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Hunter's Moon by Moses Correia

Based off of the short film, The Vampire Hunter

FADE IN: TEXT Text is placed on the screen against black background. Narrator reads the text. NARRATOR In the early 13th century, the first vampires made their appearance in a medieval Europe. Over the next hundred years, their numbers grew to staggering proportions. In 1349, when the Black Death was sweeping over the continent, the Catholic Church, promising salvation to plague victims and those seeking to avoid the plague alike, sent the citizenry on a holy crusade to exterminate all those deemed “creatures of the night.� This began one of the most terrifying and destructive periods of European history. It was called ... The Inferno. CUT TO: 1




There are riots in the streets. Men and women that are part of a mob are putting homes to the torch. The mob is made up of a variety of people: from farmers to soldiers, big and small, men and women. Some are plague victims showing large growths and tumors on their necks and faces, but plague victims and non-plague victims fight side-by-side. NOTE: All dialog in the scene is done in Italian with sub-titles - Several individuals ride horses through the town. Several citizens run away from them. Some are ridden down. The horse riders throw torches on the roofs of homes and shops setting them on fire. - A woman is attacked by 3 men. She screams as they toss her to the ground and pile on top of her. - A young girl cries and shouts for her mother and is left alone by the mob. - A vampire, in an area that has not yet started burning, is feeding on a man. People from the mob carrying torches and other weapons, see it and charge. The vampire flees.



Some of the mob, dressed as soldiers, try to bring it down with crossbows. Their shots miss. The vampire quickly outdistances them. It turns the corner of a building and comes in contact with a very bright, white light. It shrieks and tries to cover its eyes. CAMERA SHOT GOES COMPLETELY WHITE IN THE FLASH FOR A MOMENT. THEN THERE’S THE SOUND OF SOMETHING BEING CUT AND THE WHITE LIGHT FADES AWAY. THE CAMERA GETS A SHOT FROM BEHIND THE VAMPIRE NOW. THE CAMERA SEES THE VAMPIRE ON THE GROUND, HEADLESS, BURNED, AND SMOKING. THERE’S A FIGURE IN FRONT OF IT. THE CAMERA STARTS AT THE LEGS, THEN PANS UP THE FIGURE’S BODY UNTIL IT REACHES HIS FACE. ON HIS CHEST IS A CROSS THAT SHINES WITH THE SAME WHITE LIGHT AS THE VAMPIRE SAW. IN HIS HAND, IS THE SWORD HE USED TO BEHEAD THE VAMPIRE. THE MAN IS ANTONIO CINCONNE. - Cinconne looks down on the vampire, then out over the landscape at a hill with a manor house on it. CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE MANOR HOUSE. IT IS DARK AND LIFELESS, YET UNTOUCHED BY THE MOB. THE LIGHT FROM CINCONNE’S CROSS GOES OUT AT THIS TIME. IT NOW LOOKS JUST LIKE AN ORDINARY CRUCIFIX. - Cinconne walks over to a group of people from the mob dragging an old man behind them. They are shouting obscenities at him. He is pleading for his life. Stop.

CINCONNE I would question this man.

- The mob makes way for Cinconne who walks right up to the old man. OLD MAN Please, milord! Please spare me. good man, I swear!!

I’m a

CINCONNE (points to the manor house) Who lives in that structure? OLD MAN Evil lives there, milord. A creature who has taken our children and women. MAN FROM THE MOB Do not lie to us old man!


OLD MAN I swear! People go there but never come back. Tis evil I tell you ... EVIL!! Not like me. I’m a good man, milord! MAN FROM THE MOB The righteous do not beg for their lives. (holds a knife to the old man’s throat) You are demon spawn to be sure! CINCONNE Release him. - The man with the knife and the rest of the mob look at him. CINCONNE (CONT’D) The holy cross is quiet in his presence. He is not the sort we seek this night. Release him now! - The man with the knife reluctantly releases the old man and the mob moves away from him. The old man immediately runs for his life. - Cinconne looks again at the manor house. Come. evil.

CINCONNE (CONT’D) It is time to rid this land of

- Cinconne starts up the hill followed by about a dozen members of the mob. CUT TO:






CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE FULL MOON, THE HUNTER’S MOON, AS CINCONNE AND HIS MEN MOVE TOWARDS THE MANOR HOUSE. - Cinconne and the mob approach the gate to the manor house. Cinconne motions to some of the members of the mob. CINCONNE Bring it! - 2 men from the mob move towards the gates. CARRYING WITH THEM A LARGE BARREL.



The 2 men position the barrel in front of the gate and light it on fire. Then the 2 men run back to the rest of the mob. The barrel explodes and the gate is destroyed. - Cinconne and the mob move into the manor house. Servants are running away. Some of the guards of the manor house rush forward to fight with members of the mob. Cinconne ignores it all and moves further into the manor house with about a half dozen other men. CUT TO: 3





- Cinconne approaches a door at the end of a corridor. HIS CROSS BEGINS TO SHINE WITH A WHITE LIGHT. The other members of the mob look at the cross, then at the door. CINCONNE Break it down! CUT TO: 4




The room has a large table in the center of the room with 2, 5’ candle sticks positioned on the floor at the ends of the table. There’s a vampire in long robes cradling a woman in its arms on the far side of the table. The vampire is feeding. There are 2 other men near the vampire, also in robes, acting as attendants. The table is between the door and the vampire. - The door bursts open and Cinconne walks in. The other members of the mob rush in and separate to his left and right. They light their arrows on fire and raise crossbows and bows at the vampire. - The vampire stops feeding on the woman and eyes the intruders, paying particular attention to Cinconne. VAMPIRE You’ve come to die then, have you? CINCONNE We have come to purify this land, monster. Destroying you will do just that. - The vampire bares its fangs and throws the woman’s body away from him so she crashes into the far wall.



VAMPIRE Tonight I shall bathe in your blood, mortal!! CINCONNE (motions to his men) Fire! - Cinconne’s men fire their flaming arrows at the vampire. The vampire tips over the large table in front of it and ducks behind it. Many of the arrows hit the table. Some hit the vampire’s attendants. The attendants scream and die. - Cinconne’s men reload their weapons. The vampire pushes the table it’s hiding behind and the table flies through the air and crashes into the men on Cinconne’s right. The vampire then grabs one of the candlesticks (taking care to stay away from the flaming end) and throws that at the men to Cinconne’s left. One of Cinconne’s men who doesn’t get hit with either table or candlestick, charges the vampire with a knife shouting at the top of this lungs. The vampire allows the man to stab him. The man looks up at the vampire’s face. The vampire smiles, then rips the man’s throat out. The man chokes and falls dead at the vampire’s feet. The vampire removes the knife and drops it to the ground. - The vampire now turns its attention to Cinconne who hasn’t moved since telling his men to shoot. Cinconne and the vampire eye each other. Then the vampire removes a sword from its robes. VAMPIRE Will you fight now, little mortal, or just hide behind your bauble until more come to fight for you? - Cinconne’s eyes narrow. He raises his sword and brings the sword’s tip to the palm of his free hand. He then draws the blade across his palm, smearing the sword with his own blood. When Cinconne’s free hand has reached the base of the blade, the blood covering the sword from tip to base, lights on fire. The vampire sneers. - Cinconne shouts a war cry and charges the vampire. Cinconne attacks the vampire driving it back. THE VAMPIRE’S ACTIONS ARE PURELY DEFENSIVE AS IT TRIES TO AVOID THE LIGHT FROM CINCONNE’S CROSS AND THE FIRE ON HIS SWORD. - During the fight, the vampire is wounded and drops to its knees.


CINCONNE Now it ends! - Cinconne swings his sword in a downward arch at the vampire. The vampire screams and swings it’s sword in an upward arc at Cinconne. When the blades meet, the vampire’s sword slices through Cinconne’s sword and through half on Cinconne’s chest. Cinconne falls to the ground, the vampire’s sword still lodged in his chest. THE LIGHT FROM THE CROSS GOES OUT. - The vampire stands over Cinconne’s body and looks down at him and hisses. Then the vampire screams and looks behind it. It sees one of Cinconne’s men. THE MAN HAS STABBED THE VAMPIRE IN THE SIDE WITH A SPEAR. - The vampire shakes the man off and the man falls to the ground. THE SPEAR IS STILL STUCK IN THE VAMPIRE’S SIDE. The vampire turns towards the man on the ground and is stabbed by another spear from another of Cinconne’s men. The first man gets up and grabs the first spear still stuck in the vampire. A 3rd man approaches the struggling group with a torch and pushes it in the vampires face. The vampire catches fire and starts to scream. The 2 men holding the spears wrestle with the vampire as it burns. CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF CINCONNE, LYING DEAD ON THE FLOOR. THE NARRATOR BEGINS TO SPEAK. NARRATOR Armed with the best weapons money could buy, protected by their faith, and leading mobs of peasants, men like Antonio Cinconne went from town to town, city to city, burning and killing anything that even resembled a vampire. Many of them died for their efforts including a vast number of innocents as entire towns were burned to the ground. CUT TO:


NARRATOR (CONT’D) Yet, when all was said and done, the vampire threat had been all but eliminated. The years went by and the events of The Inferno passed into song, then myth, then forgotten history. But there are still those who remember why it all happened. Those that know the threat that lurks when day passes into night. (MORE)

7. NARRATOR (CONT’D) Those that continue to fight the war that never truly ended ...



EXT. PARKED JEEP - PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPT. 12TH, 1999 - 5 NIGHT The jeep is parked across the street from a night club entrance with a man in it. THE MAN IN THE JEEP IS WHITE, IN HIS MID TO LATE 30’S, MEDIUM BUILD, AND VERY SERIOUS. HIS NAME IS ROLAND BALE. Roland is sitting in the jeep watching the front entrance of the club. People come and go. The radio is on and a news broadcast is telling of some people who have gone missing the past couple of weeks downtown. On the passenger seat is an open file folder. In that are some newspaper articles of the missing people, a mysterious death in a downtown apartment, a new club opening up, and finally, numerous pictures of a man in his late 20’s doing various activities at night. - Roland picks up the file folder, puts all the paperwork back in it, then reaches into the backseat. He lifts up the blanket to reveal a crossbow in the back seat next to 2 shotguns. He puts the folder on the seat, then drops the blanket covering everything up again. CUT TO:





CAMERA FOLLOWS A COUPLE AS THEY CROSS THE STREET AND PROCEED INTO A DELI NEXT DOOR TO THE CLUB. - The couple are having an argument. The woman is accusing the man of flirting with another woman. This continues and heats up as they enter the deli. She finally gets the last word, tells him to get her something to eat, and sits down. He gets in line.



CAMERA FOLLOWS THE LINE OF CUSTOMERS DOWN TO THE FRONT OF THE COUNTER WHERE A MAN IN A UNIFORM IS SERVING SOMEONE. THE CUSTOMER IS WHITE, IN HIS LATE TEENS/EARLY 20’S, BIG EYES, SLIGHT BUILD, AND VERY UNASSUMING. HIS NAME IS WESLEY DAVIS. MAN BEHIND COUNTER Can I help you? WESLEY (smiles) Coffee to go, please. MAN BEHIND COUNTER (doesn’t smile) What kind? WESLEY Regular. Oh, and put one of those little caps on it, you know, with the little piece I can flip up to drink out of. (demonstrates with his hands) I like those. - The man behind the counter looks at Wesley with a blank, unfriendly look, then turns around and goes to the coffee pots. THE DECAF POT IS EMPTY. MAN BEHIND COUNTER Damnit Kristin, you were supposed to make more decaf! (mumbles under his breath as he pours the regular into a cup) Stupid whore. I swear we can’t get anyone with any brains to work in this shit hole. - The man puts a cover on the coffee cup and puts it on the counter. MAN BEHIND COUNTER (CONT’D) Fifty cents. - Wesley pays him. WESLEY (smiling) You know, it’s always nice to see someone who loves what they do and gets along so well with their co-workers.


- The man behind the counter just looks at Wesley. WESLEY (CONT’D) Your nights must just fly by with all the fun you’re having. - The man behind the counter continues to just look at Wesley with an ugly look on his face. Wesley continues to smile, then turns around and walks out the door. CUT TO: STREET IN FRONT OF CLUB 7




- Wesley walks out of the deli and moves to the mouth of the alley between the deli and the club. He begins watching the side entrance of the club. CUT TO:





CAMERA FOLLOWS A GARBAGE MAN GRABBING SOME CANS FROM THE OTHER END OF THE ALLEY AND DUMPING THEM INTO THE GARBAGE TRUCK. IT THEN FOCUSES ON SOME KIDS SHOOTING DICE ON THE SIDEWALK. - The kids are playing dice, shouting at each other. When the shooter throws, a man appears and steps on both the dice before the numbers fall. THE MAN IS WHITE, IN HIS EARLY 50’S, STOCKY BUILD, SLIGHTLY GREYING HAIR, AND A NASTY SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD. HIS NAME IS DAVIN KISSENGER. DAVIN (Kicks the dice back) Why don’t you boys find another corner to play on. This one’s taken. KID Get lost, old man.

We were here first.

DAVIN (Opens his jacket and half pulls his .44) Now is not the time to mess with me, boy. MOVE!!



KID (looking more annoyed than scared) Shit, alright dude, damn. You can have the corner. - The kids pack it up and head off down the street. Davin watches them go, then turns around and watches the back, service entrance to the club. CUT TO:






CAMERA TRAVELS THROUGH THE SERVICE ENTRANCE AND INTO THE CLUB. Music begins. The club is huge and full of people. drinking, talking, and dancing.

People are

CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF A MAN MOVING THROUGH THE CLUB. HE’S WELL DRESSED, CLEAN CUT, AND VERY SMOOTH LOOKING. ITS THE MAN FROM THE PICTURE IN ROLAND’S FILE FOLDER. ITS THE VAMPIRE. - The Vampire is moving through the club, looking at some people, touching others. Everyone he looks at looks right back at him curiously, almost longingly. Those he touches come to him immediately and eagerly, forgetting whatever they were doing before. The vampire examines them, rejects them, and moves on. - While the vampire is examining one woman, something gets his attention and he looks over at the bar. A woman is sitting at the bar talking to a man. THE WOMAN IS WHITE, IN HER EARLY TO MID 20’S, LONG DARK HAIR, PALE SKIN, AND FAIRLY ATTRACTIVE. HER NAME IS AMANDA HARPER. THE MAN AMANDA IS TALKING TO IS IN HIS EARLY TO MID 20’S, HISPANIC, AND HANDSOME. HIS NAME IS MANNY SANCHEZ. - The vampire moves towards Amanda. She sees him and stares. The vampire approaches her smiling, then looks at Manny who quickly leaves. Turning his attention back to Amanda, he leads her out to the dance floor. They dance close, always touching, both individuals seeming to lose themselves in the music.


Music ends. CUT TO:






- The vampire and Amanda head down the hallway towards an exit sign. Behind them, a shadow comes into view and watches them go. The shadow takes out his cell phone and dials. MANNY They are leaving by the side entrance CUT TO: 11




- When the vampire and Amanda get into the alley, the vampire immediately pins her to the wall. VAMPIRE You are perfect. I must have you now. - The vampire goes for her neck, but Amanda blocks him. AMANDA Wait, wait ... I have something for you first. - She starts unbuttoning her blouse, and the vampire watches closely. After the 2nd or 3rd button, there’s a bright flash as the cross she’s wearing lights up with a white light. The vampire shrieks and jumps back. AMANDA (CONT’D) What’s wrong, baby? Don’t you like my cross?? - The vampire hisses at her. The side entrance door then bursts open and Manny moves up beside Amanda, pointing a gun in the vampire’s face. AMANDA (CONT’D) (laughing) I guess he’s not a Christian. - A crossbow bolt strikes the vampire from behind. The vampire looks down at the point, then back and sees the backside of a jeep at the entrance to the alley.



Wesley is standing in the jeep with a crossbow to his shoulder. The bolt in the vampire is connected to the back of the jeep by a steel wire. WESLEY Go, Roland, GO!!! Music begins - “BT - Madskillz” - Roland hits the gas and the jeep flies out of the alley into the street. The vampire is pulled along with it. Roland drives through the streets of Philadelphia dragging the vampire the whole way. It hits curbs, light poles, it spins, it flips, goes through the mud, etc. Wesley in the backseat is enjoying himself fully, Roland concentrates on the road with no expression, and Davin in the passengers seat simply hangs on. - Finally the jeep stops on a deserted street. Wesley and Davin jump out. The vampire is trying to get to its feet. Wesley and Davin pull pistols and shoot at the vampire’s knees, then elbows. When the vampire is sprawled on its back, they unshoulder shotguns, Wesley pointing it at the vampires head, Davin at its chest, and fire. The vampire’s head explodes and a large hole is opened in its chest. - Davin places a device on the vampire’s body and sets it. Wesley unhooks the vampire’s body from the jeep. Roland watches it all from the jeep in the rear-view mirror. The sounds of sirens hits the air. Wesley and Davin then jump back onto the jeep and it drives away just as the vampire’s body bursts into flames. CAMERA GETS AN AERIAL VIEW OF THE JEEP TURNING THE CORNER AND ESCAPING JUST AS THE POLICE ARRIVE AT THE SCENE OF THE BURNING VAMPIRE. Music ends CUT TO: 12




Wesley and Davin are in the room, Roland is in the adjoining room. WESLEY (Pops open the champagne) Whhhoooo ... now THAT, was the sweetest kill we’ve ever made. (Pours champagne into some glasses) (MORE)


13. WESLEY (CONT'D) Can you believe we dragged that som’ bitch through half of the city?

DAVIN It wasn’t half of the city, you moron, it was only a few blocks. And yes, I can believe it. All those twists and turns Roland was doing made me want to throw up. WESLEY (Hands Davin a glass of champagne) Oh, would you lighten up. We just took out a city vampire. A CITY VAMPIRE! And it was smooth as ice. I mean, no one has been able to take out a city vamp without at least one casualty. WE ... (holds up his glass in salute) are the best damn hunters in the country. No, in the world. (takes a drink) DAVIN (grunts, then drains his glass) - Amanda and Manny come in the door to the motel room. WESLEY HEEEEYYYYY!! If it isn’t the stars of the hour. Vampire bait #1 and #2. MANNY Bite me. (Looks at the open champagne) Started without us I see. WESLEY Well, we didn’t know how long it would take you to get back and seriously, after what we did tonight, the celebration just couldn’t wait. But here, here ... there’s plenty for everybody (pours two more glasses) DAVIN What took you two so long anyway? AMANDA Cops showed up at the club faster than we expected, like right when you guys drove off with your package in tow.


MANNY It was just one patrol car. Must have been nearby when everything went down. DAVIN Was there a problem? MANNY Nothing we couldn’t handle. We stopped the patrol car and told them there were people in the club with guns shooting the place up. They went in to check it out, (looks at Amanda) But not before Amanda picked the one cop’s pocket. - Amanda proudly displays the cop’s car keys WESLEY (grins) Nice - Amanda returns the grin DAVIN But that’s not what held you up so long. MANNY Your little drive caused quite a stir through the city. Our escape route was blocked with traffic. We had to go all the way around the long way to get here. AMANDA So ... How did it go? WESLEY (snaps his fingers twice) Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing. DAVIN It went fine. Better than fine actually. The piece of shit was headless, heartless, and burning when we drove out of there. AMANDA Good. (Looks at Wesley) That was a nice shot with the crossbow in the alley, Wesley.


WESLEY (grins from ear to ear) You like that? Could have done it with my eyes closed. - Davin reaches over and smacks Wesley in the back of the head WESLEY (CONT’D) Ouch ... damn, didn’t I tell you to lighten up? Here (fills up his glass) Have some more of this. It will improve your sense of humor. AMANDA So where’s Roland? - Davin motions to the dark, adjoining room. Amanda looks through the open door, considers going in, then turns back to the group. MANNY Alright, so tell us, what happened after you drove off, and don’t leave anything out. - Wesley starts to relate the story CUT TO: 13





- Roland is sitting in front of a laptop in the dark motel room. He appears to be doing bank transfers. $10,000 are being deposited into 4 separate accounts. When the transactions are complete, Roland closes up the laptop and moves into the adjoining room. CUT TO: 14



MOTEL ROOM W/ HUNTERS IN IT - NIGHT WESLEY Then, the 2 of us jumped out of the ...

- The room goes silent as Roland appears from the other room. They all look at him with respectful, yet expectant looks, waiting.



ROLAND It’s done. WESLEY (claps once) OH YEAH!! Boss, you’ve just completed my night. Pay day is a great day. ROLAND Yes, well, considering the time and effort, not to mention the risks involved in this one, I put a little something extra in with the usual fee. MANNY Define a little extra. ROLAND (looks at Manny, then Amanda) Ten thousand WESLEY (slaps Manny on the shoulder, and laughs) Brutha, Christmas is coming early. MANNY (laughing) I heard that (slaps Wesley’s hand) AMANDA Thank you, Roland. ROLAND You earned it. - Roland looks at Davin. Davin raises his glass to Roland in salute. Roland nods his head in acknowledgement. WESLEY (points at the TV) Hey, hey, check it out. Here it is. - Wesley runs over to turn up the sound on the TV. There is a news report about the incident at the club and the events after.


NEWS REPORTER ... where apparently someone was strapped or tied to the back of a Jeep Wrangler by a rope and dragged through the streets of Philadelphia. WESLEY He wasn’t strapped to it, honey, he was attached by the crossbow bolt in his chest. DAVIN Shut up, I can’t hear NEWS REPORTER Authorities and eye witnesses say the individual was dragged by the jeep for nearly 3 blocks causing several traffic accidents and delays. It is then believed that the individual was cut loose and set on fire as the vehicle made its escape. Police were unable to stop the vehicle or make any arrests. - A cheer goes up through the room, mostly by Wesley, Manny, and Amanda. Davin drains another glass of champagne and Roland simply nods his head. ROLAND (turns off the TV) Okay, okay. It would appear we were able to get away with it, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Don’t forget, tomorrow we leave before dawn and go our separate ways. No contact after that, understood? - Everyone nods, Wesley a little too much. tell he’s a little drunk. WESLEY Don’t worry, Roland. us.

Everyone can

You can count on

DAVIN (snorts) I wouldn’t count on you right now to piss in a straight line. WESLEY Awwww ... I know what you need, old man. A nice kissy-wissy. Come on, give daddy a kiss.


DAVIN Boy, you better ... HEY, GET OFF OF ME!!!! - Davin and Wesley role off the bed, Davin cursing, and Wesley laughing so hard tears are coming down his cheeks. Manny and Amanda laugh, and even Roland smiles a little. - As the two continue to wrestle, Amanda stops laughing, gets a somber look, then goes outside. Roland sees her go, and after a few seconds, follows her out. CUT TO: 15




- Amanda puts her hands on the railing outside, leans on it, and looks out into the parking lot not really seeing anything. Roland closes the door behind him and leans up against it. ROLAND You did good tonight. AMANDA (hugs herself) It was just like you said it would be. The vampire ... his call was so strong. I felt so ... vulnerable. Like if I dropped my guard for just half a second it would have had me. What was worse is that for a moment I actually wanted to drop my guard. Just let him take me. Role my mind and just ride it through. (pauses again, then forces a laugh) Of course, if I had done that, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. ROLAND This was your first encounter with a city vampire. They look and act more human than the others. Their psychic abilities are also much stronger, though not as good as yours. (moves over to the railing next to her) You were able to get its attention and lure it to you. Then, you removed it from the club so the rest of us could finish it off. No one else could have done that. (MORE)


19. ROLAND (CONT'D) I’ve taken only 1 other city vampire before, and in no way did it go as well as tonight. You are truly an asset to this team.

AMANDA (turns to Roland) Even though my being here puts all of you at risk? ROLAND From who? The Society? I don’t give a rats-ass about them. Gordon may want to rub elbows with Malcolm Sol and the rest of his psychics, but as a whole, I don’t trust them. They have their own agenda, they always have. They call you a renegade because you left them, joined us? Well screw them. You’re a Hunter now, and we protect our own. They know that if they come after you, they’ll have to take on all of us. - Amanda smiles at Roland at last which he returns. There’s a look of appreciation and true affection in her eyes as she looks at him, but not trusting herself to speak, she turns away and looks back out across the parking lot. ROLAND (CONT’D) (touches her shoulder) Get some sleep. It’s been a long night and we’ve got an early morning ahead. - At that he walks away down the line of motel rooms and down a flight of stairs. Amanda watches him the whole time. Roland does not look back once. - Amanda goes back to looking out across the parking lot, and lets out a deep breath. AMANDA What do you want, Manny? - Manny moves out of the shadows from the other end of the building. He’s got a smile on his face. MANNY You might have sensed someone there, but how did you know it was me? AMANDA Because neither Davin nor Wesley would ever eavesdrop on Roland or me, Manny.


MANNY I could have been a vampire? - Amanda turns towards him then and gives him a “get real” sort of look. That just makes his smile bigger. AMANDA (turns back to the parking lot) I ask again, what do you want? - Manny loses the smile, then starts walking towards her. He stays behind her, careful not to get too close. MANNY You know he’ll never think of you the way you want him too. Our fearless leader beats to the tune of his own drummer. He’s at war with the vampires and he won’t let anything distract him from that. Nope, you’re just like the rest of us: his team, his students. At the most, maybe he sees you as a little sister or something like that. I, on the other hand, see a very attractive woman who looks a little stressed and could use a ... distraction ... to clear her head. AMANDA (turns to him) And I suppose you think you can “distract” me? MANNY (steps closer to her) I promise, you won’t be thinking about Roland, or anything else for that matter. AMANDA (steps closer to him) Actually, I imagine I’ll be thinking something like, “I wonder when he’ll get started so I can start faking it” MANNY (grins) I typically get better results than that. AMANDA I’m not a typical girl.


MANNY But you’re still a woman, and I love a challenge. AMANDA (breaks down and smiles finally) Go away, Manny. No one needs your “expertise” here. - She starts walking away. MANNY (calls after her) You know how to find me if you need me. - Amanda simply raises her hand and she continues to walk away. MANNY (CONT’D) Amanda! - Amanda reaches her motel room, but stops and looks back before opening the door. MANNY (CONT’D) (he’s got a serious look on his face) I will agree with Roland on one thing. If the Society does come after you, they’ll have to go through all of us first. AMANDA (considers for a moment) Thank you, Manny. - Manny smiles then, makes a leg, and bows in a courtly gesture that a man would give a queen. Amanda barks a laugh, opens the motel room door, and disappears inside. Manny straightens himself, looks at her room, then at the stairs Roland descended on, and goes back to the party. CUT TO: 16




The ranch has a lot of open land and a big home on it. There are a lot of animals around, wild and domestic. - A man comes out of a shed carrying a bear cub that’s paw is wrapped in bandages.



THE MAN IS MIDDLE AGED, WEARING A SMOKER’S JACKET, AND A BANDANA ON HIS HEAD. HE’S ALSO WEARING AN EMERALD NECKLACE AROUND HIS NECK. HIS NAME IS MALCOLM SOL. MALCOLM Here we go. That’s it. It’s time to take you back to your momma. - He walks away from the shed and house and out towards the open field. There’s a dog barking at some ducks. MALCOLM (CONT’D) Kunal! - The dog stops barking immediately and looks at Malcolm MALCOLM (CONT’D) Stop that and leave them be. Remember what happened last time Gloria caught you harassing her babies? - Kunal, the dog, hangs his head as if remembering a bad experience. MALCOLM (CONT’D) That’s right. She pecked that rump of yours so much you were crying for a week. Now go on in the house before she finds you. - Kunal starts to run towards the house. Malcolm watches him go, smiles to himself, and continues walking out towards the open field. MALCOLM (CONT’D) Kunal, Kunal, Kunal ... you know someday, Gloria is going to bite off that tail of his. She’s very protective of her babies. Kind of like your mamma is with you. Except you’re just always getting into trouble, aren’t you? Always going where you’re not supposed to go. Maybe this time you’ll learn your lesson? - Malcolm is now in the open field just before the tree line of the forest. He waits for a moment, then a large grizzly bear comes out of the forest and walks toward him. Malcolm smiles and puts the bear cub down. MALCOLM (CONT’D) Good as new, mamma. I also gave him a stern talking to about how he needs to mind his mother more.


- The bear cub walks over to its mother who nods her head toward Malcolm and walks with her cub back into the forest. - Malcolm walks back towards the house, then stops. The winds picks up a little. CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE GRASS MOVING IN THE WIND, THE TREES, THE ANIMALS WHINING AND BARKING. Malcolm looks around, concerned, and alert. CAMERA ACTS AS THE VAMPIRE, STARTING WITH A SHOT ABOVE MALCOLM, THEN FALLING TOWARDS HIM. - Just before the vampire hits him, the earth shoots up and grabs the vampire, pulling it down into the ground. Malcolm looks down and all he sees is one of the vampire’s hands grabbing at air, then it’s gone. MALCOLM (CONT’D) (whispers) Praise to the earth. - Malcolm looks around again, this time catching 2 vampires running towards him from the other side of the field. - One of the vampires runs through a pile of roots and vines on the ground and gets tripped up. The roots and vines immediately wrap themselves around the vampire. It struggles, but can’t seem to break free. - The other vampire races for Malcolm who raises his hand, sweeping it across the ground in front of him. THE EMERALD NECKLACE IS NOW SHINING WITH A GREEN LIGHT. Pieces of dirt and rocks from in front of Malcolm rise up into the air. He points at the vampire running at him and the cloud of rocks and dirt flies at it. It sticks to the vampire’s body until it is completely covered. At first it does nothing, then the vampire begins to slow down until eventually freezing solid as rock. The vampire statue fall to the ground at Malcolm’s feet. - Another vampire comes at Malcolm’s back. It leaps into the air to fall on him like the first tried, only this vampire is knocked back by a huge grizzly bear that seemed to come out of nowhere. The vampire crashes into the ground and is instantly pounced on by the grizzly bear who proceeds to maul it. Malcolm watches it all, then smiles. MALCOLM (CONT’D) Like I said, very protective.


- Malcolm surveys the open field again. When no other vampires attack, he moves back to the patch of ground that swallowed the first vampire. He raises his hand, and the ground moves up with it. A pillar of earth moves up to Malcolm’s eye level, then recedes slightly until The vampire’s face and head are revealed in the dirt. Its body still covered. THE VAMPIRE IS FEMALE AND ASIAN WITH A HARD LOOK IN HER EYES. HER NAME IS MAI YING. - Mai Ying struggles to free herself with no success. Malcolm approaches her, examining her face. The emerald necklace still shines brightly. MALCOLM (CONT’D) It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of your kind. And to attack me like this? Surely even you know who, or what, I am? - Malcolm stares at Mai Ying who stares right back at him. THIS STARING MATCH NEEDS TO PORTRAY MAI YING MAKING AN ATTEMPT TO ROLE MALCOLM’S MIND. - Suddenly Malcolm shakes his head and backs away a step. MALCOLM (CONT’D) My, my ... you’re just full of surprises tonight. But now I’ll have answers from you, vampire. Who sent you here to kill me? - Someone comes up behind Malcolm. CAMERA SHOT SHOWS MALCOLM AND MAI YING, BUT ONLY THE EDGE OF THE NEWCOMER’S COAT AND HIS BOOT. THE CAMERA DOES NOT SHOW THE NEWCOMER’S FACE THROUGHOUT THE SCENE. MAN I did, old friend. - Malcolm turns and begins clutching his throat and choking. He struggles, but eventually falls to his knees, eyes wide in disbelief. The light coming from the emerald necklace fades. MALCOLM (whispers) Impossible!


MAN (laughs) If that were true, why are you on your knees? - The pillar of earth holding Mai Ying starts falling apart and allows her to escape. SHE’S ARMED WITH A SWORD. MAN (CONT’D) Looks like your power is failing you, old friend. Any last words? MALCOLM T-Thhhe Soss...Society. ... suuuceeeed.

Y...ou w-won’t

MAN I already have. - Mai Ying raises the sword and slices down on Malcolm CUT TO: FADE IN:








Roland’s apartment is small, very basic, and clean. - Roland wakes up on his own as the first rays of sunlight shine through his window. He gets up, washes, and gets dressed for work. EVERYTHING HE DOES IS VERY METHODICAL AND PRECISE. NOTHING IS WASTED, ESPECIALLY NOT TIME. - Just before heading out the door, he stops to check himself in the mirror. He looks down on a table at a picture of a younger Roland smiling with an even younger girl. A very family-like picture. He looks at it for a moment, then heads out into the street. CUT TO:







- Roland moves through the streets with a purpose, rides the subway, then ends up going into a large building. CUT TO: 19




- Roland makes his way through the lobby, up the elevator, and into a door marked Gordon Records. The whole trip through the building people greet him, calling him “Mr. Bale” - Once in the studio, a woman in a business suit walks up to Roland. ROLAND Janice, any messages? - Janice hands him a folder which Roland opens and looks through without slowing down. JANICE Coldplay’s agent called. He said one of the band’s members has been getting threatening letters and believes he’s being stalked. He wants you to step up security on the studio this afternoon during their recording session. ROLAND Tell him I heard about that yesterday and arrangements have already been made. (holds up a piece of paper from the folder) What is this? JANICE That’s the class action lawsuit the ENQUIRER is bringing against you and the company. Says you “violated” one of their reporters. ROLAND (puts the paper back in the folder) Violated ... they don’t know the meaning of the word. (MORE)


27. ROLAND (CONT'D) Tell their lawyer he was trespassing on private property and therefore subject to removal from that property upon discovery.

JANICE He had to go to the hospital after you “removed” him from the property. Said you manhandled him inappropriately. Stick that together with the word “violated” and I’m not sure I want to know what happened to this guy. ROLAND Let me put it this way: If he can sit down without a pillow for the next week I’ll be very impressed. What else? JANICE Gordon wants you in his office. Told me to tell you not to dawdle because he has a client waiting. - Roland hands the folder back to Janice and keeps walking. Janice stops and watches him go. JANICE (CONT’D) Nice talking to you too. - Janice walks back the way they came. CUT TO: 20




There are 2 men in the office already. ONE OF THE MEN IS MIDDLE-AGED, WELL-DRESSED, AND WELLBUILT WITH GREY HAIR. HIS NAME IS GORDON CINCONNE. THE OTHER MAN IS SHORT, WEARING GLASSES, AND LOOKS TO BE IN HIS 40’S. HIS NAME IS JEREMY SMALLS. Gordon is sitting behind his desk. Jeremy, who Roland does not recognize, is sitting on the other side of the desk. - Roland enters a very big, very plush office and closes the door behind him. Gordon stands up and so does Jeremy.



GORDON Ah, excellent. Jeremy, I’d like to introduce you to my head of security here at Gordon Records, Roland Bale. Roland, I’d like you to meet Jeremy Smalls. (presses a button on his desk) Linda, no interruptions please - Jeremy moves towards Roland putting his hand out to shake. Roland takes it. JEREMY Mr. Bale, I’ve heard quite a bit about you. ROLAND Sorry, I can’t say the same. agent or a lawyer?

Are you an

GORDON (sitting back down) Jeremy, here, is a representative of The Society. - Roland’s eyes go hard as he looks at Jeremy ROLAND Is that a fact? JEREMY (smiling) Yes, it is. I know there has been some ... animosity ... between our 2 groups, but I’m hoping this will be the first step towards better relations. - Roland takes a hard look at Gordon, then sits down opposite Gordon near the desk. Jeremy looks at Gordon who gives him the signal to continue. JEREMY (CONT’D) Yes, well, like I said I’ve heard quite a bit about you. Well, about ALL the Hunters actually, though you most of all. And, of course, Mr. Cinconne (gestures at Gordon) Who’s said to be as shrewd of a business man as you are a Hunter. - Roland has no reaction. continues.

Jeremy clears his throat and


JEREMY (CONT’D) Anyway, a situation has developed within our order, and the group that I represent thought it might be prudent to ... consult ... with you and your people as to its meaning. - Still no reaction from Roland. Jeremy then picks up a folder from Gordon’s desk and hands it to Roland who takes it and opens it. The folder contains pictures of dead bodies along with what looks like medical reports. JEREMY (CONT’D) Recently several psychics from our group have been killed. It is our belief that they were killed by vampires. If you’ll notice from the pictures, there isn’t much left of their bodies to identify, but we have ... other ways ... of determining how and what occurred when a death is involved. We’ve been over each area and they were all the same. Vampires. At least 5 each time. - This gets Roland’s attention. folder at Jeremy. 5?

He looks up from the

ROLAND 5 at once?

JEREMY Yes, yes that’s right. We also found some remains which leads us to believe their might have been more. (gestures to the folder Roland is looking through) Everything we have is there. - Jeremy pauses for a moment. Roland simply studies him, the folder of papers and photos forgotten. Jeremy looks to Gordon who is watching Roland. JEREMY (CONT’D) It’s our understanding that vampires don’t usually ... hunt ... like this, so it was decided that we would see if you -ROLAND Jeremy, would you give me a moment with Mr. Cinconne, please.


JEREMY (looking from Roland to Gordon, then back) Of course, yes, by all means. I’ll, ahh (gestures at the door, starts walking towards it, then stops and turns back) Just let me know if you need anything ... from me. Anything. - Jeremy leaves the office. Roland shakes his head slightly, then goes back to the folder. He holds up one picture and looks at it. It’s a picture of the top half of a man’s body lying in the grass. One of the arms is gone at the shoulder, there’s a big hole in his chest and stomach, and the head is barely connected to the rest of the body. There is also very little blood present around the body. Roland puts the picture back in the folder, closes it, and tosses it onto the desk. ROLAND Well, if anything, I’ll give them this: They are creative. GORDON What do you mean? ROLAND (gives Gordon an incredulous look) Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you buy this, “I’ve come to consult with you” bull? GORDON I take it you don’t? ROLAND Why would I? You’ve told me yourself these people think we’re nothing but a bunch of back-woods hillbillies messing around where we shouldn’t be. (snorts) And now they send this ... (gestures to the door) Person ... to us with this story? Give me a break. And what is this, 5 vampires at once!? Jesus, they really must think we are a bunch of fools. GORDON You think they are finally making their move for Amanda?


ROLAND Don’t you? GORDON (hesitates) I think there’s something you should see. - Gordon opens a drawer and pulls out a video cassette. And walks over to the TV / VCR in the corner of the office. - Gordon plays the tape. IT’S FROM A BANK SURVEILLANCE CAMERA AND IS IN BLACK AND WHITE. It shows 3 individuals break into the bank and attack the people there. There’s gun fire from one of the security guards that appears to hit one of the attackers but does nothing. Another attacker jumps across the room to tackle a woman who was sitting at her desk. The guard is knocked outside the sight of the camera by the figure he shot. GORDON (CONT’D) It was on the news several days ago. The First National Bank just outside Cleveland, OH was robed. 2 tellers, a night guard, and the manager were killed. One of my contacts sent me this tape from one of their surveillance cameras. - Gordon fast forwards the tape a little. Now it shows the 3 individuals leaving the bank carrying large bags. GORDON (CONT’D) The news said an “undisclosed” amount of money was taken. Feds have closed up the area so the news didn’t have too many details, such as HOW the individuals were killed. Their bodies are being held pending an investigation. - Roland continues to stare at the TV. He rewinds the tape and watches it all again, this time focusing on the individual that tackled the woman by the desk. It stays on top of her, pinning her to the ground as she flails her arms. It stays there even when she stops moving, then suddenly jumps up and darts outside the camera frame. ROLAND This isn’t possible. Vampires don’t travel in groups, they’re solitary hunters. Attacking a business like this, near a city, with 4 people inside?? And stealing money??! (MORE)

32. ROLAND (CONT'D) (shakes his head, dismissing it) I just can’t be.

GORDON Still, an interesting coincidence, don’t you think? What with Mr. Smalls coming here and telling us about the attacks on his people. At least 5 vampires, remember? ROLAND You think they had something to do with this? GORDON Do you? ROLAND (considers a moment, looking back at the TV) I suppose not, but something is not right here. GORDON Very good. Now you know why I asked you here. I want you and your team to investigate this. - Roland looks at Gordon as if he were crazy GORDON (CONT’D) No, not the psychic killings, this (gestures at the TV) I got this tape from an independent source, one of my people whose information has always been reliable. Follow up on that. If it turns out to be nothing, we’ll send Mr. Smalls packing. But, if it turns out to be something ... - The 2 men stare at each other a while, then Roland looks at the TV, then back at Gordon ROLAND Alright, we’ll check it out. - Roland gets up to leave, but Gordon stops him GORDON One more thing. I want you to take Mr. Smalls with you as an observer.


ROLAND You must be joking. GORDON (straight faced) Do you see anyone smiling? - Before Roland can speak, Gordon cuts him off. GORDON (CONT’D) Do you think Amanda is an asset to your group? ROLAND (gives Gordon a not-sofriendly look) You know I do, which is why -GORDON You all took down a city vampire a few weeks ago, right? Killed it and had no casualties, yes? Can you remember the last time that happened? - Roland just glares at him and says nothing GORDON (CONT’D) (raises his voice a little) I’m asking you a question. Can you remember the last time that happened? ROLAND (between clenched teeth) It’s never happened. GORDON Indeed. Her skills have been invaluable to us thus far and will be invaluable now more than ever. Do you trust her? ROLAND Of course. GORDON Then imagine what it would be like if we had someone like her, a psychic, on every one of our teams. The extra training you’ve implemented lately has had tremendous results, but it only goes so far. Her skills to find vampires, lure them out, identify their work ... Roland, this is an opportunity that we cannot pass up.


ROLAND How? GORDON If this turns out to be something, that’s how. If vampires really did rob that bank and kill those psychics, this could be our chance to make nice with The Society and maybe, just maybe, get Amanda on good terms with them again so she doesn’t have to be looking over her shoulder anymore. ROLAND And if it wasn’t vampires at the bank? If the dead psychics is just a ruse, if all of this is just a trick to get to her, to bring her out into the open so they can get to her? We’d be serving her up on a silver platter. You said she was an asset. You willing to risk her for a chance of getting into bed with The Society? GORDON The Society is many things, but they don’t kill civilians just to get to one renegade. But, if Smalls does anything you don’t like, by all means, you have my permission to scalp the bastard and send it and any other body parts you wish back to his masters. But until then, you WILL extend him every courtesy. Are we clear? ROLAND (gives Gordon another hard stare) Crystal. GORDON Good. - Gordon goes to the TV, stops the tape, then takes it out. He puts it back into his desk drawer, then presses the intercom button on his desk. GORDON (CONT’D) Linda, will you please ask Mr. Smalls to join us again. - Jeremy sticks his head back in, then when he seems satisfied everything is okay, he walks into the room.


JEREMY Well, I -ROLAND (walks past him, going for the door) Be down in the lobby at 9 PM sharp Mr. Smalls, and pack light. - Roland leaves the office with Jeremy stuttering and looking around like he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Gordon, wearing a big smile, comes over to him, puts his arm around him, and leads him back to the desk. GORDON You’ll have to excuse him. He’s got a lot on his mind at the moment. As for you, I have a proposition of my own for you ... CUT TO: HALLWAY LEADING TO ROLAND’S OFFICE 21




- Roland makes his way through the cubicles until reaching Janice’s desk. She’s reading a magazine, sees him coming, but doesn’t put it down. JANICE Have a good meeting? ROLAND Cancel all of my appointments after 3 PM today and for the rest of the week. JANICE Going on another business trip? ROLAND Apparently. - Roland enters his office and closes the door behind him. He sits down at his desk, leans back in his chair, and thinks for a moment, taking deep breathes. He looks over and stares at the phone. Finally, he picks it up and starts dialing. Music begins - “Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive” CUT TO:







CAMERA GETS AN AERIAL VIEW OF THE WOODEN BOARDWALK GOING ALONG BETWEEN THE BEACH AND HOTELS ON THE BEACH. - Davin is chasing a man down the boardwalk. Davin catches him and puts him in handcuffs. Davin’s beeper goes off, he checks it, frowns, then shoves the guy aside and walks away. CUT TO: 23





CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF A MESSY ROOM WITH A LARGE DESK IN IT. THERE ARE PAPERS AND BOOKS EVERYWHERE ALONG WITH A PLATE OF HALF-EATEN FOOD. A COMPUTER SITS IN THE CENTER OF THE DESK. - Wesley is at his desk typing furiously at the computer. The monitor shows ACCESS GRANTED and Wesley smiles. A beeper goes off on the desk, Wesley looks at it, smiles even larger, turns off his computer, packs, and leaves the apartment. CUT TO: 24





INSIDE THE BAR IS SMOKY AND CROWDED. - Manny is shooting pool with another man. There is a small crowd gathered around. Manny sinks the 8 ball and collects some money from the other man he was playing. Manny’s beeper goes off, he looks at it, puts it away, and smiles at 2 women who are watching him. They smile back. He walks over, buys them a drink, and leaves. The women watch him go with smiles on their faces. CUT TO: 25





- Manny gets on his motorcycle and rides off Music ends. CUT TO:






The restaurant is not crowded, but has a fair number of customers. Everyone is dressed very well and talking to each other softly. There’s piano music in the background. - Roland enters the restaurant and scans the crowd. HOST Ahhh, Mr. Bale. So nice to see you again. Your usual table? ROLAND Actually Monroe, I’m going to need one for 2 this evening. HOST (smiles) Of course, of course. will be ready.

One minute and it

- The Host walks away to prepare Roland’s table. Roland walks through the restaurant looking carefully at the piano player. Amanda is playing a difficult, yet beautiful piece behind the piano. - There is a group of men in business suits who are also watching Amanda. They are grinning and whispering to each other. ROLAND NOTICES THIS AS WELL. - When Amanda finishes her song, one of the business men gets up and walks over to the piano. Amanda has started playing another, simpler piece. BUSINESS MAN That was absolutely wonderful. AMANDA (looks up and smiles) Thank you. BUSINESS MAN You’re very good. A professional? - The man makes a show of dropping a $50 bill into the piano tip jar making sure Amanda sees him. She continues to smile, dividing her attention between him and piano as she plays. AMANDA No, just something I do on the side.



BUSINESS MAN (laughs) I knew it. My friends and I had a small wager as to whether or not you played professionally. I won. AMANDA Did you now? BUSINESS MAN I told them someone that beautiful had to be an actress or model just making some cash to make ends meet. AMANDA (laughs) What a sweet talker you are. BUSINESS MAN (leans on the piano) I’ll tell you what: Why don’t we -ROLAND (walking up beside the business man) Why don’t you take a walk. - Roland takes out a $100 bill and drops it into the tip jar, making sure the business man saw it. ROLAND (CONT’D) This woman is a bit too classy for the likes of you. BUSINESS MAN (sizing Roland up) And who are you? AMANDA He looks like a better tipper to me. - The business man looks at her, then she motions to the tip jar with her eyes. He looks back at Roland, then at Amanda, snorts and walks off. Roland watches him go. - Amanda starts playing another song. AMANDA (CONT’D) (not looking at him) So ... come here often?


- Roland turns and gives her an incredulous look. She continues to play, then looks up at Roland giving him her best innocent look. After a couple of moments, Roland smiles, blushes, and looks away. Amanda’s smile is even bigger, extremely pleased with herself for making him blush. - The Host approaches them HOST Mr. Bale, your table is ready. ROLAND Thank you, Monroe. That will be all for now. HOST Very good, sir. - The Host walks off. Roland turns back to Amanda, not smiling, but not so serious anymore. ROLAND We have business to discuss. - Roland goes off to sit at the table. Amanda follows and sits opposite him, now serious herself. ROLAND (CONT’D) Gordon got a visit from someone in The Society this morning named Jeremy Smalls. Ever hear of him? AMANDA No, can’t say I have. ROLAND He claims that vampires are killing his people. He also claims that they are doing it in groups. Working together. He came to Gordon hoping to collaborate on some kind of solution. AMANDA Vampires? Attacking in groups? sure you heard this man right?

Are you

ROLAND Unfortunately, yes. What’s more is that Gordon also took this opportunity to show me a bank surveillance tape of 3 vampires seemingly working together to rob the bank and kill its employees.


Oh my god. Ohio?

AMANDA The First Federal Bank in

ROLAND I see you heard. AMANDA Not much. Only that the bank was robbed just after closing and some employees were murdered in the process. Are you saying that vampires did this? How is that possible? And why in the world would vampires care about money in a bank? ROLAND Good questions. Questions Gordon wants us to find answers to. We leave tonight. Everyone’s meeting just outside Cleveland. Alright.

AMANDA I’ll tell Monroe that --

- Amanda gets up to leave and Roland catches her arm. ROLAND There’s more. - Amanda looking at Roland’s very serious face and sits back down. ROLAND (CONT’D) Gordon wants us to take this Jeremy Smalls with us as an observer. - Roland looks at Amanda and waits for her reaction. She meets Roland’s eyes, her face blank. After a few moments he continues. ROLAND (CONT’D) To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the slightest idea what this man’s intentions are or what he really wants with us. Gordon may be able to force me to take Jeremy with us, but he can’t force me to take you. AMANDA What are you saying?


ROLAND Simply put, something stinks. I’m giving you the option of sitting this one out. We don’t need you to verify psychically if the attackers were vampires, we can check the remains -AMANDA What if the remains are not available? This was a Federal bank after all, the feds are probably all over the place and have the bodies locked up tight in some morgue under guard. And what happens if it was vampires and you find evidence that they are still hanging around? You need me, now maybe more than ever. ROLAND If it comes to that, I can always get rid of Jeremy saying that things are going to get dangerous, then call you in. AMANDA And waste how much time? More people might die. (takes Roland’s hands in hers) I appreciate you giving me the option, but I’m part of the team, and I won’t abandon them just so I can hide from some Society member who may or may not be after me. - The two of them just look at each other for a few moments, emotions of both pride and fear playing on Roland’s face. Amanda looks determined, but afraid as well. Then she gives a nervous laugh. AMANDA (CONT’D) Besides, with all of you there with me glaring and watching him, I doubt Mr. Smalls could summon up the courage or have the opportunity to try anything. Most of the Society’s members wouldn’t give their own life to bring down a renegade. ROLAND And what if that’s it? What if this is some kind of suicide mission and all he’s waiting for is to get in the same room with you to make his move?


AMANDA (smiles nervously) No one lives forever. - Roland half-smiles back, thinking that’s something he himself would have said if he were in Amanda’s situation. ROLAND No, I don’t suppose they do. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: 27





- Roland and Jeremy drive down the highway in silence. ROLAND IS INTENT ON THE ROAD. JEREMY LOOKS AS IF HE’S GOT SOMETHING ON HIS MIND. He keeps glancing over at Roland. JEREMY I just want you to know that I’m very happy to be coming along with you while you investigate this bank robbery. Mr. Cinconne informed me as to my ... role ... in all this. Rest assure, I will not get in the way. ROLAND Good to know. - They continue to drive in silence. look over at Roland

Jeremy continues to

JEREMY Mr. Cinconne also informed me that the ... that Amanda Harper would be joining us. I assure you, I have no intention of causing Miss Harper any harm. My interest is purely in the murders of my colleagues. ROLAND Glad to hear it. - More silence.

Jeremy continues to look at Roland.

JEREMY You will be interested to know that --


ROLAND Mr. Smalls, I’m not that big on idle conversation. How about we just pass the drive in silence. JEREMY Forgive me if I was talking too much. It’s just ... I’m having a hard time ... reading ... you. ROLAND Excuse me? JEREMY What I mean is that I can usually sense what a person is feeling, their mood, even their thoughts at times. Not that I’m trying to read your thoughts, no, no, No! It’s just that I usually sense ... something ... when I’m this close to someone. Only from you I get ... nothing. - Roland continues driving for a bit. He seems uncomfortable, as if struggling with whether to explain why Jeremy can’t sense anything from him or keep silent. Finally, he sighs and decides to explain. ROLAND One of a vampire’s most dangerous weapons is its ability to manipulate a person’s mind. “Role” it as we like to say, making people do things against their will. Every member of my team has worked extra-ordinarily hard to school their minds to be immune to such tricks a vampire might play. As a side effect, it makes it very difficult for people like you to “sense” our emotions or thoughts. JEREMY (Impressed) Yes, yes, difficult would be quite accurate. Impressive, to say the least. - Jeremy looks down at the cross around Roland’s neck Is it also true that your group has rediscovered the technique of using crosses as protection? - Roland give Jeremy a not-too-friendly look


ROLAND What do you think? JEREMY (shrugs) Our information says it was developed in the middle ages by a monk named Nicholas of Myra who was also a psychic. Claimed he could teach the technique to anyone, if they had the focus and patience and ... well ... pure willpower to learn it. It also required an object made from a certain blend of minerals that would respond to psychic energy. I imagine fashioning the first objects into a cross was more political than practical. The church was most pleased with this and had many priests and monks instructed in the technique, yet kept it a well guarded secret to those outside the church. - Roland continues to drive in silence. him, then continues.

Jeremy looks at

JEREMY (CONT’D) Of course, the technique was only useful against other psychic beings who were ... tainted ... like vampires. After the vampire threat was all but eliminated, well ... I suppose the effort to teach it just wasn’t worth it anymore. - Roland continues driving, again saying nothing. Jeremy looks at him again. Roland’s silence is starting to annoy him. JEREMY (CONT’D) If I had to guess, I’d say Mr. Cinconne’s family held onto the technique and the formula to make the crosses all these years, but it wasn’t until Miss Harper came along that the technique was once again realized. She must be a woman of many talents. - Roland slams on the brakes, pulls his gun, and puts it to Jeremy’s head. Jeremy immediately puts his hands up and goes completely still. ROLAND Let’s get something straight. I don’t like you. I don’t trust you. I think you’re keeping something from us. (MORE)

45. ROLAND (CONT'D) Sure, your people got killed, but that’s not the whole story. Gordon may have told me to bring you, but he’s not here. All I need is one excuse. Just one.

- Roland puts the gun away and starts driving again. Jeremy puts his hands down and says nothing. He also makes it a point to not look at Roland again. CAMERA CATCHES THE HUMMER DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY AND PASSING A SIGN TO WELCOMES THEM TO OHIO. CUT TO: 28




- Roland and Jeremy get out of the Hummer and start walking towards a specific motel room. ROLAND Alright, rule #1: You’re function here is to observe. Therefore, you keep your mouth shut unless you are directly asked a question. Otherwise, if you have something to say, you may talk with me about it privately. Rule #2, my team has already been apprised of our situation and some of them may not be too excited about you being here. Just stay out of their way. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. - Roland stops just in front of the motel room ROLAND (CONT’D) And finally, rule #3. You will keep that psychic ability of your’s on a short leash around my team. If Amanda notifies me that you’ve been using it in any way, threatening or otherwise, without my leave, at best you’ll be sent packing. At worst, you’ll be dead. Do we understand each other? JEREMY I’m just here to observe, and help if I can. So, yes, I understand. I assure you, I will cause you no problems. ROLAND Good.



- Roland opens the motel door and goes in with Jeremy at his back. EVERYONE IS THERE: MANNY, DAVIN, WESLEY, AND AMANDA. ROLAND (CONT’D) Good, you’ve all made it. This is Jeremy Smalls. He represents The Society and will be observing things during this mission. - Everyone takes a hard look at Jeremy. DAVIN AND MANNY’S LOOK IS FAIRLY HOSTILE, AMANDA LOOKS WARY, AND WESLEY LOOKS MORE CURIOUS THAN ANYTHING ELSE. ROLAND (CONT’D) The mission is this: The First National Bank of Cleveland was robbed 4 nights ago, possibly by vampires. 3, maybe 4, working together. We’re here to assess the situation, and take corrective action if necessary. Any questions? MANNY Yes. (looks at Jeremy) Why exactly is he here? ROLAND There have been some deaths within The Society and they believe it was vampires, working in small groups, doing the killing. MANNY (jerks his thumb at Jeremy) So are we working for them now? ROLAND No. There is nothing connecting the bank to the dead psychics. WESLEY Nothing except that the vampires were working in groups, and that’s never happened before. Has it? ROLAND Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t even know if it was vampires at the bank. We’re here to investigate that, nothing else. We have to move fast, though. (MORE)

47. ROLAND (CONT'D) This bank is owned by the government and the feds are probably crawling all over the place so this needs to be smooth and by the numbers. Wes, get everything you can on whatever the feds know about this incident. I want to know about the agent in charge of the investigation, the condition of the bodies found in the bank, and any evidence they came across thus far.

WESLEY No problem. ROLAND Davin, Manny. I want you two to do a standard sweep of the area and don’t forget animal control this time. If there is even one vampire running around in this city I want to know about it by the end of the day. Amanda, you and I will check out the bank. Jeremy, you’re going to stay with Wes for the time being. We’ll meet later today to trade information. - Roland walks out. Amanda follows him and purposefully doesn’t look at Jeremy when she passes him. Manny and Davin also get up, but Manny stops on his way to the door to stare at Jeremy with another hostile look. Jeremy simply looks at Manny with calm, controlled eyes. DAVIN Come on, we’ve got work to do. - Manny looks at Jeremy a moment more, then follows Davin out. Jeremy follows them out with his eyes. When they are gone, he turns to Wesley who’s pulling various computer equipment out of different bags. JEREMY It would appear that I’m not well liked. WESLEY (laughs) Well, once they get to know you ... naw, they still wouldn’t like you. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN:




INT./EXT. FIRST NATIONAL BANK - CLEVELAND, OH - NOV. 2ND - DAWN The scene takes place just after dawn. around.


There is no one

- Roland and Amanda walk up the bank parking lot towards the front door. THERE IS POLICE TAPE ACROSS THE FRONT DOOR. Roland and Amanda maneuver through the tape, Roland picks the door’s lock, and they go in. - Roland and Amanda survey the bank’s interior. THERE ARE PAPERS, MONEY, BROKEN FURNITURE, AND VARIOUS OTHER OFFICE STATIONARY SCATTERED ABOUT. ROLAND Alright, do your thing. - Amanda walks slowly into the bank’s interior while Roland stays at the door as a lookout. She walks through the customer area touching nothing and looking at everything. She comes to a loan officer’s desk. THE DESK IS STILL UPRIGHT, BUT THE OFFICE CHAIR HAS FALLEN DOWN. THERE IS A BLOOD STAIN ON THE BACK OF THE CHAIR AND ON THE FLOOR BEHIND THE CHAIR. Amanda walks up to the front of the desk and touches it. She flinches. CUT TO:


The flashback is in black-and-white - The loan officer is using the phone, dialing numbers frantically. Vampire #1 jumps across the room onto the loan officer’s desk. She screams and falls back knocking over the chair. The vampire jumps on top of her, buries its face in her neck, and bites her. CUT TO:


- Amanda comes back to herself, and quickly takes her hands off of the desk. She backs away from it, a look of horror and disgust on her face. She recovers and moves on. - Amanda comes to a security guard’s baton on the floor surrounded by empty bullet shells. She picks up the baton, and flinches. CUT TO:


The flashback is in black-and-white - A security guard is shooting vampire #2 in the chest with his gun as it walks towards him.


The bullets don’t even slow the vampire down. When the security guard’s gun is empty, he takes out his baton and hits the vampire in the head with it. The vampire staggers, then backhands the security guard. The security guard flies through the air and crashes into the withdrawal / deposit slip desk. CUT TO:


- Amanda comes back to herself. She looks over at the withdrawal / deposit slip desk. THE DESK IS UPRIGHT, BUT CRACKED IN THE CENTER. THERE’S A BLOOD STAIN ON IT. Amanda puts the baton down and moves on. - Roland glances over at Amanda, then back out into the parking lot and street. THERE IS STILL NO ONE AROUND. HE SCANS THE AREA, EYES LINGERING ON A WHITE VAN ACROSS THE STREET. - Amanda approaches the vault. THE VAULT DOOR IS HANGING BY 1 HINGE, THE OTHER BROKEN. THE STEEL BARS BETWEEN THE DOOR AND THE VAULT ITSELF HAVE BEEN BROKEN, BENT, AND PULLED AWAY TO MAKE A LARGE HOLE BIG ENOUGH FOR A PERSON TO WALK THROUGH. Amanda stops at the vault door, looks at the destruction with amazement, then walks through. She flinches. CUT TO:


The flashback is in black-and-white - The manager fumbles with his keys next to a security box on the wall frantically looking over his shoulder, eyes wide with terror. He finds the right key, inserts it into the security box, and the vault door begins to close. The manager runs into the vault. - 3 vampires close in on the vault. They grab hold of the vault door, stopping it from closing. They struggle with the door for a few seconds, then the door breaks off one of its hinges and falls back. The vampires then start grappling with the steel bars between them and the manager. The manager falls to the floor whimpering. - When the vampires get through, they surround the manager. He screams. CUT TO:


- Amanda comes back to herself, but doesn’t fully recover right away. THE INTERIOR OF THE VAULT HAS BLOOD STAINS EVERYWHERE. Amanda looks to the right and among the broken pieces of steel and scattered money, she see’s the remnants of man’s ear.


- Amanda walks out of the vault quickly heading towards the front door. She passes right by Roland, who looks at her questioningly, and rips the police tape to remove them from her path. Roland rushes to catch up. FROM ACROSS THE STREET, SOMEONE IS WATCHING THEM WALK BACK TO THE HUMMER. - Amanda gets into the Hummer on the passenger side. Roland gets in a second later on the driver’s side. ROLAND (CONT’D) What did you see? AMANDA Can we just get out of here? from this place.

I want away

- Roland looks at her a moment more, then starts the car and drives off. CUT TO:






- 2 men watch the Hummer drive away from the bank on a TV monitor. They exchange glances, then one pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. MAN IN VAN Yes, it’s me. You were right. Someone did take an interest in the bank. (pause) Yes, I got them on tape. (pause) No, they didn’t take anything. (pause) Yes sir, we will. - The man hangs up the phone, then motions to his partner. The partner goes up front and starts the van. The van drives off in the opposite direction that the Hummer went. CUT TO:






- Roland and Amanda drive in silence for a minute. Roland glances at her. Amanda is staring out the passenger side window. ROLAND You okay? - Amanda does not answer and continues staring out the passenger side window. ROLAND (CONT’D) I need to know what you saw in there, Amanda. AMANDA Gordon was right. It was vampires. For God’s sake, Roland, they massacred those people! Not to feed or for survival or even for pleasure. They just ... did it. (turns to him) What the hell is going on? - Roland just looks at her. Before he can answer, his cell phone goes off. He answers it and Amanda goes back to staring out the passenger side window. ROLAND Yes? Hey boss.

WESLEY I got some news. ROLAND

What is it? WESLEY Well, I hacked into the fed database. Those boys really need to upgrade their security. I used the same authorization algorithm I used to use on them 3 years ago. I was shocked it actually worked the first time, but then again, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. In the end, technology is shit without a good programmer backing it up. They probably give security to the interns -ROLAND What did you find, Wes?



WESLEY I got a look at the official report of the bank incident. Everything looks pretty standard. 4 victims, all logged as Robbery Homicide. A loan officer, a teller, a security guard, and the afternoon manager. An undisclosed amount of money was stollen. No witnesses. ROLAND Who’s the agent assigned to the case? WESLEY Special agent Charles Davidson. - Roland glances at Amanda. ROLAND Does the report say how the victims died? WESLEY I have 2 of the 4 autopsy reports here. Probably haven’t gotten to the other 2 yet. ROLAND Hold on a second. - Roland connects the phone to a speaker system on the dash board. ROLAND (CONT’D) Alright, shoot. WESLEY One was on the security guard, Theodore Bishop. Death caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Looks like the back of his head was smashed in by something hard and flat. - Amanda has turned away from the passenger side window and is listening intently to Wesley’s speech. WESLEY (CONT’D) The second one was the loan officer, Patty Velasquez. Death caused by a knife wound to the throat that punctured her carotid artery. She bled to death. AMANDA Does it actually say she died from a knife wound?


WESLEY I’m reading it word-for-word, Amanda. AMANDA (turns to Roland) That woman was bitten by a vampire who ripped half the flesh off of her neck. NO WAY someone mistook that for a knife wound. WESLEY Interesting. Guess that counts as Weird Thing #3 then. ROLAND What are you talking about? WESLEY I checked with the locals as well. It seems that the feds were the first ones on the scene, not the local cops. In fact, the only reason the local cops found out about it at all was because some businessman in the area saw the feds swarming the place late at night and called the cops thinking it was a robbery. (Laughs) Too little, too late I guess. That was Weird Thing #1. Weird thing #2 is with this guy, Davidson. I checked out his sheet. Army until he was 22, started with the Beau after that in the antiterrorist unit, does that for a few years, then gets transferred to, quote, “special assignments”, end quote. That’s the last record on him, but you should see this guy’s training list: counter terrorism, information gathering, light weapons, explosives, signal intelligence ... whatever the hell that is ... cyber warfare, languages. Jesus, this guy speaks like 6 different languages. Roland, this guy’s resume reads like a international spy, not some overweight, under-paid FBI agent that investigates bank robberies. Why would a guy like this be assigned to a bank robbery / homicide case? Why did they move in so quickly? Top that off with the doctored autopsy reports, and we got some really kooky shit going on here.


ROLAND So it would seem. How’s our observer doing? WESLEY Oh, he’s a bundle of joy. He’s made a few calls, always talks in Spanish or something so I can’t understand him. He keeps asking me questions about what we do, kills we’ve made, stuff like that. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I don’t give out details. Mostly I just make wise cracks until he gets sick of me and goes back to writing in that notebook of his. He writes in that a lot. Oh by the way, Davin said to call him when you get done with the bank. ROLAND Okay, good work, Wes. See if you can find out anything more on the fed’s investigation, and on our friend Agent Davidson. WESLEY Ten-four. - Roland hangs up and dials Davin’s number. CUT TO:




ROLAND Yes, it’s me. What have you got? Trouble.

DAVIN Big trouble. CUT TO:


DAVIN (CONT’D) Manny and I are at Cleveland Memorial Hospital. You better get down here. CUT TO:







- Roland and Amanda walk into a diner. THEY SPOT MANNY AND DAVIN IN THE CORNER AWAY FROM ANYONE ELSE. MANNY IS WEARING A PRIEST’S OUTFIT. Roland and Amanda walk over to them and sit down. AMANDA Nice threads, Padre. MANNY I wore it just for you. (glances at Roland) I heard you liked authoritative, father figures. - Amanda makes a face at him. them.

Roland ignores both of

ROLAND Report. DAVIN There’s a vampire admitted to the hospital down the street. ROLAND Cleveland Memorial? DAVIN Yeah. It was admitted last night. Someone found it lying in an alley. Manny was the one that got a look at it. MANNY It’s definitely a vampire, Roland. (holds the cross around his neck) Believe me. But there’s something wrong with it. ROLAND Explain. MANNY It’s going through some kind of rapiddecompostion. It doesn’t do anything but lie there and moan. The doctor I talked to has never seen anything like it. (MORE)

56. MANNY (CONT'D) They took some blood and sent it to their lab for a work up, but they’re backed up and won’t get the results until later this evening or early morning.

ROLAND External? MANNY Internal. Lab’s on the 2nd floor, west wing. The vampire they moved into quarantine on the 5th floor until they are sure whatever’s wrong with it isn’t contagious. Lucky for them the room doesn’t have any windows. DAVIN Lucky for all of us. - Roland leans back and considers. and watch him.

The others just sit

- Wesley and Jeremy come in to the diner and walk to the table. WESLEY Hey, what’d we miss? - Roland looks at them, eyes lingering on Jeremy with an irritated look. Roland then looks at Manny. ROLAND Fill them in. I need to make a call. - Roland gets up and walks out of the diner. Wesley watches him go, then looks at Manny. A sad expression comes over his face. WESLEY Forgive me Father for I have sinned. DAVIN Sit down, moron! We got business to deal with. CUT TO:





- Roland makes a call on his cell phone



CUT TO: - Gordon is looking over some documents. contacts him on the intercom.


His secretary

LINDA Mr. Cinconne, Mr. Bale on line 2. GORDON (picks up the phone) Roland? ROLAND Yeah, it’s me. CUT TO:

STREET OUTSIDE THE DINER You were right, Cleveland is infested. CUT TO:


GORDON The bank? CUT TO:


ROLAND The three in the video were vampires. Amanda confirmed it. The 4 dead in the bank are all we know of so far. We’ve also got one checked in to the Cleveland Memorial hospital. It’s decomposing and sending the hospital staff into a frenzy. Good God! up.

GORDON Well, you’ve got to clean that

ROLAND My sentiments exactly. That would make 1, but that still leaves 2 more somewhere. GORDON One step at a time, my friend. about the feds?


ROLAND No sign of them yet, and locals cops are clueless.


GORDON Is there anything you need from me? ROLAND No. GORDON Alright. You watch your ass and don’t linger too long. - Gordon hangs up, and so does Roland. Roland looks over at the hospital down the street, then moves back into the diner CUT TO: 34




- There’s a waitress heading for the table where Roland’s team is sitting. Roland intercepts her. ROLAND Excuse me, I’m with that group there (points) We’ll take coffee, sugar and cream on the side. And if you could, (holds out a $20) We’d like a little privacy so, could you leave it on the bar. One of us will come and get it. WAITRESS (takes the $20) Sure, whatever you say. - Roland moves back to his table WESLEY So, we going to the hospital? ROLAND Yes. We have to remove all traces: patient records, expense reports, blood samples, and most importantly, the patient. Wes, what do you know about hospital computer systems? WESLEY Well, I know you’d have an easier time breaking into Fort Knox than you would hacking into a hospital’s network from the outside. (MORE)


59. WESLEY (CONT'D) The FDA makes sure all hospitals are protected against outside threats like viruses. However, if I was able to plug into the network from inside the building, then I’d have access to everything: patient database, financials, whatever. And thanks to the new “paperless” initiative by our President, digital records are the only records kept on new patients. By the time I’m done, it will be like that vampire was never there.

ROLAND Where will you access the network once you’re inside? WESLEY The basement. All big hospitals have basements. You know, storage, the housekeeping staff, that kind of thing. It’s also where the hospitals keep their IT staff. - Roland see’s that the coffee is ready and sends Davin to get it AMANDA In the basement? WESLEY (grins) Most companies don’t like their computer geeks out where the customers can see them. MANNY Well in that case, maybe we should leave you in the car from now on. - Wesley gives Manny the finger ROLAND How will you get into the basement? WESLEY From what Manny and Davin say, there’s a lot of construction going on down there. Should provide perfect cover. Good.

ROLAND What about hospital security?


DAVIN Leave that to me. ROLAND Alright, Wes will handle the computer records, and Davin will neutralize their security force. Amanda and I will hit the lab, then remove the patient itself. Manny, I’ll need you positioned by the quarantine area. We go in at nightfall. FADE TO: 35





- The sun goes down. People around the city are going home for the day, some are just getting out. Businesses are closing up, some are just opening. CUT TO: 36





- Doctors, nurses, and patients are going about their business for the night. One of the doctors stops a security guard and speaks with him. The guard leaves the doctor and goes for the service elevator. CAMERA FOLLOWS HIM THROUGH THE HOSPITAL. CUT TO: 37





- The security guard gets off the elevator and passes by Wesley, crouched down, pretending to check a gas meter. WESLEY IS DRESSED AS A CONSTRUCTION WORKER, COMPLETE WITH HARD HAT. Wesley waits until the security guard passes, then picks up his toolbox and starts moving through the hallways. He comes to a utility closet. He looks around, verifies that no one is watching him, then picks the lock to the closet. CUT TO: UTILITY CLOSET The closet is small with not much room to move around in. There are 2 racks against the wall with various computer equipment on them. - Wesley opens the toolbox and pulls out 2 laptops. He plugs them both into different routers on the racks and powers them up.


He then puts on a headset with microphone attachment. Finally, he checks his watch to get the time. ITS 1:45. WESLEY Okay, time to tell daddy your secrets. CUT TO: 38





- Roland and Amanda walk up the stairs to the hospital’s front entrance and go in. THEY ARE WEARING NORMAL STREET CLOTHING. CUT TO:


- Roland and Amanda survey the area. CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF A SIGN THAT POINTS TO THE ELEVATORS. Amanda points at it, and she and Roland move off in that direction. CUT TO:






- Manny gets off the elevator and walks to the front desk. MANNY IS STILL WEARING HIS PRIEST OUTFIT. AT THE FRONT DESK ARE A COUPLE OF NURSES AND A FEMALE DOCTOR. THE DOCTOR SEES MANNY APPROACH. DOCTOR (smiles) Father. Nice to see you again. MANNY (smiles back) Nice to see you as well. I was just curious how that patient from this morning was doing? Remember, the ... strange one. DOCTOR No change I’m afraid.

Excuse me.

- The doctor walks off to talk to a nurse. Manny looks around. HE TAKES NOTE OF THE SECURITY GUARD WATCHING THE DOOR LEADING INTO THE QUARANTINE AREA. CUT TO:







CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE SECURITY MONITOR WATCHING THE MAIN QUARANTINE DOOR WHERE THE SECURITY GUARD IS. THERE’S A GUARD INFRONT OF THE MONITORS AND HE’S ON THE PHONE. GUARD Where? (pause) Alright, I’ll send someone down. (shouts behind him) Hey Carl, take a walk to Cardiology, will you. One of the patients is acting up again. - Carl grumbles, then gets up, and moves to the door. As he opens the door to the security office, he comes faceto-face with Davin. CUT TO: 41





Wesley is still at his computers, but now is talking into his headset. WESLEY Yeah, the 3rd floor, Cardiology. Make sure you send someone right away. (pauses) Okay, thank you. - Wesley goes back to his computers. He’s systematically moving through computer files, deleting one every so often. Then he checks his watch. IT SHOWS A MINUTE BEFORE 2 AM. WESLEY (CONT’D) Right on schedule. I hope you’re where you’re supposed to be, Roland. CUT TO: 42




- Roland and Amanda arrive at the elevator in the hospital lobby. THE ELEVATOR REQUIRES A CODE TO BE PUNCHED IN TO WORK IT. Roland and Amanda stand by the elevator and wait. Roland checks his watch.



IT SHOWS 2 AM. Then the elevator door opens. DAVIN IS IN THE ELEVATOR DRESSED AS A SECURITY GUARD. Roland and Amanda get in and the elevator door closes. CUT TO: 43





- Roland and Amanda open the door to the laundry room. They rummage through the laundry and find hospital scrubs that fit them. They proceed to change their clothes. Roland signals to Davin by the door, and he leaves the room. CUT TO:






- Davin gets off the elevator and moves towards the security guard at the quarantine door. MANNY, WHO’S TALKING TO A PATIENT, WATCHES HIM GO. The security guard sees Davin coming, looks at his watch, and gets up from his chair. You’re late. here 5-to-2.

GUARD You were supposed to be

DAVIN (shrugs) Nobody’s perfect. - The guard makes a rude noise, gives Davin a dirty look, and walks off towards the elevators. Davin takes his position by the door to the quarantine area. CUT TO: 45




- A lab technician is bent over a microscope looking at some very strange blood samples. THE TECHNICIAN LOOKS HIGHLY CONFUSED. - The door to the lab opens. TECHNICIAN (without looking) Hey Mike, you really need to take a look at thi --



- Roland walks up behind the technician and uses a stun gun on him. The technician collapses on the ground. Amanda starts rummaging through the blood samples in the refrigerator. Roland walks up to where the technician was working and looks through the microscope. AMANDA Got it! Here too. on it.

ROLAND Looks like they were working

AMANDA Perfect timing then. - Amanda gathers the blood samples and the notebook the technician was writing on. She stashes it all in a little pouch under her scrubs. - The lab door opens. Roland and Amanda dive for cover. A man enters carrying food. LAB TECHNICIAN #2 Hey Joel. They didn’t have turkey so I got you ham. I hope that’s -(sees the other technician on the floor) Jesus, Joel! - The technician runs over to his friend. Roland jumps to intercept him. The struggle for a moment before Roland manages to hit him with the stun gun. The 2nd technician goes down. - Roland takes a step back and a deep breath. starts talking in his radio.

He then

ROLAND Wes, Wes you copy? WESLEY I’m here, boss. Everyone is in position. You ready to disinfect the hospital? ROLAND We’re on our way now. - Roland signals to Amanda and they leave the lab. CUT TO:







- Roland and Amanda get off the elevator pushing a bed-onwheels. MANNY IS TELLING A STORY TO THE NURSES AND PATIENTS SO NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO ROLAND AND AMANDA. They role the bed-on-wheels right up to the quarantine area and Davin opens the door for them. Once they are through, Davin closes the door and sits back on his chair to read the paper. CUT TO: 47





- Roland and Amanda walk up to the vampire’s bed. IT’S LYING VERY STILL ON A BED ATTACHED TO A BEDSIDE MONITOR. THE ROOM IS FAIRLY DARK. Roland takes out a flashlight and shines it on the vampire. THE VAMPIRE’S FACE IS DRIED UP LIKE AN OLD CORPSE. Roland and Amanda simply stare at it for a few moments. Then Roland gets on his radio. ROLAND Alright Wes, do your thing. CUT TO: 48










- The vampire’s waveforms and vitals disappear and reappear again at the nurse’s station, but no one is paying attention. They are all listening/watching Manny. MANNY So then the priest says to the rabi, “I can’t, I’m Catholic.”



- Everyone laughs, including Manny. Then someone approaches the nurse’s station behind him. NURSE Can I help you? DAVIDSON Yes, my name is Special Agent Charles Davidson, FBI (flashes his ID) I’m here for one of your patients. THE CAMERA STAYS ON MANNY’S FACE THE ENTIRE TIME. DAVIDSON IDENTIFIES HIMSELF, MANNY STOPS LAUGHING IMMEDIATELY AND GETS VERY SERIOUS.


NURSE What’s this all about? DAVIDSON We’re investigating a crime and we believe this patient is involved. We were told the individual was transferred here and quarantined. NURSE Let me get the doctor. - When the nurse leaves, Manny goes over to Davidson. DAVIDSON IS IN HIS MID-30’S, WHITE, CLEAN-CUT, AVERAGE HEIGHT AND BUILD. HE’S WEARING A SUIT AND HAS 2 OTHER MEN IN SUITS WITH HIM. MANNY Excuse me? I couldn’t help overhearing, uhhh ... officer Davidson? DAVIDSON Special agent Davidson, FBI MANNY (laughs) I’m sorry, I get confused sometimes. I was just wondering if you were talking about the patient that I think you are talking about. CUT TO:







- Wesley is working furiously at his computer. he stops, then leans back.


WESLEY Alright Roland, you’ll all set. CUT TO: 51





ROLAND Alright Amanda, let’s get this thing out of here. - Roland moves to the beside monitor and turns it off. Amanda just stands there, staring at the vampire. THE CAMERA SWITCHES BETWEEN HER AND THE VAMPIRE, ZOOMING IN CLOSER AND CLOSER ON EACH OF THEM WITH EACH SHOT. Finally, Amanda flinches and falls back as if pushed. She hits the wall and falls down. ROLAND (CONT’D) Amanda! - Roland hurries over to her. When he reaches her, the vampire snaps up from its bed. Roland pulls his gun and turns in one motion. The vampire jumps, but not at Roland and Amanda. It jumps away from them towards the door. When it lands, it’s legs crumble underneath it and it falls flat on its face. - The vampire begins to moan and grab at the door, trying frantically, with no legs, to escape. CUT TO:




HOSPITAL - QUARANTINE AREA - NIGHT MANNY I don’t think you understand what you’re dealing with here. DAVIDSON With all due respect, I think you should leave this to us.



- Davidson and the doctor start moving towards the quarantine door. Manny continues to argue his point. When they reach the door, Davin intercepts them. DAVIN You can’t go in there. DAVIDSON (shocked) Oh, yes I can. MANNY Please, Special agent sir, you should really listen. DAVIDSON Go away! - Davidson’s men start pushing back the struggling Manny. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) (to Davin) Open the door! DAVIN Can’t do it. DOCTOR I’m authorizing his access so ... (looks at Davin) Wait, who are you? I’ve never seen you before. CUT TO: 53





- Roland maneuvers around the vampire and looks through the quarantine door’s window. HE SEES DAVIN, DAVIDSON, THE DOCTOR, AND MANNY ARGUING. ROLAND Wes, we need a distraction on the 5th floor, NOW! CUT TO: 54





- Wesley starts typing at his computer. CUT TO:






- Alarms start going off at the nurse’s station. Patients on the screen are flat-lining. Nurses and medical staff start a panic. Doctors and nurses start rushing for the quarantine door. CUT TO: 56





- Roland sees the panic through the window. He goes quickly back to the vampire WHO’S STILL THRASHING AND MOANING ON THE FLOOR. Roland takes out his stun gun and jams it into the back of the vampires neck/head. After a moment, the vampire stops moving. Roland looks back at Amanda. ROLAND Amanda, help me! - Amanda gets up off the floor and helps carry what’s left of the vampire to the bed-on-wheels. They put their masks on and cover up the vampire. CUT TO:






- Davin unlocks the doors to the quarantine area and steps back. Davidson, his men, and Manny are pushed aside as the medical personnel file in. In the confusion, Roland and Amanda leave the quarantine area with the vampire on the bed-on-wheels. - When the crowd dies down, Davidson gives Davin and Manny one final look, then he and his men go into the quarantine area. CUT TO:


- Davidson, his men, and the doctor go into the room and see that the vampire is gone.


DOCTOR I don’t understand. hour ago -- Davidson doesn’t wait for to the quarantine door with GONE. Davidson runs to the as the door is closing. He stairs.

He was in here a

her to finish. He runs back his men. DAVIN AND MANNY ARE elevators and gets there just and his men make for the CUT TO:






- Davidson and his men exit the stairwell and run for the elevators. When they arrive, all they find is an empty bed-on-wheels and a security guard’s hat. DAVIDSON Seal off this hospital.

No one leaves.

- Davidson’s men leave. Davidson snatches up the security guard’s hat and throws it at the wall. He then walks away. CAMERA GETS A FINAL SHOT OF THE SECURITY GUARD’S HAT. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: 59





- Roland and Amanda stand around a freshly dug pit in the forest. The vampire from the hospital is in it and on fire. Amanda throws in the lab reports and the blood samples. They watch it all burn. ROLAND What happened back there at the hospital? AMANDA When we walked into the vampire’s room, I realized something was ... wrong. - Amanda hesitates, struggling with the words. stands by and waits patiently.


AMANDA (CONT’D) The vampire just felt ... different. Like something I never felt before from a vampire. (MORE)

71. AMANDA (CONT’D) Then when I concentrated on it, something came between us. It blocked me, pushed me away. That’s why I collapsed.

ROLAND And the vampire? Why did it suddenly go berserk? AMANDA I don’t know. I’m sorry. - They both stand watching the fire for a few moments. ROLAND Was this vampire one of the one’s from the bank? AMANDA (hesitates a moment) No. - Roland’s face hardens as he contemplates the implications while staring at the flames. - As the flames begin to die down, Amanda and Roland begin shoveling dirt back into the hole. CUT TO: 60




- Amanda and Roland are driving back to Cleveland. A police car comes up behind them and its lights come on. Amanda turns back to look. AMANDA Were you speeding? ROLAND No. - Another police car pulls up in front of them with its lights flashing. Roland lets out a deep breath, takes out his gun and hands it to Amanda. ROLAND (CONT’D) Stash it. - Amanda takes the gun along with her own and opens a secret compartment under the passenger floor mat. She puts the guns in there as Roland pulls over.



- When the cars are stopped, 2 police officers jump out of each car, pull their weapons, and point them at the Hummer. POLICE OFFICER Out of the car! RIGHT NOW!! CUT TO: 61





- Roland is sitting at a desk across from 2 cops in shirts and ties. One of the cops has a folder in his hands. POLICE DETECTIVE Roland Bale. 34. New York resident. You’re a long way from home, Mr. Bale. ROLAND Vacation. POLICE DETECTIVE Vacation, huh? Where are you staying? ROLAND With friends. POLICE DETECTIVE What are their names? ROLAND I don’t remember. - The detective’s eyes narrow. He gets up from the table and leans on it, staring at Roland. POLICE DETECTIVE I suggest you watch your mouth, Mr. Bale. You’re in a lot of trouble here. ROLAND Yes, I’m sure that’s true. So why don’t you let me make my phone call so we can stop wasting time. CUT TO: OUTER INTERROGATION ROOM Davidson, 2 other men in suits, and the police lieutenant are watching and listening to Roland and the detective from behind the one-way mirror. DAVIDSON HAS A FOLDER IN HIS HAND.


POLICE LIEUTENANT This guy’s going to be a pain in the ass. DAVIDSON He ask for a lawyer? POLICE LIEUTENANT Only a phone call and only about half a dozen times. If you want to know what I think -DAVIDSON Do yourself a favor, lieutenant. think so much. This is my case.


- Davidson walks into the interrogation room flanked by one of his men. The detective looks back at Davidson. Davidson motions to the detectives and the 2 detectives leave the room. Davidson sits down at the table opposite Roland. THE 2 MEN EYE EACH OTHER WARILY, SIZING EACH OTHER UP. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) Special Agent Charles Davidson, FBI. (flashes his ID, then examines the contents of his folder) You’re a popular man, Mr. Bale. Trespassing in Pennsylvania, assault in Massachusetts AND New York, even an attempted murder on your tab. - Roland says nothing and just watches Davidson intently. Davidson looks up from his folder. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) Do you know why you’re here, Mr. Bale? ROLAND No. - Davidson goes back into his folder and pulls out some pictures. THE PICTURES ARE OF ROLAND AND AMANDA AT THE BANK. DAVIDSON This is you, and that woman, Amanda Harper, coming out of the First National Bank yesterday morning. My people say you were in there for almost an hour. Walked right through the police tape. Care to tell me why you were so interested in my crime scene?


ROLAND (shrugs) We were curious. We had heard what had happened on the news. DAVIDSON Not enough crime scenes in New York for you? - Roland says nothing. folder.

Davidson reaches again into his

DAVIDSON (CONT’D) You know, last night, there was another incident. This time at Cleveland Memorial Hospital. A patient was kidnapped right out of a quarantined, closely guarded area. Know anything about that? - Roland says nothing and just stares at Davidson. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) Well you should know something, because I have a witness that puts you there last night, at the hospital. What were you doing there Mr. Bale? ROLAND You’re the one with the witness. don’t you tell me.


- Davidson’s man walks up beside Roland and hits him across the face. Roland shakes his head, sits back up, and glares at the man that hit him. The man stares right back and doesn’t back down. Davidson watches this for a moment. DAVIDSON Reeves ... (signals his man away from Roland) Reeves backs away while he and Roland continue to stare at each other. Davidson takes out more photos from his folder. THERE’S ONE OF MANNY DRESSED AS A PRIEST, WESLEY AS A CONSTRUCTION WORKER, AND DAVIN AS A SECURITY GUARD. ALL ARE PHOTOS TAKEN FROM SECURITY CAMERAS.


DAVIDSON (CONT’D) These men were also seen at the hospital last night, and although they might look like they belong there, believe me, they didn’t. I was even able to identify one of them: Davin Kissenger, 52. Exmilitary, divorced, 2 kids. Did you know he’s wanted on a manslaughter charge in Georgia? Well, it doesn’t matter. I had them rounded up this morning around the same time you were. In fact, I think I’m going to go check on them. - Davidson gets up to leave the interrogation room. ROLAND I want to make my phone call! - Davidson turns back and smiles. DAVIDSON By all means. After all, you do have rights here. - Davidson and Reeves leave the interrogation room. lieutenant, the detectives, and the other one of Davidson’s men are standing in the adjoining room. Davidson speaks to his man there.


DAVIDSON (CONT’D) No one talks to him until I get back. (looks at the lieutenant) No one. And let him make his phone call. - Davidson and Reeves leave the room. Davidson’s other man goes back into the interrogation room with Roland. POLICE LIEUTENANT Yes sir ... CUT TO: 62




- Amanda is seated at a table with 2 more federal agents. The agents are in the middle of her interrogation. AGENT The way I see it you’ve got 2 choices: Either work with us or you go to the federal lockup. Your choice.



- Davidson enters the room and the talking stops. DAVIDSON I just got done talking with your friend, Miss Harper. He wasn’t very cooperative. I’m hoping you’ll have better sense. - Amanda just looks at him. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) Let’s just get everything out on the table, shall we? We’ve got you at the bank and the hospital. Given your background and the nature of the crimes committed, I’m thinking the jury isn’t going to be out long. You’ll be convicted and probably spend the rest of your young adult life in prison. Or ... you could start cooperating and maybe this all goes away. - Amanda says nothing. Davidson watches her for a few moments, then gets up and walks over to her. He puts one hand on the back of her chair and one hand on the table in front of her. He leans in close and whispers. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) You don’t think I know what’s going on here, do you? (Amanda looks at him) You think I’m just grasping for straws in the dark? The truth of the matter is that you’re the one that doesn’t have a fucking clue. - They stare at each other a few moments more, then Davidson gets up and moves back to his original position at the other end of the table. He also starts talking in a normal voice again. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) My offer is simple. Cooperate and we’ll help you. Don’t cooperate, and you’ll be old enough to start drawing social security by the time you see the light of day again. So how do you want it? AMANDA The only thing I want is to make my goddamn phone call!


DAVIDSON (shakes his head) Let her make her phone call. her ready for the line-up.

Then get CUT TO:






One of the lab technicians from the hospital is in another room and looking at Amanda and 4 other similar looking women opposite a one-way mirror. Davidson, Reeves, the police lieutenant, and a lawyer are in the room with the lab technician. LAB TECHNICIAN I’m sorry, I don’t know. I told you, I didn’t see either of them. They got me from behind. POLICE LIEUTENANT Thank you for coming in, Mr. Wong. - Mr. Wong leaves the room LAWYER That’s 0 for 4, gentlemen. You’ve got no witnesses and no other evidence connecting my clients to the murders at the bank or the kidnapping at the hospital. POLICE LIEUTENANT They broke into a crime scene. LAWYER So they pay a fine.

Then they go home.

- The lawyer leaves the room. The lieutenant turns to Davidson. DAVIDSON IS STARING AT AMANDA. POLICE LIEUTENANT Well, now what? DAVIDSON Cut them loose. - Davidson and his man leave the room. CUT TO:






The area is mostly abandoned buildings in bad condition. There are no people around except Roland’s team. - Roland and Amanda pull up behind the Jeep Wrangler. THE REST OF ROLAND’S TEAM ALONG WITH JEREMY ARE PRESENT. ROLAND Did you happen to notice anyone tailing us after we left the police station?


AMANDA (thinks for a moment) Did you? ROLAND (looks at her)

No. - They stare at each other for a few moments, then get out of the car and approach the others. ROLAND (CONT’D) Report. MANNY Don’t look at us. (motions to Jeremy) He’s the one with the big secret. - Roland walks over to Jeremy with the rest of the team following close behind. ROLAND Do you have something for me? - Jeremy hesitates a moment, looking slightly unsure. When he speaks he chooses his words carefully. JEREMY I know I’m supposed to be observing only, but yesterday I contacted some of my associates and asked them to assist us. MANNY You contacted some of your associates and told them what we were doing?! You disappear this morning, and suddenly Roland and Amanda are arrested. I’m not liking this coincidence.



JEREMY (getting defensive) First of all, I had nothing to do with your friends being arrested. I did not even know where they were this morning to tell anyone about it. And as far as telling my associates what you were doing here, that would be somewhat difficult considering you all keep most of the details of your investigation from me. ROLAND (puts a hand on Manny’s shoulder) He’s right, he couldn’t have known where we were this morning. The feds have been given considerable resources and they had pictures of Amanda and I at the bank. They’ve probably been looking for us since the hospital. (turns back to Jeremy) As far as talking to others about what we’re doing here ... I hope for your sake you’ve got something good to tell me. JEREMY I asked my associates to perform a psychic probe over the entire Cleveland area. A 25 miles radius from downtown. WESLEY 25 mile radius?! They can do that? JEREMY There are a great many things we can do that you’re not aware of, young man. ROLAND What did they find? JEREMY (very serious now) They detected what is known as a Caliban Shield in this vicinity of the city. It’s a barrier against psychic energy, used to keep outside psychics from detecting the activities of those within the shield. MANNY Speak English, man.


JEREMY Think of it like a black hole, just physiological rather than physical. It absorbs all psychic energy directed at it making it impossible to penetrate psychically. - Blank looks are all Jeremy gets from Roland and his team. JEREMY (CONT’D) (exasperated) What that means is that whatever is within the confines of the shield remains protected and hidden from the outside world. WESLEY Wait a minute. If this Cali-whatever hides things from psychic probes, how did your people find it? JEREMY (speaks very slowly as if to a child) If you throw a stone into a pond and it doesn’t make a splash, would you consider that strange? (Wesley nods) Good. Then you should understand the concept of expecting a result and not seeing one as suspicious behavior. This city is teeming with life. Even an area such as this (gestures to their surroundings) Should contain life or at least some residue of psychic energy, a - a traumatic memory, a major event in someone’s life, something. The point is they expected to find something and got nothing. Now, I told my associates to look for anything out of the ordinary. The area surrounded by the Caliban Shield is small, and may very well have been missed if I hadn’t told them to be meticulous in their search. I came out here this morning to investigate after they informed me of the discrepancies. ROLAND Amanda?


AMANDA My old mentor told me once about Caliban Shields. What he’s telling us about them sounds right; although, whether or not someone could detect one with such a large psychic probe is debatable. JEREMY With all due respect, young lady, your skills and your knowledge of such things are underdeveloped at best. ROLAND Would you be able to detect the shield if you were close enough to it, Amanda? AMANDA I think so. ROLAND Very well. (turns to Jeremy) Show us this shield of yours. - Jeremy starts walking down the street. Roland, Amanda, and Manny follow. Davin drives the Jeep while Wesley drives the Hummer. CUT TO: STREET IN FRONT OF STEEL MILL JEREMY (points to the steel mill) There. What?

MANNY That old warehouse?

JEREMY I looked it up. It used to be a steel mill back in the 50’s and 60’s. It closed down after the energy crisis of ‘74. This whole neighborhood suffered and the result is what you see around you. ROLAND Amanda? AMANDA (staring at the building) There is something ... odd about it. It’s just like Jeremy said. (MORE)

82. AMANDA (CONT'D) It’s like there’s nothing there when there should be something.

MANNY But it’s abandoned?! probing for? Rats?!

What are you

AMANDA I could spend the rest of the day trying to explain what I’m feeling, or not feeling, to you all, but ... you’re just going to have to trust me. I agree with Jeremy’s assessment of the building. - Everyone takes a moment to stare at the building. WESLEY Uhhh ... I hate to point out the obvious, but ... what does this have to do with what we’re doing? I mean, wouldn’t you have to be a psychic to conjure up one of these shield thingies? Aren’t we looking for vampires? JEREMY My associates tell me that there is no one within the Society in this area capable of creating and maintaining a shield of this capacity for this amount of time. MANNY No one IN the Society? What about NOT in the Society? (turns on Jeremy) Is that it? Is there some poor schmuck hiding out in there on the Society’s hit list and you want us to go in and take him out? ROLAND Enough! Jeremy, would you give us a moment alone, please. - After giving a disdainful look at Manny, Jeremy walks back to the cars. MANNY This is bull-shit! We are wasting time here. There’s no vampire that could do what this guy is suggesting. AMANDA I wouldn’t be so sure, Manny.


- All eyes are now on Amanda. AMANDA (CONT’D) Consider the following: This Caliban Shield is a manifestation of psychic energy, and we know that vampires have some psychic skill. It’s what gives them the ability to role people’s minds and remain undetected by most humans. We also know that the older a vampire gets, the stronger it’s psychic ability gets. And we’ve also determined recently that there are vampires working together in this city, something that no one has ever seen before, something we would have considered “unlikely” if not impossible. (pauses, looking back at the steel mill) What if there’s a really old vampire in there that’s so strong, it could not only ... manipulate other, lesser vampires into doing it’s bidding, but could also erect a Caliban Shield to protect it’s nest. I mean look at it. It’s a perfect lair for a vampire. It’s in a remote location away from the general public, the windows are all boarded up. Who would think to come here, in the middle of a city, looking for vampires? WESLEY (with a slight catch in his voice that could be fear) So, what you’re saying is that ... that entire building could be full of vampires? DAVIN Unlikely. That many vampires in one general area feeding every night at once would definitely leave traces. There’d be so many missing people it’d be an epidemic. No, if you take the 3 from the bank, the ring leader, a few more ... half a dozen, 8 tops. WESLEY Oh, is that all? Well, no problem then. For a minute there I thought this was going to be tough. We should be in and out in under a hour.


ROLAND I think it’s going to take a little longer than that, Wes. - Roland starts walking back to the cars. The others watch him walk off, then look at each other in stunned silence. Finally, they run after Roland to catch up. AMANDA Roland, Wesley’s last comment may have been a wise crack, but he does have a point. We’re used to hunting one vampire at a time. We knew there was the possibility of more on this assignment, but 8?! Maybe we should -ROLAND (rounds on her) What Amanda? Maybe we should what? AMANDA Maybe we should wait for more help. Call Gordon. Tell him to send another team down here. We’re good, but 8, not to mention this new ... master-like vampire. We have no idea what it’s capable of. It could be strong enough to role all of our minds. Going in there simply doesn’t seem like a smart move. ROLAND Maybe not. (looks at his watch) But it’s 4 o’clock right now. It will take at least 9 hours for another team to arrive. It will be dark in 3, and then, (points to the steel mill) They go out to feed. You going to just stand here and watch them go? Perhaps we should throw a party while they feed on some innocents tonight? We have no idea if they are even going to come back here in the morning. They could move on, scatter, and that’s the last we see of them. And even if they don’t, the feds are already breathing down our necks. There is no time to wait. We came here to do a job, and now we’re going to finish it. WESLEY But this just sounds like a suicide mission, Roland.


ROLAND (gives Wesley an incredulous look) When have I ever done anything without a plan, Wes? I had a feeling something like this was going to happen, so I brought along a few extras this trip. - Roland goes over to the Hummer and opens the tailgate. He pulls on a sliding rack and out comes a flamethrower, 2 machine guns, 2 shotguns, and a pile of clothing and body armor. The rest of the team crowd in to see and are speechless. WESLEY Oh man ... these vampires are going down!! CUT TO: SUN LOWERING DOWN INTO THE HORIZON CAMERA JUST GETS A BRIEF GLIMPSE OF THE SUN GOING DOWN TO SHOW TIME PASSING. THE SUN IS STILL A BIT ABOVE THE HORIZON AT THE END OF THE SHOT SHOWING IT’S STILL DAYTIME. CUT TO: 65


EXT. ABANDONED STREET - STEEL MILL - DAY 65 The team is at the tail end of suiting up. They are all wearing special armor that covers potential vampire targets: neck, arms, and legs. They have radio headsets on their heads and their crosses around their necks are in plain sight. Wesley and Manny are holding machine guns. CAMERA SHOWS A CLOSE-UP OF WESLEY COMPARING ONE OF THE BULLETS FROM THE MACHINE GUN AND ONE FROM HIS PISTOL WESLEY Damn, Roland, we are going to turn these vampires into shredded meat. - Roland is helping Davin secure the flamethrower on his back. ROLAND The rifles are for disabling only. The key is to slow down the vampires long enough for Davin to finish them off with fire.


WESLEY (takes a look at Davin wearing the flame thrower) You look like you were just reunited with your best friend. - Davin gives Wesley a smile.

Wesley smiles back.

- Roland spots Amanda off by herself. her.

He goes over to

ROLAND You ready for this? AMANDA (a little too quickly) Yeah, sure, no problem. ROLAND (gives her a hard look) I don’t want anyone going in there with any doubts, Amanda. AMANDA I don’t have doubts. It’s just ... (pauses) Jeremy is right. Compared to him and other psychics, my skills -ROLAND You’re skills haven’t let us down yet, and they are not going to now. Those people may have the power to do city wide psychic probes, but you have the field experience with vampires. I’d take you over all of them combined. Now, let’s get ready. - Roland heads back to the team. Amanda looks after him a moment with a worried look on her face, shakes her head, takes a deep breath, gains some resolve, and follows him. - Roland approaches Jeremy who stands apart from the rest of the Hunters. ROLAND (CONT’D) If you want to take the Jeep back to the motel, go ahead. We might be a while.


JEREMY I came here to observe. I believe this is a good of place as any. Do you really think you can kill them all? ROLAND We’ll soon find out, won’t we? - Roland walks towards the steel mill. Jeremy stares after him with a thoughtful look on his face. - The Hunters approach the entrance to the steel mill, then stop. THE DOORS ARE LARGE AND CHAINED AT THE HANDLES TO PREVENT ENTRY. WESLEY (looks at Roland) You want to knock, or should I? ROLAND I will. CUT TO:





CAMERA GETS A WIDE ANGLE SHOT OF THE FIRST FLOOR OF THE STEEL MILL. IT’S EXTREMELY DARK, BUT SOME LIGHT SEEPS THROUGH THE BOARDED WINDOWS. - The Hummer comes smashing through the doors of the steel mill. It plows over boxes, old machinery, tables, cutting a path through half of the building. The Hummer finally stops and the overhead flood lights come on. The Hummer backs out towards the entrance and into direct sunlight again. Roland gets out of the Hummer and joins the team at the entrance. WESLEY That works. ROLAND Pentagon formation. Davin, take point. Manny, Wes, cover him. Amanda, you’re with me. - The Hunters move through the mill’s first floor. They come to a stairwell and proceed to the 2nd floor. Roland lights a marker flair and leaves it by the stairwell. They move along a catwalk that extends over the 1st floor.



FROM THERE THEY HAVE A GOOD VIEW OF THE FLOOR BELOW THEM AND SOME OF THE AREA ABOVE THEM. The Hunters sweep the area with the lights on their guns. ROLAND (CONT’D) Report. DAVIN Clear. WESLEY Clear. MANNY Clear. ROLAND Amanda? - Amanda concentrates on the darkness, looking all around. Nothing.

AMANDA Not a damn thing. ROLAND

Keep moving. - They proceed over the catwalk, along the wall on the opposite side, and up to the 3rd level. Roland drops another flare. They move onto a large platform with a large hole in the center with pulleys over it and chains going down it. ROLAND (CONT’D) Report. MANNY I’m not seeing anything, and since our resident psychic expert is not “feeling” anything, I say we get out of here. ROLAND I’ll decide what we do here. MANNY This is a waste of time! WESLEY Yell a little louder, I don’t think they heard you back in New York. MANNY I don’t --


- Manny cuts himself off as his cross begins to glow. Wesley’s cross starts glowing, then Davin’s, Roland’s, and Amanda’s. Manny spins around and points his gun into the darkness. AMANDA I’ve got something. (scanning the darkness) Four vampires. They’re closing. DAVIN Location? AMANDA I don’t ... wait. There’s more. Seven. No, twelve. They’re all around us. MANNY Where, I can’t see any of them. ROLAND Stay focused. Remember who you are. - The Hunters continue to scan the darkness. sign of the vampires.

Still no

ROLAND (CONT’D) Talk to us, Amanda. - Amanda concentrates on the darkness for a few moments AMANDA (whispers) Twenty-two. ROLAND What? AMANDA Twenty-two vampires. Alright.

ROLAND Fall back.

- The Hunters start backing away towards the stairwell. Then out of the darkness in front of Davin a vampire jumps into view. It stays beyond the light of the crosses and hisses at them. - Davin waits a split second, then opens up with the flame thrower. The vampire screams and bursts into flames. It goes running towards the center of the platform, falls through the hole, and disappears.


- Running footsteps catches Manny’s attention on the right. He starts firing his gun at it. THERE ARE SEVERAL VAMPIRES RUNNING ALONG A CATWALK AWAY FROM THE HUNTERS. Several of the vampires are hit and one goes down. - Wesley also starts firing in the opposite direction at vampires. The bullets hit a large pot used to pour molten steel. It falls over and goes crashing to the levels below. - CAMERA ACTS AS A VAMPIRE DROPPING FROM ABOVE TO LAND ON ROLAND. The vampire knocks him down. Amanda turns and fires her shotgun blowing the vampires head off. Roland recovers just as 2 more vampires come at them from behind. Roland and Amanda fire together at them and they both fall back. One runs off, the other tries to get up but falls down again. Roland quickly shoots again to finish it. - A few vampires make a move to the platform, but when Davin fires the flame thrower at them, they run off. - Manny and Wesley stop shooting and start to reload. ROLAND (CONT’D) Where are they? WESLEY I got a couple on the left. they’re still there.

I think

MANNY I dropped one too. It’s over on that catwalk ahead of us. AMANDA Looks like we got them on the run. Alright.

ROLAND Let’s finish this.


- Davin starts moving in the direction the vampires ran. CUT TO: 67





- Jeremy looks up at the steel mill. He hears the gun fire coming from inside. His expression is thoughtful. CUT TO:







- Davin is using the flame thrower to push the vampires back further into the steel mill. Manny fires at another group of vampires to the right. One goes down, the others get away. They eventually come up to that vampire hit by Manny’s shots. It’s thrashing on the ground trying to pull itself up without any success. Davin burns it with the flame thrower until it stops thrashing. The Hunters move on. WESLEY It’s like herding cattle. MANNY Yeah, two legged, blood-sucking cattle. - The Hunters come to a platform ending in a dead end. At least a dozen vampires are huddled against the wall in the dead end with no where to go. The Hunters fan out to cover the only exit. MANNY (CONT’D) Time to die, shit-heads! ROLAND Davin, burn them down. make sure none escape. - Manny and Wes take aim.

Manny, Wes ...

Davin moves in for the kill.

- Suddenly, Amanda grabs her head and falls to her knees. Roland goes to her. Amanda?!

ROLAND (CONT’D) What’s wrong?

- From out of the shadows, a figure comes into view moving so fast it seems like a blur. THE BLUR HAS A SLIGHT GREENISH COLOR. The blur moves right through the group of Hunters. There’s a flash of steel and the gas line to Davin’s flame thrower bursts open. Then the blur is gone. MANNY WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?!! AMANDA (whispers) The Master. - Davin starts groping behind him at the broken gas line.


DAVIN Shit, my gas line. Don’t fire, DON’T FIRE! You’ll kill us all!! - Roland leaves Amanda and goes over to Davin. examines the gas line.


ROLAND (coughing) It’s cut. I’m going to have to shut it down. WESLEY Uhhh ... Roland! - The vampires, sensing their foes are disordered, stop huddling against the wall and start edging towards the Hunters. WESLEY (CONT’D) Roland, we’re about to have a big problem here!! - Roland succeeds in shutting off the flame thrower. gas stops coming out through the cut gas line.


ROLAND Shoot! - Before Wesley can fire, he gets knocked down by a lead pipe thrown by one of the vampires. Manny starts firing into the group of vampires, but with Wesley down and Davin’s equipment damaged, there’s little light and he can’t see as much. - The vampires circle them, making sure to stay outside the range of the light from the crosses. Manny and Amanda fire a few times, but hit nothing. - Roland tries to help Davin relieve himself of the broken flame thrower. When Davin turns to Roland giving his back to the vampires, they pull him into the darkness by the tank on his back. Roland tries to hang on, but is tossed back. He crashes into Amanda who falls over the side of the platform to the floor below. Manny shoots into the darkness again. - Roland gets up and looks out towards the darkness where Davin was pulled. HE SEES THE LIGHT OF DAVIN’S CROSS SHINNING. THERE’S YELLING, HISSING, AND GRUNTING IN THAT DIRECTION. THEN THE LIGHT GOES OUT. Roland gets up, pulls out a flare gun and fires into the darkness.


The flare hits the wall just above the vampires and sticks there. THE LIGHT FROM THE FLARE SHOWS 3 VAMPIRES HUDDLED AROUND DAVIN. The flare drives off 2 of them, but the other stands its ground between Roland and Davin. Roland walks towards it. The vampire slashes with its hand at Roland’s throat. Roland ducks under the slash, spins, pulls a knife, and plunges it into the vampire’s back at the base of the neck. The vampire staggers. Without missing a step, Roland grabs its shirt and flings it back until it hits the flare still burning on the wall. The vampire catches fire begins screaming and flailing about. MANNY Roland ... DOWN!! - Manny shoots the vampire and it goes down. - Roland goes over to examine Davin. MOST OF DAVIN’S ARMOR IS HANGING IN SHREDS ON HIM. HE’S UNCONSCIOUS AND HOLDING A VERY LARGE KNIFE COVERED IN BLOOD. Roland pulls Davin away from the burning vampire over to Manny and Wesley. WESLEY IS GETTING TO HIS FEET BUT FAVORING HIS RIGHT LEG. Manny continues to scan the darkness. ROLAND We have to get out of here. Amanda?

Where’s CUT TO:





- Amanda comes to and lays on her back a moment trying to recover when she see’s a flash of steel. She roles away a split second before the sword slashes into the metal grating below her. Instinctively, Amanda kicks out at her attacker, taking it’s legs out from under it, and knocking it on top of her. There’s a small scream as the light from Amanda’s cross hits her attacker and then Amanda is flung back several feet. She recovers quickly, pulls the cross off of her neck, and holds it up by the chain towards her attacker. Mai Ying stands before Amanda sword in hand, close enough to be seen by the light of the cross, but not close enough to be damaged by it. Mai Ying flinches slightly at the light, but otherwise stands her ground. - Amanda glances down at the ground between them and sees an emerald necklace. Mai Ying also eyes it, then, with a scream, charges into the light of the cross to retrieve it. Amanda kicks it away before Mai Ying gets there, then shoves Mai Ying to the side with her free hand.



Mai Ying takes a wild swing with her swords and slashes the cross out of Amanda’s hand by the chain. The light goes out, and Amanda goes down. Mai Ying grabs Amanda by the hair, lifts her up, and puts the sword to her throat. MAI YING You’re not one of his. This much I know. But you still cannot have it! - Gun shots suddenly start coming down on them from above. Wesley is shooting down at them. Amanda rips free and makes a dive for the emerald necklace. Mai Ying tries to retrieve it, but Wesley’s gun shots start hitting her and force her to take cover. Amanda!!

WESLEY We have to get out of here!

- Amanda grips the emerald necklace in her hand and runs for it. CUT TO: 70





- Roland gets Davin in a fireman’s carry. Manny puts an arm around Wesley to help support him. Manny then looks over at the far wall. MANNY Oh crud ... look!! (points) - Wesley and Roland look. The vampire that caught on fire from the flare is still burning and is lying right on top of the discarded gas tank for the flame thrower. ROLAND Move, now!! - The Hunters make their move for the exit, Roland carrying Davin, Manny supporting Wesley. Amanda meets them at the first floor stairwell and helps Manny with Wesley. CUT TO: 71




- Jeremy watches from the cars on the street as Manny, Amanda, and Wesley stumble out of the steel mill.



As they cross the threshold, there’s an explosion that throws them forward. Jeremy goes over to assist. Amanda gets up and looks back at the steel mill. THERE’S A LOUD CRASH, AND DUST AND SMOKE ARE COMING OUT OF THE ENTRANCE. AMANDA IS SPEECHLESS, A LOOK OF HORROR ON HER FACE. - Roland comes staggering out of the smoke and dust with Davin on his back, coughing and hacking. Amanda, relieved, goes to help them. They bring Davin back to the cars and Roland collapses. DAVIN IS STILL UNCONSCIOUS. Davin!

ROLAND Davin, come on, wake up!

- The others watch Roland work on Davin. Jeremy looks at Amanda and sees the emerald necklace in her hand. Amanda sees him looking and quickly puts the necklace in her pocket. - Roland uses smelling salts. Davin responds and starts coughing. Roland helps him into a sitting position. ROLAND (CONT’D) Deep breaths buddy, deep breaths. - Roland looks over at the steel mill. MANNY Well, at least we know they’re dead. AMANDA Don’t count on it. - Manny and Wesley look at her questioningly. just continues staring at the steel mill.


JEREMY If I might suggest, we should leave this place before this attracts unwanted attention. - Roland helps Davin up and to the Hummer. ROLAND Manny, drive the Jeep. motel.

Go back to the

- Amanda helps Wesley get into the Jeep. go with them. Jeremy.

ROLAND (CONT’D) You ride with me.

Jeremy makes to


- Jeremy takes one final look at Amanda, and goes to the Hummer. - The two cars speed off away from the steel mill. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: 72




Fire crews and emergency personnel are in the steel mill searching the wreckage. - Agent Davidson walks through the debris with a couple of his people and surveys the area. He approaches one of the fireman in charge. DAVIDSON Special Agent Charles Davidson, FBI (flashes his ID) What happened here? FIREMAN World War III most likely. There was some kind of fire fight. Door was smashed in, we found bullet casings all over the place and a few dead remains so burnt up, they were little more than ash. Damndest thing I’ve ever seen in all my 24 years on the job. - Davidson looks up and sees an entire portion of the 3rd and 2nd floor missing. DAVIDSON What happened there? FIREMAN Some kind of explosion. The platform there (points to the 3rd floor) Fell and crashed into the machinery below it. Everything cascaded from there until it hit ground floor. Surprised this whole place didn’t come down. Excuse me. - The fireman walks off to talk with some other firemen. Davidson looks around again.



DAVIDSON What a mess. (turns to one of his men) Check out the remains. See if any of them are still intact. (turns to the other) Make sure the locals know they have no jurisdiction here and get rid of them. AGENT What are you going to do? DAVIDSON Find out who won the war. - Davidson walks out. FADE TO: 73




Roland is standing by the window, looking out into the street. He’s got the emerald necklace in his hand, shifting it back and forth with his thumb. Amanda is sitting in a chair looking downcast. Manny is wrapping Wesley’s ankle on the bed. Jeremy is standing against the wall, staring at Roland. WESLEY Ouch, damn it, Manny. done this before?

Haven’t you ever

MANNY Suck it up. You’re the last person that should be complaining. WESLEY What’s that supposed to mean? MANNY It means that if you hadn’t of screwed up we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. WESLEY WHAT?! MANNY You heard me, unless, of course, you want me to spell it out for you in crayon.



WESLEY If memory serves me correctly, that thing that cut Davin’s fuel line came in on the side you were supposed to be covering, Manuel. AMANDA Knock it off, both of you. It’s nobody’s fault. We didn’t know what to expect going in there. Just be happy you’re alive. I know I am. - Manny gives them both a dirty look and walks into the bathroom. Wesley looks after him with a hurt look on his face. Amanda goes over to Wesley. AMANDA (CONT’D) You okay? WESLEY Yeah, sure. Just a sprain. serious. You?


AMANDA (smiles at him) I’ll live. WES (points at Roland) What about him? - Amanda looks over at Roland. HE’S STILL LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW, OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYTHING ELSE HAPPENING IN THE ROOM. Amanda walks over to him. AMANDA Roland? ROLAND (without looking at her) Tell me again about this thing? AMANDA (looks down at the necklace) I don’t know what it is exactly, but I do know it responds to psychic energy. Like the crosses only much stronger. The Master had it, and it was very important to her. ROLAND (looks at her) Her?


AMANDA (looks down) Sorry ... IT. It was very important to IT. - Looks at her a moment more, then goes back to staring out the window. ROLAND Do you think it survived the explosion? AMANDA Yes. I touched ... its ... mind during the attack. It’s stronger than anything we’ve ever even heard about. Best to assume she ... IT ... did survive. ROLAND Is there something wrong? No, nothing. that’s all.

AMANDA I’m just a little shaky,

ROLAND (smiles at her, puts his hand on her shoulder) Me too. - Amanda smiles back.

Jeremy walks up to them. JEREMY

Excuse me. - Amanda and Roland look at him with not too friendly looks. JEREMY (CONT’D) I don’t mean to intrude, but ... are you talking about that necklace? - Roland looks at it, then at Jeremy. ROLAND You know something about this? JEREMY Well, it’s just a guess, but ... I believe that necklace belonged to one of the psychics I told you about who was killed recently. It’s called the Darian Ka, and is quite powerful. This proves our initial suspicions. (MORE)

100. JEREMY (CONT'D) That it was vampires who killed my people, and more importantly, that the vampires responsible are here in this city.

ROLAND What does it do? JEREMY (hesitates) Well, it was said that the necklace could amplify the innate psychic abilities of the wearer. Useless to someone like you, of course, but to a psychic with the knowledge of how to use it ... (trails off) Of course, this must all be verified. ROLAND (gives Jeremy a hard look) I take it you can do this? JEREMY Me? No, no, I could never use such a thing. However, I do know someone that could. One of our “historians” if you like. He operates out of a town called Medina, just south of here. ROLAND Very well. - Roland goes to one of the bags and pulls out a metal lock box. He pushes some buttons, the box opens, then he puts the emerald necklace in it. JEREMY What are you doing? ROLAND First we meet this “historian”, then if he checks out, we come back and look at the necklace, here. - Roland closes the box and it locks. JEREMY Still no trust, is that it? ROLAND Is that a trick question? - Roland walks to the door, opens it, and steps aside.


ROLAND (CONT’D) After you. - Jeremy shakes his head and walks out the door. AMANDA Is this wise? I should go with you. ROLAND No. I want you to get everyone packed up and moved out of here. Find another location, get settled, then wait for me to contact you. We’ve been at this location too long. Remember, no traces. AMANDA You shouldn’t go alone. DAVIN And he won’t. - Davin walks out of the adjoining motel room. He pulls a bandage off his head. HE’S GOT FRESH STITCHES ON HIS HEAD. He walks over to Roland and Amanda. ROLAND You have a concussion. Put that bandage back on your head and go lie down. DAVIN When I was in Bosnia, our ‘copter went down after it was hit by a stinger missile. It crashed and I walked 10 miles carrying the only other survivor on my back until we were picked up by our allies so don’t you tell me to go and lie down like some child! You need someone to watch your back. You know someone that can do the job better? AMANDA Davin, please. Stay here and help us. Manny can go with Roland. - Davin ignores her and continues to stare at Roland. Roland just stares back. ROLAND Let’s go. - Amanda watches them as they both walk out and over to the Hummer. The Hummer backs out and drives away.


AMANDA Wesley. Tell Manny to start packing up his stuff and loading the jeep. You better get your things together as well. I’ll be in my room. - Amanda leaves. CUT TO: 74





- Amanda goes in and closes her door. She sits in the chair next to the desk and puts her head in her hands. After a few moments, she sits up and reaches for the phone. She dials a number and waits. CUT TO: 75




THE WOMAN IN THIS SCENE HAS AN AGELESS LOOK ABOUT HER MAKING IT VERY HARD TO DETERMINE HER AGE. SHE HAS LONG BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYES, AND A SLIM BODY TYPE. HER NAME IS ALISON SEILER. The room Alison is in is well furnished with many plants around. Alison is sitting on her sofa, reading a book when the phone rings. ALISON Hello? AMANDA It’s Amanda. - Alison puts down the book and sits up slowly and calmly. ALISON Are you alright? AMANDA Yes. ALISON I wondered when I would hear from you again. Is this a social call? AMANDA No.



I see.

ALISON You need my help with something?

AMANDA (sighs) I have no right to ask you for anything. I shouldn’t even be calling. It’s just that ... something very strange is going on and ... I don’t know what to do. I need some guidance, Master. ALISON I’m not your Master anymore, child. must not refer to me as such.


AMANDA I’m sorry, you’re right. ALISON Now, tell me of this problem of yours. CUT TO: 76





- Roland, Jeremy, and Davin arrive at their destination and get out of the hummer. THEY ARE PARKED AT THE CORNER OF A SMALL PARK SURROUNDED BY SHOPS AND APARTMENTS. THERE ARE A FEW PEOPLE AROUND, BUT NOT MANY. JEREMY His shop is there. (points across the park) ROLAND Lead the way. - They begin walking through the park, Jeremy first, then Roland with Davin bringing up the rear. As they near the center of the park, a sound like a footstep through leaves makes both Roland and Davin turn around and go for their guns. Then Roland is hit from behind. CUT TO: FADE IN: 77




The room is large and looks old. The furniture is all covered in sheets and the lighting is coming from



candles, propane and battery powered lamps. As the camera fades in, the camera acts as the point-ofview of Roland. Fuzzy imagery at first as Roland wakes up, then clearing up. Roland is bound with his hands behind his back and slumped back against the wall. - Roland wakes up. HIS FIRST CLEAR IMAGE IS THAT OF JEREMY, SITTING ON A CHAIR ONLY A FEW FEET IN FRONT OF HIM. HE’S STARING AT HIM, JUST SITTING AND WAITING FOR HIM TO WAKE UP. JEREMY’S EXPRESSION IS BLANK. THERE’S A VERY LARGE MAN BEHIND JEREMY. HE HAS LONG BLACK HAIR AND IS WEARING A MASK. BURN SCARS TRAIL DOWN HIS ARMS. HIS NAME IS KANE. - Roland looks over to his left and sees Davidson leaning against the wall to Jeremy’s right. HE’S LOOKING AT ROLAND AS WELL, AND HIS EXPRESSION IS ONE OF DISAPPROVAL. - Roland looks back at Jeremy and attempts to get up. JEREMY Easy now. You wouldn’t want the federal agent here to give you another bump on the head, now would you? - Roland eyes Davidson who hasn’t moved from his spot on the wall and hasn’t taken his eyes off of Roland. Roland settles for a kneeling-down position in front of Jeremy. His eyes lock onto Jeremy’s who’s looking back at him. JEREMY (CONT’D) (smiles) I know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t I kill him when I had the chance. I had the gun to his head, I knew he was a threat, but ...”. Well, who knows what you thought at that point. Maybe you just thought it would all work out. Sloppy really, and from what I’ve learned, very unlike you, Roland. I mean that, really. Minus that one mistake, you performed exactly as expected. Exceeding expectations. (shakes his head in admiration and smiles again) I suppose you’d like me to fill in the gaps. Well, first and foremost, my name is not Jeremy Smalls, it’s Cesar, Cesar Necros, and I’m the one responsible for the death of the psychics as well as the bank robbery. Why I killed the psychics is none of your concern. The bank was completely for your benefit. (MORE)

105. JEREMY (CONT’D) The plan was simple: lure you here with vampire activity, help you locate them, then sit back and watch the two of you kill each other. Then, when it was over, walk in and retrieve what was mine. A certain emerald necklace.

- Roland has made no visible movement nor taken his eyes off of Cesar during his entire speech. Behind his back, however, Roland has removed a knife from up his sleeve and is working to cut the ropes that bind his hands. CESAR A very powerful artifact, that necklace. It belonged to the head of the Society, Malcolm Sol, before I killed him. It is essential to my plans, and was stolen from me by an ... ungrateful, little wench, but, she is powerful, and I did not expect you to survive the encounter with her. (smiles) As it turns out, not only did you survive the encounter, but you also managed to retrieve my property. Truly magnificent. But now we come to a cross-roads. I sent Special Agent Davidson to the motel to get the necklace, but it turns out your young followers have cleared out. On your orders no doubt. Davidson assures me that his people can track them down, but I don’t have that kind of time. I need that necklace, and I want you to tell me where it is. - Roland says nothing and does nothing except continues staring at Cesar. Davidson signals one of his men at the back of the room. The man walks out and returns with 2 other men dragging Davin between them. Davin is covered with cuts and bruises, his clothes ripped. His hands are tied behind his back and he is gagged. - Only then does Roland's eyes shift off of Cesar and to Davin. The slightest hint of anger and concern shows in Roland's face as he looks at Davin, then he looks back at Cesar and it's gone. - The 2 men supporting him put him down where Roland can see him. The 3rd man takes out a gun and puts it to Davin's head.


CESAR (CONT’D) I want you to know that I bear you no ill will, Roland. I don't kill for pleasure and you and your people are no threat to me. (leans closer to Roland) Just give me what’s mine and we can both go our separate ways. I’ll even compensate you for all the trouble if you wish, but I must have the necklace. If I have to torture and kill your friend to get it, then so be it. - Roland says nothing. CESAR (CONT’D) (sighs) Very Well. - Cesar looks over at Davidson. When Cesar looks away, Roland leaps to his feet and plunges his knife into Cesar's neck. Cesar gurgles, his eyes going wide, and falls off the chair. Roland, without losing stride, closes on Davidson, knocks him off his feet, and goes for his gun. - The man holding the gun to Davin's head turns and points it at Roland. Davin bum rushes him and knocks him over. The other 2 men try to restrain him. - Roland takes Davidson's gun and swings it towards Kane who is now right next to Roland. He grabs both of Roland's wrists with one massive hand and pushes Roland against the wall by the head with his other hand. Roland’s face is pressed up against the wall so he is looking in Davin’s direction. Smoke starts to rise from Kane’s hand which is pressed against Roland’s head and the one around his wrists. Roland grunts in pain and drops the gun. - Davin manages to shake off his attackers and runs to assist Roland. From behind, Davidson’s men have recovered and they open fire on Davin. Davin’s body is riddled with bullets. He collapses. - Roland fights furiously with Kane to free himself. Kane keeps his hold until Roland’s fight starts to ebb away. He then releases Roland and flings him away back to where he was sitting earlier in the scene. THE SIDE OF ROLAND’S HEAD AND FACE IS RAW AND BLEEDING. THE HAIR BURNED AWAY FROM WHERE KANE TOUCHED HIM. - Davidson gets up, retrieves his gun, and moves over to Roland and starts kicking him and cursing at him. Roland does what he can to protect himself.


CESAR (CONT’D) Stop! - Davidson stops kicking Roland and backs off. Roland opens his eyes and sees Cesar get to his feet, the knife still in his neck, blood all over him. Cesar yanks the knife out, and Roland watches as the wound heals itself. I told you.

CESAR (CONT’D) You are no threat to me.

- Cesar reaches out and touches Roland’s forehead with his pointer and middle finger. Roland’s eyes role up into his head and he passes out. DAVIDSON Is he dead? CESAR (looks at him) What do you think? DAVIDSON (looks back) I think you should just force your way into his mind, get what we need, and be done with it. CESAR And I told you that it was too risky. These people have trained their minds to be extremely resistant to psychic probes. (gestures at Roland) Especially this one. Forcing my way in would surely kill him and there’s no guarantee I’ll get what I want before he dies. Either people entire matter

DAVIDSON way, we’re no worse off. My will find his lot. We’ve got the city locked off, it’s just a of time.

CESAR Time is not a luxury we can afford, or have you forgotten? DAVIDSON Then what do you suggest?


CESAR (looks over at Roland) Give me the file you’ve gathered on him. - Davidson leaves the room. Cesar continues to look at Roland’s unconscious body. Kane brings him a chair and a damp rag to clean his face. Davidson returns and gives Cesar a folder. Cesar opens it and looks through the papers. CESAR (CONT’D) Tell me something, Charles: If you wanted information from this man, how would you go about getting it. DAVIDSON It’s like you said, he’s remarkably strong willed. Breaking him physically would be just as difficult as breaking him mentally. It could be done, but probably not within OUR time frame. It would also appear (looks back at Davin’s body) That threatening his people has no affect. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to bribe him. No family, no attachments. It’s like he has no weakness. CESAR Every man has a weakness. (holds up a picture of a young girl from the file) DAVIDSON (looks at the picture) His sister. Died from a vampire attack when he was younger. It’s the reason he got into the game in the first place. Details are all there. CESAR (smiles) Good. Very good. I’ll need some time alone, Charles. Leave us. - Cesar dismisses Davidson. Davidson looks at Cesar, then at Kane, who hasn’t moved from Cesar’s side, and begins to walk away. CESAR (CONT’D) Oh, and Charles.


- Davidson turns around. Cesar looks at him and holds out the knife Roland stabbed him with. Davidson looks at it a moment, then takes it. CESAR (CONT’D) Think you can manage cleaning up that mess (gestures at Davin’s body) Without MISSING anything? - Davidson frowns, then walks away and starts issuing orders to his people to take Davin’s body away. - Cesar looks back at Roland and puts the file down. Kane moves to pick Roland up and sit him against the wall. CESAR (CONT’D) I may not be able to take the information I need from your mind, Mr. Bale, but perhaps I can still persuade you to give it to me. CUT TO:





- Amanda is waiting by the jeep watching people come out of the baggage claim. SHE APPEARS NERVOUS AND FIDGETY. Many people go by until Amanda sees the person she’s looking for. - Alison walks out of the baggage claim carrying nothing. A baggage attendant is behind her carrying her bags. She walks right up to Amanda. They look at each other a moment while the baggage attendant puts the bags in the jeep. ALISON You look a little worse for wear. AMANDA (shrugs) It’s been a long couple of days. - Alison nods her head. BAGGAGE ATTENDANT Will there be anything else, ma'am?



ALISON No, thank you. - He smiles and leaves, very pleased that he was able to help her. ALISON (CONT’D) Well, shall we? - Alison gets into the passenger’s side of the jeep. Amanda just stares after her a moment, then takes a deep breath and moves to the driver’s side door. As she moves, she gets out her cell phone and dials. MANNY Yeah. It’s me.

AMANDA Has Roland checked in yet?

MANNY No, and I’m getting sick of just sitting here. Where the hell are you anyway? AMANDA At the airport picking up a friend that may be able to help us. I’ll be back as soon as I can. - Amanda hangs up the phone. AMANDA (CONT’D) Roland, where are you? - Amanda gets in the jeep. CUT TO: 79




The scene takes place in the forest at night. There is snow everywhere and it is falling in a light drizzle. Roland’s clothes are clean and undamaged, as is his body and face. - Roland wakes up in the forest. He looks around, assessing his surroundings. He hears cars, gets up, and heads towards them.



- Roland makes his way stealthy through the forest. He comes to a deserted street with a couple of street lamps only. He spies from his hiding place 2 people walking down the street. Start music:

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

- Roland goes in for a closer look staying hidden in the trees. He looks at the 2 people again as they cross beneath a street light. THE 2 PEOPLE ARE A YOUNG MAN AND EVEN YOUNGER WOMAN. THEY ARE WALKING HAND-IN-HAND DOWN THE STREET, TALKING, AND SMILING. CAMERA GETS A GOOD CLOSE-UP OF THE MAN’S FACE AND THE WOMAN’S. ROLAND SEES WHAT THE CAMERA SEES AND JUST STARES, SPEECHLESS AND DUMBFOUNDED. - Young Roland and his sister continue walking down the street, just going about their business. - Roland continues to stare, then suddenly remembers something. He looks behind them, back through the forest. He starts moving towards them, but still within the trees. He is searching frantically, scanning the trees and bushes behind his young self and his sister. CAMERA CUTS BETWEEN THE ROLAND AND THE 2 WALKING FIGURES A FEW TIMES. HIS YOUNG SELF AND SISTER ARE SMILING AND ENJOYING THEMSELVES AS THEY WALK, UNAWARE OF ANY DANGER. ROLAND CONTINUES TO MOVE THROUGH THE TREES, DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING IN THE DISTANCE. - Suddenly the 2 figures stop. Roland stops to look at them. His sister dropped her purse and has bent over to pick it up. Young Roland says something, she playfully slaps him, and they hug. - Roland stares at them, eyes wide, knowing what’s coming. He shifts his gaze quickly to the left and sees what he was looking for: A vampire is crouched in the shadows, not far behind the couple. Start slow motion sequence; music stops - Roland runs out of the trees right at the 2 figures. The vampire also comes into the open and heads straight for the 2 figures. Roland shouts a warning.


CAMERA SHOWS THE YOUNG COUPLE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ROLAND. NOT HEARING HIM AT ALL. - Roland intercepts the vampire before it reaches the 2 figures. He makes a diving tackle, but passes right through the vampire and crashes headlong into the ground sending snow flying everywhere. End slow motion sequence - Roland recovers and looks back. His young self has been incapacitated and the vampire is now slowly stalking his sister who is on the ground, screaming, and trying to inch away from the vampire. - Roland gets up and positions himself in between his sister and the vampire. ROLAND Get out of here!!! RUN!!! - Roland punches and kicks at the vampire. His hands and feet pass harmlessly through the vampire. The vampire ignores him. - The vampire makes a dive for Roland’s sister, passing right through Roland. His sister screams and tries to get away but is caught. - Roland runs over to his younger self, still unconscious in the snow. Wake up!

ROLAND (CONT’D) Wake up, damn you!!!

- His sister screams again. Roland looks up. HIS SISTER IS ON THE GROUND, FACING UP. THE VAMPIRE IS STRADDLING HER, LOOKING DOWN ON HER AND TRYING TO SECURE HER FLAILING ARMS. - Roland grabs a piece of wood on the ground and runs back to his sister and the vampire. He swings the wood at the vampire again and again. The wood simply passes through the vampire. His final swing is so hard that he falls over. - Roland looks back just in time to catch the vampire lean down to burry its face in his sister’s neck. - Roland screams and turns away covering his face in his arms. CUT TO:






- Amanda and Alison drive in silence. Amanda watches the road, glancing continuously at Alison. Alison seems completely at ease. ALISON Get off the highway at the next exit. AMANDA The exit for the hotel isn’t for another 10 miles. ALISON We’re not going to the hotel. - Amanda looks at her, then back at the road. When the next exit comes up, Amanda gets off the highway. AMANDA Not that I’m ungrateful, but it really wasn’t necessary for you to come all the way down here. ALISON It was no trouble. AMANDA Be that as it may, you could have just told me everything over the phone. As it is you haven’t told me anything yet and I’d really like to know about that vampire I mentioned before we talk with Roland. Yes, Roland. see.

ALISON Still following after him I

AMANDA (shakes her head) He’s a great man and we are doing very meaningful work. Why can’t you understand that? ALISON What I do not understand is why you left me to go with him. I gave you back everything, introduced you to a life where you could have thrived, been both a teacher and a visionary. (MORE)


114. ALISON (CONT'D) A life where you could have helped others in ways that no one else could. Yet you threw it all away to go ... hunt vampires with that man.

AMANDA Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for what you’ve done for me. (hesitates) But I didn’t belong in that world. I -ALISON Turn here. - Amanda makes a quick turn and almost runs another car off the road. AMANDA Where exactly are we going? I should really get you to your hotel. It’s not safe out in the open like this. ALISON You must trust me, child. revealed soon.

All will be

- Amanda looks at Alison with a helpless look on her face and continues driving. CUT TO: 81




- The jeep pulls into the restaurant’s parking lot. Alison and Amanda get out. Alison walks over to the driver’s side and looks off into the darkness behind the restaurant. Amanda looks as well and sees nothing. AMANDA What are we looking at? ALISON Wait. - Amanda continues looking. Suddenly, a figure materializes out of the darkness. Mai Ying walks towards the jeep, Alison, and Amanda. - Amanda goes for her gun, but Alison puts a hand on her arm.



ALISON (CONT’D) I told you that you must trust me. There are forces at work here which you do not yet understand, but I promise, no harm shall come to you. - Amanda takes her hand off her gun, but doesn’t move it far. Mai Ying stops about 20 feet from the other 2 women and looks them over. Alison nods to Mai Ying who nods back. Alison starts moving towards the restaurant entrance. Amanda’s eyes shift between Alison and Mai Ying. AMANDA Where are you going?! ALISON To get some coffee.


- Amanda turns back to Mai Ying, not moving. Mai Ying looks at Amanda a moment longer, then follows Alison into the restaurant. Amanda looks after them, but when they don’t turn back, she moves, cautiously, into the restaurant. CUT TO: 82





- Roland is kneeling in the snow, head down, and shaking. He lifts his head and sees Cesar standing in front of him. CESAR What’s wrong, Roland? You look as if you just lost your best friend. - The sorrow and pain leave Roland’s face and is replaced with hot anger. Roland gets up and charges Cesar, hands outstretched for Cesar’s throat. CUT TO: 83




- Roland stops dead in his tracks and looks around astonished. Cesar is no where to be seen. CESAR Disorienting, is it not?



- Roland spins around. counter.

Cesar is sitting on the kitchen

CESAR (CONT’D) Just take deep breaths. It will calm you down. - Roland stares at Cesar, backs up a step, then looks around again. ROLAND I’m not playing your game so you might as well kill me and get it over with. CESAR Game? You think this is a game? No, no my friend, this is not a game. A game is something you do for fun. Something you do when there is ... nothing at stake. I assure you, there is a great deal at stake here. AMANDA Wesley, where did you put the bread? - Roland spins around and sees Amanda come into the kitchen area. WESLEY Why? AMANDA Because I’m hungry, bone head. We still haven’t heard from Roland and I’m getting worried. - Amanda goes through some of the cupboards in the kitchen. Roland and Cesar just watch. Roland gets out of her way when she comes near him. Amanda goes about her business like he isn’t there. WESLEY I didn’t realize you ate when you were nervous. AMANDA (to herself) Well, now you know. - Amanda finds the bread and starts to make herself a sandwich. Roland continues to watch her. He reaches out as if to touch her, then pulls his hand back.


ROLAND None of this is real. CESAR (laughs) Of course not. All of this is simply happening in your mind. ROLAND (turns to Cesar) I suppose now I’m supposed to watch you kill them? CESAR (getting very serious) What you are suppose to do is see the cost of your silence. One of your people is already dead, there is nothing you can do for him. But there is something you can do for her. For the rest of your team. ROLAND Spare me. You need me to tell you where they are. Even if you did know, they may look young, but I trained them myself. They can take anything you can throw at them. CESAR (smiles) Why don’t we find out? - A vampire crashes through the front door of the motel room. 2 more vampires come into the motel room after him. Wesley and Manny fight back, but are overwhelmed. - Amanda goes to assist them, firing her gun at the vampire on Wesley. The vampire goes down. Before she can fire on the 2 vampires on Manny, another vampire comes crashing through the window next to her. - Amanda’s gun flies out of her hand and comes to rest on the ground by Roland’s feet. Roland looks at the gun, then back at Amanda. She’s fighting with a knife now against the vampire on top of her. Roland has a brief flashback of the vampire on top of his sister in the snow. More vampires start pouring into the motel room. - Roland shakes off the image. He gives Cesar a very unfriendly look, and turns his back to the slaughter. Cesar regards him curiously.


CESAR (CONT’D) Turning your back on your team, Roland? I’m shocked! - Roland stares at nothing and says nothing. CESAR (CONT’D) You think just because this is not real that it could not happen? I have dozens of vampires at my disposal, psychics, federal agents. This (gestures at the fighting) Is simply a glimpse into the inevitable. I will have what I want. It is just a matter of how many have to die before I get it. - Still, Roland does nothing. CESAR (CONT’D) Are you such a coward that you cannot even watch what the consequences of your silence may bring? - Roland’s head snaps over to look at Cesar. moment, Roland turns around.

After a

- Amanda is covered with vampires. As the vampires get off of her, she gets up, and looks right at Roland. HER EYES HAVE GONE VAMPIRIC AND SHE NOW HAS FANGS. The vampire Amanda starts walking right at Roland. Behind her, vampires Wesley and Manny come into the room and follow her. - Roland just stands there, looking right at Amanda. ROLAND IS BLINKING RAPIDLY AND SWALLOWING, NOT AT ALL COMFORTABLE WITH WHAT HE’S SEEING. - Vampire Amanda walks right up to him. AMANDA You couldn’t save her. have saved me!

But you could

- Vampire Amanda pushes Roland back against the kitchen counter and sinks fangs into his neck. Vampires Manny and Wesley just stand there watching. - Roland grunts, but does not cry out while Vampire Amanda feeds on his blood. A single tear drops from Roland’s eye.


ROLAND I’m sorry. CUT TO: 84




Alison and Mai Ying are sitting on one side, Amanda is on the other. Alison is sipping coffee. Both Mai Ying and Amanda have water in front of them, but they don’t touch them the whole scene. - A waitress comes over WAITRESS Are you ready to order? ALISON Not quite yet. Could you give us some privacy, please? - The waitress stares at Alison with a blank face. ALISON (CONT’D) I will tell you when we are ready. - The waitress continues to stare, then blinks rapidly and shakes here head slightly as if waking up from a dream. The waitress nods her head at Alison and walks away. AMANDA Was that really necessary? ALISON We would not want her interrupting us, would we? AMANDA (looks at Mai Ying) I’m not sure yet. - Mai Ying stares at Amanda, perfectly still. ALISON Are you sure you won’t have some coffee? It might relax you. AMANDA (laughs) Relax me!? (MORE)


120. AMANDA (CONT'D) I’m in a restaurant in the middle of the freaking night sitting in a booth across from a vampire who’s looking at me like she’s wondering what I’d look like without my skin. You want me to relax? Help me kill this thing already so I can go home.

- Still no movement from Mai Ying. Alison simply sips her coffee, sighs, and shakes her head. ALISON Mai Ying is not your enemy, child. AMANDA (looks at Alison) Mai Ying?? Is that supposed to be its name? MAI YING She is afraid of me. Her fear is overwhelming her rational thought. will listen to nothing.


ALISON Once you tell her your story she will listen. She will have to. AMANDA Hold on, I want some answers first. For starters, what’s your relationship with this ... vampire? ALISON I discovered Mai Ying several years ago. She is not like most vampires. Her psychic ability is much stronger than normal for one of her kind. She has retained a great deal of her “human” characteristics, such as her memories and personality. At first I simply watched her from a distance, observing her actions, her movements, the decisions she made. It was not until later that I realized she was fully aware of me and what I was doing. (smiles) After that, I decided it was time we made contact. We have been ... associates ... ever since. - Amanda stares at Alison, dumbfounded


AMANDA I don’t believe this. This thing kills innocent people on a daily basis and you are ASSOCIATES with it?! MAI YING Such would depend on your definition of innocent. AMANDA No one deserves to have done to them what you do to your victims, monster. MAI YING I will not justify myself nor be judged by a young fool such as you. ALISON Enough! - Amanda and Mai Ying both stop talking and simply glare at each other. AMANDA APPEARS ANGRY AND AGITATED. MAI YING JUST LOOKS AT AMANDA LIKE SHE WOULD AN INSECT. ALISON (CONT’D) (to Amanda) You came here on a vampire hunt, yes? The First National Bank incident? - Amanda nods ALISON (CONT’D) Mai Ying was not involved, but she knows who was. - Amanda looks at Alison and smiles as if to say, “You’re crazy if you think I’m going to believe anything she says” ALISON (CONT’D) Please Amanda. Just listen. If you do not believe her story, you may leave us both here and go about you business. AMANDA Alright, this should be good. (looks at Mai Ying) Tell me your story. - Mai Ying says nothing for several moments and just looks into Amanda’s skeptical face.


MAI YING There is a man. A very powerful psychic who has found a way to manipulate not only the mind, but the flesh as well. His name is Cesar Necros. He has the ability to take over a vampire’s body during the day while it sleeps, and make it his slave. The process, however, causes the vampire to decompose. Over time, the vampire simply falls apart and dies. This man tried to take over my body like the others, but I was too strong for him. Like Alison, he was intrigued with me. I went to him willingly, to see the extent of his power. And powerful he was, not just in psychic ability, but in allies. A large pyrokinetic who wears a mask and never speaks is always at his side. There is also a man who works for the US government -AMANDA Hold it. What man that works for the government? MAI YING I do not know what his exact function is within the government, but he has many powerful friends and a host of others working with him. AMANDA What’s his name? MAI YING He goes by the name of Davidson. Davidson.


- Amanda seems a little taken aback by this news, but still remains suspicious. ALISON Do you know this Charles Davidson, child? AMANDA We’ve met. MAI YING Consider yourself fortunate you are still alive then. Agent Davidson has made many people “disappear” for Cesar in the past.


AMANDA Alright, so this Cesar is the one that sent the vampires to rob the bank, then this Agent Davidson to cover it up. Why? MAI YING I do not know. AMANDA Well that’s real helpful. I thought you said you were working for this guy? MAI YING Cesar endeavors to become the head of The Society. Not just to lead it, but control it. Dominate each of its members using his power. He has been killing powerful psychics that could have opposed his ascension. - Mai Ying hesitates a moment, looks sideways at Alison and becomes slightly ashamed MAI YING (CONT’D) It is true that I helped him, but it was out of fear only. His power was growing fast and I feared that with his ascension he would be strong enough to take over my body and make me his slave as well. So, during the ceremony that would have granted him control over all of the Society, I struck. I stole an artifact required for the ritual, liberated those vampires that I could, and ran. I was in hiding, planning my escape when you and your Hunters attacked us and stole the artifact. Now I would ask a question of you: How did you find us? You are a psychic, yes, but not at all strong enough to have located us in a city of this size. Even Alison would have found the task ... difficult. AMANDA We were being assisted by a psychic named Jeremy Smalls. He came to us and told us about the Society killings, said they were done by vampires. He wanted our help in finding them and destroying them. Amanda.

ALISON Jeremy Smalls is dead.


AMANDA Come again? ALISON Jeremy was one of the people killed by Cesar a month ago. It could not have been him that came to you. - Amanda leans back and tries to take it all in. MAI YING (smiles a small, half smile) Do not be too upset. Cesar is a master of deception ... and manipulation. AMANDA That may be ... if I believed any of this. ALISON She has no reason to lie, child. Her life is in danger just as yours is. AMANDA She’s a vampire! I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. ALISON And what about me? Do you not trust me either? AMANDA I don’t know who I can trust right now. - Amanda gets up and walks out of the restaurant. Ying tries to follow, but Alison stops her.


ALISON Let her go. MAI YING She has the artifact. We’ve got to get it and keep it safe from him. ALISON How do you plan on getting it without her cooperation? I will not allow you to hurt her, Mai Ying. MAI YING Not even to save your precious Society?


- Alison looks at Mai Ying coolly, then turns away and sips her coffee. - Amanda gets into the jeep and drives off, tires screeching on the pavement. She gets out her cell phone and dials. WESLEY Amanda? AMANDA Any word from Roland or Davin? WESLEY Nothing. AMANDA Listen to me, Wes. Pack everything up, we’re leaving Cleveland now. Why?

WESLEY What happened?

AMANDA I’ll explain when I get there, just do it! (hangs up) Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!! Scene ends with Amanda speeding down the highway towards the motel. CUT TO: 85




- Roland is walking through the burnt remains of a village. He survey’s the area, viewing the destruction. There’s an old, ruined manor house on the hill. He spots some graves and goes to look at them. THEY ARE UNMARKED. While he looks, Cesar comes walking around the corner and comes towards Roland from behind. Roland ignores him. CESAR Such a waste, is it not? All the time and effort that goes into creating human life can be ended so quickly for such ... senseless reasons. - Roland does not turn around



ROLAND Let me guess: Now you’re going to tell me that if I don’t cooperate, this is the future of ... what? Cleveland, my home town, the entire country? CESAR (laughs) I was not aware you could be so dramatic, Roland. What you see before you is not the future, but the past. 1350, Peronnella, Italy. One year ago, the Catholic Church officially observed the existence of vampires and declared that they were the source of the Black Death plague. I wonder if they actually believed that, or if they were simply taking advantage of the situation? - Roland turns around to look at Cesar. CESAR (CONT’D) (gestures at the town) What you see is the end result of telling people that the monster in their closet is real. That creatures of the night prey on the innocent, not for greed or revenge, but for food. This is what happens when people’s greatest fears come to life. A man named Antonio Cinconne, the ancestor of your leader, came to this town looking for vampires. His people burned everything in sight, including the manor house on that hill. (points to the ruined house) It’s true, the lord of this place was a vampire. There may have even been a few other vampires in the area. (looks at Roland) But dozens of normal people lost their lives that night as well. See, if you were suspected of being a vampire, then you were one, and had to be destroyed. The rest of the burning -ROLAND Is there a point to all of this? - Cesar looks at Roland curiously.


CESAR The point is that at that time, the vampire population was high, people got scared, and killed their neighbors out of fear. If the vampire population were to reach those past numbers again, do you suppose that history would repeat itself? - Roland says nothing. CESAR (CONT’D) Do you have any idea how many vampires there are currently in the United States right now? I am not certain as to the actual number myself, but I know it is more than it was 10 years ago. Their numbers are growing, just as they did before ... and I believe you know this as well, yes? - Still, Roland says nothing. CESAR (CONT’D) You and your Hunters have grown quite strong and organized over the past decade, but it is not enough. It is no secret that your jefe, Gordon, has been trying to gain Society support against the vampires, and has received nothing for his trouble. - Roland starts to catch on and smiles to himself. ROLAND And if I help you, you’ll give us all the support we need to fight the vampire threat? CESAR (smiles) I can do better than that. them all for you. - Roland’s eyes narrow skeptically. walking away. When I was my psychic wounds. I overnight. world came from me.

I could kill Cesar walks starts

CESAR (CONT’D) 19, I discovered a way to use abilities to heal physical became an instant celebrity Masters from all over the to talk to me, teach me, learn (MORE)

128. CESAR (CONT’D) Everything I needed was made available to me and my accomplishments grew. Soon, there wasn’t a wound, disease, or deformity I couldn’t cure. Of course, when the young accomplish too much, it is inevitable that the old become jealous. They attempted to discredit me, and when that failed, kill me. (looks at Roland and smiles wickedly) Unfortunately for them, they failed to realize that the best healers are also the best killers.

- Cesar’s smile disappears and is replaced with anger CESAR (CONT’D) Killing another Society member, however, is the worst crime one can commit. I claimed self defense, but no one believed me. Apparently the jealousy ran deeper than I imagined. I was condemned to death, but they underestimated my power. And now that I’ve dealt with those who tried to take away everything I worked for, I can take my rightful place as the head of the Society and get the recognition I deserve! - Roland eyes Cesar, wary of this sudden outburst of emotion. CESAR (CONT’D) As for the vampires, my mastery over both the mind and flesh gives me a ... connection with them, though I loath that it is so. Disgusting creatures they are. Human, but animal at the same time. (makes a face like he just ate something bad) I use them now to accomplish my goals, but once I am leader of the psychic population in this country, their usefulness will have ended. I will have enough power at my disposal to call them all from ocean coast to ocean coast. (gestures for emphasis) Call them up out of their holes, their caves, their basements. Call them up out into the light of the sun so that they burn. - Roland listens carefully, considers Cesar’s words. Cesar comes over to whisper in his ear.


As he talks, the burned village changes to a flourishing village of people, happy. CESAR (CONT’D) Think of it, Roland. Your arch nemesis, wiped out in a single day. Think of the lives you would save. People like your sister, whose life ended so early. Think of yourself whose life was so dramatically changed because of it. You could start again ... a new life. One without death and pain constantly surrounding you. - Roland looks over at a family walking down the street. A father, a mother, 3 children. Crossing the street in front of them is a young woman who catches Roland’s attention. HE CAN’T SEE HER FACE, BUT FOLLOWS HER WITH HIS EYES ACROSS THE STREET. CESAR (CONT’D) I told you before that I was not your enemy, Roland. If we work together, we can make our vision of the future come true. Join me, and it will be so. - The young woman stops and turns around. Roland’s sister looks directly at him, and smiles. Roland looks at her a moment longer with longing in his eyes, then turns to Cesar. CESAR HAS HIS HAND EXTENDED IN ROLAND’S DIRECTION. Roland looks down at the hand, then up at Cesar’s face. Cesar smiles. Roland moves his hand to shake Cesar’s. - Just before shaking Cesar’s hand, Roland punches Cesar in the gut. Cesar doubles over and the happy, flourishing village disappears and is replaced by the burnt-out, dead village. Roland hits Cesar 2 more times before grabbing him by the lapel of his coat with both hands. ROLAND My sister was killed by a monster and till the end of my days I'll hate myself for not being able to save her. Now I hunt and kill monsters before they can hurt those not strong enough to protect themselves. You want me to help you? I say you're the worst kind of monster. At least a vampire is honest. (MORE)

130. ROLAND (CONT'D) It will rip your throat out and feast on your blood, but at least it won't try to be your friend and manipulate you with lies first. You want my answer you sonof-a-bitch? Well here it is!!

- Roland pitches Cesar backwards and impales him on a piece of wood sticking out of the ruins of a house. Cesar screams. CUT TO: 86





The scene is back in the room where the real Cesar and Roland are. Cesar is sitting on a chair facing Roland, Roland is slumped against the wall, unconscious. - Cesar screams and pulls back from Roland’s unconscious body so fast, he knocks over the chair he was sitting on. - Roland begins to stir. Cesar recovers and goes back over to Roland and grabs him around the throat. Roland’s eyes snap open. CESAR You made a bad choice, vato. I shall have the location of the necklace, one way (Cesar’s eyes go completely black) or the other!! CUT TO: 87





Roland is standing alone within the burned village. - The ground begins to shake. Black clouds begin to cover the sky. Roland fights to keep his footing. Cracks open up in the ground and he starts sliding towards them. Lightning and fireballs come down from the sky. - Roland falls into a crack, but hangs onto the ledge. He struggles desperately to pull himself up, but when he does, the section he’s holding onto breaks away and he falls into a black hole. Roland screams. CUT TO:






There are now more people in the room: Davidson, Kane, and some of Davidson’s men are present. - Roland screams and then falls silent. Cesar releases Roland’s throat and backs away. Cesar gets a couple of steps, then stumbles. Kane catches him. CESAR IS EXTREMELY WORN AND DISORIENTED. Davidson approaches Cesar cautiously. DAVIDSON Did you get it? - Cesar looks at Davidson. When he gains control over himself again, he motions for Kane to release him. Kane does so and steps away. CESAR The girl’s cell phone number is (423) 5558100. I believe you should be able to use that to locate her the next time she uses her cell phone, yes? - Davidson nods. CESAR (CONT’D) When you find them, the necklace is in a steel security chest the size of a hat box. The combination to the lock is 1233-21. - Davidson nods his head again, and looks at Roland. DAVIDSON What about him? CESAR He lives, though by definition alone. The shock of my probe has shattered his mind. When the time comes, I will end his suffering. He will assist me still whether he likes it or not. - Davidson gives Roland a disgusted look and turns to leave. CESAR (CONT’D) Charles? - Davidson turns back.



CESAR (CONT’D) Do not come back without it. - Davidson looks at Cesar a moment longer, then turns and walks towards the door. DAVIDSON (motions to his men) Let’s go. - Davidson leaves, flanked by about half a dozen other men. - Cesar watches him go, then turns and puts a hand on Kane’s shoulder. Kane supports him and helps him to the back hallway. Soon.

CESAR Very soon.





- Amanda packs up a bag and places it near the door with the others. She goes to the other room where Wesley is wiping down the room. AMANDA Almost done? WESLEY Almost. - Manny comes in carrying another bag. MANNY Explain to me again what we’re doing. WESLEY She’s already told us 2 times already. MANNY I know, I’m just still stuck on the part about us getting the hell out of Dodge because you had a conversation with a vampire.



AMANDA Look, Roland and Davin still haven’t checked in which means something has gone wrong. Now if Jeremy, or Cesar or whatever the hell his name is, is behind all this, that means he’s looking for us right now, and if that agent, Davidson, is on the take, we don’t have much time. MANNY I still can’t believe you had dinner with a vampire. AMANDA Oh, get over yourself, Manny. The only thing that matters right now is getting that necklace out of here. I talked to Gordon, he’s going to have another team meet us in Buffalo and escort us the rest of the way back to The City. WESLEY What about Roland and Davin? AMANDA (pauses, then looks at Wesley) What do you think they would want us to do? - Wesley looks at her a moment, then drops his head and finishes what he was doing. AMANDA (CONT’D) Let’s get this stuff in the jeep. - Amanda and Manny move towards the gear by the door. - A smoke grenade smashes through the motel window. AMANDA (CONT’D) Shit, look out!! - The door bursts open, and a flash grenade is thrown in. Amanda and Manny point guns at the door, but the flash grenade blinds them. People start pouring into the room. Amanda, Manny, and Wesley are restrained. - The people start tearing the place apart, looking for something. The 3 Hunters are pulled together where 3 men keep them restrained at gun point.


- Davidson walks through the front door very cool and collected. He walks right up to the 3 Hunters and looks at Amanda. DAVIDSON (smiles) Why Miss Harper. So nice to see you again. AMANDA The feeling is not mutual. MAN Got it! - Davidson’s man brings Davidson a steel box. Davidson takes the box, inputs the code into the security lock, and it opens. Davidson pulls out the emerald necklace. DAVIDSON Like taking candy from a baby. WESLEY How did you -DAVIDSON Know the security code? How do you think, boy? Your fearless leader told us right after we broke him and he screamed like a little girl. AMANDA Son-of-a --- Amanda makes a lunge for Davidson, but doesn’t get far before Davidson’s men knock her back down. Manny and Wesley try to help her, but they get beat down as well. DAVIDSON Pick her up. - Davidson’s men pick up Amanda so she is on her knees facing Davidson. Davidson kneels down to look her in the eye. AMANDA Why don’t you just get it over with and kill us? DAVIDSON (smiles, highly amused) Kill you? What for? (MORE)

135. DAVIDSON (CONT'D) Tonight, “Jeremy” becomes the head of the Society, and when that happens, no one will be able to touch us. As for you three (laughs) Without your leader, you're nothing but a bunch of rookies. (slaps Amanda across the face) And that's what I do to rookies.

- Amanda gives him a look that could cut glass. Davidson smiles again, gets up, and motions to his man behind Amanda. - Davidson’s man smacks Amanda on the head. CUT TO: FADE IN: 90




Amanda is on the bed in a very nice hotel room. Alison is sitting on the bed holding a cold towel to Amanda’s face. - Amanda regains consciousness slowly and looks around. ALISON Back with us? - Amanda tries to get up and winces, putting her hand to her head. Easy. head.

ALISON (CONT’D) You have a nasty bump on your

AMANDA So I noticed. Where am I? In my hotel The motel I damaged. I comfortable

ALISON room. I hope you don’t mind. found you at was a bit ... thought you would be more here.

AMANDA Where’s Wesley and Manny? WESLEY Right here.



- Wesley comes up to the bed. Amanda looks at him. WESLEY HAS A SPLIT LIP AND A LARGE BRUISE ON THE SIDE OF HIS FACE. HE’S ALSO GOT A GUN TUCKED INTO THE WAISTBAND OF HIS PANTS. AMANDA (sitting up) Boy, you look like I feel. WESLEY You should lie back down. out a long time.

You’ve been

AMANDA How long? ALISON About 12 hours. Considering you did not sleep last night, it is not uncommon given your head injury. WESLEY We wanted to take you to a hospital, but (hesitates) Alison said you would be fine. AMANDA Where’s Manny? - Wesley looks over his shoulder, and Amanda follows his gaze. Manny is sitting in a chair against the wall. He’s staring at Mai Ying who is sitting on a couch against the opposite wall. MANNY IS TENSE AND HOLDING HIS GUN TIGHT, BUT NOT POINTED AT ANYTHING. MAI YING IS PERFECTLY STILL, SEEMINGLY UNCONCERNED WITH MANNY’S BEHAVIOR. I see.

AMANDA (CONT’D) How long has he been like that?

WESLEY The vampire came in about an hour ago, and Manny has been as tight as a guitar string ever since. - Alison holds a cup up to Amanada’s mouth. Drink this.

ALISON You’ll feel better.


AMANDA (takes the cup) Let me guess: Cardamom Tea. headaches and regeneration.


ALISON (smiles slightly) I remember you were quite fond of it during the early days of your training. AMANDA I wasn’t fond of it. lot.

I just needed it a

- Amanda drinks. Alison goes to the bathroom to run cold water over the washcloth again. AMANDA (CONT’D) How you doin’ Manny? Fine.

MANNY How are you?


AMANDA Just peachy.

MANNY Now that you’re awake, think maybe we could get out of here? AMANDA I’m not going anywhere. - Manny glances over at Amanda. bathroom.

Alison returns from the

MANNY Has that bump on your head affected your brain? We’ve been waiting all day for you to wake up. This morning you were falling all over yourself talking about getting out of town. Now you want to stay? WESLEY Take it easy. She took a blow to the head. Maybe she just needs to rest a while. AMANDA True, I’d love to sleep for a year, but we’ve still got a job to do.


MANNY (starts laughing) Now I know the bump on your head has affected your brain. Prey-tell, what job, exactly, is that? AMANDA Look, Davidson stole the necklace so we know Jeremy’s got it. Davidson said something about him using it to become the Head of the Society. We have to stop him. MANNY In case you’ve forgotten ... (pointedly looking at Mai Ying) We kill vampires, not psychics.


AMANDA Maybe you’ve forgotten about Roland and Davin? MANNY I haven’t forgotten anything. Personally, I’d love to put a bullet in Jeremy’s head, as well as shove my foot up “Special Agent” Davidson’s ass, but let’s face it, our team is in ruins, we’re out-gunned, and out-matched. We don’t even know where they are. AMANDA No ... (looks at Mai Ying) But she does. - Both Wesley and Manny look at Amanda first, then Mai Ying. MAI YING IS STILL PERFECTLY AT EASE, THOUGH SHE HAS NOW TAKEN AN INTEREST IN THE CONVERSATION. MANNY (stands up) That’s it. I’m out of here. - Manny starts grabbing his stuff and heads for the door. ALISON WATCHES HIM GO. MAI YING IGNORES HIM. AMANDA Manny, wait a second. - Amanda makes to get out of bed, but stands up too fast and stumbles.


Wesley goes to help her, but she waves him off. She gets up the 2nd time and goes after Manny. Wesley follows after her. CUT TO:


AMANDA (CONT’D) Manny, please stop. - Manny just keeps walking. AMANDA (CONT’D) You know Roland wouldn’t abandon you if you were the one caught. - Manny stops, and turns around slowly. MANNY Roland is dead. That guy Davidson said so himself. AMANDA No, he said they broke him. still be alive. Davin too.

He could

MANNY (laughs without humor) Please tell me you are not that naive. AMANDA Look, just listen to me for one minute, okay? Jeremy used his power to send those vampires into that bank. Why he did it is irrelevant. What matters is that he could do it. Don’t you see? If he can organize them and send them at specific targets, we’re all in danger, and I, personally, do not want to wake up one night to see that my bed is surrounded by vampires. MANNY Davidson could have killed us if he wanted to. Why would they bother coming after us now? AMANDA I don’t know. That’s just it, we don’t know anything about Jeremy or why he wants to be Head of the Society or any of his intensions, period. All we know is that he’s willing to kill for them and he’ll use vampires to do it.


- Manny starts looking anywhere but at Amanda, but stays where he is. Wesley just looks down at his feet. AMANDA (CONT’D) I can’t walk away from this, and I can’t do this by myself. I need you. I need both of you. MANNY (looks at Wesley) What about you? WESLEY (looks at Amanda, then Manny) I’m staying too. - Manny just looks at him. WESLEY (CONT’D) Hey man, I don’t want to do this anymore than you do, but she’s got a point. If this guy becomes leader of the psychics ... (hesitates) It’s what Roland would do. MANNY Really? Do you also think Roland would trust THAT (points back at the hotel room) With his life? - Wesley says nothing. AMANDA We have a common enemy. we can trust her.

In this, I think

MANNY You’re gambling with our lives. AMANDA Wouldn’t be the first time. - Manny looks at her a few moments more, then throws up his hands in submission. MANNY What the hell. We all gotta die sometime.


- Wesley and Amanda look at each other and smile. CUT TO: 91




- Amanda, Wesley, and Manny walk back into the hotel room. Wesley and Manny hang back while Amanda approaches Mai Ying. MAI YING IS STILL SITTING ON THE COUCH LOOKING COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED ABOUT ANYTHING. AMANDA Do you know where Cesar is? - At first Mai Ying doesn’t even look at Amanda. Then, she glances over, and after a few moments, answers. MAI YING When he first tried to perform the ceremony, it was in an old church on a hill overlooking the Lake north of here. It was an ideal location. I see no reason why he would not go back there. Alright.


ALISON Tonight, most likely. The Society is in disarray so he needs to act quickly while he still has the advantage. What he’s attempting has never been done before and will take every ounce of energy he has so he will need to prepare. I’d say we have no more than a few hours to stop him. AMANDA Then that doesn’t give us much time. (to Mai Ying) How many vampires do you still have with you? MAI YING Why? AMANDA You know why. MAI YING (smiles to herself) Are you asking for my help in defeating your enemy?



AMANDA No, I’m offering to help you kill YOUR enemy. A temporary alliance. We work together, and maybe, just maybe, we all can come out of this in one piece. MAI YING (considers a moment) Thanks to you and your Hunters, our numbers have been greatly diminished. Cesar’s forces would surely outnumber us even if we were to combine our resources. (pauses) However, we cannot help you. Cesar’s pyrokinetic will surely be there and as you are fully aware, vampires are deathly afraid of fire. AMANDA What if we disposed of him? help then?

Would you

MAI YING (considers a moment) If he were dead, then yes, we would come. AMANDA (to the whole room) Alright, then this is what we’re going to do. CUT TO:


The scene starts out with a shot of the moon and then centers on the church on the hill. CUT TO: 92




The ceremony room: There is a raised platform in the back of the room with stairs leading up to it. There is a large bowl of murky liquid on the platform surrounded by candles. Cesar is standing on the platform in front of the bowl, staring into it. Cesar is wearing the emerald necklace. Also on the platform are Davidson, about 6 of his men, and Kane. Roland is also on the platform, chained to a pillar, completely motionless. At the foot of the stairs leading up to the platform are a large group of vampires.




DAVIDSON Say again, Sanders.

SANDERS It’s the female vampire! the church.

She’s attacking

- Kane walks over and joins Davidson along with another one of his men. DAVIDSON (to himself) Damn, that bitch doesn’t know when to quit. SANDERS She’s broken through the perimeter and is trying to get to where you are. DAVIDSON (to his man on the walkietalkie) Well of course she is. Tell the men to fall back. Get your asses back to the ceremony room. SANDERS They’re right on top of us! AHHHH!!

They’ve ...

DAVIDSON Sanders? SANDERS! Damnit. (to his man) Look alive, we are about to have some company. (to Kane) You ... (MORE)

144. DAVIDSON (CONT'D) the only way she can get in is through that archway. (points) Nothing can interrupt the ceremony. Got it?

- Kane nods DAVIDSON (CONT’D) Go. - Kane moves down the stairs of the platform towards the archway. The vampires below shrink away from him, afraid to come near him. - Kane stands in front of the archway. NOISES OF FIGHTING, PEOPLE SCREAMING, AND SHOUTING COME FROM THE HALLWAYS LEADING UP TO THE ARCHWAY. A couple of Davidson’s men come into view and run through the archway and up to the platform. - Kane begins raising his hands in front of him and a small line of fire starts at 4 different locations in front of Kane. The lines of fire all moving with a purpose towards the archway. THE NOISES ARE GETTING LOUDER. SHADOWS CAN BE SEEN OF SOMETHING COMING TOWARDS THE ARCHWAY. - As the four lines of fire meet in front of the archway, Kane drops his hands, and there is a large explosion. Flames cover the archway and engulf everything beyond it. The flames become very high and a wall of fire stands out in front of Kane. Cesar’s vampires fall back in terror. Davidson and his men shield their eyes from the flames light. - Then, from out of the wall of flame come 3 figures, dressed in HAZMAT fire-proof suits. 2 are carrying machine guns, the one in the middle has a shotgun. - Davidson dives for cover just as the 3 figures start shooting. They spray the entire room with bullets. - The gun fire tears into the group of vampires. They can’t attack because of the fire surrounding the 3 figures, so many of them simply run. - Some of Davidson’s men try to retaliate with gun fire of their own, but they are gunned down as well. - Kane takes several hits before he goes down and dies. When he dies, the fires go out.


- Cesar never stops chanting throughout the entire gun fight. A bullet hits him, but he ignores it. One shotgun blast hits the bowl of liquid and spills all of it to the floor. His concentration finally broken, Cesar screams. CESAR (screaming) NOOOOO!!!!! - Cesar continues screaming when the gun fire stops and the Hunters reload. One vampire managed to escape untouched during the gun fire. It sees its opportunity and charges one of the Hunters. It leaps, there is a flash of steel, and the vampire’s headless body falls to the ground in front of the Hunter. Mai Ying, sword in hand, is crouched in front of them facing the platform. - Cesar stops screaming and starts yelling and cursing at the Hunters in a combination of Spanish and English while pacing the platform. The Hunters take off their helmets. 2 IMPORTANT SHOTS HAPPEN WHILE CESAR IS RANTING: 1) THERE’S A SHOT OF THE HUNTER’S PARTY: MAI YING IN FRONT, THE HUNTERS IN BACK WITH GUNS POINTED AT CESAR’S GROUP, AND THROUGH THE ARCHWAY, MAI YING’S VAMPIRES START POURING INTO THE ROOM. SOME ON 2 LEGS, SOME ON 4, SOME ACTUALLY CLIMBING THE WALLS. 2) THERE’S A SHOT OF CESAR’S PARTY: CESAR ON THE PLATFORM, DAVIDSON AND HIS PEOPLE WITH GUNS POINTED AT THE HUNTER’S PARTY, AND THROUGH DOORS AT THE BACK OF THE PLATFORM, CESAR’S VAMPIRES WHO RAN EARLIER START COMING BACK IN. THEY SHOW THE SAME BEHAVIOR AS MAI YING’S VAMPIRES. CESAR (CONT’D) You think you can stop ME?!?! Kill them! T-E-A-R T-H-E-M A-P-A-R-T!! MANNY Yeah, well come get some! - Everyone starts shooting who has guns. The vampires charge each other, some colliding in mid-air, some tackling the others on the ground. - Mai Ying walks towards the platform with a purpose. Any vampire that gets in her path she slices to pieces with her sword. She reaches the platform and meets Cesar’s eyes. CESAR You want me?! Then come and get me!


- Cesar turns and walks off to one of the doors in the back of the room. Mai Ying jumps up to the platform over stairs and broken bowl in one leap. She also dispatches a couple more vampires before following Cesar through the back door. - Amanda takes cover behind a turned over bench and struggles to get her HAZMAT suit off. Just as she gets it off, a vampire jumps her, but she skillfully kills it with her shotgun. It’s then that she notices one of Davidson’s men, dead, near the bench. SHE FOCUSES ON HIS VEST. THERE’S A GRENADE ATTACHED THERE. She then looks over the bench, scanning the area. She sees Roland first, on the platform, lying face down. THE PILLAR HE WAS CHAINED TO WAS DESTROYED IN THE FIGHTING. - Manny and Wesley try to take cover behind another overturned bench on the other side of the room, when Manny is hit in the shoulder by a bullet. He goes down, but Wesley goes back and drags him under cover. Amanda sees this, goes for the grenade, pulls the pin, and throws it at the group of Davidson’s men shooting at Manny and Wesley. The grenade explodes throwing men and vampires near it in all directions. - After the explosion, Davidson looks at the carnage in front of him, shakes his head, and runs for one of the doors at the back of the platform. Amanda sees him go, breaks cover, and runs after him. CUT TO: 93





- Amanda runs through a long, dark hallway. When she emerges in another, smaller storage room, Davidson comes around the corner and knocks her down. He picks her up, they grapple, then he spins her around and throws her into some storage room debris. Davidson then runs off down another hallway. CUT TO: 94



- Wesley tends to Manny’s wound. WESLEY Don’t worry pal, you’re going to be alright. (glances over his shoulder) (MORE)


147. WESLEY (CONT'D) I think we’re winning. Just don’t worry, we got it under contr-AAAHHHH!!

- A vampire pulls Wesley out from behind the overturned bench and throws him into the open. Wesley tries to crawl away, but the vampire pulls him back by the legs. Wesley turns over and shoots the vampire with his pistol in the chest. The vampire knocks it away from him. Wesley drops back to the floor. The vampire straddles him and slashes at his chest. Wesley’s HAZMAT suit rips open and his cross spills out. The cross lights up with a blinding, white light. The vampire screams and bursts into flames while straddling Wesley. THE CROSS ITSELF IS ON FIRE. Wesley screams and pushes the vampire off of him. He then grabs at the cross, pulls it over his head, and flings it away. THE CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE CROSS WHEN IT COMES TO REST. ALL THAT’S LEFT OF IT IS A BURNT PIECE OF TWISTED METAL. - As Wesley recovers, he looks up and sees one of Davidson’s men sighting down on him with his rifle. As he’s about to pull the trigger, Davidson’s man is shot in the head. Wesley looks back and sees Manny, pistol in hand, leaning over the bench. He and Wesley look at each other a moment, then Manny slides down the bench and out of view. Wesley looks back at the platform. The fighting is calming down. ONLY 1 VAMPIRE IS STILL STANDING AND IT’S ONE OF MAI YING’S. CAMERA GETS A SHOT OF THE PLATFORM. ROLAND IS GONE. CUT TO: 95





- Davidson runs down a hallway to a door. THE DOOR IS LOCKED. Davidson goes for his pocket for the key, and doesn’t find it. AMANDA Looking for this? - Davidson looks back. Amanda is holding the key to the door out in front of her. She throws it behind her, putting herself between it and Davidson. Davidson looks at her a moment, then laughs. DAVIDSON Okay. - Davidson starts walking with a purpose at Amanda who does the same thing towards him. Amanda takes the early advantage, aggressively punching and kicking Davidson back.


When Davidson attacks, she blocks, spins, and uses his momentum against him. Amanda appears to be winning, until she goes for a kick to the crotch and Davidson catches her foot. He spins her around, flattens her against the wall, and knocks her down. Davidson comes up behind her and gets her in a choke-hold. DAVIDSON (CONT’D) That’s very good, rookie. Given time, you might actually have become something. Too bad you’re too stupid to know when to quit. AMANDA You talk too much. - Amanda puts her foot behind his and they both fall back to the floor. Davidson loses his hold on her and Amanda elbows him in the jaw before rolling off of him. As she hits the ground, she pulls a small knife and stays down, concealing it with her body. Davidson gets up and comes at her again. DAVIDSON You’ll pay for that, bitch! - Amanda pretends to be stunned or hurt, and when Davidson gets close and grabs for her, she makes a quick move and stabs him in the neck with the knife. - Davidson falls back, and gropes for the knife still stuck in his neck. HIS EYES AND FACE REGISTER TOTAL SURPRISE AND SHOCK. He tries to pull the knife out but his hands aren’t working right. He hits the wall and slides down it hard. HE KEEPS HIS EYES ON AMANDA THE WHOLE TIME. AMANDA’S EYES ALSO STAY ON HIM. AMANDA How’s that for a rookie, asshole! (spits on him) CUT TO: 96




- Mai Ying enters a small chapel area. She walks across the room, then down an aisle towards an alter. Cesar is standing in front of the alter, flanked by 4 vampires. Mai Ying stops halfway down the aisle in front of Cesar. CESAR You had such potential. Just tell me one thing: Why? Why did you betray me?



MAI YING You know why. CESAR (shakes his head) Paranoid delusions. So out of character for someone so ... experienced. Well, I have a cure for such things. - Cesar raises his hands and the 2 vampires closest to him begin to scream. Their bodies start to decompose and wither away to nothing but old, rotted corpses. He then points at the other 2 vampires and they begin to change. They grow bigger and more fierce looking. Their hands and claws grow along with their fangs. MAI YING WATCHES IT ALL WITHOUT ANY REACTION. CESAR (CONT’D) ¡Mátele! - The giant vampires charge Mai Ying. Vampire #1 picks up an entire bench and throws it at her. Mai Ying dodges it effortlessly. Vampire #2 tries to tackle her, she dodges it, and it goes crashing into a table. Vampire #1 comes up to her and starts slashing at her with its claws. Mai Ying backs away. Vampire #1 slashes, misses, and opens up the wall. Mai Ying slashes with her sword and severs Vampire #1’s hand from its arm. Without flinching, Vampire #1 uses the other hand to grab Mai Ying around the waist and throw her into the wall across the room. Mai Ying twists in mid-air, hits the wall with her feet, jumps off of it and towards Vampire #2. Vampire #2 is caught off guard and Mai Ying decapitates him with her sword. As she hits the ground, Vampire #1 tackles her. It grabs her around the head with its only hand left and tries to sink fangs into her. Mai Ying has to use both hands to hold its head from her. They struggle, its a stalemate. - Cesar watches all of this, then points at them, and flicks his wrist. Vampire #1’s eyes suddenly go wide and it stops trying to bite Mai Ying. It begins shaking uncontrollably and its body begins to expand even more. Mai Ying realizes what’s happening and tries to wiggle out from underneath Vampire #1. She manages to get most of the way out when Vampire #1 explodes. Mai Ying goes crashing into the wall, and this time she does not catch herself. Broken pieces of furniture and wall fall on top of her. - Mai Ying digs herself out, gets to her feet, and looks around.


CESAR (CONT’D) (from behind her) I’m impressed. - Mai Ying spins around and begins clutching her throat and head. Cesar is standing in front of her with his hand outstretched. Mai Ying struggles, but cannot break free. She falls to her knees. HER SWORD IS BETWEEN CESAR AND HER. Cesar walks towards her, stops at the sword and kicks it away. Mai Ying looks up at him. CESAR (CONT’D) I’m going to enjoy this, mi querido. - Roland comes out of nowhere and tackles Cesar. As Cesar goes down, Mai Ying is freed. ROLAND’S HANDS ARE STILL BOUND BEHIND HIS BACK. Roland is yelling and screaming like a madman. On top of him, Roland bites down on Cesar’s face. Cesar screams. Roland pulls back ripping a piece of his cheek off. Cesar puts a hand on Roland’s chest and pushes him away. Roland flies about 10 feet and crashes into the ground. - Cesar gets up with one hand on his ruined face, eyes wide and on Roland. He curses in Spanish and raises his hand towards Roland. Then, he stops, hand goes down, and his face registers confusion. He looks down and sees the tip of a sword sticking out of his chest. He looks up and the sword is removed from him. THE NEXT PORTION OF THE SCENE IS A MIXTURE OF SHOTS: FIRST THERE’S A FLASH OF STEEL, THEN A PIECE OF CESAR’S BODY GOES FLYING AWAY. THIS OCCURS 4 DIFFERENT TIMES, EACH TIME A FLASH OF STEEL, AND ANOTHER PIECE OF CESAR IS REMOVED FROM HIS BODY. THE SHOTS ARE FAST AND CONSECUTIVE. THE LAST PIECE TO LEAVE HIS BODY IS HIS HEAD. - Mai Ying walks over to Roland who is still lying on the ground. ROLAND IS BREATHING IN SHORT GASPS, HIS EYES ARE OPEN AND NOT FOCUSED ON ANYTHING. Roland then looks up and sees Mai Ying staring down at him, sword in hand. CAMERA NOW ACTS AS ROLAND’S SIGHT. Roland looks at Mai Ying and the image starts to get fuzzy and fall back to the ground. The last thing Roland sees of Mai Ying is her looking to her right, then he sees her feet move off to her left. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN:






The parking area has a lot of cars in it. There are several people loading bags and other materials into them. Amanda is out there as well. - Amanda opens the tailgate of the Hummer. AMANDA HAS A LARGE BRUISE ON HER FACE, BUT NO OTHER NOTICEABLE INJURIES. She moves aside some bags, puts one in, and attempts to put in another, but drops it, wincing, and grabs her mid-section. Gordon comes over. GORDON Here, let me get that. (puts the bag in the Hummer) You know, you could let the others do this. That’s why I brought them. AMANDA Yeah, I know. I just felt like ... doing something. GORDON (laughs) You just felt like doing something? You, Wesley, and Manny have just been apart of the biggest Hunt in our history since the Inferno, and came out in one piece, something that even I would have said was impossible. And in spite of all that, you still feel like doing something. (laughs again) - Amanda does not laugh or share his humor. She turns away from the Hummer while Gordon continues to load the bags. Manny and Wesley come out of a motel room and walk over to her. MANNY HAS HIS ARM IN A SLING AND WESLEY IS LIMPING, HAS BANDAGES ON HIS FACE, AND HIS HAND IS FIRMLY WRAPPED IN GAUZE. AMANDA How you guys doing? WESLEY It only hurts when I blink. MANNNY Where’s Roland? - The door to another motel room opens. Several men come out, then Alison, and then Roland. HE’S SITTING IN A WHEELCHAIR BEING PUSHED BY ANOTHER MAN.



Some of the men take up position around the cars, others prep a van’s electronic lift to bring the wheelchair into the van. Amanda, Wesley, Manny, and Gordon move towards the van. - Amanda approaches Roland, kneels down in front of him, and takes his hand. ROLAND HAS A BANDAGE AROUND HIS HEAD. HE’S ALSO BREATHING IN SHORT BREATHS AND TWITCHING. HE’S AWAKE, LOOKING AT AMANDA, BUT HIS EYES ARE NOT REALLY FOCUSED ON HER. AMANDA JUST HOLDS HIS HAND AND LOOKS UP AT HIM WITH CONCERN ON HER FACE. MANNY AND WESLEY HANG BACK, BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM WITH CONCERN. ALISON (puts a hand on Amanda’s shoulder) Don’t worry, child. He will be fine. (to all the Hunters) I’m taking him back to my estate to tend to his injuries. The physical damage is superficial, but his mind has suffered a great deal of trauma. I am hopeful, however, that he will recover completely. - Wesley and Manny don’t look convinced, but Gordon nods his head. Amanda smiles at Roland. ROLAND JUST LOOKS AT HER WITH A BLANK FACE. Amanda squeezes his hand again and stands up. The man pushing Roland in the wheelchair load him onto the lift and he goes up to the van. ALISON (CONT’D) (to Amanda) You can come and visit him anytime you wish. And maybe, while you are there ... we could talk. - Amanda looks at Alison and nods her head. Amanda takes one final look at Roland and walks back to the Hummer. Manny and Wesley follow her. Gordon walks over to Alison. GORDON He’s my best man ... and a friend. hope you know what you’re doing.


ALISON (smiles) Do not worry, Mr. Cinconne. Your friend will be back to hunting vampires in no time. Also, given what has happened here, (looks over at Amanda) (MORE)

153. ALISON (CONT'D) once the Society puts itself back together, I will recommend that we start taking your proposals for collaboration a bit more seriously.

GORDON (smiles and kisses her hand) You are as wise as you are beautiful, Ms. Seiler. I look forward to seeing you again. - Gordon walks off to the Hummer and his Hunters. walks off to the van and her people.





Hunter's Moon  

First full length screen play

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