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Kosteröarna - the Koster islands


The Koster archipelago with the 2 main islands North and South Koster lie furthest west in Sweden. The deep Kosterfjord separates the island group from the rest of the archipelago and mainland. Mountain mass dominates the landscape and the top of ”Kosterbonden”, 59 m.a.s.l., has a wonderful view across the skerries and islands. The effect of inland ice, has left striking areas of shale rock. The largest of these is on Nordkoster, where there are remnants of older beach terrain. The favourable climate with mild winters and summer sunshine has produced a rich array of flora and fauna. 300 people are settled on the islands. Fishing, hunting and agriculture are still important here but many people now work on, or commute, to the mainland. In September 2009, a national marine park was initiated, which covers the Koster islands sea area. This contains marine environments and species unique to our country. There is a sister park on the Norwegian side called Ytre Hvaler. ”Naturum Kosterhavet” is situated at Ekenäs quay on Sydkoster. Here you will find books, brochures, and can watch films about the national park.There is an extensive network of walking trails on the Koster islands. The length of the trails varies between just under 2 km up to 7 km. The trails are well marked and linked, to each other so that you can choose the length and content of your tour. The start points are all at the quays serving Koster islands ferry/boat traffic: The west quay and Vättnet on Nordkoster, Långagärde, Ekenäs or Kilesand on Sydkoster. There is a daily ferry service to Strömstad. The channel between North and South Koster is also served by a small ferry. Go to for info on ferry traffic. For more info see and

Foto: Sven Andersson

Foto: Kyrre Hurum

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