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Ocean View Shrine Club

Pote Rick & Steve at Official Visit

By President Steve Combs


reetings, Nobles! A happy and prosperous 2013 to all. I’d like to introduce myself as Steve Combs and I am honored to have been elected and given the responsiblility to serve as the 2013 President of the OVSC in my short time as being a Shriner. In fact, I just crossed the hot sands during last year’s Spring Ceremonial. The rest of the 2013 officers are as follows: Vice President, Alex Martin; Secretary, Alan Brown; Treasurer, Wayne Kelly; and Sergeant at Arms, John Glauner. We meet every first Thursday (excluding December for our annual installation) at Mom and Pop’s Restaurant, 331 East Bayview Boulevard in Norfolk near the intersectoin of Bayview Blvd. and Tidewater Drive. Please plan to join us soon. We’d love to have you visit! February was Illustrious Sir Rick

Underdown’s official visit and it was well received. As most of you know, Bill Coker who was also a member of OVSC and our last Treasurer recently and suddenly went to the Celestial Lodge above in January. A day simply does not go by that I don’t think of him and miss him immensely. Although he is no longer with us, I can always be very happy to have had a chance to be with him, to have known him and to have enjoyed his company and sense of humor every time I got a chance to see him. I am glad to have the opportunity to write this news article for many the chance to read that I must give very special thanks to the Nobles from the Tidewater Shrine Club who very often pay us a visit. Not only do they attend regularly, they travel

quite a distance from the Middle Peninsula/Gloucester area which makes me appreciate their frequent visits even more so! As far as announcements, we are in the planning stages of our Onion Sale which should be taking place in the next few months. Unfortunately, I do not have any more information on this to provide as of this writing but any updates I have will be forwarded as soon as possible to be publicized including being posted on the Khedive Temple website. Even though I consider myself a novice Shriner, if there is any way I can be of any assistance to any Unit or Club please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do all that I can to help “if within the length of my cable tow.”

Shriners Helping Kids “She said if it had not been for the Shriners paying most of her bill, she probably would not be here today”.


obles, On Tuesday April 23, 2013 a Mason Johnny Chappell came to the office along with his mother. Eva Marie Chappell widow of Junior Chappell, a Khedive member who passed away April 1st. They came to give us a substantial donation to the Children’s Hospitals in his memory. While here in the office Marie told us a very interesting story. It seems that when she was a baby, 1 year old (she was born in 1922 by the way) she fell into a fireplace that had hot coals still inside. She suffered extensive burns and was rushed to the Hospital by

her mother. The Doctor treated her but told her mother she probably would not be alive in the morning. She survived the night and with the help of her Church and Doctors was able to get into Duke Hospital where she spent 7 years being treated. She said if it had not been for the Shriners paying most of her bill, she probably would not be here today. Nobles. even back before we had our Burn Hospital we were helping kids. That’s What it’s all About! By Bill & Anne (Khedive Office)

Eva Chappell with her late husband and Khedive Shriner Junior

Baby Eva after her burns


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