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Investor presentation is the most important jigsaw to  achieve IR objectives Close the gap between market value and company’s own valuation

Expand investor base

Provide investors with a true and fair view of the Company

3 levels of Investor Relations Objectives

We believe that the best investor presentation is the one done with outside-in approach.

• Founder and Managing editor of Charting Thailand’s Economy, a premium interactive database on the economy • Ex-investment professionals with 8 years of experiences • 6 years of experiences investing in Thai stock market for private fund clients at Tonson Capital / Merchant Partners • 2 years of experiences investing in international fixed-income for Siam Commercial Bank’s proprietary trading team • MBA, Insead (France / Singapore) • Bachelor of Economics (First-class honor), Chulalongkorn University

Best investor presentation delivers good story in great  format

Great format

Good story

• Basic data about stock and company are helpful but not enough • Investors buy future cash flow, so they want to know • The company today • The company in the future • What company should focus in communicating to investors is the story that reflects accurate view of the future based on today’s information

• • • • • • •

Story line as agenda Clean and clear Charts instead of just numbers Graphic, graphic, graphic Thai / English Precise and to-the-point messages Avoid information overload

4 bullet‐proof steps for better investor presentations Understand investors Activities

• Develop investor  profiles database • Develop FAQ  database

End products

Understand company • Identify company’s  business model and  its economic • Discuss company’s  aspiration and  strategy with top management

• Database of existing  • Company profile  investors with  pack profiles and platform  • Company’s 5‐year  to collect data for  strategy pack future use • FAQ and answers • Types and specific  interests of investors

Develop story line • Work with top  management to  develop the story  line

• Investing story: what  is the story with this  stock?

Develop presentations • Develop investor  presentations to be  verified by top  management

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