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Ranebo GPS 58,797756 11,436083

Description of the area Ranebo nature resort is owned by Tanum LA and lies in an area of natural beauty on the edge of Bolsjön approx.15 km east of Tanumshede. The spacious ”Storstugan” and accompanying rooms can be hired via Tanum LA council for private arrangements or camp outings. Canoes are also available for hire. Here you have a large area for enjoying the Great Outdoors with tent sites and drying closets. Barbecue areas have been installed, both at the lake and up in the main room. In the winter, Ranebo is a popular destination for skiers, sleigh riding and fishing. For booking and more info see There are flat rocks, a jetty and a beach, so young and old can take a dip! A broad and sturdy wooden deck extends out along the rock by the lakeshore. All ages can take a stroll here, barbecue and fish (a fishing permit needed for the whole lake).

How to get there You can get to Ranebo by bus, vehicle or foot. The Coastal Path passes Ranebo on the way towards Norway. So Ranebo is a great place to start, end or enjoy a picnic whilst rambling. Nearest bus stop is Svenseröd. For more information see

Access details There is a disabled toilet in the Storstugan (main room), which is approx. 50 m from the lake. There is parking for the disabled, with lighting, just by the wooden ramp and barbecue area. There are adapted benches and seating along the water’s edge. There is also a moving pontoon with seating for, e.g., fishing. Reached via short adapted path.

Foto: Elisabeth Holmqvist

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