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Ejgdesjön – Iddefjorden/Berby (14 km)


The Coastal Path through Halden is in total around 70 km long. It starts Ejgdesjön, goes via Elgåfossen in Enningdalen and end in Røsneskilen. There are a number of information panels along the trail. It passes Elgåfossen, a large waterfall that marks the border between Norway and Sweden. From then it goes through Enningdalen down to Berby and meets Iddefjorden in a fantastic fjord and river landscape. The trail mostly follows the Enningdal currents which are the outlet for both Kornsjø lakes and Bullaren.

Things to discover Elgåfossen (1), 46 m high waterfall. The highest waterfall in both Østfold and Bohuslän. Berby manor house (2).

Other information Parking at Finn by Elgåfossen and Berby, and also Ejgde on the Swedish side. For more information see info on public transport at

Alternative route Ejgdesjön – Idefjorden along the

Bohus trail

As an alternative to the Coastal Path, you can opt to walk on the Swedish side from Ejgdesjön’s northerly tip. The Bohus trail, with orange marking, runs parallel with the national boundary north towards Krokstrand. The trail goes via Vammensjöarna and through boggy terrain near Ekelidvattnet. It trail turns northwards here passing Tolvmanstegen, a mountain shelf with forest land in special slab rock and bog terrain. Allemarken offers wind shelter and a barbecue area. From Håvedalen, the trail follows, amongst other things an old customs road. Husebotjärnen offers a great view of the sea to the west. It’s quite steep down to Idefjorden where the Coastal Path connects with the Norwegian side. Things to discover Snarsmon (3), earlier camp site for itinerants. Tolvmanstegen(4), a nature area characterised by a feeling of really being in the wilds. From Vindparken (5), the highest point on the route, you can see for miles around. Badsjön Sandvattnet (6) with wind shelter and barbecue area. Other information Bus connections are available at Ejgde and Krokstrand. For more information see and

Foto: Øystein Søbye

The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  

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