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What Hair Extension Will Suit You? The most popular question that women ask about hair extensions is whether or not it will suit them. Also the length of the hair extensions as well as how long will it last are just among the most frequently asked questions. So with aims to answer these questions and to give you information about the different kinds of hair extensions and the different techniques involved, read on. High quality hair extensions usually come at a hefty price tag. But there is also cheap extension out there. While you can just get hair extension on your nearest hair salon, but you are never sure if it will yield for long or if will be done seamlessly. So, before you decide on getting hair extension, know the techniques involved.

Micro-Rings Hair Extension This is the best alternative to traditional glue-based hair extension method. Micro-rings generally provide natural-looking hair extensions. It doesn’t use glue and it does not cause damage to the hair. This hair extension technique can last 3-4 months. However this will depend on the care and personal daily maintenance. To attach the hair extension, tiny rings, which are covered in plastic, are used to hold the hair strands to the natural hair. These rings are comfortable for everyday use. To allow the extension to last, proper care is important. It can be washed, straightened, dried, and curled just like your natural hair. Application of micro-ringed hair extension can last 2-4 hours depending on the hair’s thickness.

Pre-Bonded Glue Hair extensions that are attached using pre-bonded glue offer cleaner, safer and less shredding application. About 180-200 hair strands are fused together by applying keratin protein glue in the end. The glue is fused to the natural hair using a fusion iron. Depending on the thickness of the hair, 150-250 strands can be fused for a full head extension. Usually, this can last about 3-4 months. But just like hair extensions using micro-rings technique, the life of the extension depends on proper care and maintenance.

Clip-in Hair Extension This is the best option if you want your hair to shift from long and short hair. As the name implies, it can easily be clipped onto your original hair. This is a practical choice as you can simply put it on and off depending on your mood. You can choose from the variety of colors. However, if you buy clip-in hair extension online, you cannot be sure if the Brown or Blonde will match your hair. Sometimes, colour may differ on what you see on the internet against the actual product. So to be sure, ask the seller about the exact colour and be sure that they offer replacement in case the extension does not match.

For quality hair extensions, you can find a variety at hair extensions San Antonio Texas. They are the exper ts when it comes to hair styling, hair cut, and hair extensions in San Antonio.

What Hair Extension Suits You  

For quality hair extensions, you can find a variety at hair extensions San Antonio Texas. They are the experts when it comes to hair styling...

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