Akita JET Newsletter: November 2021

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PA Jody Frye

Saturday, November 20th: We will have a Friendsgiving Potluck! It'll start at 4pm in Kitaakita (specific location details to come), so swing by for good food and good company! Please be sure to fill out this RSVP form! Hope to see you all there! Friday, November 26th: We're going to have our yearly Pub Quiz online for folks! We'll be using the Discord starting at 7pm. Feel free to make and add your teams to the roster HERE. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the kouyou out at Todo-no Taki, Yasu-no-taki, or Kimimachizaka Park!

CAPITAL BLOCK PA Stephanie Daugherty

If you're looking for a chance to get out and enjoy the lovely autumn weather and scenery, consider taking a bike ride! Oga offers e-bike and road bike rentals for hourly and daily rates at very reasonable prices. You can also choose to take a guided tour, or you can pull a Fleetwood Mac and go your own way! Check the tourism website here for more information about pricing. You can also consider having an overnight experience by camping out at the Namahage Auto Camp Site with a cozy bonfire and delicious BBQ. If camping isn't your thing, consider taking a day to explore the beautiful autumn scenery at Dairyuji temple and stop by Hot Spa Oga onsen to relax and enjoy lunch at their restaurant.

YURI BLOCK PA Catherine Johnson If you haven't had the chance to check out the kouyou (fall colors) around Akita yet, Hottai Falls (Chokai), Ishizawa Gorge (Ishizawa), Mt. Yashio, and the Yashio rest Forest (Higashiyuri) are some


great places to visit throughout early November. Just be careful of

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading the

bears!!! As always, stay on the lookout for an event to be

November issue. Autumn is in full-

announced in the Yuri Block LINE chat.

swing and the days are getting shorter


and colder. Be sure to check out the

PA Caitlin Wilcox

before the snow hits!

last bits of the beautiful fall colors

Sunday November 7th: Come join us for a short hike (or rather a slightly inclined walk) at Dakigaeri Gorge (

抱返り渓谷 ) in Semboku

to take in all of the beautiful autumn leaves. We will meet at the

If an event from any block listed by the PAs interests you, don't hesitate to reach out!

information sign next to the carpark at 10:30am. If the weather is bad, we will be in touch via email with an alternate plan. Hope you can make it!

akitajoho@gmail.com @akitajetPRC



JET REMINDERS akitamailinglist@gmail.com Winter is coming!! Be sure to change your tires, refill your kerosene heaters, and get ready for snow. Over the next months, new JETs will be trickling in all across Akita! Be sure to reach out to them!

DISCORD COMMUNITY EVENTS Akita Club Communities For any newcomers who aren't aware, we have an Akita Club Communities Discord! Feel free to join and make yourself at home. If you want to host a Discord event, reach out to your PA to get the word out! You can join the discord by following this LINK

AKITAN Read all previous issues HERE The Akitan is a creative online zine made by and for current and former JETs living in Akita Prefecture. We are always looking for content to share in our seasonal publications, so feel free to send us your photos, writing, art, horoscopes, English boards, movie/book reviews, opinion pieces, and MORE! The deadline for the next edition is December 3rd! Email us at akitajoho@gmail.com akitajoho@gmail.com @akitajetPRC