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Top Hair Extensions Care Tips

It is true that hair grows. But for the impatient women who can’t wait for their hair to grow, they tend to resort to hair extensions. Hair extension is the most popular way nowadays to add length to the hair artificially. It is also a popular method to hide unflattering hair cut, thinning hair or damaged hair. If you have just had hair extensions, you might want to know some tips on how to make it last. Proper care and management is the key to owning lustrous and vibrant extensions. The fact that most extensions are made from human hair, it is still prone to damage from harsh environments and improper care. And even if it is not your natural hair, it still can steep in the natural oils of your scalp. So if not properly cared, it can become greasy and will look dull.

Taking care of hair extensions is easy. Here are some tips to keep it in perfect condition:

Wash your hair regularly – Keeping your hair clean allows it to be smooth and tangle-free. Sweat plus dirt build-up can take a toll on the shine and vibrancy of your locks. So it is essential to keep your hair clean. Wash your hair after exercise, swimming, or after a long exposure to the outside elements. Brush it well and remove all tangles. Use high quality shampoo and conditioner.

Avoid excessive blow drying curling irons. This can damage the extensions thus reducing its lifespan.

Keeping the hair moisturized takes a huge part in keeping the extensions in mint shape. For better moisturizing, you may want to apply a leave-on conditioner after drying your locks. But wary in applying this conditioner. Never put on too much as this can make it too greasy too.

When styling, use soft bristle brush. Start from the ends then to gently work your way up. This ensures that you are not untangling your hair the wrong way. Make it a habit to brush it in a downward motion and never brush it too harsh. Brush your locks 2 to 3 times a day to maintain its natural lustre and to balance its natural oil.

When swimming, use a cap to keep your hair out of the water. Salt water and chlorine-treated pool water can greatly tangle your hair. So to ensure that your locks are out of danger, use caps.

Dont sleep on a wet hair. Make sure to dry it before going to bed. Also, you can wrap it or tie it up together to prevent tangling.

Use gentle and effective hair care products. This is very important in keeping the health, smoothness and softness of your locks. Poor quality hair products can just dry or leave your hair lifeless so be careful in choosing your hair products.

Avoid harsh hair treatments like perming, colouring, and other chemical treatments. Consult your stylist and let him do his job of keeping your hair fabulous.

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