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IT & Business Trends in the Automotive Industry Aspects for IT as Revenue Generator • It almost tends to be mainstream thought that IT need be business’s growth engine and revenue generator, but how? What strategies are CIO’s using to posture IT as a revenue generating organization in organizations whose primary focus is not IT? Read more • On a regular basis GARTNER analyses key market trends and publishes the results in the so-called GARTNER hype cycles. In 2012, Gartner published 3 automotive industry specific hype-cycles which are worth reading. Please be aware, that we only can recommend these documents as they are intellectual property of Gartner. Please use your Gartner contract to access the documents:

Gartner Industry - and Technology Hypecycles • GARTNER*) Hype Cycle for Automotive Electronics 2012 Published: 4 October 2012 ID:G00234676 Analyst(s): James F. Hines VIEW SUMMARY Most innovation in the design of motor vehicles stems from developments in electronics. This Hype Cycle analyzes the adoption of key technologies that will enable future automotive electronics applications. • GARTNER *) Hype Cycle for Automotive Demand Chain and Supply Chain Technologies 2012 Published: 30 July 2012 ID:G00233506 Analyst(s): Thilo Koslowski VIEW SUMMARY Economic uncertainty highlights the need for organizational agility in the automotive industry. Success will be based on companies’ ability to understand, prioritize and invest in the right technologies and processes to achieve the highest levels of demand and supply chain optimization. • GARTNER *) Hype Cycle for Vehicle-Centric Information and Communication Technology (Vehicle ICT) 2012 Published: 30 July 2012 Analyst(s): Thilo Koslowski VIEW SUMMARY The connected vehicle has arrived. Automotive companies, traditional and emerging technology providers, wireless carriers, and content providers will succeed only if they understand the true value and business potential of technologies in realizing the new era of the ultimate mobile device. (*)We only can provide the link to these sources; please use your own Gartner contract to review the document)

2. HP Software - IT & Automotive Trends

Innovation Themes

turers can realize by building mobility into their products and their organizations.

Innovation & HP

This paper then explores what automotive organizations must do to fully exploit mobility, and briefly describes HP mobility solutions.

At HP, it’s not about our innovations. It’s about what our innovations can do for you. We understand that innovation is more than just a bright idea; it’s an applied idea. And that transformation through innovation is no longer a discussion for your enterprise; it’s a priority. Innovation closes the gap between what is possible today and what your customer will expect tomorrow. It unlocks opportunity. Innovation matters to us because it matters to you. Read more

“Mobility Changes the Road Ahead” The automotive sector embraces mobile technology to drive improved business performance.Organizations at every point on the automotive value chain are now embracing and leveraging mobile technologies. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, and others are using mobile systems to: • Transform the ways in which they interact with their customers, enrich the customer experience, and forge closer and more personalized relationships with consumers

Application Lifecycle Trends & Use cases Three approaches for mobile testing

• Create new revenue streams and revenue-sharing opportunities based on the demand profile of customers and their shift toward the increasingly ubiquitous digital, mobile lifestyle • Enhance business performance by expanding their downstream value chain, and by evolving from an organization that is purely an auto manufacturer to one that delivers innovation, connectivity, and satisfaction In today’s world, mobility is the key to delivering those qualities. Automakers and their ecosystem partners must transform how they develop and manage their product and technology portfolios. To fully leverage mobility, automakers need a comprehensive mobility framework that spans platforms, devices, and new media. They must embrace the implications of embedded systems and e-vehicles, and take a fresh look at how they manage integration, the product lifecycle, and their global value chain partnerships. In this viewpoint paper, HP examines the mobility trends that will reshape the automotive sector today and into the future, and looks at the tangible benefits manufac-

This is the fourth video in the “Tip of the Week” program of best practices and tips for Automated Quality Validation teams, featuring HP’s engineers and product experts. In this video, Gal Tunik, Senior Product Manager at HP Software, discusses three approaches for mobile testing for the IT organization.

Security Trends and Challenges • Criminal Education: Lessons from the criminals and their methods. Presenter: Art Gilliand, Senior Vice President HP Software Enterprise Security Products Delivered: Thursday, February 28, 2013 3:05pm Pacific time at the RSA conference Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA • Art’s Take Aways from the Security Conference RSA HP Software - IT & Automotive Trends


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