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~~Pulse~~ IMT-N’S HEARTHROB Relive.Experience.IMT Issue 1, August‘10

And we are Back! Hey fellas!

Inside this issue: And we are back


Dr. Anwar Ali Inauguration

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Maiden Week


Pulse Monitors:  Aman Mishra  Animesh Srivastav  Anupriya Pandit

Welcome to another new academic year of IMT Nagpur. Boy! Isn’t it good to be back home? After scurrying around in the hot sun during our SIP , coming back to IMT N is a pleasant sight for sore eyes. As mentioned in the goodbye edition , there was a lot of apprehension and trepidation among student managers regarding the prospect of their SIPs. Those student managers who never worked in a company before were all the more eager or anxious to know what’s in store for them . No matter what happened in those two months, it was a heartening sight to see your old cronies in your gurukool.

 Ashish Pariath  Gowri Kishore

As everyone settled in to the pace and rhythm of the second year, team Pulse decided to check out on the SIP experiences of a few student managers. ‘The experience was exhilarating. It felt nice to enter a corporate office since I left RIL’ ,says Parth Agnihotri who did his SIP(Transaction Procedures and Ratio analysis) with

Reunion !!! Cadilla Healthcare. Apart from Parth, there were others who did their SIPs in Asian Paints, Leo Burnett, Union Bank of India and other prestigious companies.

‘I had a good time doing my SIP in Operations First of all the project assigned to me went well (at least according to me J) and secondly, Ahmedabad was a new place to me. So it was a little tough initially to adjust but all’s well that ends well.’, reckons Lokesh Marwaha who did his SIP in Ferromatic Milacron. Some people found their SIP experience so good that they decided to dedicate a poem to it. For more details see the last page.

Most of the student managers had an enthralling experience in their SIPs. To cap it all, everyone was excited on hearing the news that IMT N had catapulted to 34th place in Businessworld’s list of top B school’s. It also ranked 9th in terms of infrastructure and 18th in terms of intellectual capital .

 Neha Jha  Oormila Ram  Satyam Joshi  V Prashanth

Chairperson: Pradeep Mazumdar


Rest In Peace Dr. Anwar Ali A wave of gloom and grief gripped the campus as it had to stomach the fact that Dr.Anwar Ali, the former director of this institute is no more. He expired on 25th June 2010 owing to prolonged illness.

The news of his demise came as a shock to all of us. Most of the students had fruitful and enlightening interactions with Dr.Ali. His memory will be etched forever in the hearts of IMTians. The onus is on the IMT N brethren to keep up the good work and build on the efforts of such

exalted individuals to take it to dizzy heights as envisioned by all of us.

Inaugural Ceremony for Batch 2010-12 The sixth batch of the post graduate program of IMT Nagpur was welcomed to an inauguration ceremony for batch 2010-12 on 28th June,2010. The ceremony started with Saraswati Vandanam by the senior students.The PGDM program chairperson, Dr. S. Maheswaran introduced himself along with key faculty members. Right from day 1 , emphasis on academics and living up to the standards of IMT N was paramount. Dr. Maheswaran gave a speech welcoming the new class of 200 students and also spoke about how IMT Nagpur has

IMT N welcomes back its students who had gone to France and People’s Republic of Korea as part of the student exchange program. Good Luck for the second year!

managed to create a brand name for itself in a short span with its state of the art infrastructure & dedicated faculty. The chief guest of the occasion was Mr.TM Pai of Bell Ceramics Bangalore. Mr. Pai talked about how he crossed all the hurdles in his career path to reach the top. Mr Pai also added how dedication and hard work go hand in hand to become successful in life. He encouraged all the students to use all the available opportunities around them and align their objectives with the growth of the economy. His words remain

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by the senior batch. All in all, another glorious batch was added to the history of IMT N.

Student Affairs Council Under the aegis of Dr. Salman Ahmad, Chairperson, Student Affairs, a new committee named as Student Affairs Council (SAC) has been formed in order to co-ordinate all activities in the campus without one encroaching on another. Moreover, the SAC aims to enhance the quality of life

at IMT N campus. The council consists of core members along with representatives of every committee and forum of IMT Nagpurwho are also known as Special Points of Contact (SPOC). A lot of initiatives are being taken by the SAC. Arranging for the morning news-

papers is one of the earliest initiative taken by them. Moreover , mails asking for suggestions from student managers also aim to incorporate their ideas and implement some of them to make life at IMT N all the more comfortable. We wish them all the very best for their endeavors!

The Maiden week of an IMT N 1st year Dear Ma, You would be glad to know that your child has settled down in the digs of his newly found home in the Orange City. It is good to know that the senior batch has chose the more civilized and professional way of interacting with us. This makes me feel more comfortable over here,


Coming back to academics, I would like you to know that the introductory sessions for the subjects to be taught in the academic year have commenced. Interacting with the faculty members and co-students is really productive. Do you know Ma that I just climbed down the wall of a building . This and many

other stunts were part of Chrysalis-an outbound program of IMT N in its lush green campus. Apart from these events , I would like you to know that your starry eyed child has just taken a step into the future of leadership Yours Truly, Inquisitive IMTian

Our Headquarters

IMT Nagpur, 35 km Milestone, Katol Road, Nagpur



An SIP experience A bottle of water that never gets over time has stopped, or its even slower an army of ants all dressed and decked I'll become one if I have that luck It seems like a mountain i cannot conquer a list of chores, my mind cannot wander i feel so lost in this field of numbers of walking n stalking and speakin’ in slumber My head is so heavy i feel i shud sleep but from his cabin, my manager'll peep right now i feel drained of energy Can't even say "what an idea Sirji" !! — Ramees Mohammed

Our New Pulse Monitors Ladies and Gentlemen! Team Pulse welcomes on board its new members. We are also enthralled to have Prof. Mazumdar as our new chairperson. The new pulse monitors  Aditi Chawla  Amrita Pandey  Kaavish Kidwai  Prateek Ahuja  Prateek Jain  Chandrashekhar KK  Sumita Das  Sayantan Banerjee  Raghu Varma  Rohan Mehra


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