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* TI HnI ST‘ Nh’ eT HKAnT o w

From May Day to Stars Wars, it’s a month for celebrating. STORY: FRED HILTON


ou can make a strong argument that May is the best month of them all. First, it has the shortest name. It’s only three letters long. Anything that has just three letters has to be good—like nap, dog, cat, fun, eat, beer and wine. (You count letters your way, and I’ll count them my way.) Meteorologically speaking, things don’t get any better than in May. Just about everywhere, the weather is superb. In the frozen wastelands (that’s anywhere north of Jacksonville), the nasty ice and snow have gone for the year. In sunny Florida, we don’t have to bundle up and worry anymore about




STYLE Magazine, Village Edition, May 2017  
STYLE Magazine, Village Edition, May 2017