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Go for GeoVision DVR Capture Cards for the Best Home Security You can convert your computer into a digital monitoring recording device with the help of Digital Video Recorder or DVR cards. Various surveillance systems make use of GeoVision DVR capture cards to perform the processing of data obtained from several video cameras and transmit it to storage equipment. Such a GeoVision capture card is perfect for improving the surveillance systems of government offices, financial organizations, casinos, and corporate houses. There is also Network Video Recorder (NVR) which is a software program resembling a DVR to a great extent. However, both have several clear-cut dissimilarities. The input of a NVR is received from a network and not by means of a direct connection to a video capture card or tuner. GeoVision NVR is the major component of IP surveillance systems, while the digital video recorder is the mainstay of CCTV-based systems.

Digital video cards manufactured by this company are acknowledged for their supreme performance and offer superb picture quality. You can use these DVR cards to experience cutting-edge functionalities such as extremely fast processing, sound recording, and MPEG4 hardware compressing. These are also equipped with advanced software applications. The principal role of this software is to show and make a record of data from several cameras simultaneously. The software for managing videos of these multi-channel security cards is normally very easy to use. Setting up such a DVR GeoVision capture card is as straightforward as inserting it into the PCI-based slot of your motherboard. Once the card is plugged in together with the connection of cameras to it, you are all set to record signals digitally, in addition to watching them.

GeoVision DVR cards offer various rates of recording frames, such as 80, 100, 120, 240, 480 fps, etc. The greater the frames per second, the more excellent the quality of picture is. Choose a capture card that features the utmost number of inputs to connect lots of cameras for the safest monitoring mechanism. There is also the facility to install multiple cards to accommodate extra cameras. Coming to the GeoVision NVR software, it makes a record of audio and video data over transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) networks. With a maximum of 32 channels of high-quality IP surveillance, it is equipped with those functions that GV-Series Surveillance System boasts. From close observation functions to video analysis capabilities in addition to incorporation with License Plate Recognition (LPR), POS/ATM monitoring and Access Control systems, GV-NVR is considered one of the most complete Internet Protocol surveillance software programs in the security industry. In conjunction with GeoVision IP cameras, the NVR capitalises on a superior picture quality because of the advance scanning technology and provides innovative video functions like Picture-in-Picture and Picture-and-Picture. It is also compatible with a host of third-party IP cameras, thereby making the GeoVision NVR the definitive solution for comprehensive IP surveillance settings.

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