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The union is a hub for nurturing good ideas and putting them to work, by evolving them into a reality. The catalyst for change will happen through the collaboration of students, faculty, and community.





student body

educational value

We wanted to focus on promoting and improving the sustainability efforts on campus. Along with improving sustainability, we also wanted to provide better examples of urban gardening and green practices. Giving the campus community and the local community an urban garden with educational context.

Another issue we were looking to tackle was communication throughout campus, between the student body, faculty, and the administration. We wanted to break down barriers, establish a clear line of communication between everyone, and have more transparency with major decisions.

Keeping students involved at the forefront is also a core part of the direction we were moving in. To establish a better system of communication, students need to be involved in every part of the experience. The experience should be done by students and for the students with the help of faculty to keep the process continuing throughout the semesters.

To give the project context and a long term life, we also looked at integrating this project into the curriculum so teachers could base inclass projects around this long term project.



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history + vision of the future To develop a system for the experience and identity of the union and the event we looked towards IES and RMCAD to find common connections. We sought inspiration from the dome on campus and its significance with our project and the history of the Institute of Experimental Studies.

campus community and the local community as well. Every part is connected and vital. The union is a means of giving that relationship a voice and continuing progress through the years. The identity system is open to keep up with the changing needs and directions of the event, the students, and IES.

We sought to embody our previous goals visually, with our identity. The interconnected lines throughout the design is a reflection of the










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development plan Encourage the best in ideation practices and to promote student success in a unique and positive way. Ensure that the student community is nourished with an outlet for such processes. Stimulate campus growth and prestige through the Union. Provide an opportunity for students to further develop their ideas through the use of a grant and a dedicated network of faculty member.



This Plan will be based on the gradual integration of the Union into preexisting academic foundations. It will be developed corroboratively by those who will actively predicate in growing its potential. The academic development plan will illustrate how the individual components fit together and connect to the overall growth of RMCAD and its students. Based on a yearly and school improvement goals along with a school analysis and assessment. Will Enable teachers to develop cross-curricular dialogue and will also increase student achievement.



For the upcoming 2011-2012 school year, the Union should focus on plans and programs that have been implemented in previous years, and build collateral by supporting them. Once the Union has become established in the school it can create new initiatives in throughout campus, and create its own ongoing programs.



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year five

year one

year two

year three

year four

year five

The Union is the connection at RMCAD between faculty, students, and departments. Eventually it will become the junction point between RMCAD and the arts community of Lakewood. A campus location will be become appropriated for Union use. This building could include classrooms dedicated to cross-curricular development, workshops, and a lecture hall for sharing ideas.

The hope for the Union is that it will become a continually evolving event. Once it has established a niche in RMCAD it will constantly be expanded, especially in regards to the beginning of the year festival. As the Union embodies more, the end of the year event can become more inclusive, utilizing the visiting artists and designers program, networking with the community, and various projects together.

Once the Union becomes a hub for innovation it will establish the foundation for a grant system using a yearly event. This will become the Union prize. Eventually the Union will become integrated into the school syllabus. Much like Sign + Symbol it will be the focus of a semester long project with the end goal of improving RMCAD.


Once a dialogue has been established the Union will become a freestanding system. It will exist independently from the student government and faculty although its function will integrate both. A key component of the Union will be to establish a core network faculty that coordinates with other departments. These faculty members will be the ones that continue to work with the students in the enhancement and production of their ideation.

Assessing campus, faculty, and student needs: through the use of surveys, the Union will evaluate the needs of RMCAD and create with faculty a system to improve the situations, integrating into existing frameworks. The faculty and the Union will be responsible for working with the school to utilize classes, clubs, etc. Once a prototype system has been established for the first year the Union can analyze what was effective and can be refined.



Union Committee


Best Channel 32


Faculty release

The Union Prize

Day One opening reception

Day Two 9-10am

breakfast 9-10am

break 10-10:15am

break 10-10:15am

exhibition 10:15-12pm

on sustainable design

lunch 12-1pm

taste of innovation lunch



david carson talk


grant winner announced


short film festival



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funding the prize The union will utilize financial and human resources to operate and sustain itself apart from established educational facilities. The Union will utilize a fund-raising strategy to ensure the long term future and potential of the Union. This will include a promotional campaign as well as a grant system of sponsorship. The board of directors will be responsible for the maintenance and growth of the Unions Visual presence and fund raising network.


constructing the prize


{research {the union} process} {implementation} event} prize}


To Fully Implement the Union we decided to focus on our web presence for both the event and IES. We chose to release a series of posters over the months leading up to the event, providing information and encouraging participation. To keep communication open and available, we chose to develop a site that provides documentation of what is going on process wise and provides everyone with essential information. This solution is effective because it can easily be maintained and modified as the event changes each year.


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long-term ideas The Urban Garden Project Part of producing the event and generating participation is laying out a clear example of just what is possible. To provide an example, we are tackling one of the issues we began this project with, urban gardening. To bring together the community on campus and within the local community, we are designing and constructing prototypes for an urban garden on campus that are: sustainable, affordable, self-contained, low maintenance, and innovative.


As one of the main goals for this project is sustainability, so instead of going out and purchasing brand new items I decided to go to parts and surplus store here in Denver. We found a used wagon that would work great to hold the entire garden. The store was loaded with all sorts of items that could be used in the construction of this mobile garden. From water pumps to buckets for the plants to grow in, the store was amazing place. We got the buckets for free from a local restaurant, they are four gallons each and fit perfectly into the wagon. The wagon needs a bit of work but the groundwork for the garden are under way.


thank you for taking the time to look at the union. we look forward to improving RMCAD.



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