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TanumStrand - Torim (16 km)


Between Bovallstrand and Tanum Strand, the Coastal Path does a kind of ”jump”. However there are a couple of circular feeder tracks at Hamburgsund and Fjällbacka. (see map 16). As a unifying ink, the Coastal Path starts again at Tanum Strand, immediately south of Grebbestad. The trail follows the coast along Grebbestadkilen through Grebbestad centre and then along highway 163. Right after Grebbestad church, the trail veers right, eastwards from the roadway. After 1 km, you pass Greby burial fields, one of Sweden’s finest and largest Iron Age burial sites with approx. 200 graves. The path continues on gravel surfaces through forest and an agricultural landscape for a further 3 km. On your way to Tanumshede, you cross the railway and pass more ancient monuments. Through the town, you follow the main road up to Lurvägen. Follow the roadway approx. 5 km where the trail veers off to the right on a smaller road running parallel with the road to Torim.

Things to discover Grebbestad fishing port with Grebbestad quay and Evert Taube’s statue in the square (1). Falkeröd rural settlement with a cafeteria and museum in the summer (2). Greby Iron Age burial fields (3). Valbret’s grave - a stone cist from the younger Stone Age (4).

Other information Bus connections at Grebbestad and Tanumshede. Train connections available Tanum station. Parking and other services available in Grebbestad and Tanumshede. For more info see

Interesting detours Stonemasonry trail at Sannäs, 6 km north of Grebbestad (5). Tanum UNESCO world heritage site with Vitlycke museum and Vitlyckehällen, one of the country’s largest rock carvings (6). Walking trail at Ryk, around three rock carving areas, 4 km south of Vitlycke museum (7). Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  

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