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Permanent Eyebrows Basic Shapes

Permanent eyebrow is the most common kind of aesthetic enhancement in women. It may seem easy to do it or have it, but the actual process needs precision. One primary thing involved in tattooing an eyebrow is the eyebrow measurement and shape. There are guidelines to consider before doing the eyebrow tattoo. It is important to keep the brow’s hair growth in the desired shape for permanent eyebrow tattoo. Doing it with present hair growth is better compared to shaving and redrawing. It is not necessary to shave the eyebrows when placing the permanent eyebrow tattoo because the needles have the ability to go in between and round the hairs. Permanent eyebrow trend is the one that is usually directed toward colouring the hairs at the arch, the middle or as needed in other parts. In case the outer part of the brow resists the shape your desire then it will need to be tweezed. Outer eyebrow is usually not a problem with women as it is usually thinner. But the inner brow has thicker hair so when having a permanent eyebrow makeup, be sure to incorporate the natural looks to the style. Before having the procedure done, the tattoo artists or aesthetician will draw first the style. This is a pattern or guide so that they can do the procedure with precision and so that you can check if it suits you. You can draw your preferred eyebrow shape yourself. In case there is a specific style you want that you see in the magazine or wherever, take pictures from it so that the artists will know exactly what you want.

The eyebrow color is the basic thing to think about when deciding to get a permanent eyebrow. Choose the right color that compliments your skin’s complexion, your hair and your personality. You wouldn’t want to have a color that does not look perfect on you right? So be sure to take time pondering what color will fit you. If you are the type who often changes your hair color, the permanent makeup color must coordinate with it. For better judgement, consult your cosmetic tattoo artist. He or she knows what is best for you. For women with very thin eyebrows, it is recommended to use at least two shades or color drawing hair strokes. Mixing multiple colors prevent the ‘balckened in’ effect. The desired eyebrow must not be outlined then filled as this will look so artificial, like what kids do to coloring books. The best technique to apply permanent eyebrow is by using the brushstroke method as this results to a natural-looking eyebrows. The great thing about this is that the edges will look hairy than a sharp pointed look. The most natural looking permanent eyebrows is a mix of 2 to 3 tones of brushstrokes. After the initial procedure of implanting the pigments to your eyebrow, a ‘layering’ is usually done, which is a touchup visit to your cosmetic tattoo for a few additional application of colour. This is done to achieve a varied depth and dimension.

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Permanent Eyebrows Basic Shapes  

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