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How to Take Care of your Hair

You may have the looks, the perfect makeup, fine jewellery, and designer clothing, but if your hair looks dull and unflattering, everything is wasted. So to keep your crowning glory, be sure to know proper hair care. Good thing that you don’t need to buy expensive hair care products just to achieve smooth, shiny and healthy hair. With the right techniques for shampooing, drying, and styling, you can get your hair at its peak healthy condition. Here are some basic hair care tips you can follow: •

Minimize breakage by ensuring that your hair is thoroughly wet when applying shampoo. Use only a quarter-size dollop and rub shampoo in between your palms. Massage thoroughly for more than 30 seconds.

After shampoo, wash hair with cool water to lockup moisture in the hair shafts.

Distribute your hair’s natural oil by brushing it from back to front until the scalp tingles. Massage rge scalp using your fingertips.

Before blow drying, be sure to thoroughly towel dry your hair. This will save you time and avoi your hair from excessive heat. This means less damage to hair.

To avoid static electricity, dampen your hairbrush before using.

Never use a brush on wet hair as this can lead hair to breakage.

If you have dandruff, try these treatments every 2 weeks. Section your hair then rub the scalp with pure alcohol using cotton. Allow it to dry them brush your hair and wash thoroughly with warm water.

To give a little style your permed hair, slightly mist your hair with fresh water and push the curls wherever you want to set it using your fingers.

Dry and dull hair can be caused by poor diet. So try to drink lots of liquids and stay away from fats and cholesterol.

When you had your hair colored, wait for 48 hours before shampooing it. Washing your hair allows it to open its cuticle so it will be ideal to allow the hair to lock-in the color.

To remove residues in the hair, you can use beer. Add 6 tablespoon of beer to 1 cup warm water and pour it all over the hair as a final rinse.

To remove build up from conditioners, styling gel, or hair spray, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with shampoo and lather these to your hair. Do this once a week. Rinse and dry after.

Use hair polish when needed to remove static and to tame flyaway ends as well as to add lustre to it. Drop a small amount on your palms then gently spread it all over very lightly.

After braiding, apply gel as a finished smooth down to tame uncontrolled hair. Apply gel using your fingertip or a hairpin and direct it onto the stray hair and encourage them back into the braided pattern.

When styling, use hair spray to hold the finished hair style in place. For a soft finish but hair must be controlled, spray it into your hand and then smooth out the surface. This will control flyaway strands.

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How to take care of your hair  

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