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W E LCOM E TO LA K E COUNTY 44 On the water, in the water, beside the water

Lake County is a place with more than 1,000 lakes, so you’ll find fresh water wherever you go. There are many places to experience the joys of fishing, boating, skiing, sailing, or just enjoying the ripples in the water during a quiet dinner.

40 A day on the farm

Agritourism is one of the most popular ways to visit many areas. In Lake County, you’ll find all kinds of farms, groves, orchards, and U-pick farms to enjoy fresh-from-the-garden vegetables and fruits.

48 Up close and personal with nature

Lake County is one of the best sites in the state to relish the joy of birdwatching, with more than 370 species. If wildlife is your favorite, enjoy seeing alligators, black bears, and even petting zoos to enjoy delightful, furry creatures. You also can see it all from the air on a seaplane tour.

52 On foot, on a bike, on a horse Hiking, bicycling, or riding a horse in the beautiful nature of Lake County can give you a kind of peacefulness you won’t find anywhere else. With a variety of trails, you can enjoy a great adventure on foot, on a bicycle, or on horseback.



Welcome to Lake 2018  

A Visitor's Guide to The Place We Call Home

Welcome to Lake 2018  

A Visitor's Guide to The Place We Call Home