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Locations Recci’s.

Connaught Lane , Ilford , England This is the boxing club I will be using , also I would use it because Yusuf our character will be running into the destination were my character would be training . As you can see this is quite constricted and not much space therefore defines the poverty theme routed in British social realism. It is open to me and my partner Gurtej , as one of us is a member of the boxing gym. Also I is very local.

Chadwell Heath , Akif’s house This is also another location I will be using for my film. It if relevant due to the fact British houses do portray this look a lot. This is because it is our characters house , Yusuf’s house , and we will need to visualise his background. It is very easy to access due to the fact that this is a house which we own already.

Ilford , Connaught Lane

This is another location ill be using, as you can see it Is a derelict area therefore people do not live around here or do not take much care to it as it is an alleyway. This gives us the British social realism feel of grittiness. There is a lot of vandalism , for example graffiti on the wall.

Chadwell Heath , Irons bridge This destination will be used quite a lot in our film , as you can see there is a lot of vandalism on the floor. It is an old bridge , therefore it gives us the look we need of it being overused and run down. This will be where my character will be running for his training regime , also finally it is very close o where we are based originally therefore it will be open to us.

Location reccis  

Powerpoint presentation of the locations we will be using

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