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The connections and disconnection between spaces and places, or the in-between spaces, is an issue or a discourse that I often find myself returning to when designing in the field of architecture. These spaces, boarders, movements, links and clashes, often create in some way the spatial surrounding, sometimes without design intention and sometimes heavily controlled. In a way, I am always, ponding on how connections are made; connection between the building and site, the connections between different spaces, the transition through spaces and movement and the detail connections within a building. I find analysing the connections or disconnect of spaces, especially in architectural and urban design, a loaded discourse." My design done in architecture design studio earth is a intial rendered model to show my design intent of connecting spaces into one complete design, giving the overall design a continuous circulation and connection through different spaces."


The 220,000 square meter pedestrian-oriented Linked Hybrid complex is a multi-spatial layered building. The ground layer offers a number of open passages for all people to walk through. The second layer is an open garden a small mirco-urbanism. The third layer is a sky link ring which links all apartments together in one continuous bridge. My design is similar to this design, in the notion of the connecting space. I was heavily influenced in the sense of openness of the whole project and its ability to link and connect different spaces and layers in on complex and simple design.

CCTV BUILDING ARCHITECT: REM KOOLHASS This building combines admistration and offices, similar to my design in a single loop of interconnected activities. The design intent of combining the different spaces, in one continual loop structure makes the building ideal for different divisions to work under a single building.

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