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Petersburg - Svinesund - Røsneskilen (43 km) After Petersburg, you come out of the forest to Iddesletta where you can take a diversion, detour to Idd medieval church. At Ystehede and Skriverøya, there are lots of bathing options. From Knardal you walk in to Fredriksten fort area. From then on, the trail descends to the Indre Havne area. Here, you can visit Gateway Halden in Gamle Tollboden - Customs House (Halden Tourist). The Coastal Path continues along the harbour promenade to Remmen and Rød manor house. The Remmen – Svinesund route is 12 km long and first goes through the protected Remmendalen with deciduous forest and rich birdlife. From Høyskolen in Østfold on to Isebakke the trail goes along the main road where you pass the farm estate at Sorgenfri. From Isebakke you walk paths to Svinesund. The Svinesund – Sponvika – Røsneskilen route is 12 km long and goes along outer parts of Iddefjorden down to Sponvika. From here, the trail switches northwards to Røsneskilen and Sarpsborg border.

Ramberget - Svinesund (16 km) From Abborrtjärn on Ramberget the Coastal Path goes down towards Idefjorden/Hälle. The path follows the fjord here and then weaves over the hilltops east of Svinesund. The last bit goes along Idefjorden beach, strand to old Svinesundsbron (Svinesund bridge). From here the Coastal Path stays in Norway. Parts of the trail go through very hilly terrain. Things to discover Fredriksten Fort (1). Halden town centre - very nicely situated (2) and Rød manor house (3). Beautiful Kjeøya with old defence works in Sponvika (4). Røysa on Røsnesåsen (mountain ridge) and ”Kongegraven” (royal grave) (5). Old Svinesundsbron (6), an imposing granite bridge, today classed as a road heritage symbol. Interesting detours Berg medieval church (7). Svinesund area (8) with remnants of old battlements, both from Karl XII’s time and 2nd world war. Dragonkullen viewing point (9), 3 km east of old Svinesundsbron. Other information For more info see and Information on public transport is found at and Foto: Øystein Søbye

The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  

The guide shows our Coastal Path in stages, on maps with a scale of 1:50 000. Trails are marked blue, both on the map and on site. Along or...