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Meet my audience! My characters name is Hamed Majeed , he is a 17 years old male British Bengali who lives in Eastham. My character shops at mostly , blue Inc. , JD sports , and base fashion. He prefers the urban look. Hamed mostly likes to listen to grime as well as r n b music. His favourites shows are citizen khan , east enders and waterloo road. He also likes a lot of sports , preferring football and boxing the most. He supports Chelsea , and follows Amir khan’s career the most out of a professional boxer. They like films such as “east is east” , “ four lions “ , adulthood , kidult hood. Mostly the British films , however he also does like the gang films in the Hollywood industry including “ get rich n die tryin”. Also he likes motivational films where the character normally is triumphant. On some occasions he will go to the cinemas during orange Wednesdays to watch the latest movie , however a high grossing film he would go on a weekend with a lot of his friends rather than a few. However the most common way he would watch a film would be streaming it on the internet or downloading and then watching it. Since he is young , he does not look towards politics that much , however is not very fond of the current prime minister due to the difficulties the PM is bringing into Hamed’s education and way of life. Hamed is currently enrolling at barking college undergoing an accounting apprenticeship. Hamed was also born into a Muslim family , therefore fulfils the need of his religion of praying, This also gives him a few restrictions on the way he wants to live his life. He does tune into a lot of sky sports news , also he reads the “sun” tabloid just to be amused or find out what's going on the world of sport and violence. He normally socializes with his friends at a shisha bar , or he goes out with his friends and they will hire a car on a special event and just roam till they are bored of it. He communicates with his friends a lot by using BBM as well as texting a lot.


target group for my british social realism film

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