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akio takemoto

Akio Takemoto was born in Carrara the 24th of June, 1987. He is half italian and half japanese. After attending Classical Studies in High School, in 2009 he completed the BA on Communication Sciences (UniversitĂ di Bologna) and in 2012 he finished the MA on Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production (UniversitĂ  di Bologna). While attending university he started developing passion and skills for filmmaking and photography, journalism and participatory cultures, theatre and art in general.

Akio Takemoto 24/06/87 via Cavour, 3 Carrara (MS), 54033 Italy +39 333 4909990 Italian, Japanese






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2009 - 2012 Master of Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production (University of Bologna). 110/110 cum laude Thesis title: ‘Troma Movies: Sex, Violence and Inchoerent Texts’; research on how non-mainstream cinema can be used as a sociological/historical case study.

2007 - 2009 Bachelor of Communication Sciences [University of Bologna] 105/110 Thesis title: ‘Chaplin and Keaton: the Body and the Comic’; semiotic research on how the gestures and the body create meanings in silent movies.

video and photo.

September 2008 – March 2011

CrossingTv videomaker, journalist, blogger CrossingTv is the first italian web-television of the so called cross generation and it is entirely made by a multi-cultural editorial staff. CrossingTv tells about the variegated and multiple universes of young people, which are scarcely represented by mainstream media. CrossingTv has been awarded several times for its work and it is nationally recognized as a valuable example of citizen/participitory journalism. I contributed to make CrossingTv a solid and successful project, first of all by planning the editorial work and the communication strategy, then by filming, editing the video-reports (sometimes also playing the role of the interviewer).

w w w. c ro s s i ng t v.i t

June 2005 onwards

Semi-Cattivi Theatre Company videomaker and assistant director

w w w. s e m i c a t t i v i .i t

Semi-Cattivi is a theatre company based in Tuscany that produces original plays, written and directed by Franco Rossi. The mode of representation of the shows tends to involve the public in the theatrical action, in order to lead the individual viewer to no longer be just a listener and have a greater awareness of his/her intellectual and emotional perception by soliciting individual critical skills. Semi Cattivi collaborates with several actors, artists and musicians (Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Andrea Chimenti, Paolo Benvegn첫, Massimo Fantoni, Annalisa Maggiani, Massimo Verdastro, Roberto Alinghieri, Riccardo Monopoli, etc.). I have been collaborating with Semi-Cattivi since its beginnig and slowly became active member of the company as a videomaker. My role is to project visual installations that interact with the ambient and the actors or to assist the director to manage lights and sounds.

March – July 2011

Taddei Archive [Cineteca di Bologna]


archiver and videomaker The Taddei Archive is a huge reservoir of information on the history of cinema and entertainment from the 30's until the late 70's. It consists of a register of about 40,000 entries (over 90,000 cards), divided by film, personalities and topics, all made by clippings and images from newspapers and magazines. This project I contributed to consisted in enhancing, promoting and making accessible (online and offline) the Taddei Archive.

t i n y ur l . c o m / c 2 p n w m 2

January - May 2012

Marino Golinelli Foundation [Arte & Scienza in Piazza 2012] videomaker and technical consultancy With the idea that art and science together can offer a better knowledge of the world, the Marino Golinelli Foundation has been combining scientific and artistic exhibitions in Bologna (Palazzo Re Enzo) and Milano (Triennale di Milano) since 2007: the so called Arte & Scienza in Piazza. My work at Arte & Scienza in Piazza 2012 was filming and editing interviews and events for the press office and give technical consultancy (Final Cut) for audiovisual laboratories (mainly for high school classes).

t i n y u rl . c o m /d y t u6 l z

L'Evidente Affare documentary L'Evidente Affare is a collective work produced for a university course. It is a short documentary about the illegal market of bicycles in Bologna and the associations that try to defeat it. L'Evidente Affare is narrated directly by the protagonists of this market: a thief, the owner of a ironmonger's shop, a representant of a grassroot repair shop and a man who steals bikes occasionally. L'Evidente Affare won the Libero Bizzarri Award in 2011.

Strafotografia video-art installation Realized in collaboration with Enrico Turci, Strafotografia is a videoart installation simply composed by an audio interview to a junkie about his childness and a serie of photographies of young people in their usual ambient and behaviour. The target of this work is to create a short circuit amoung images, words and common prejudices. Exhibit at Festival Tusciano Art and Music 2011, Tusciano (SA)

Riflessi photographic exhibition Produced by IAL Emilia Romagna, the exhibition was a work about dreams and projects of a group of young students who abandoned school, which culminated in a serie of pics. The project was planned and realized with Azeb LucĂ Trombetta for the office of IAL Emilia Romagna in Vergato (BO). Riflessi was exhibited at the Municipal Library of Vergato in 2010.

fl i c . k r / s / a H s j z H f k S C

journalism and communication.

2009 – 2012

RosaOnLine [ITCS Rosa Luxemburg] Graphic designer, teacher RosaOnLine is the first italian online magazine produced by a high school, the ITCS Rosa Luxemburg (based in Bologna). The magazine is intended to create a space in/of the school to give voice to students in order to dialogue with school's teachers, other schools and the families. RosaOnLine was born in 2009/2010 as part of a project promoted by the Provincial Council of Bologna called New Technologies Without Barriers Project, in collaboration with: Carisbo Foundation, Minguzzi Institution, Department of Public and Social Communication Sciences University of Bologna. My role here was divided in three phases: A 5-month-long course for some classes of the ITCS Rosa Luxemburg about the citizen journalism, the participatory cultures and the new media. Plan and assemble the graphic design of the magazine with some of the students. Give technical consultancy to the editorial staff of students for each release.

t i ny u r l . c o m /c y t q 4t h

May – July 2009

Agenzia DIRE INTERNSHIP journalist Agenzia DIRE is one of the top four italian news agencies. My tasks at Agenzia DIRE were mainly those of the typical editorial work: following event, conferences, checking the press releases, making interviews, etc., in order to write 7/8 articles per day.

2005 - 2006

L'Opinione delle Libertà journalist L'Opinione della Libertà is an italian newspaper based in Rome. I worked for a local insert (Massa-Carrara) of this newspaper writing mainly about artistic exhibitions, events and general culture.

Lo Svegliarino journalist Lo Svegliarino is a bi-monthly newspaper based in Carrara. I used to write about artistic exhibitions, events and general culture.

January 2011

Nuove Lettere Persiane PUBLICATION author A guy from Hong Kong who studies fine arts in Milan, a young lithuanian cyclist struggling with tuscan humor, a chilean girl landed in Rome in the '80s, a cameroonian man who realized the dream of building a house in his own country. These are some of the stories gathered in this short collection, narrated with various styles and united by the common thread of irony. Fourteen journalists of foreign origin sign this collective tribute to the author of the Persian Letters. Some of them, the younger ones, are born or raised here, others arrived as adults. As Montesquieu, they have imagined some characters, more or less autobiographical, telling their impressions of Italy to friends or relatives. And remind us of the importance of being open to new views of the world in which we live. Authors: Farid Adly, Ejaz Ahmad, Ismail Ali Farah, Lubna Ammoune, Mayela Barragan, Paula Baudet Vivanco, Domenica Canchano, Alen Custovic, Raymon Dassi, Darien Levani, Gabriela Pentelescu, Edita Pucinskaite, Sun Wen-Long, Akio Takemoto Preface: Gad Lerner Illustration: Zerocalcare


During the last years of secondary school and college years I tried to experience the most and, by doing several jobs, to put aside some money to cultivate passion and free time. I was a chauffeur for a marble company, an exterminator and a ratcatcher for camping and villas along the coast; I put up posters and distributed flyers for the Province of Massa-Carrara, co-organized exhibitions on eros art, pop art, etcetera; I participated in the emergence of a company specialized in ethnocommunication by completing a project with UBI Banca (in partnership with Ninja Marketing, Milan); finally, I even worked as a member of the staff in a festival of dance and ballet. These little extra income in those years allowed me to grow enthusiastic passion for music (I was the drummer in a post-rock band), analogue photography and cinema, surf, skate-longboard and especially traveling. From all these experiences (either from the pleasant ones, or from the less interesting), the people met and the places visited for business and for fun, I always learned something. For better or for worse.

photography portfolio.

inland landscapes.

The images are only residues. Unavoidable excesses in this culture of memories without memory, the shots are what remain of the extraction of the incredible from the ordinary, of beauty from the everyday life, of orderliness from the emotions.



Curriculum vitae Akio Takemoto  

Curriculum vitae Akio Takemoto

Curriculum vitae Akio Takemoto  

Curriculum vitae Akio Takemoto