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Bohus Malmön (11 km)


The Coastal Path on the Bohus-Malmön goes around the whole island. It starts at the square, which offers bus connections. Along the easterly side, you pass remnants from the stonemasonry epoch. Southwards, the trail passes bays with cliffs and sandy beaches suitable for swimming. Then through forest to the island’s southern tip at Draget. There, and along the whole of the island’s westerly side, you pass remnants of stone quarrying. You will see angular, unusable stone blocks which actually match the soft rounded rocky knolls all about. Northwards on the west side, you pass more quarrying and also a Smithy from the island’s stonemasonry period. On the island’s southern and northern parts you pass settlements from earlier fishing epochs. Furthest to the north, the trail crosses the island’s highest point, Vestreruss, with great views of the sea, islands and skerries.

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You will see the remains of old quarries around the whole island, as well as nicely kept bathing areas. (1). Sweden’s oldest preserved smithy from the stonemasonry period (2). Horse stones (3) remnants of scrap stone.

For more information see Local Authority’s home page www. For bus timetables etc see Bus stop Bohus-Malmön is directly connected to the path.

Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

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