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Address: Marina 117-119 Phone to call on arrival: +34699957412

Welcome to your apartment in Barcelona, we hope you enjoy your stay! Dear hosts! Thank you for booking my apartment for your stay in Barcelona. We’ll do everything in our hand to make yourselves comfortable at your apartment. Before arriving please read the following document, as it might help you plan your trip and help your check-in process be fast and smooth so you can enjoy as much of Barcelona as you can. Thank you! Akira Taniguchi

Getting to the apartment We can provide private transportation to the apartment. A taxi driver will wait for you at the airport and will take you to the apartment. The prices are: from Barcelona airport: 60€ up to 6. from Girona or Reus: 180€ up to 6. If you wish to use public transportation here are the best options:

Important information: once you arrive in front of the apartment...

Option A:, Aerobus + metro. 6€ per person. 40 min. Get the Aerobus from Barcelona airport. Stop in Plaza España and take the metro. Buy a T-10 card for 1 zone and take line 1 (red) towards Fondo. Stop in Marina, cross Marina bridge and cross the street, easy! Option B: Train. 4€ per person. 25 min, only from Terminal 2. Get the train to Barcelona and stop in Sants. Go upstairs and look for next train lines R1, R3, R4, R7. Check that the train will stop in Arc de Triomf. Stop in Arc de Triomf and walk to the apartment. If you think it is difficult take the metro line 3 (green) towards Trinitat Nova, stop in Espanya and change to line 1 (red) towards Fondo. Stop in Marina and walk to the apartment. Option C: Taxi. 35€ per taxi. 15 min. Get a taxi: 35 € per taxi. Max 4 people per taxi. Tell the taxista to take you to Marina 119 esquina con Ali-bey (Marina 119 corner with Ali-bey street). The taxi will

charge 1€ per luggage + a supplement of 3,10€. The total will be around 35 €. Option D: from Girona (GRO) airport (50 min): get the only bus to Barcelona (there are many, all go to the same place). This bus stops in Estació del Nord bus station. Its just 100 meters from the apartment. Don't take a taxi, can cost more than 100€ and takes approximately the same time! Option E: from Reus (REU) airport (1h 10min): get the only bus to Barcelona (there are many, all go to the same place). This bus stops in Sants train station. Follow steps in Option B. Option F: by car: look for "Ronda Litoral" when approaching Barcelona, take exit 22 (Barceloneta-Hospital del Mar-Vila Olímpica). Marina street is the street between the 2 huge towers (Mapfre and Hotel Arts). Once in Marina street drive in direction to Sagrada Familia. After the bridge turn left a again left and you'll be in Marina 119.

Once you are in front of the apartment call or SMS me (+34699957412). Me or my assistant will come to the street and walk you to the apartment and hand you the keys. There are 2 keys, one for the front door in the street and another to go into the apartment. Don't ring any door or ask neighbours, thank you! The lift is for maximum 4 people, or 2 people with luggage. Even if you are very slim, please respect this. Press 1 in the lift to go to the "Primero" floor, which is actually the third floor (old Barcelona traditions!). Once in the Primero floor the apartment is the door on the left after opening the lift door (number 1).

... call me or my assistant and we’ll meet you in the street.

In the apartment: Some tips about the apartment. 1. Linen, paper, soap. In the apartment you'll find all beds with linen and towels in the rooms and soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms. In the cupboards you'll find extra blankets. 2. Kitchen The kitchen gas a combo fridgefreezer, orange juice maker, toaster, kettle, a gas vitro stove, dishwasher (detergent is under the sink), oven, microwave, silverware, cups, glasses in the crystal cupboard and dishes in the wooden cupboard. Anything you find missing please tell me via e-mail, SMS or phone. 3. Balcony and washing machine You cannot hang anything in the balcony. So this is why there is a drying machine! Also there is the washing machine. 4. Heating and boiler Boiler and heating are combined into a single boiler in the balcony. If hot water doesn’t work please check the boiler is turned on (the big button must be pressed). The heating thermostat is in the living room, next to the door. 5. Master keys Gas master key is in the kitchen, next to the boiler. Water master key is under the sink. You should never touch these keys, just for emergency! Light master switch is next to the front door, in case light goes off just turn the master switch up! 6. TV, DVD and Internet TV works through the satellite system, please check both are on. To watch TV use the satellite remote control, there is plenty of channels. Internet is free, the router is on top of the TV, the Wi-fi signal is called niki and the password is 265001393.

Please check everything is OK before the assistant leaves! This way we can solve any problem to start your stay the best way possible!

Facilities near the apartment Markets & Supermarkets: the closest supermarket is leaving the aparment 100 meters to the left. It is a market, open 9am to 7pm where you can find fresh fish, sea food, meat, vegetables, fruits and great bread. The Mercadona supermarket is under the market, in the lower ground, open from 9am to 9pm. If you find the market closed you need to go to the other side. In front of the tram stop there is a gas station with a 24x7 small supermarket. Also in Marina / Ausias March there is a supermarket open till late and sundays and a bakery. Restaurants: not many restaurants near the apartment, but inside the market there is a fine restaurant for lunch and the kebab in front of the apartment is great for take away. Next to the market there is a fine pizzeria (Cantonata) Rubbish: the containers are to the left, 20 meters. They are gray and hold all sorts of rubbish. If you want to separate rubbish, colour containers are a bi tfurther (paper-blue, glassgreen and plastic-yellow). Please take the rubbish out the day you check out. Thank you!

Transportation to the city center Metro, train: the closest metro station is “Marina”, just leaving the apartment to the right, climbing the stairs to Marina street and crossing the bridge and crossing Marina street. You have another metro stop “Arc De Triomf “next to the Estació del Nord bus station. This Arc de Triomf metro station is also a train station. Links to maps: Metro, Train. Tram: next to the metro station you’ll see the tram stop “Marina”. The tram takes you to Diagonal Mar shopping center and to the close Ciutadella Park. Links to maps: Tram. Bus: also in front of the metro station there is the bus stop for buses #6 and #10. #6 towards Sagrada Familia takes you to Paseo de Gracia / Diagonal and also leaves you near FC Barcelona’s stadium (don’t miss the Gaudi fence!). #10 bus leaves you in the Barceloneta beach or in front of Sagrada Familia. Next to the tram stop there is #40 which takes you to the old port and Maremagnum/Aquarium. Links to maps: bus #6, bus #10 and bus #40. Transportation card: the best option is to buy the T-10 card, which gives you 10 trips for 8€. You can share it so you can buy 2 or 3 cards for your whole stay. Cards are sold only at the tram or metro, but you can also use it for the bus or train (train only if both stops are inside the city). Bus Turístic: there is a hop-on-hop-off sort of bus called Bus Turístic. It costs 22€ 1 day and 29€ 2 days and goes to the major tourist attractions. Check the map and the discounts! Tourist info: there is a tourism information point in the Estació del Nord bus station, where the buses arrive. It is red, and they’ll give you free maps and information.

APARTMENT RULES To assure you a pleasant stay and avoid unpleasant situations 1. Lift - only 4 people Please only 4 people per trip in the lift. Even if you are slim! 2. No noise, specially after 10pm Our neighbours are very nice, but also they want to sleep as you do. So please, absolutely no noise (loud music, loud talking, walking heavyly) after 10pm. Also please kids, don’t jump or play bounce balls!

Shopping Barcelona is recognised as one of the best shopping cities in Europe. These are from our perspective the best shopping points: Shopping centres: there are great shopping centres in Barcelona. The easiest to reach from the apartment, from close to far: Les Glories (metro Glories), Diagonal Mar (tram stop Maresme Forum), Maremagnum (open on sundays & holidays!, metro Drassanes) and la Maquinista (metro Sant Andreu). Outlets: there is a small outlets zone near the apartment, in Girona street between Ausias March and Gran Via. The most liked is Mango outlet. A huge outlet place is 30 minutes from Barcelona, La Roca Village reachable by bus. Plaça Catalunya: in metro Catalunya you can find the best shopping sites. Starting with El Corte Inglés, our national department store. In the same Plaça Catalunya you can find Fnac for books, music and technology, the huge Zara in Gran Via / Paseo de Gracia and in general Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Catalunya streets and surroundings with the most exclusive shops. Born: it is now the most fashionable quarter in Barcelona, you can find lots of small shops were designers sell their own clothes. Weekly markets: our traditional flea market (old & new products) is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday in Les Glories square (metro Glories or walk 10 minutes) called Els Encants.

Cinemas & Music Barcelona cinemas show films always translated into Spanish. However, there are

some cinemas with original soundtrack and subtitles: Yelmo Icaria cinemas, 20 minutes walking from the apartment, Renoir Floridablanca (metro Urgell) or Renoir Les Corts (metro Les Corts, near Camp Nou). Other close-by cinemas in Spanish are in Les Glories (metro Glories), Diagonal Mar (tram stop Maresme Forum), Maremagnum shopping centers. Classical music & opera: Barcelona's opera house is El Liceu in Ramblas (metro Liceu). Classical music auditoriums are Palau de la Música near via Laietana (metro Urquinaona) which is maybe the most beautiful building in Barcelona and just across Marina street walking 100 meters you have the Barcelona Auditorium.

Night life Barcelona is known for its rich night life. These are (just) some recommendations! Razzmatazz: this is the largest club in Barcelona. Often there are live gigs and hold different ambients (Lolita, Loft, Razzclub, Pop Bar, Rex Room) with different sorts of music. Near "the Razz" you can find other clubs and bars such as l'Ovella Negra and Be Good Club.. Plaça Real: next to the lower part of Ramblas, holds number of cool clubs: Sidecar, Jamboree, Tarantos (one of the few quality flamenco shows in Barcelona), Karma, etc. Born - Barceloneta: many the Barceloneta beach restaurants become night bars after midnight. Barcelona’s modern zone right now is Born, with many places in Passeig del Born and finishing in Magic. St. Gervasi: a more chic area, you can arrive there with bus #6. The centre of this zone is Universal disco, and there are plenty of places around.

3. Entering or leaving the apartment Even by just talking, 4 to 6 people can be loud, please don’t talk to someone downstairs from upstairs by shouting, or talk from the lift to someone who is not on the lift. 4. No flying cigarrettes You can smoke in the apartment, if you extinguish your cigarretes in ashtrays. Absolutely no flying cigarretes from windows please! 5. No visits and parties Short time visitors are allowed, but can’t stay after 10pm. And of course, absolutely no parties as you can’t make noise nor have visitors after 10pm. 6. No towels on balconies It is dangerous (and very ugly!) to hang towels (or flags) in balconies. Also, it is forbidden, so dry everything by hanging it inside or in the dryer. 7. No ringing to neighbours Don’t ever ring neighbours for any reason, remember the apartment is 1º 1ª on the intercom and call me if you have any question/emergency. 8. Yes to the rest! Yes you can enjoy TV, surf the internet, enjoy the city, the beach, the night, the day, just please remember these very basic and logic rules to ensure you a nice stay!

Thank you for your cooperation!

useful websites! All public transportation Barcelona City Hall Guide! our website with all our apartments!

Ideas for visits in Barcelona Some ideas for your stay! Montjuich – Port Vell: a fun trip with kids (or not so kids) is to go to Montjuich, where you can visit all the olympic attractions (Palau St. Jordi, Estadi Olímpic, Picornell pools), also the Miró Museum (which has a great restaurant), Mies van der Rohe pabilion for architects. Then you can take the Teleferic (cable car) to the old port, At the Port Vell you can visit Maremagnum, Aquarium or Imax theaters. Tibidabo: Tibidabo is a mountain you can see with a small church, and a small amusement park. You can see all Barcelona from Atalaia or Airplane attractions. To arrive there you can take the metro to Catalunya, from there take the FFCC to Av. Tibidabo (always with the T-10 card) and finally take the old fashioned Tramvia Blau. The views from the Mirablau and Mirabé bars are incredible and in front you can take the funicular to the park. Montjuic Magic fountains: take the metro L1 to Espanya, just outside of the metro you’ll see the Montjuic Palace and the fountains. Just check here the timetables! Park Güell – Sagrada Familia: everybody in Barcelona wants to visit these two incredible places built by Gaudi. Park Güell is near the Vallcarca metro station (L3), so you’ll need to go to Catalunya L1 and change to L3. Sagrada Familia, the never finished temple, is nearer, just walking to Marina street you can see it, its just a 20 minute walk. Don’t miss the wonderful Hospital de Sant Pau near!

Montserrat: the catalan sanctuary is a nice day-trip visit outside Barcelona. To go there you must take the metro L1 to Espanya. From there take the FFCC to Montserrat (you must buy a 4 zone ticket). Here is the map of the FFCC. Maybe if you arrive late enough you can see the Montjuic fountains! Train trips: being near to a train station, you can visit many places without having to change lines a single time. Check the train map, and you’ll find direct trips from Arc de Triomf to North Beaches (best are Arenys, Caldes and St. Pol), our local wine capitals Vilafranca del Penedès and St. Sadurní, or with just one change the nice Sitges town. Pg. Gràcia: also everybody in Barcelona will visit Passeig de Gràcia, with its famous buildings Pedrera, Casa Batlló and the less known Casa de les Punxes. Old Town: you can find full books on the old Town of Barcelona. But my favourite places are: Plaça del Rei, where Columbus met the Queen after discovering America, Santa Maria del Mar, the most beautiful church in Barcelona which appears in Cathedral of the Sea, the Drassanes, where Columbus’ caravels where constructed, the Cathedral with her 13 gooses in the garden, the tiny synagogue, recently discovered. The only place NOT to go is in Ramblas after Panams to the right. Thieves: you must have attention just at the old town, have always your purses across the neck, backpacks in front and wallets in front pockets. Unfortunately there are millions of tourists that don’t follow this rule and some thieves that take advantage.

Camp Nou: our best football team in Barcelona, FC Barcelona, has one of the largest football stadiums in the world, Camp Nou. If you want to see a match, check here if there is one, you can buy online and pick up at any La Caixa branch.

For departure

Before departure we'll come to check nothing is broken and that the apartment is in the same condition. Since we might not come exactly before your departure (specially in early departures), please leave the keys on top of the table and shut the door. If you forgot something call me immediately and I'll try to come as soon as possible. Please don't leave rubbish in the apartment and empty the

Our restaurant selection! 1. La Esquinica If you want to taste the tapas Barcelonians eat, go to Esquinica (Pg. Fabra i Puig 296, metro Virrei Amat). Far from the center but worth it! 2. Set Portes The best paella in town. Ask for Paella Parellada, is the best! Pg. Isabell II 14. 3. Qué pasta! If you like fresh pasta go to Qué Pasta in Canuda 25. Visit the cemetery! Also in Arenas and Diagonal Mar! 4. Rita Blue Also in the center, one of my favourites! Rita Blue at Pça St. Agusti 3 and its cousin Margarita Blue! 5. Cerveseria Catalana - Ciudad Condal Very good tapas at both. Cerveseria Catalana or Ciudad Condal, both at stylish Rambla Catalunya. 6. Merendero de la Mari and tinglados Tinglados are the old medieval warehouses. Now its a restaurant gallery. Merendero de la Mari is one of them, the rest are all good! 7. Menus and paella on thursdays If you don’t want to spend much on restaurants, all Barcelona restaurants make a lunch menu: 2 courses, desert, wine or water, bread and sometimes even coffee, for 7 to 12 €. And also all of them make paella on thusdays! 8. Haute cuisine Best Michelin-stars for us are Abac, Comerç 24, Alkimia and near the apartment: Manairó. Always book!

Going on European hours (lunch 1pm, dinner 8pm) will save you lots of time! fridge. Also don't forget to turn off the heating before leaving the apartment. If you have time, please strip the beds and put linen in front of the washing machine we would be most grateful! We really appreciate you chose our apartments for your stay and we’re trying to make the best out of your visit, by adding more value to your trip. We hope the recommendations we gave you in this small

document will help you during your stay or even come back! Please feel free to send this document to anyone visiting Barcelona, hoping someone else will stay at our apartments! Finally we’d appreciate nice comments on the website where you booked our apartment, this helps us improve and help others decide. Thank you! Gracias! Mercès!

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