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Malte´s Trail (4,5 km)

GPS Parking lot at Saltkällan 58,4366819895 11,7029109397 Rödberget is a landmark for the salmon rich, Örekilsälven, which opens out into Saltkällefjorden, a branch of Gullmarsfjorden. Here you will find Malte’s trail, a separate circular trail on the Coastal Path. This 5.5 km long path starts and ends at the car park and skirts Rödberget and the bathing beach at Saltkällefjorden. The trail has an info panel, lots of picnic areas, and the beach is sandy. About halfway is Åbacken, with a larger picnic area beside the E6 motorway, with good shelter from sea winds. Malte’s trail was first laid in the 1990s by walking enthusiast Malte Nytorpe. Right from the start it was meant for walking in all weathers and all ages - young, sprightly or infirm. A train oil manufacturer, a steam boat quay and a large farm estate were once features of this route. Today there is a small boat harbour.

Things to discover

How to get there

Örekilsälven estuary has rich birdlife and fishing. The salmon fishing is particularly renowned. There are a number of places of historical interest on the trail - described on information signs.

The area is approx. 3 km south of Munkedal centre. You can drive there and start from the car park north of Saltkällan’s bathing area, or from the picnic area by Saltkällan next to the E6 motorway. The nearest bus stop is at Saltkällan’s bathing area.

Interesting detours Near the trail, there is a Nisses Kulle (fairy hill), offering a viewing across the fjord and estuary. Munkedal has, amongst other things, a narrow gauge railway. East of Munkedal, the trail links with the Bohus trail through Bohuslän, from Hallandsgränsen in the south to Strömstad in the north.

Other information More information at and

Access details The trail has lots of seating, provided by businesses, or private individuals. The picnic area near to highway E6 toilets of which 1 is disability friendly. The picnic area also has seating with tables, a large information panel and several parking spaces for disabled driver vehicles.

Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

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