Citizens in 20162020’ called for an eight percent increase in patriotic youth within the next ten years, and a ten percent increase in new recruits for the Russian armed forces. Sarah Blesener is a documentary photographer based in New York City. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she studied Linguistics and Youth.

An estimated 650,000 Rohingya refugees have flooded into Bangladesh to flee an offensive by Myanmar’s military that the United Nations has called the world’s “fastest developing refugee emergency” and a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Of those who have crossed the border – 60 percent are children, according to UNICEF. There had already been some 200,000 Rohingya refugees living in the border village before September’s massive influx. More than 850,000 refugees are now living in two sprawling camps across Cox’s Bazaar. This sudden and massive surge of new arrivals is pushing humanitarian agencies to the brink and introducing another sort of crisis in the camps: A generation’s worth of children under 14 are living day to day without proper nourishment or education, and in extreme cases, with no family whatsoever. Ahmer Khan is an independent documentary photographer and a radio journalist based in Indian-administered Kashmir focusing on South Asia. He has done photo and video commissions for BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, Carnegie Council, Yale Journal, Getty Images, Foreign Policy, Vice News, Grazia, BuzzFeed, The Diplomat, Huffington Post and many other publications. He is the correspondent for Radio France International (RFI) and The Christian Science Monitor covering south Asia. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram at @ahmermkhan.

Beckon Us From Home 16 – 22 June

Metro Gallery, 222 Hobson Street Hrs 7–4 Mon–Fri, 8–3 Sat–Sun


Rohingya Crisis – Cox’s Bazaar 15 June – 22 June

Ellen Melville Centre, Helen Clark Room, 2 Freyberg Place, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place. Hrs 9–5 daily, Wed after 1pm 09 890 802 |


Volition 13 June – 24 June “Volition”, meaning: “The power to choose”, features the works of 14 contemporary New Zealand artists with differing practices. This exhibition reflects each exhibitor’s unique interpretation of the theme “Control”, leading to an interesting and varied exhibition. Exhibiting artists are Wendy Brandon, Cathy Carter, Barbara Cope, Sonja Gardien, Diane Halstead, Anton Maurer, Marc McFadyen, Delena Nathuran, Alice Ng, Bertie Plaatsman, Céline Sayé, Stacey Simpkin, Lieve van den Bosch and Melissa West. Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Road. Opens 6pm Tues 12 June. Hrs 11–4 Mon–Sun 027 6722776 |

Delena Nathuran

Sandra Chen Weinstein Seoul Searching 8 June – 15 June

During the Korean war of 1948 to 1953, Korea was divided above the 38th parallel. In Panmunjom, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) daily is guarded by the American and South Korean armies. Across the DMZ is the nuclear and militarily powerful yet economically crippled regime of North Korea. This northern brother poses ever present political and military tensions and constant threats. The DMZ between South and North remains the world’s most dangerous border. South Korea is undergoing a cultural and economic rebirth, with its modern architecture, fashion, and K-pop in Seoul, an Asian industrial and economic giant. Talking Culture – Sat 9 Jun at 11am Meet the artist Ellen Melville Centre, Eleitino Paddy Walker Room, Door 3, 2 Freyberg Pl, Cnr High St & Freyberg Pl Hrs 9–5 Daily | 09 307705 |

Sandra Chen Weinstein


‘Chasing Shadows’ sponsored by Mazda is the 2nd Award for the exhibiting artists, photographers. You must be in a show in the 2018 Festival to qualify to enter your photograph to be judged. (Full terms & conditions apply) Opens 12 April. Deadline for eligible entries is 21 May 2018 See WINNER WILL RECEIVE $2000 CASH PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE

Conor Clarke

Ground Water Mirror 1 June – 7 July

2018 —

Core See for full listings

Conor Clarke, The veil of the soul, 2018

Ground Water Mirror connects the waters of Berlin to Auckland to Whanganui. It asks whether we seek out Nature in order to appreciate nature itself, or rather to find a solution to urban living as a means for self-reflection. The title is a slight mistranslation of Grundwasserspiegel, the German word for water table. Berlin’s ground water mirror is never far beneath one’s feet, it flows through a network of overhead pipes as it is pumped across the city from construction sites to waterways. These pipes are a reminder of the connectedness of water, and why we long for another kind of water; the kind we feel the need to travel to in order to find. Two Rooms Gallery, 16 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn Opens 5.30 Friday 1 June. Hrs Tues–Fri 11–5, Sat 11–3 09 360 5900 |

Follow us ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER + INSTAGRAM Keep in touch | 09 307 7055 |


Roberta Thornley Round and Round 29 May – 22 July

Ann Shelton

The Missionaries 1 June – 7 July

Low Tide, 2017, Archival pigment ink photograph on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 667mm H x 1000mm W, Courtesy of the artist and Tim Melville Gallery

In 2017 Roberta Thornley was awarded the Marti Friedlander Photographic Award by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand. As recognition, the Wallace Arts Trust presents an exhibition of her work from the Trust’s collection, the Auckland Festival of Photography 2011 Annual Commission, Tim Melville Gallery and private collections. Running through her practice is a sense of never-ending blossoming and decay. Landscapes have the appearance of first light or dusk. Portraiture is a recurring motif, her subjects show an emotional or physical change. Objects hover in varying states from glowing to those withering into darkness. The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, 72 Hillsborough Road. Opens 6pm Mon 28 May Hrs 10–3 Tue–Fri, 8–5 Sat–Sun, 09 639 2010 |

Ann Shelton, The Dowager, Pine (Pinus Radiata), 2017

Ann Shelton’s new images explore the powerful relationship between colonisation, nationalism and plants in the context of Aotearoa. In a kind of contrived bouquet garni set against the musty colour palette of the Arts and Crafts movement, these domestic botanic epitaphs engage with the reasons emigrants brought plants with them, why they went to elaborate ends to preserve them on their long journey, and the consequences of their interventions. Two Rooms Gallery, 16 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn Opens 5.30 Friday 1 June. Hrs Tues–Fri 11–5, Sat 11–3 09 360 5900 |


Alejandro Chaskielberg Laberinto 1 June – 24 June

Cascada Hielo by Alejandro Chaskielberg

Auckland Festival of Photography presents work by Alejandro Chaskielberg (Buenos Aires),independent photographer, videographer and teacher. His Laberinto series is dispayed outdoors on 8 lightboxes which create a scene of magical Patagonia landscapes in the central city. Described as “More than being documents of the place, his pictures are otherworldly tableaus. In effect, he created pieces of land-art, which allowed him to reach beyond reality they became magical.”(courtesy of He has established a worldwide reputation for his innovative vision and sensibility that crosses the boundaries between document and art. Chaskielberg graduated from the National Institute of Cinematography of Argentina as Director of photography. He performed advanced studies in classical music at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory (violin) and animation at the National Art Film Institute of Avellaneda. He received the BURN Emerging Photographer Grant by the Magnum Foundation in 2009 and was titled World Photographer of the Year 2011 by the World Photography Organization. The Boston University awarded him with the Leopold Godowsky Jr. Award, which recognizes excellence in the field of contemporary color photography. He was also granted by National Geographic Society with the All Roads Photography Program and won the Fifth RM Iberoamerican Photobook Competition. Alejandro has lived for three years in the islands of the Parana River Delta to work on his first monograph La Creciente. His second monograph Otsuchi Future Memories, documents the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in a small fishing town in Northern Japan. Outside Ellen Melville Centr, Freyberg Place, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place. 24 hours daily 09 3077055 |


Marie Shannon Short Stories 17 June – 21 July

Car Stories 2018

Marie Shannon has created delicately intimate works for over thirty years, rooted in her domestic surroundings and investigations into the creative process. Following the 2009 death of her partner, Julian Dashper, Shannon catalogued his works and archive in their shared studio. From this lengthy process she gathered material for text-based video works and related photographs. In 2017 her survey exhibition, ‘Rooms found only in the home’ was presented at Dunedin Public Art Gallery and is now touring New Zealand. Short Stories marks a departure for Shannon in bringing together a body of moving image works developed over the last eight years. Trish Clark Gallery,1 Bowen Ave, Auckland Opens 4pm Sunday 17 June. Hrs 12–5 Tues–Fri, Sat 12–4 09 379 9556 |

Harvey Benge

Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T

Harvey Benge Aide Memoire (detail)

STAK launch (2017) courtesy of Emily Mafile’o

A number of these photographs were seen for the first time at Northart in 2002. The series Aide Memoire and the other imagery from that period was made when Harvey Benge lived in Paris in 1999 and 2000. Now, 18 years later, this exhibition presents Benge’s old work in a fresh context, paired in counterpoint against work made by the artist in recent years, some as recently as February 2018. Thus allowing a comparison of contemporary ideas and the executional, formal aspects of the artist’s new work with images made earlier.

“This project draws from decades of material working as an interdisciplinary artist, community documenter and independent archivist. My practice works to visibilise communities and people that are often mis-represented in mainstream society. This is done through generating a living archive of recorded interviews, photographs and sound recordings, which are then presented within a performative installation framework. The scope of the archive ranges from the political to personal pertaining to Pacific, Maori, and LGBTQI communities.”

Aide Memoire and Other Stories 3 June – 20 June

Gallery talk – Sunday 17 June, 2pm Ron Brownson in conversation with Harvey Benge

Northart, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Town Centre. Opens 4pm, Sun 3 June Hrs 10–4 Daily | 09 480 9633 |

Story telling as Koha: consolidating community memories 1 June – 15 July

Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson Opens 6pm Thursday 31 May Hrs 10–4.30 Mon–Sun | 09 8384455 |


Kate van der Drift

Water Slows as it Rounds The Bend 12 June – 1 July

Maimai, Small Pond and Mineralised Zone II

Water Slows as it Rounds The Bend is part of an ongoing investigation into the fragile ecology and transformation of the Hauraki Plains. The groundwater of the present day plains is tightly controlled; few clues remain of the great fertile wetland, yet concealed in the centre of the gridded farmland lays Kopuatai Peat Dome. Acting as a sponge, the Peat Dome protects low-lying farmland from flooding, but in recent years it hasn’t soaked up the excess rain. By traversing the wetland on foot and by kayak, van der Drift learns why some locals believe the Dome is struggling to breathe. Sanderson Contemporary, Osborne Lane, 2 Kent St, Newmarket. Opens 5.30 Tues 12 Jun. Hrs 10-6 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat and Sun. 09 520 0501 |


Mary Macpherson

The Long View – Auckland photographs 2014–2017 29 May – 22 July

Devonport, Auckland (from the series The Long View)

The ‘Long View’ harks back to the 19th century when artists like Alfred Sharpe and John Kinder were making images of Auckland as a city-in-progress. One and a half centuries later, the metropolis is still making and re-making itself and it is this process which Macpherson’s photographs inhabit. A vision emerges that is at once restless, unresolved and paradoxical, yet somehow capable of moments of transcendence. (Gregory O’Brien 2017)

Talking Culture – Mary Macpherson 10th June at 2pm

The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, 72 Hillsborough Road. Opens 6pm Mon 28 May Hrs 10–3 Tue–Fri, 8–5 Sat–Sun 09 639 2010, |

Tommy Hamilton

Steady Stream of Condolences 1 June – 23 June

Spiros Poros

Metalaxis 28 May – 17 June

Tommy Hamilton

‘Steady Stream of Condolences’ is a set of images that explore the multiple ways space and people inhabit the world. Its an operation evoking memories of how places are traversed and possible outcomes from being in these spaces. My practice explores the ways of being in between memories of place and self. Sometimes these explorations are fleeting and other times there is a constant observation that offers a fleeting connection or imparts a unique experience that requires our eye to become a dedicated witness. The intention to share these observations is to offer space for other observations to manifest. The exchange is unconditional. Whitespace, 20 Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn Opens 5pm Friday 1 June. Hrs 11–5 Tues–Fri, 11–4 Sat 09 361 6331 |

Spiros Poros

Spiros Poros has travelled the world, looking at people in their cultural environment through the art of photography. His work is cinematographically appealing, with emphasis on protagonists and their characters. His unique style has enabled him to contribute to magazine editorials for publications such as Vogue, Instyle, Flaunt and Esquire around the world. Constantly evolving and revolutionizing his method has made him a favorite photographer of fashion houses and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Mega Good, Michael Stipe, Alesandra Amposio, Kylie Bax, and many others. Beecroft Gallery, Lake House Art, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna. Opens 6pm Mon 28 May. Hrs 9–4 Mon–Fri 10–3 Sat–Sun| 09 486 4877 |


Mareea Vegas, Ian Mcrae, Leon Rose SOURCE 28 May – 10 June

Car Wash Photo Club Meet You at Mercs 30 May – 8 June

Ian Mcrae

After a three year hiatus, contemporaries and friends Mareea Vegas (former Nikon Auckland Photo Day winner 2011 and judge 2016), Leon Rose and Ian Mcrae bring SOURCE back together. Following the groups’ success at previous exhibitions for the Auckland Festival of Photography, SOURCE will be an aesthetically delicious and contemporary show of fine art photographs, delicately printed for gallery and retail. Each artist will explore different yet complementary themes around light, landscape and perspective; the combined show a creative interpretation by the viewer. It will showcase the techniques and skills of the three popular and established Auckland photographers. Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Road. Opens 6pm Tues 29 May. Hrs 11–4 daily 027 672 2776 |

Raymond Sagapolutele

This is the third year in a row that this diverse group of photographers have exhibited and building on the strengths of the previous years they have focused their work to fine tune the ideas explored over the last two shows. Exhibiting once again at Allpress Studio the show will be another chance to take in the themes explored by each of the nine photographers over the last twelve months, work that has been shot in Aotearoa and overseas. Covering landscapes, portraiture, documentary and themes of identity and belonging the exhibition offers the viewer a chance to see life through the lens of 9 photographers representing all the corners of Auckland. Featuring work by Mark Barber, Tim Dee, Joe Hockley, Edward Howie, Brendan Kitto, Kieran Lowe, Jamie McCready, Nigel Roberts and Raymond Sagapolutele. Allpress Gallery, 8 Drake St,Freemans Bay Opens 6.30 Wednesday 30 May. Hrs Mon–Fri 9–3 09 307 5555 |


Denise Batchelor Blue Series 30 May – 23 June

Linda Jarrett

Walk: An Antithesis to the “Decisive Moment” 2 June – 20 June

Denise Batchelor Title: Symbiosis Year: 2017 Medium: HD Video Duration 03:22 (loop) Limited Edition: 3

‘Blue Series’ (still images) and ‘Symbiosis’ (moving image) explore the Physalia utriculus (or bluebottles as they’re commonly known). While seemingly a single animal, they are colonial organisms made up of polyps and medusa that work together as a single organism. Each organism specializes in either buoyancy, propulsion, predation, digestion or reproduction, while functioning separately they are unable to survive alone. Award winning artist Denise Batchelor first showed these works in Berlin in 2017 and this is the first time they have beenshown in NZ. Orexart Gallery, 1/15 Putiki St, Grey Lynn. Opens 5pm Wednesday 30 May. Hrs 11–5 Tues–Fri, 10–4 Saturday 09 3780588 |

Off Old Lake Road #1

The ‘Decisive Moment’, a well-known term associated with Henri Cartier Bresson, relates to a frozen moment, capturing a significant event as a precise organisation of forms. If capturing the decisive moment is a way of freezing the moment: capturing a slice of time, then what is the antithesis? Walk is a series of contemporary abstract images that capture the antithesis of the decisive moment. Not a frozen moment in time, but many moments in one, insignificant, imprecise and disorganised. Captured whilst walking locally, these images are more about the things we don’t see rather than the things we do. Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport. Opens 6pm Fri 1 June. Hrs 12–4.30 Mon, 10-4.30 Tues–Sat, 11–3 Sun 09 963 2331 |


Nando Azevedo + ARCC The Resettlement Portraits 2 June – 20 June

Every year Aotearoa, New Zealand receives intakes of humanitarian migrants under the United Nations resettlement quota, asylum seekers and family reunifcation programmes. A lot of misinformation and fear surrounds this process, and little is known about the people who are coming to restart their lives in this country. This project is run by the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition in order to expose New Zealanders to the wealth and diversity of these cultures. The series celebrates their strength, resilience, taonga tuku iho and mana, as they become part of a new and more diverse New Zealand identity. Auckland Central City Library, Sir George Grey Special Collection Exhibition Room 4-46 Lorne St. Opens 6:30pm on Friday 1 June. Hrs Mon–Fri 9–8, Sat–Sun 10–4 | 09 846 0110 | Portrait of Raqel, Shiluk South Sudanese Community

Janet Hafoka

Ephemeral 28 May – 10 June ‘A reflection on the impermanent and short lived’. Through a focus on nature in decay and an emphasis on light and it’s variants, this exhibition explores time and temporality. It also highlights the value in the fleeting and fragile we are compelled to capture before it passes. Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Road. Opens 6pm Tues 29 May Hrs 11–4 Mon–Sun 027 6722776 |

Janet Hafoka


Personal 8 June – 17 June White Studios will be hosting a ‘Personal’ exhibition over two weekends as part of The Auckland Festival of Photography 2018, showcasing artwork from some of the top photographers in NZ. White Studios, Studio 4, 30 Burleigh St, Grafton Opens 6.30pm Thurs 7 June Hrs 10–5, Fri 8 – Sat 9 June, 10–4 Sun 10 June 10–5 Fri 15 – Sat 16 June, 10–4 Sun 17 June 09 358 0771 |

Simeon Patience


Sandra Chen Weinstein Dignity for Palestine 28 May – 10 June

In the distance, like a giant serpent, the separation wall surrounds the valley and hills of the pale, dry land. Before you get close, jumbles of boulders and rocks alert you to stop at a checkpoint manned by young Israeli soldiers. I walked through the checkpoints and the separation wall which was first built on the 1967 border and constantly extended and to divide not only faith but dignity and humanity. The physical, social, political, psychological and military barriers to trade and commerce severely limit economic growth and quality of daily life under the apartheid-like system of Israel’s continuing occupation of the Palestinian Territories. Talking Culture – Fri 1st June, 11am Meet the artist.

Sandra Chen Weinstein

Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Road Opens 6pm Tues 29 June Hrs 11–4 Mon–Fri, 11–2 Sat–Sun

Jeremy Blincoe

Wander and Wonder 31 May – 23 June

Jeremy Blincoe ‘Trent’ Photographic print 750 x 1000mm

The title of contemporary art photographer Blincoe’s exhibition – Wander and Wonder – inspires curiosity as to whom these words apply. Are the people in his photographs aimlessly inhabiting these landscapes, or are they wondering where and when they will fit into the world, or even make sense of it. Do they invite questions about their meaning as the viewer wanders through the exhibition? Highly staged and orchestrated, Wander and Wonder captures a friction between innocence and ominousness, childlike wonderment and something stranger. Blincoe’s photographs use a combination of studio and natural lighting to give the works an augmented, hyperreal quality. Objects glow dramatically; shadows are cast in various directions. It’s spooky, beautiful and fantastical. But despite the exaggerated atmosphere and vastness of the environs, the protagonists seem connected and strangely comfortable. Orexart Gallery, 1/15 Putiki St, Grey Lynn. Opens 5pm Wednesday 30 May. Hrs 11–5 Tues–Fri, 10–4 Saturday 09 3780588 |


Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards Various 30 May – 12 June

Paul Batt

Service Station Portraits 31 May – 13 June

Untitled #1, 2006 (Service Station Portraits 2006-08) The Sparkling Birthday of Maddelena by Sandra Mehl – 2nd place, Open Singles Category, KLPA 2017

Presented by Auckland Festival of Photography & KLPA. Since 2009, KLPA has been recognising and rewarding top international photographers through its open calls, focusing on the best in contemporary portrait photography. KLPA, in its 10th year, has been selected as one of the top recommended contests by the World Photography Organisation. A selection of the KLPA winners by Steven V Lee, founder and director, will be on show. Supported by Asia New Zealand. Entries for the 2018 KLPA are still open until 30 April 2018. Send in your entry, terms and conditions apply. See for details. Bruce Mason Centre, The Promenade, Takapuna Hrs 9–5 Mon–Fri | 09 488 2940 |

This series represents the documentation of the self-reflective moments on the faces of individuals at the service station below my old apartment between 2006–08. The transitory nature of a service station means that patrons don’t arrive there as such. The customer’s intention is their imminent departure and the purpose of their arrival. This nature of not being an intended destination or in a sense a ‘non place’, gives a melancholy to people’s habitation of it as their minds are elsewhere. It was these brief moments of people alone without their public facade, which spoke to me of the human condition. It was these looks that made me wonder whether it was possible to document them and whether I could make a portrait of somebody I don’t know, which also subtly reflected them. Paul Batt is an Australian artist and academic. Batt has lectured in photography at PSC, RMIT and Monash Universites and has written for magazines such as Photofile. As an artist Batt has exhibited extensively around Australia and overseas, while his work is held in significant public collections such as the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA). Ellen Melville Centre, 2 Freyberg Place, cnr High St & Freyberg Place. Hrs 9–5 daily, Wed after 1pm 09 890 802 |


Head On Landscape Award Various 1 June – 15 June

Kevin Capon

Portraits 1984 – 85 12 June – 1 July

Fish Out of Water – Geoff Goddard

Presented by Auckland Festival of Photography & Head On Photo Festival, partners in the Asia Pacific Photoforum. Curated by Head On Creative Director, Moshe Rosenzveig. An exhibition of Head On Landscape Prize images presenting the vast Australian continent from urban cities to the epic coastline and outback. The Head On Photo Awards are presented annually (est. 2004) in Sydney, Australia. Supported by Olympus Australia. Sat 2nd June 11am – Moshe will share his ideas and discuss the Landscape Awards. The Australian High Commission in Wellington supports the Auckland Festival of Photography exhibition of contemporary Australian Landscape photography. Metro Gallery, 222 Hobson Street Hrs 7–4 Mon–Fri, 8–3 Sat–Sun |

Tony Fomison, 1984, silver gelatin contact prints, edition of 6, 200mm x 255mm

This is a small selection of works from a wider body of forty photographic portraits that Kevin Capon shot throughout 1984–85. The black and white portraits captured prominent figures within the arts at the time, a snapshot of New Zealand’s creative face of the time. The portraits are close up and personal, tightly framed on the face and intimate images of artists that have echoed through time such as Colin McCahon, Doris Lusk and Ralph Hotere. Portraits 1984–85 is a true snapshot of an era – allowing us to glimpse back while knowing the legacy of today. Sanderson Contemporary, Osborne Lane, 2 Kent St, Newmarket. Opens 5.30 Tues 12 Jun Hrs 10-6 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat–Sun 09 520 0501 |


Photo Map A digital photography celebration of Auckland Photo Day, showcasing hundreds of competition entries since 2004, to create a digital GPS interactive ‘Photo Map’ of Auckland ‘Photo Map’ will uses the latest GPS technology for a new interactive viewing experience. Travel around the region using the Auckland Photo Day images as a guide, or go on a virtual tour from your own lounge or office or phone. A 15th year anniversary project for the Auckland Festival of Photography in 2018. Supported by Creative Communities and Imersia Reality. See


Auckland Festival of Photography New Zealand

Fotografica Bogota Columbia

Ballarat International Foto Biennale Australia

Guatephoto Guatemala

Fotografica Bogota Columbia

Head On Photo Festival Australia

Chobi Mela Photo Festival Bangladesh

Higashikawa International Photo Festival Japan

Delhi Photo Festival India

Obscura Festival of Photography Malaysia

Singapore International Photography Festival Singapore Shimmer Photography Biennale Australia Pingyao International Photography Festival China


Nikon Auckland Photo Day

Winners 21 May – 12 June Daily – Queens Wharf Fence, 89 Quay Street City 09 3077055 |

Nikon Auckland Photo Day anniversary celebration exhibition of prize winners and People’s Choice winners from 2004–2017 An outdoor viewing experience, open all weather. Daylight hours. Thanks to all the photographers

Images from top left to right 2017 People’s Choice winner Talya Ben-Ari: Day of Rest 2016 1st prize Sylvie Whinray: Pop’s Desk 2014 1st prize Dave Barker: Time for a Fag 2013 1st prize Groo Lee: We Need to Talk 2012 1st prize Lee Copas: Don’t Worry Be Happy 2011 1st prize Mareea Paterson: Boy Sees Light


Auckland Photo Day

2017 1st prize – Sora Joseph Waningsinggel: Waka Race at Takapuna Beach

Auckland Photo Day

Saturday 9 June – 24 hours

Auckland Photo Day is an open access public competition run over a period of 24 hours. For one day only, you are asked to capture still or moving images that reflect your Auckland. If the image is good enough to show your friends and family, it might be good enough to win 1st Prize in Auckland Photo Day. Groups, individuals, families, children…anyone with access to an imaging device can submit the scenes, people and places that reflect their Auckland region.




All images must be taken on the day itself. It must be new, not existing, work. For details of prizes, judges, terms & conditions on how to take part and send in your images see

Can you embrace the time in a 24 hour day, by using technology to make it so easy for the creation of timelapse or video or short films – capture your day with moving image and submit it to the new category – Nikon KeyMission Moving Image prize. The 2018 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize winners including Top 30 runners up and People’s Choice winner will be displayed on the Festival website, generate local media interest and social media exposure plus the public are invited to vote for the People’s Choice winner for one week in late June online.

Celebrate • Shoot • Submit • Win Nikon D5600

1st prize Bring your creativity to life with the Nikon D5600. It features 24.2 effective megapixels, an EXPEED 4 image-processing engine, and an ISO range of 100-25600 that captures beautiful and vibrant imagery, videos and time-lapse movies even in low light situations. Inspiration comes easy when you discover new perspectives with the vari-angle LCD monitor and intuitive touch interface.

Nikon D3400

2nd prize Take your first step into the world of DSLR photography with the new Nikon D3400 with SnapBridge, the latest feature that automatically connects your pictures with the world. Capture every memory in stunning detail with ISO 100-25600, 24.2 megapixels, an 11-point autofocus system. No matter the situation, whatever the occasion, the compact and lightweight D3400 is always ready.

Nikon J5

3rd prize Meet the Nikon 1 J5, the chic and compact interchangeable lens camera with a 20.8-megapixel image sensor. Achieve impeccable imagery with unbelievably fast continuous shooting speeds of 20 frames per second with autofocus tracking and videos up to 4K/15p. The J5 is the perfect culmination of power, flexibility, speed and style, all in the palm of your hand.

Nikon KeyMission

Nikon P900

People’s Choice Take ultra high-power zoom to the next level with the new 16.1-megapixel P900 and get closer to your subjects with 83x optical zoom (24mm -2000mm equivalent in 35mm format) and 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom (approximately 4000mm equivalent in 35mm format). All in a compact and stylish body, revel in superior image quality.

Moving Image


Talking Culture by Leica

Photobook Friday

Fri 1 June, 12pm – 3pm This free event is open to all. You are invited to share some wonderful international and New Zealand photography stories, meet the artists, explore themes, and discuss the designs of the books themselves. Held on a winter’s Friday afternoon, this is a great opportunity to meet informally with key international practitioners & NZ photobook artists and publishers. Key speakers: Gwen Lee, curator and founder DECK, (Singapore) will discuss the “Steidl Book Award Asia,” held in April 2016 at Singapore’s photography-focused independent art space, DECK. Supported by Asia NZ Foundation. Margaret Samuels, formerly of Auckland University Press presents on behalf of the late Jocelyn Carlin, photographer of ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’. Margaret will talk about the book and Jocelyn’s career.


Alejandro Chaskielberg, artist (Argentina) introduces his book ‘Otsuchi Future Memories’ and the new work on the El Hoyo Labrynth of Patagonia in his recently published book, ‘Laberinto’. Supported by Argentinian Foreign Office. Enrico Stefanelli, PhotoLux director (Italy), presents on his Photoboox Award, PhotoLux, Italy. Submissions for the Award are free of charge and open to all photographers or collectives from all countries. Entries are submitted as a physical paper dummy, complete in every aspect (including texts and graphic design). Winner is published by Ceiba (Mayumi Suzuki was the 2017 Photoboox Award winner). Enrico is at the 2018 Festival supported by Leica. Allan McDonald speaks about his award winning book that won the 2018 Photobook of the Year NZ, ‘Carbon Empire’ published by Rim Books. Auckland Central Library, 44 – 46 Lorne Street 09 307 7055 |

Opening Weekend

Herlinde Koelbl

Fri 1 June,10–10.45am Artist Herlinde Koelbl will give a walk + talk on her series ‘Targets’. Herlinde Koelbl, one of the most renowned German photographic artists, is particularly interested in creating portraits of milieus and people. Her photographs have been shown at numerous international exhibitions and are in many major collections. Koelbl exhibited her work extensively: 2015 Nobel Peace Center Oslo, Norway 2014 Art and Exhibition Hall Germany, Bonn German Historical Museum, Berlin 2013 Esther Cho Gallery, Seoul 2012 Kunsthaus, Vienna Art Cologne, Cologne 2011 Stadtmuseum Munich Jewish Museum, Munich Corean Museum of Art, Seoul 2010 Wallraff-Richartz- Museum Cologne TwentseWelle Museum, Enschede, Netherlands 2009 Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin Designmuseum, Lissabon Musée l’Elysée, Lausanne 2008 Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich Galerie Westlicht, Vienna Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Join this unique opportunity at the Festival to hear Koelbl discuss her work in ‘Targets’. Please note this is an outdoor walk and talk, be weather prepared. In case of rain, bring warm clothing and an umbrella. Silo 7 + Gantry walkway, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter 09 307 7055 | |

Gwen Lee + artists in conversation

Sat 2 June, 12.30–1.30pm Key presentation of our 2018 international guest curator and artists of the theme at the waterfront Silo 6 Festival hub, Gwen Lee is joined by 2018 Annual Commission artist, Alex Plumb, Hou I-Ting and Chen Yan Cheng. Gwen Lee is Director of the Singapore International Photography Festival, has curated various photography showcases in Asia and has been invited as a jury member in Europe & Asia. In the past five years, she has been participating actively as a portfolio reviewer in UK, China, Korea, Japan and Singapore. In 2013, Lee was invited to a curatorial study trip in Germany organised by the Goethe Institut (Singapore) and assembled a Singapore showcase at Lianzhou Photo Festival in China. In 2016, Lee curated the first solo exhibition of Daido Moriyama in Singapore, tracing Moriyama’s early works between the 60s and 80s. Gwen introduces her ideas and work for the Control theme. Alex Plumb is a New Zealand moving image artist who has created new work as part of the Control theme. He joins Gwen, Hou I-Ting, Chen Yan Cheng in discussion on their work. Ellen Melville Centre, 2 Freyberg Place, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place, CBD 09 3077055 |


Opening Weekend

Control Panel Discussion

Steven V Lee

Sat 2 June, 2–3pm

Auckland Festival of Photography presents Steven V Lee.

Ollie Dale (NZ), Herlinde Koelbl (Germany), Gwen Lee (Singapore), Moshe Rosenzveig (Australia), Maggie Steber (USA), Enrico Stefanelli (Italy)

Join the discussion with artists, curators and Festival directors on photography’s relation to control in society. Today the dangers of life have changed, and though different, some have global consequences, such as war, terrorism and climate change. So how do we in an age of relative personal freedom of choice rationalise the opposite effects of the increasing mechanisms of control? How do our personal, intimate, identifying desires create the tools to control us? Which political, social, cultural and legal incidents has this provoked? From surveillance to harnessing nature to survive into the future, Control, the theme for 2018 looks at how we control each other through technology, consumption, government laws, propaganda and by spying and surveillance in order to remain ‘free’. What are the forces and mechanisms of control in a post 9/11 world? How do artists, curators and festivals navigate this vast topic? Audience Q+A welcome. MC Steven V Lee. Supported by Asia New Zealand Foundation, Australian High Commission, Goethe Institut, US Embassy of NZ and sponsored by Leica. Ellen Melville Centre, 2 Freyberg Place, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place, CBD 09 3077055 |

Sun 3 June, 12–12.45pm

Steven is a Malaysian freelance photographer based in London, UK. He began his photographic career as a documentary and travel photographer in the late 90’s when he began writing travel articles for magazines and journals. In 2000, he published his first coffee-table book titled Outside Looking In: Kuala Lumpur, which received the Asian Prize at PhotoCity Sagamihara Festival of the Image, Japan in 2007. Part of the collection is held with the City of Sagamihara National Photographic Archives. His commercial portraiture and fashion work has graced the covers of License! Europe, Country Club UK and Masterpiece and Asiana magazines. In 2002, he was approached by AntiSlavery International UK to photograph specially prepared Indian recipes by Chattar Singh of Rajasthan for a fund raiser book ‘A Taste for Freedom’. In 2009, Steven initiated the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, an annual international portrait photography competition centred in Malaysia, focussing on the best in contemporary portrait photography, attracting the participation of some top international photographers. Steven continues to run photography educational workshops through Exposure+ Photo Mentoring platform in Kuala Lumpur with other photographers, and has been a portfolio reviewer at the Mt Rokko International Photography Festival in Kobe, Japan from 2013 to 2017. Includes a Q + A with the audience. Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD | 09 307 7700 | klphotoawards.

Talking Culture 2017


Marcin Glabus’s (Pol) Helena

Los Creadores (c) Alejandro Chaskielberg

Strangers in a New Land - (c) Maggie Steber

Maggie Steber Sun 3 June, 3pm

Auckland Festival of Photography & Leica presents Maggie Steber (USA).

Alejandro Chaskielberg

Sun 3 June, 1.30–2.15pm Alejandro Chaskielberg has established a worldwide reputation for his innovative vision and sensibility that crosses the boundaries between document and art. Chaskielberg graduated from the National Institute of Cinematography of Argentina as Director of photography. He received the Burn Emerging Photographer Grant by the Magnum Foundation in 2009 and was titled World Photographer of the Year 2011 by the World Photography Organization. The Boston University awarded him with the Leopold Godowsky Jr. Award, which recognizes excellence in the field of contemporary color photography. His work was presented at the Brighton Biennial curated by Martin Parr in 2009. He is a visiting teacher at the Tokyo Institute of Photography and has recently been one of the masters of the first Latin American Masterclass organized by the World Photography Organization. Thanks to the Argentinian Foriegn Office. Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD

Maggie Steber is a photojournalist and holder of a Leica Medal of Excellence, attending our Talking Culture events with the support of Leica. She has worked in 64 countries focusing on humanitarian, cultural and social stories. Her honours also include from the World Press Photo Foundation, the Overseas Press Club, Pictures of the Year, the Medal of Honor for Distinguished Service to Journalism from the University of Missouri, the Alicia Patterson and Ernst Haas Grant, and a Knight Foundation grant for the New American Newspaper project. For more than three decades, Steber has worked in Haiti. Aperture published her monograph, Dancing On Fire. In 2013 Steber was named as one of eleven Women of Vision by National Geographic Magazine, publishing a book and touring an exhibition in five US cities. Steber has served as a Newsweek Magazine contract photographer and as the Asst. Managing Editor of Photography and Features at The Miami Herald, overseeing staff projects that won the paper a Pulitzer and two finalist recognitions. Her work is included in the Library of Congress, The Richter Library and private collections. Clients include National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, AARP, The Guardian, and Geo Magazine among others. Thanks to the support of the US Embassy of New Zealand and Leica. Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD


Porfolio reviews

Enrico Stefanelli (c) Paolo Marchettit

Portfolio Reviews

Enrico Stefanelli

Free educational and expert sessions discussing your photography.

Auckland Festival of Photography & Leica present Enrico Stefanelli (Italy).

Come along to be part of this! Great opportunity to have your images seen and appraised by leading international and local experts. Gathering starts at 11am.

Enrico Stefanelli is a photographer and journalist who also teaches photography workshops. He is the founder and artistic director of Photolux Festival, the biennial of photography in Lucca, Italy. He has curated several exhibitions at the Lucca Photo Fest such as Tim Hetherington, Jan Saudek, Horst P. Horst, VII Agency, Nobuyoshy Araki, Boris Mikhailov and David Douglas Duncan. Since 2010, Enrico has been the Italian curator of EPEA, the European Photo Exhibition Award. He has written articles and contributions on photography for several catalogues, books and magazines. He has been appointed as an expert for portfolio reviews at Les Rencontres d’Arles, CENTER, Santa Fe – Colorado, and Kaunas Festival in Lithuania.

Mon 4 June, 11am–2pm

Professional, amateur, student, hobby photographers and the general public are invited to bring in their images for the reviewers to see and give feedback on. Bring prints or your own computer or tablet to view. The public can also drop by. Sessions will be 20 minutes one on one. Meet with: Moshe Rosenzveig; director, Head On Photo Festival: Gwen Lee, curator & director, Singapore International Photography Festival: Enrico Stefanelli, director, PhotoLux, Italy; Maggie Steber, photojournalist, USA; Steven V Lee, photographer & director, Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards; Alejandro Chaskielberg, artist, Argentina and Chris Traill, FNZIPP. Limited sessions available | FREE Bookings highly recommended email to register.’ Auckland Art Gallery Boardroom, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD


Mon 4 June, 3pm

He has also served as a member of the international jury for Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film, as well as a mentor on Joop Swart Masterclass in World Press Photo Foundation. Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD

Ron Brownson

Sun 10 June, 1pm Other People Think Auckland Art Gallery Senior Curator, Ron Brownson discusses the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto and Andreas Gursky that feature in Other People Think – an exhibition that highlights many of the previously unseen works from the Gallery’s international contemporary collection. Exhibition spaces level 1 – free Auckland Art Gallery Exhibition Space Level 1, Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD

Rick Lin

Sun 14 June, 12.30–1.30pm Life is like a camera, where we focus on what’s important and capture moments that are meaningful Rick first discovered joy from photography 7 years ago. He since then developed a passion for street photography. He has won many awards both locally and internationally. Rick travels a lot for his job. He does reviews on cameras and relating accessories online. He mainly shares his photos on Instagram (@rick0530). Rick Lin, graduated with a Computer System Engineering degree and also worked as a management consultant. He is now a young entrepreneur in the field of investment banking. Member of the NZ Chinese Photography Assoc Ellen Melville Centre, Helen Clark Room, Freyberg Pl, CBD 09 890 8021 |

Michael Itkoff

Sat 16 Jun, 12–2pm An exclusive session with Daylight Books cofounder Michael Itkoff. Daylight Books is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books, for more than a decade, via its print and digital publishing programs. By exploring the documentary mode along with the more conceptual concerns of fine art, Daylight’s uniquely collectible publications work to revitalize the relationship between art, photography, and the world-at-large. Michael Itkoff has been deeply involved in the publishing industry in print and digital media and has written for the NYTimes Lens blog, Art Asia Pacific, Nueva Luz, Conscientious blog and the Forward. Before starting Daylight, Itkoff interned at the Annie Leibovitz Studio and Aperture Foundation among others, and worked at Rizzoli International Publications. His monograph, ‘Street Portraits’, was published by Charta Editions in 2009. Michael received his BA from Sarah Lawrence College and his MFA from ICP/Bard College. Daylight Books will have a boutique exhibition for the last week of the Festival – 17 - 22 June. This event is supported by the US Embassy in New Zealand. Auckland Central Library, 44 – 46 Lorne Street 09 307 7055 |

Various NZIPP Photographers NZIPP Showcase Sun 17 June, 2pm

Mike Itkoff

This event showcases the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). It includes an audio visual presentation of The Iris Awards and the annual Infocus Event. Leading Photographers will present award winning images and talk about the awards. Photographers will describe how their NZIPP membership contributed to their craft. A panel discussion and a Q+A session will take place about the changing dynamic of the photographic industry in the current environment. Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St, CBD


Other Talks Sandra Chen Weinstein Fri 1 June, 11am

Ollie Dale Sat 9 June,12–1pm

Meet the artist Dignity for Palestine

Drone display

Studio 541 541 Mt Eden Road

Ida Larsson & Marz Courts Fri 1 June, 7pm (at opening) Hum Salon 123 Grafton Rd, Grafton

Russ Flatt Sat 2 June, 11am Tim Melville Gallery 4 Winchester St, Grey Lynn

Moshe Rosenzveig Sat 2 June, 11am Metro Gallery 222 Hobson Street

Coffee & Cameras Every Saturday, 12 noon Metro Gallery 222 Hobson Street

Lunchtime series 7 June–14 June, 12.30–1.30pm 7 June Meet Pedram Pirnia who will discuss his projects in Afghanistan 14 June Meet Rick Lin, Leica photographer who discusses his street images 15 June Meet Roy Davies, Imersia to hear about VR/AR in relation to the creation of the Auckland Photo Day interactive map for 2018 Ellen Melville Centre Helen Clark Room Freyberg Pl, CBD 12.30–1.30pm 09 890 8021

Demonstrating how to make great aerial images – see live demonstration.Thanks to Grant Wilson from Drone Deploy Silo 7, Silo Park

Sandra Chen Weinstein Sat 9 June, 11am Meet the artist Seoul Searching Ellen Melville Centre, Eleitino Paddy Walker Room, 2 Freyberg Place, Cnr High St & Freyberg Place Panel Discussion:

Dr Leon Tan, William Bardebes, Allan McDonald, Dr Nina Seja, Dr Scott Wilson

Creative Photography Group Sat 16 June, Sun 17 June Sat 16 June 1pm – Floortalk Sun 17 June 10am – Workshop Using your cellphone camera Sun 17 June 1pm – Workshop Buying your first Digital camera Estuary Arts Centre, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa

Harvey Benge in conversation with Ron Brownson Sun 17 June, 2pm Aide Memoire and Other Stories Northart, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Town Centre

Sat 9 June, 1–2pm.

The Visibility Paradigm This panel discussion is a parallel event to the Gallery One exhibition The Visibility Paradigm. It will take place inside a camera obscura under a veil of semi darkness to play with conventions of visibility, the camera and the photographic audience. The discussion will examine notions of visibility, power and the camera in the age of face recognition technology. Gallery One, Unitec Bldg One, Gateway One, Carrington Road, Mt Albert

Mary McPherson Sun 10 June, 2pm The Long View Auckland photographs 2014 – 2017 The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, 72 Hillsborough Road


A Reason to Stay Wed 20 June, 6.15pm

A floor talk by Janene Knox (Director/Producer/Editor) will support the screening. “A Reason to Stay” Documentary feature, 91 mins Directed & Produced by Janene Knox & Peter Becnel lll. Director of Photography Bill Poznanski Photography by Angela Becnel Edited by Janene Knox A Pirogue Production, copyright 2015 Award winning soundtrack written by Ryan Scully & Performed by R. Scully’s Rough Seven. Gallery One, Unitec Bldg One, Gateway One, Carrington Road, Mt Albert



Education Students, University of Auckland Creative Arts & Industries Simon Devitt Prize for Photography 2018: Mythical 19 June – 28 July

Angela Becnel (USA), Harry Peter Becnel 111 (USA), Janene Knox (NZ / USA), Bill Poznanski (USA) Flood | A Reason to Stay 20 June – 13 July

‘Dissonance’ Li Wen Choy

Kat Fridge

The Simon Devitt Prize for Photography celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018, and is held annually in recognition of the most compelling photograph taken by a full-time student of the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries

‘Flood’ is an exhibition of photographic still and moving images taken in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina.

Alongside the previous winners, this year’s exhibition is set to showcase unique photographic perspectives from some of New Zealand’s emerging creative minds with diverse backgrounds in fine art, music, dance, architecture, urban planning and urban design. The prize is made possible thanks to our valued sponsors: Simon Devitt Photographer, Canon NZ and John Leech Framing Workshop. Gus Fisher Gallery, 74 Shortland St, CBD Hrs 10–5 Tues–Sat 09 923 6646 |

Through the lens of a camera Janene Knox and Bill Poznanski present an examination of graffiti signs as syntax between the state authorities and local residents. Angela and Peter Becnel capture the deluge of the flood. Accompanied by a floor talk and screening of the related award winning documentary feature film ‘A Reason to Stay’: “The story of a flooded corner of New Orleans Mid City neighbourhood following Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. Captured on camcorder in never-before-seen footage, neighbours assist each other with compassion and humour in the face of extreme adversity.” Knox A Reason to Stay trailer: Gallery One, Unitec Building 1, Gate 1, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert. Opens 5pm Wed 20 Jun Hrs 9.30–4.30 Mon–Fri | 022 012 7612


We make a difference This annual Festival, produced by a registered charitable trust, works to further the presence and awareness of photography. The Festival encourages participation from people of all walks of life to share their unique stories through the democratic medium of photography. In the last 15 years, our Festival has jointly presented numerous events celebrating photography, through our Signature programme, Talking Culture Series, portfolio Reviews, Festival Tuesday Circuit, Annual Fine Arts Commission and Nikon Auckland Photo Day. There is also an open access Satellite Programme – a mix of emerging student, amateur and grass roots photography.


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The Hand by Janet Lilo, 2017 Annual Commission by Baker Douglas

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2018 —

Satellite See for full listings

Celia Walmsley & Jessie McCall

The Epitome of an Oxymoronic Endeavour | 5 – 19 Jun In a collaboration between photographer and choreographer and their oxymoronic art forms, this work explores performative photography and the long standing relationship between still photography and movement. Wellesley Studios, 113 Wellesley St, CBD Hrs 10–2 Mon–Fri, 021 583 124 |

James Douglas Richardson

Ki Uta : Coming Ashore | 25 May – 29 Jul An exhibition celebrating the resilience of the Orakei people and place: J D Richardson photographs of Ōrākei, Ōkahu Bay and Kohimarama in the 1920s and 1930s. Auckland Central City Library, 44 Lorne Street, CBD Hrs 9–8 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat–Sun 09 890 2488 |

Bex Charteris


New Zealand as a Village of 100 People | 31 May – 22 Jun What would the population of New Zealand look like if it was shrunk down to 100 people? Come and find out! Portraits displayed simultaneously at Auckland Central, Massey and Otahuhu libraries. Auckland Central City Library, Otahuhu Library, Massey Library, See website for locations & hours:



Tanya Mariel Iniguez

Agropolis: a photo documentary in post-quake Christchurch | 2 – 22 Jun Agropolis, the first urban farm in post-earthquake Christchurch CBD, bears witness to the happiness and resilience of our local community to build and create a space of growth in a context of destruction Auckland Central City Library, 44/46 Lorne St, CBD Opens 6pm Fri 1 Jun, Hrs 9–8 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat–Sun 09 377 0209 |

Jon Carapiet

Anna-Maria Bribiesca

Havana Cuba | 2 – 24 Jun Cuba Havana Cuba, captured by Anna-Maria Bribiesca, just before Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration, has a unique humble charm – it has begun to change – it will never be the same. Hum Salon, 123 Grafton Rd, Grafton. Opens 6pm Fri 1 Jun, 10–4 Tues–Thurs, 10–7 Fri–Sun (Closed Mon) 09 374 4388 |

Ida Larsson

Guardians | 2 – 24 Jun Guardians is a collection of photographs exploring the camera’s potential to capture the unseen. Uncertainty mixes hope, magical thinking and reminiscence.

The Beauty of Fine Art Portraits | 2 – 22 Jun This stunning fine art photography expresses strength, attitude and pride to be a woman. It’s fresh, it’s cultural, it’s powerful. See Marz Courts’ (aka The Baroness) costume designs in a new light.

Hum Salon, 123 Grafton Rd, Grafton. Opens 6pm Fri 1 Jun, 10–4 Tues–Thurs, 10–7 Fri–Sun (Closed Mon) 09 374 4388 |

Hum Salon, 123 Grafton Rd, Grafton. Opens 6pm Fri 1 Jun, 10–4 Tues–Thurs, 10–7 Fri–Sun (Closed Mon) 09 374 4388 |

Rory Thomson

Birds and Flowers of a Winter Garden Birds and flowers from the garden.

| 1 – 23 Jun

Wintergarden Pavilion, 1 Kiosk Rd, Auckland Domain, Grafton, Hrs Mon–Fri 10–3:30, Sat–Sun 10–4pm,


Out There Collective

Solitude 24 May – 12 Jun Dave Simpson, Gail Stent, Judy Stokes, Peter Arnold and John Botton show their diverse and creative responses to one theme in a collection of moody, evocative and thought provoking images. Railway Street Studios, 8 Railway St, Newmarket Opens 5pm Thurs 24 May, Tues–Sat 10–3 021 419 292 |


Jocelyn Carlin

Jocelyn Carlin 1 – 30 Jun Jocelyn has exhibited one or two photographs at Millers Coffee, every year for many years during the Auckland Festival of Photography. Despite JC’s sad passing, this year will be no different, with three beautiful pictures on show. Millers Coffee Roastery, 31 Cross Street, Newton Hrs 7.30–12 noon Mon–Fri 09 356 7322 |

Russ Flatt

Remembering Forward | 1 May – 2 Jun It is stressful, sometimes, to recall childhood experience as an adult. Recollections of certain events shift over time, leaving one wondering whether a particular ‘memory’ is a reality or just a misremembered abstract idea. Tim Melville, 4 Winchester St, Grey Lynn Opens 6pm Tues 1 May, Hrs 11–6 Tues–Fri,11–3 Sat 09 378 1500 |

Tammy Williams & Gareth Moon

Into the Darkness – The Waterview Tunnel Project | 13 – 21 Jun Capturing the human aspect of one of New Zealand’s most ambitious engineering projects. Over three years photographers Tammy Williams and Gareth Moon were given unprecedented access to the Waterview Tunnel during its construction. Studio One Toi Tu, 1 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby Opens 5pm Tues 12 Jun, Hrs 9–7 Mon–Thurs, 9–5 Fri, 9–4 Sat 09 376 3221 |

Ann Orman

Surfers | 30 May – 22 Jun Surfers is a de-saturated experience of the iconic beach, Surfers Paradise. The series was recently awarded by Rangefinder/PDN (NY) and exhibited in NY. These are large works printed on glass. Eighthirty K’rd, 553 Karangahape Rd, Newton Opens 6pm Wed 30 May, Hrs 7–3.30 Mon–Fri, 8–1 Sat,

A collective exhibition

A Mind In Time | 6 – 27 Jun Inspired by the Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. Toi Ora photographers explore the areas: Connect, Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Be Active. Toi Ora Gallery, 6 Putiki St, Grey Lynn Opens 5pm Wed 6 Jun, Hrs 10–4 Mon–Fri, 09 360 4171 |


Too Many Photographers | 24 May – 5 Jun This year Ponsonby gallery endemicworld is showing a group exhibition from aerial to botanicals to abstracts to NZ landscapes to Cuban streetscapes and more. Endemicworld, 62 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn Opens 5pm Thurs 24 May, Hrs 10–5 Mon–Sat, 09 378 9823 |



Nick Marsh

There goes the neighbourhood: Auckland Street Photography | 31 May – 22 Jun There goes the neighbourhood is the debut exhibition by NZ based photographer Nick Marsh (UK). Shot in and around Central Auckland, this collection explores the discord between real and imagined narratives that street photography offers. The Open Book, 215 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby Opens 5pm Wed 30 May, Hrs 10–5 daily 09 360 1741 |

John McDermott

Neither Then Nor There | 1 – 17 Jun Exploring the difference between where we think we are and where we are, and between what we see and what is there.

Dunnottar Memorial Hall, 175 Garnet Rd, Westmere, (Entrance: Faulder Ave), Hrs 3–6 Fri, 11–3 Sat–Sun 027 482 2743 |

Rochelle Wong

Life in India | 28 May – 10 Jun Rochelle’s work captures ordinary moments in everyday India. She uses photography to connect with people and learn their story. She often gives people a copy of their photo to share the memory of their interaction. Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden Opens 6pm Tues 29 May, Hrs 11–4 Wed–Sun 027 67 22 776 |


Fred Mans & Collaborator

In the Blink of a Snap | 1 – 30 Jun All things are possible in the time it takes the shutter to close. The composer has decided which scene or story he wishes to tell, be this abstract emotions, impressions or street. Pt. Chevalier Library, 1221 Great North Rd, Pt. Chevalier Hrs 9–6 Mon–Sat 022 088 7928 |

Diane Costello & Murray Noble

In a New Light | 11 – 17 Jun We have been creating and exhibiting abstract and impressionist images for over eight years. In a new light focuses on the visibility of light as a source and a more intense meaning of ‘breaking the barriers’ to find a newness or awareness of self or circumstance. Mt Eden Village Centre, Cnr Mt Eden Rd & Ngauruhoe St, Mt Eden. Opens 3pm Sun 10 Jun, Hrs 10–2 daily 021 975 244 | |

Eden Roskill Camera Club

Living in Auckland | 1 – 23 Jun Auckland is characterised by diversity – in work, play, it’s people, and the relationship with our environment. Eden Roskill Camera Club’s exhibition is focussed on such elements of life in Auckland. Epsom Community Library, 195 Manukau Rd, Epsom Hrs 9–6 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat, 12–4 Sun 09 377 0209

Central | North Shore

Jiongxin Peng

Trip of Mongolia and Japan | 2 – 15 Jun In 2017, Jiongxin Peng won the award of 5th Golden Horse Prize of China Art Photography and was able to visit Mongolia and Japan. The exhibition shows the desert grassland in Mongolia and the unique scenery of Japan. New Zealand Culture & Art Exhibition Center, 3 Gifford Ave, Mt Roskill Hrs 10–4.30 Mon–Sun | 021 179 3433

North Shore Salon

North Shore National Salon of Photography | 4 – 18 Jun The North Shore National Salon of Photography was established in 1995 by the North Shore Photographic Society (NSPS). The NSPS created the Salon to promote the art of photography in New Zealand through a prestigious, national photographic event each year. Mairangi Arts Center, 20 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay Opens 6pm Tues 5 Jun, Hrs 9.30–4 Mon–Fri, 10–2 Sat–Sun 021 132 1691 |

Charlie Yang

Same Space | 29 May – 17 Jun “I explore three worlds – that of my birth, that in which I now live and the space between. In each I share the dissonance of the mundane and the chasm between cultures, to convey the sheer weight of longing for home.” Northart, Norman King Sq, Ernie Mays St, Northcote Opens 4pm Wed 28 May, Hrs 10–4 daily 09 480 9633 |

Annelize Anthony

Blown away | 2 – 29 Jun “Blown away... not only by the beauty of the island, but also by the beauty of the people in New Zealand. Thank you for accepting me as one of your own. Aroha nui.” Theosart Gallery, 550 East Coast Rd, Mairangi Bay Hrs 9–1.30 Mon–Fri, 9–2.30 Sat, 10–1 Sun 021 250 1247 |

Roger Brown

Retrospective | 15 – 24 Jun A stroke, which left Roger Brown unable to talk, write or read, reawakened his passion for photography, particularly landscape and impressionist pictures. He found this as a way to express communication without language. Binet Studio Gallery, 35 Hillcrest Ave, Hillcrest Opens 5.30pm Wed 14 Jun, Hrs 11–4, closed Mon 021 972 845 |

Anil Dumasia M.NZIPP

Award Winning Photography | 31 May – 23 Jun Master of Photography, Anil Dumasia will be sharing his NZIPP IRIS awarded images – a varied collection across five categories: documentary, landscape, travel, portrait creative & portrait classic. Newtique Café & Gorgeous Creatures Showroom, 1 Kawana St, Northcote, Hrs 10.30–2.30 Mon–Fri 9–1.30 Sat | 021 511 563


North Shore | Rodney

Emma Farmer

Maternity Inside Out | 4 – 15 Jun Emma Farmer has been a midwife for more than 25 years. This exhibition is an intimate behind the scenes view of the maternity wards photographed from the perspective of an insider. North Shore Hospital Foyer, North Shore Hospital Shakespeare Rd, Takapuna. Opens 5pm Sun 3 Jun Hrs 8–8 Mon–Sun | 021 220 7344

Dr Pedram Pirnia

The Collodion Collective

In Earliest Light | 2 Jun – 24 Jun Wet plate collodion is one of photography’s earliest processes. Its temperamental chemistry and beautiful image quality is being rediscovered by a small group of kiwi photographers – the Collodion Collective. The Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna. Opens 12pm Sat 2 June, Hrs 10–5 daily 09 486 4877 |

Participatory exhibition

Afghanistan – The ‘Other’ Perspective | 31 May – 22 Jun This exhibition reveals the challenges people face in Afghanistan and what outsiders, especially New Zealand Aid and Defence Forces, have achieved aligned with the abstract contents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which New Zealand champions.

Out of Control | 2 – 20 Jun Out of Control is an exhibition of photographic works from the Depot Artspace community, exploring the concept of control and the art that emerges when creative freedom reigns.

A Collective Exhibition

Creative Photography Group

Takapuna Library, Takapuna Library, The Strand,Takapuna Hrs 9–5.30 Mon–Fri, 9.30–4.30 Sat–Sun

Hibiscus Coast Photography Club Exhibition | 4 – 17 Jun Club members’ print and digital images are on display to the public. Members will be present to talk about the images. Demonstrations of the ‘art of photography’ will be given throughout the exhibition. Whangaparoa Library, 9 Main St, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa, Hrs 9.30–5.30 Mon–Fri, 10–4 Sat–Sun


Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport. Opens 5.30pm Fri 1 Jun, Hrs 12–4.30 Mon, 10–4.30 Tues–Sat, 11–3 Sun | 09 963 2331 |

Creative Photography | 5 Jun – 1 Jul A group of local photographers highlight the diversity of viewpoints that individuals bring to the art form.

Estuary Arts Centre, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa Opens 1pm Tues 5 Jun. Hrs 9–4 daily 09 426 5570 |

Rodney | Waitakere

Nikon Auckland Photo Day Entrants

Nikon Auckland Photo Day 2017 | 31 May – 22 Jun Judges’ shortlisted entries from 2017’s annual Nikon Auckland Photo Day. The judges were Nikon NZ’s Andrew Graham, and photographers Chris Traill and Sylvie Whinray. Matakana Information Centre, Matakana Cinema, 2 Matakana Valley Rd, Matakana, Hrs 9am–10pm daily 027 420 4990 |

A collective exhibition

The Emanating Light - Te Ahuahu | 28 May – 16 Jun Some photographers may find the light emanating from a window, from the horizon, the night sky, the rising sun, the eyes of another, the surface of the ocean, or inside themselves. But, how will they capture this with their cameras? Kumeu Arts Centre, 300 Main Road. Kumeu Opens 5pm Mon 28 May, Hrs 9–5 Mon–Fri, 10–3 Sat 09 412 9480 |

Maxine Parkin-Jones & Tatiana Harper

Tatiana Harper – Old School & Maxine Parkin-Jones – Blacker than White | 8 Jun – 1 Jul Maxine’s works are black and white images from her extensive travels, while Tatiana’s analogue photography depicts life through her lens. The Upstairs Gallery, Level 1, Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Hrs 10–4 daily 09 817 4278 |

A collective exhibition

Through the Lens | 2 – 30 Jun This open exhibition pushes conventional photographic boundaries: printing onto corrugated iron, fabric, wood and ceramics. A highlight is an installation called Drawn From Life of 3,000 images and a photo projection of life model Fred Mans. Art Centre, Basement of 49 Commercial Rd, Helensville Opens 5pm Fri 1 Jun, Hrs 10–4.30 Tue–Fri, 10–2 Sat 021 158 6859

Henderson Photographic Society

Henderson Photograhic Society Presents... | 9 – 10 Jun Our exhibition is an eclectic compilation of our members’ work. Our members range from beginners to internationally awarded photographers and from students to retirees. Members will be available to speak with. Free entry, wheelchair accessible. Old St Michael’s Church, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Corban Estate, Henderson, Hrs 10–4 Sat–Sun

A collective exhibition

The Eyes have It | 2 Jun – 1 Jul West Auckland photographers turn their creative eyes to the world around them, the people, the landscapes and the abstract. West Coast Gallery, The Old Fire Station, Seaview Rd, Piha Opens 2pm Sat 2 June, Hrs 10–4 Wed–Sun 09 812 8029 |



Tatiana Skorik

The Iron Girl Story | 2 – 21 Jun Her posture and grace brings life to her in all of her movement, ultimately challenging femininity, gender equality and independence. She is in full control. As if time has stopped, Iron Girl has been captured, just for a split second. Franklin Arts Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe Opens 10.30am Sat 2 Jun, Hrs 9.30–4.30 Mon–Fri, 9.30–2.30 Sat | 021 876 808 |

Bolesław Augustis

Lost Images Recaptured | 31 May – 24 Jun In 2004, children playing on an abandoned lot in the city of Białystok, Poland, found rolls of negatives, now recognised as a priceless time capsule – a ‘slice’ of 1930s life. Polish Heritage Trust Museum, 125 Elliot St, Howick Hrs 10–4 Tue–Fri, 12–5 Sun 09 533 3530 |

Howick Camera Club

A Collective Exhibition | 3 – 30 Jun The Howick Camera Club (Inc.1956) showcases an exhibition of their club members’ work, running on a large screen for approximately 30 minutes, repeating from 9am to 5pm daily. Club personnel are at the exhibition daily from 10am to 3pm. Uxbridge Centre, 35 Uxbridge Rd, Howick Hrs 9–5 daily 0274 765 954 |

Raemon Matene

Te Raki | 26 May – 2 Jul In her first solo exhibition, photographer Raemon Matene (Ngā Puhi, Waikato-Tainui) celebrates the people of Te Raki ō Pukekohe and Nga Hau e Wha marae, in a documentary photographic collection spanning five years. Franklin Arts Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe. Opens 10.30am Sat 26 May, Hrs 9.30–4.30 Mon–Fri, 9.30–2.30 Sat 09 238 8899 |

Andrea Selwood

Home Science | 4 – 30 Jun Like the phenomena captured by applied scientific photography, Home Science explores connections between light, water and altered states of matter through images centering on a vortex motif, capturing an energy flow within the life-growth cycle.

Malcolm Smith Gallery, UXBRIDGE Arts and Culture, 35 Uxbridge Rd, Howick. Opens 2.30 Sat 2 June, Hrs 10–4 Mon–Sun, 10–8 Thurs | 09 535 6467 |

Heather Milne

Movement of Art and Earth | 31 May – 21 Jun A series of images of interactions with Christchurch’s postearthquake street art, demonstrating the new movement in the city’s public art scene. Connection and positivity during a time of grief and transformation. Pakuranga Library, 7 Aylesbury St, Pakuranga Hrs 9–5 Mon/Tues/Fri, 9–8 Wed/Thurs, 9.30–4 Sat, 10–4 Sun 09 377 0209 |


Auckland Festival of Photography 2018  

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Auckland Festival of Photography 2018  

Full A5 guide to the 15th anniversary programme for the annual Auckland Festival of Photography. New Zealand's premiere international photog...