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What Are Rainbows? A rainbow is an arc that is very colorful. The rainbow usually contains colors including blue, violet, red, yellow, indigo, green and orange.

How Are Rainbows Created? Rainbows are created with water and sunlight. Rainbows are created when sunlight (white light) goes through droplets of water. Then, it splits into colors that make up the white light (red, violet, blue, etc.) and the rainbow is what you see.

Why Does It Split To The Colors Of The Rainbow? It splits into the colors of the rainbow because the colors of the rainbow make up the white light going through the droplet of water.

What Are Light Waves? Light waves are waves that have different sizes depending on the color. For example, the red light waves are very big, but the violet ones are small.

What Are The Different Effects Of Small waves, And Big Waves? Small light waves (like violet) bend more, but big light waves (like red) bend less. When it bends, it is called REFRACTION.

More Details About Refraction And Different causes Depending On The Light Wave

For example, if waves were going at a pole, when a small wave hits the pole, the whole wave will hit the pole, and all of the wave will bend and bounce off the pole, but if a bigger wave hits a pole, some of the wave will hit the pole, but some or most of the wave will go through the pole.

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How Are Rainbows Created?  

This is my powerpoint about rainbows. How are rainbows created? What is refraction? It will give you all of the information you will need ab...