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Surabaya International School is the only truly “international” school in Surabaya. With “international” teachers, an “international” student body, an “international” curriculum and an “international outlook,” SIS is preparing your children for a life in a world that is getting smaller by the day. Surabaya International School fosters a holistic education : Academics – mathematics, science, history and languages are taught in a creative, hands-on-interactive manner; Technology – with a one-to-one laptop initiative in a wireless environment, SIS will go further than any school in Surabaya to bring its students to the forefront of technological advancement; Co-curricular activities – sports, drama, music and leadership activities are considered an important part of a student's education; Introduction to Indonesia – Secondary students have opportunities to travel to many historic and cultural sites in Indonesia; Service – Surabaya International School encourages global responsibility! It has a strong community service component providing students with opportunities to work in orphanages, homes for the elderly and with victims of natural tragedies. Come, take a look ! Join the school that will make a difference in the lives or your children !


Developing children’s talent Education for the whole child has become many parents' top priority in selecting a school for their children. This has also been a concern of Surabaya International School since the school was founded in 1971. The combination of sound and proven principles and methods of education, internationally certified teachers and limitless support from parents contributes to the constant development of responsible, reasoning and contributing graduates prepared to successfully meet any challenge faced in our global community.



HISTORY Surabaya International School first opened its doors under the sponsorship of the American Consulate in 1971. Its goal was to provide students with an opportunity to acquire an internationally–based education. It began its operation with just 24 students. As the school grew, it moved in 1995 to the present campus, a site of 50,000 sq. meters located in Citra Raya, a self-contained city development in West Surabaya. Surabaya International School is the only school in Surabaya certified by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, one of six regional associations that accredit public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. For highly motivated students, SIS offers the competitive Advanced Placement (AP) program. Success in this program could provide students with "advanced standing" at university. Since 2005, the Indonesian government has allowed SIS to accept Indonesian students. Currently, SIS consists of Indonesian and international student populations. With both student body and faculty composed of a variety of cultures from around the globe, SIS seeks to provide an environment which fosters respect for, and appreciation of, different cultures, including that of its host country, Indonesia.

MISSION The Surabaya International School community is committed to developing the social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual abilities necessary for its students to become reasoning, responsible, contributing, successful members of our global society.



Surabaya International School Graduates will be:


The Goals for our students! Surabaya International School strives to help our students realize our mission statement. The Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are the reason why many parents enroll their children at SIS : because they represent our commitment to our students’ future.


1. Inquisitive and successful learners who strive for excellence. Students will: be aware of and able to use a variety of learning skills. utilize appropriate technology. develop a broad foundation of knowledge. 2. Effective and creative communicators. Students will: clearly express and present ideas using a variety of skills, technology, and media. listen actively and respectfully. read critically. write skillfully. speak clearly. 3. Critical thinkers who solve problems effectively. Students will: collect, organize, analyze, evaluate and integrate information. apply knowledge and skills to new situations. inquire about and consider alternative possibilities. show informed intellectual flexibility. 4. Contributing and collaborative citizens of the global community. Students will: exchange ideas with others. show empathy. encourage inclusion of thoughts, people and cultures. engage constructively in community and environmental issues. 5. Responsible and healthy individuals. Students will: set goals and work towards achieving them. persevere in the face of obstacles. make ethical choices based upon evidence. manage personal resources and commitments effectively.


LEARNING FACILITIES library technology swimming pool gymnasium playground other facilities A key aspect to creating an effective international school is the development of proper facilities that support students’ learning. We provide such facilities to stimulate students to become active and creative individuals.



library The mission of the Surabaya International School Library is to support the school curriculum, promote the appreciation of literature, and teach information skills. The library serves SIS students, parents, and the faculty and staff with its collection of over 26,000 print and non-print materials using Follett's web-based DESTINY circulation and catalog programs. The library facility is a wireless hub for the school and is a printing center for the Secondary students. Subscriptions to six online databanks are maintained by the Library and the IT Department and are accessed by students and teachers using the SIS Academic Portal The SIS Library is a flexible facility and can be used by multiple groups simultaneously. Displays, class performances, visiting authors, research projects, community events, faculty meetings, student testing, afterschool homework and study halls, audio-visual viewing, Open House and holiday celebrations are all activities that find a home in this spacious setting.

technology Surabaya International School's technology mission is to interface technology with the educational process by providing the tools and environment that allow all members of the school community an appropriate technology-based facility for daily school learning. Web-based research is the norm at SIS. Students engage in interactive, internet-based activities and utilize software to evaluate acceptable use of online sources. Surabaya International School is one of Indonesia's first wireless, laptop schools. Each enrollee in grades 6-12 is issued a school-owned laptop computer to assist in all aspects of learning. SIS's comprehensive Computer Science program offers technology-centered electives. Every student begins with a basic software applications course before choosing to further their studies in one or all of the following areas: computer architecture, multimedia, robotics, web design, Advanced Placement Computer Science.



SIS has a full sized 10-lane Olympic 50 meter pool, along with locker/changing and shower facilities, to support its aquatic instruction program. This pool is home base for the Sea Cobra Swimming Team.

swimming pool

gymnasium To support the high value students place on physical activity, SIS provides its students with a gymnasium that includes two all-purpose air-conditioned courts, a climbing wall, an aerobics room and a weight room. Activities housed in this facility include badminton, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and fitness programs.



playground The playgrounds are our main outdoor areas for Elementary students. They provide a variety of developmentally appropriate opportunities to stimulate physical activity and coordination in children from Prep-1 to Grade five. There are two playground areas at SIS : the Early Childhood Playground and Upper Elementary Playground, each with developmentally appropriate facilities.

other facilities

SIS' Canteen is a spacious and comfortable area used for dining, group meetings and performances. The food served is made from fresh ingredients and no additives (MSG) are used. To promote healthy eating habits, unhealthy snacks, soft drinks and candies are not sold at the canteen. Canteen personnel are experienced professionals dedicated to placing delicious, healthy food in front of the students, parents and teachers who visit the canteen. Other impressive facilities that support student growth and learning include a full-sized soccer field that can also be used for other outdoor sports activities, three science labs, three technology labs, multiple music and art rooms to accommodate both classes and after-school endeavors, a “black box� Little Theater and a school clinic that houses a nurse on duty during school hours as well as a regularly-scheduled physician who attend to all SIS community members who need advice or help.




elementary school Academic excellence and preparation for the future are the principal goals of the SIS curriculum. The school promotes the development of academic skills and the potential of students to the highest level possible. Within the curriculum, teachers recognize that they must prepare students for life in a changing world. Key components of this are emphases on literacy and numeracy throughout the curriculum, as well as technological competence. We motivate our students by fostering respect for cultural differences, which in turn supports global knowledge and international awareness. It is our goal that our students will better understand the world in all its dimensions and become successful, contributing citizens.


As a “candidate school�, the Elementary team is developing and implementing a curriculum that is based on the guidelines set forth by the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Program. The program focuses on the total growth of the developing child, affecting hearts as well as minds and addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare. The design of the curriculum is guided by six transdisciplinary themes: Who we are ; Where we are in place and time ; How we express ourselves ; How the world works ; How we organize ourselves and Sharing the planet.


middle school Middle school students are in the midst of a unique period in their lives – the transition from childhood to adolescence. Recognizing this, the SIS Middle School staff provides a healthy, nurturing atmosphere, delivering a program which seeks to develop self-esteem in students as well as helping them to develop academically, emotionally, socially, and physically into healthy, young adults. Our Middle School is comprised of three grade levels: grades 6, 7 and 8. Courses taught in Middle School consist of Core and Specialist courses. The Core courses are: Humanities, Math, and Science. Specialist courses include: Physical Education, Computer, Foreign Language, Art, Music, and Drama.

middle school high school The SIS High School program is designed to prepare students for a successful college experience through its challenging and engaging courses. For highly motivated students, SIS offers Advanced Placement (AP) programs through which students can pursue college-level courses that are generally eligible for college credit or standing. To graduate, students are required to complete 24 course credits during these four years. The courses include: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Health, World Language, Computer, Fine Arts, and other elective courses, and a student is expected to take six courses each year of the four. As students move toward graduation, the SIS High School staff recognizes that they need academic discipline and strong study habits, as well as healthy self-esteem. The school works with both the students and their parents so that every student is afforded the opportunity to succeed.


high school 18


In accordance to its goal of providing students with a holistic education, SIS offers a variety of After School Ac tivities (ASAs). Through these activities, students can get exercise and learn life-long habits of keeping mentally and physically fit,. The activities promote healthy methods for dealing with stress, provide an opportunity for creativity and problemsolving, and increase students selfconfidence. Through them students learn the importance of priorities and planning, and they sharpen students' social skills such as cooperation, negotiation and conflict resolution. Finally, they can also boost team spirit and camaraderie among students. Activities offered differ from quarter to quarter, allowing students to explore different interests throughout the year.



Active ASAs involving physical activities include karate, yoga, ballet, badminton, volleyball, basketball and swimming. Students can also join the varsity athletic programs and participate in interscholastic sport tournaments through our membership in several regional leagues.


Creative ASAs that foster creativity include: arts and crafts, bead and jewelry making, photography, cooking and music. Students can also join interscholastic art workshops at the SEASAC Arts.

Creative 21


School & Community service ASAs that provide opportunities for students to contribute to the community include: Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, teaching English to students at local schools, organizing fund raisers, the Athletic Council, Homework Help, and working in orphanages or homes for the elderly.

School & Community service

Leadership ASAs that provide opportunities in Leadership activities include: High School and Middle School Student Councils, Model United Nations simulations, Global Issues Network conferences, National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. Through these activities students can learn about leadership and organization.

Leadership 23



English as a second language The language of instruction in all classes at SIS is English! However, we accept students at different points on the English-learning continuum and, therefore, must provide support for those whose English language ability is less developed. We provide an ESL (English as a Second Language) support program for students whose native or primary language is one other than English. The goal of the ESL Program at SIS is to help students acquire the language skills necessary to communicate effectively and to succeed in regular classes. Students

develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, as well as basic vocabulary and grammar. Students learn language through an integrated approach to language acquisition; experiential and co-operative learning strategies are the cornerstone of the SIS model for instruction . We encourage "co-teaching" partnerships between mainstream classroom teachers and ESL teachers. As many of our students are from second language backgrounds, all teachers, the majority of whom are native English speakers, are required to be "ESL friendly."




Guidance Counselor

Understanding that students can enhance their learning and academic achievement when they are given both the support and skills to overcome

challenges they face during childhood and adolescence, SIS has a Guidance Counselor on


staff. The counselor provides a planned program that is

responsive to the academic, social, personal and developmental needs of students and the school community. In the Elementary School, guidance activities are presented in classrooms by the counselor. They focus on the development of social skills, good character traits, and effective study habits. You, as the parents, know your child better than anyone else. Therefore, the guidance counselor and teachers will collaborate with you to identify your child's strengths, weaknesses, and special talents or interests. Middle School is a good time to encourage exploration of the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The guidance counselor will talk about the skills and responsibilities involved in various occupations which will help your youngster understand that there is a connection between the "real" world and what they are learning in school. When students enter

High School (Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12), the College

Countdown begins in earnest! College Admissions is a process that should begin long before a student enters Grade 12. The guidance counselor will work with each student to plan a course of study that will meet the requirements for graduation and college. The guidance office has college information from around the world, and will assist the student in finding a college that is right for him/her. The guidance counselor will also work to familiarize parents with the process of applying to university. SIS is an official test center for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL iBT. The counselor will assist students as they prepare to take these important tests, and give advice on the


timing and type of test each student should take.



“The WASC Visiting Committee has found that your school is a wonderful place for students to learn. The environment is positive, supportive and family-like. This feeling is created by your caring and passionate administrators, teachers and staff.� A comment from the last WASC accreditation team

# Teachers by Degree MA/MS/MED BA/BS/BED AA/AS


61% 35% 4%

# Teachers by Nationality USA 63% Canada 11% Indonesia 11% Australia 4% Belgium 4% India 4% Taiwan 2%

In any school, the most important factor is the relationship between teachers and students. A small school of 330 students, SIS is characterized by dedicated, hardworking, and motivated professionals that challenge their students to do their best. All teachers at SIS are trained teachers and certified in their field of instruction, the majority holding advanced degrees in their field. Teachers sponsor extra-curricular activities, provide after-school student support and chaperone social events. SIS teachers, through their teaching and caring interactions with students on all levels, strive to make a difference in the lives of children !



Prospective students and their parents are encouraged to visit our beautiful facilities and talk with our Professional teaching staff, before making their final decision. To all Prospective Parents and Students, Thank you for considering the educational experiences available at Surabaya International School (SIS). SIS is an educational institution designed to serve the needs of children, regardless of nationality, who are residents of Indonesia and who will be seeking to enter tertiary institutions both inside and outside of Indonesia.

requirements and Tuition and Fee structure please contact the school office via telephone at (031) 7414300 or email us at : Please Note : Surabaya International School does NOT follow the Indonesian schools' curriculum and does NOT prepare students specifically for the Indonesian National Examinations, UNAS. Students who graduate from SIS may, however, apply and be accepted to study at Indonesian universities. SIS makes every effort to support these applications.

For further information about our admission procedure, application Warm regards, The SIS Admission Committee




“My old school teaches me to remember, SIS teaches me to learn.”




We see ourselves as “a salad bowl,” with students retaining their own individual characteristics while at the same time adding to the common “taste of the school.”



Universities that our graduates go to…

CANADA: ·University of British Columbia ·Queen's University

China: ·National Taiwan University

Singapore: ·National University of Singapore ·Singapore Management University

USA: ·Babson College ·Carnegie Mellon ·Cornell University ·Lehigh University ·Marquette University ·Michigan State University

·Ohio State University ·University of Michigan ·Penn State University ·University of Virginia ·Pepperdine ·Purdue University ·University of California, Berkeley ·University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Philippines: ·Ateneo de Manila University

Australia: ·Monash University ·University of Melbourne ·RMIT

… and many more universities around the world



SIS Information Booklet  
SIS Information Booklet  

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