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British Music Experience Online Campaign

Akin Egbewole

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The Brief The creative challenge The challenge here is to develop ideas and concepts that communicate the essence – and the richness - of the British Music Experience - and to communicate them in a way that comes to life online. Media Whilst you are welcome to demonstrate how your idea would scale to other media, it must start and live online. What is the British Music Experience? The British Music Experience is Britain’s interactive museum of popular music, combining cutting edge audio-visual technology with some of the most coveted music memorabilia of all time. Since opening in March 2009, the museum is relatively new to the tourist scene, therefore its main objective is to drive visitor footfall. Based at The O2 in Greenwich, the museum faces a geographical challenge from being set away from the centre of the tourism hub. You can trace historic, era defining moments and trends through 60 years of music history, learn about British music’s influence on art, fashion and politics, feel the thrill of being in the crowd at a legendary gig, flick through virtual record collections, eavesdrop on fantasy dinner parties and search across a giant interactive music locations map of Great Britain. Not only that, in the Gibson Interactive Studio you can develop your skills on guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. In the Sennheiser vocal booth you can record your own track and you can record your dance video in Dance the Decades.

Hundreds of pieces of British music memorabilia are featured, including David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes clown suit and Ziggy Stardust costumes, Noel Gallagher’s Union Jack guitar and dresses from Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis. There is also a full educational programme with workshops, lectures, masterclasses and concerts. The British Music Experience is a registered charity with the purpose to advance the education and appreciation of the art, history and science of music in Britain. And finally, when you return home you can log into your ‘MyBME’ library and access all of your performances and favourite parts of the museum and continue your trip through music history.

“communicate the essence – and the


“it must start and live online”

Target Audience Your campaign should appeal to anyone and everyone with an interest in music and Britain’s cultural influence – from children of a primary school age to senior citizens; from Spice Girl wannabes to those who saw Beatlemania first time round! Think about tourists from around the UK and abroad who are visiting London’s landmarks. This target audience reaches across a large expanse of the population and even includes foreign and local visitors. This means campaign messages should be based on themes and sentiments that the young and old, tourists,and music lovers alike are able to identitify with.

“primary school age to senior citizens;” “tourists from around the UK and abroad who are visiting London’s landmarks” “anyone and everyone with an interest in music and Britain’s cultural influence”

Initial Analysis The British Music Experience is fundamentally a Music exhibition and commemorates the way music lovers of all walks of life have enjoyed, celebrated, and experienced music. On my first visit to this musuem/experience, my initial impression was that the BME was very cutting edge and was quite taken back by the how touch-oriented the ehibition was. From browsing through the memorabilia to watching video clips and accessing historical facts and info, everything required some level and physical interaction. It was a far cry from the traditional musuem ethos of simply giving visitors the ability to observe items through a glass display. Because of this the exhibition feels in many ways like a mixture of both a museum and an “experience”. Viewing the BME in this way allowed my to recognise that they were not only competing with other museums, such as for example the V&A, but also other “experiences” such as the London Dungeon, Legoland, and the Madame Tussuads to name a few. The current slogan which reads “Take a trip through music history” is a description of what to expect when you arrive at the exhibition, but sdoes somewhat lack the ability to be emotionally engaging. This lack of emotion within the copy creates a fundamental disconnect between the exhibition, and potential visitors as our music prefences and experiences are heavily emotionally weighted.

I feel the logo also further indicates the British Music Experience’s intention to be percieved as more than just a museum. The ultra glossy finish in addition to the red button-like circle in the middle of the “b” symbol imediately alludes to it’s relationship with technology and interactivity. The choice of colours are also very effective in estabilishing a britsh untertone, although the exhibitions lack of consistency in the application of the blue and red posses a risk to diluting the brand’s viability. Past marketing campaigns haved included an escalator campaign, posters and magazine spreads, as well as national press and online activity.

“lack of consistency in the application of the blue and red posses a risk to diluting the brand’s


Online Presence The British Music Experience utilises many online channels. These include facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Youtube and the website. The main thing I feel the British Music Experience is lacking is a online environment where visitors are entertained. Rather than simply relying on the website to imform and update, it needs to provide the visitor with an online experience that more closely reflects the interactivity and tone of voice of the BME. This online environment should serve as a precursor, to the BME and provide future visitors with a real insights into what the BME is all abit.

“it needs to provide the visitor with an online experience that more closely reflects the interactivity and tone of voice of the BME�

Flow of Consumer Engagement The British Music Experience offers a way of continuing your interactive experience of the exhibition via a Smart-ticket which you are issued on arrival. It allows vistors to store information on a ticket that can be later accessed online. This area of the website is very interactive an engaging and offers visitors a figuartive continuation of their visit to the exhibition. But what if someone visits the site before attending the exhibition? Although the website has some amazing intractive features that allow site visitors to interactively engage with the BME, they are only available to those who have already visited the exhibition, which seems like a opportunity to create an experience for future visitors to the BME.

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Competitor Brands As the British Music Experience can by classied as both a museum, and an experience, it is in competition with a variaty of exhibitions in and around LONDON. Here are a few of them.

Tone of Voice

Social Media Engagement

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Moodboard: Backstage

Campaign and Slogan

The gobackstage Microsite This is the home page to the microsite and provides a means for people who may be curious about the british music experience to sign up to the site.

Sign up The site visitor enters their details and submits the form to enable access to the backstage area.

Enter the Experience Once the vistor is signed up, they are taken into a virtual “backstage area” where they are able to learn about particular artist, play musical games within the rehersal section, or create customised photos in the “lounge”.

Artist Search

Email recommendation field

Link to buy tickets for the Museum

Artist Info The artist info box allows users to view background information on various artists from different eras. Differemt Artists can be browsed by changing the values of the Decade and Artist down-drop box critera.

Artist info box Search Criteria

Rehearsal: Online Game Rehearsal is a music performance game that is played using your computers keyboard to perform pieces of music. It allows users to figuratively rehearse for their visit to the British Music Experience.

Lounge and Photobooth Using your computers webcam, the lounge area will create the experience of having your picture taken with a britsh msuic artist of your desire. The camera, once activated, will scan the image recieved from your webcam and scan the contrast, looking for flat colour areas of the image. It will then attemp to remove the background and place you next the the artist you have selected in the search criteria.

Search Criteria

Caurosel Banner On Website Access to the gobackstage microsite can be gained through the British Music Experience homepage carousel banner, and also through a website widget, also located on the homepage of the main site.

British Music Experience Pitch  

This was a pitch I wrote and researched for the British Music Experience, for a microsite for potential exhibition visitors to enjoy as a pr...